Eurovision 2020: Amsterdam Withdraws

Eurovision 2020 – Amsterdam has formally withdrawn from the bidding process to host next years Eurovision Song Contest, saying there are no suitable venues available when needed.The  Mayor has announced that the favoured venue, Ziggo Dome, was unavailable.

Rotterdam is favourite to host the contest, but Maastricht, Arnhem and Utrecht are also still in the bidding war. Cities have until the 10th of July to submit their bids and the winner will be announced in August

64 comments on “Eurovision 2020: Amsterdam Withdraws

  1. It is also safe to assume we won’t be going to Utrecht, since the city council decided yesterday there won’t be any extra money to support the bid. The Jaarbeurs’ ceiling isn’t high enough anyway.

  2. I’m glad we’ll get a new host city for the third year in a row :)

  3. Hilversum?

  4. Good luck with hosting dear neighbours. :)

  5. “Rotterdam…Rotterdam, De Stad waar alles kan…Rotterdam, Rotterdam, ledereen die weet ervan..”…:-) Actually, my favourite place in the Netherlands was Groningen, kind of cool, laid-back and friendly place, I was a student then, maybe things have changed?!

  6. That’s good. I hope this means a new city gets to stage it.

  7. Spanish singer Pablo Alborán sings “Amar pelos dois” in his concert in Lisbon:

    • Obviously Pablo is also famous in Portugal, I interviewed him once as a journalist many years ago, and he is the most genuine, kind, and unpretentious person you could meet, obviously Spain would like him to represent us, along with Diana Navarro, or together as they have sung previously, I applaud him, because he came out as gay and it helped with the awareness around Spain even in what we call ” deep Spain”, because everyone loves him and accepts him

  8. So now it is all over the Dutch news that behind the scenes it is already decided that it will be Maastricht.

    • wow, ensieme 1992 unite, unite you’re op? etc, I guess they have the facilities for it, I can hear UK Brexit Euro parliament MPs already rubbing their hands about UK post-brexit paricipation…:-(

      • participation

      • I don’t know. I still have a feeling MECC is not big enough. We will see what happens.

        • have no idea, but if you say it’s Maastricht then they will obviously work around that like Millstreet 93 I guess?

          • Well, unlike Millstreet Maastricht is of course an actual city. The biggest hall in the MECC complex is a lot bigger then the one in Tel Aviv. MECC South Hall is 102×96 meters. Pavilion 2 in Tel Aviv is 103×62 meters.

            • so am guessing will work on that, Maastricht is a city I passed through on my many travels , and never stopped to see, maybe it will be a good opportunity for Euro viewers to see Maastricht outside the Euro parliament etc bubble?

    • Would love that, just around the corner from Cologne!

      • Yes, half an hour by car or so. I can imagine that cities in Germany and Belgium will profit also from it because of the cheaper hotels.

        • Bit over an hour, yes! Lots of places to stay in the area – Hasselt, Genk, Aken, Luik. It’s hard to think of a more central “European” location in many ways.

        • Now that is good to know thanks for the heads up on that :)

          • Don’t book your hotel just yet. It might be Rotterdam after all. Although it might be a good idea to look for cancellable bookings before the prizes start to soar.

    • I visited Masstricht 2 years ago when my neighbour’s daughter was at university there. Loved it. :)

    • So no big cities for next year.

  9. Jamala’s new single <3

  10. introduce you to my parents as a very decent guy :-)!

    • Is your father well again? I remember that he struggled with health issues some years ago.

      • indeed thank you so much for remembering that, my father is doing ok within his limits, I spend a lot of time going to Andalucia to visit him nowadays, and thus my limited time here, I believe to be honest he won’t survive too long

        • I am verry sad to hear that. The older my parents get, the more I feel the urge to spend time with them. Luckily both my parents are still in good shape. They have just returned from a 2 week hiking holiday in the Cabo de Gata region. Are your parents still in Cártama?
          I know that I cann drive people crazy because my brain is incapable of forgetting anything I have ever been told. LOL

  11. (at the end there’s a sexy Lake Malawi moment ahah)

  12. Is ETSC starting soon?
    Our artists are already tuning their instruments, practicing the dance routine and expanding the vocal range… We’re almost ready! :)

  13. Dance remix of “Arcade”

  14. I had a social event I had to attend to. I managed to decline diner so Im currently heading home ans will do Fridas tonight :) should start at 8pm sharp (Paris hour)

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