ET Aftermath 2019

pollIt is time for our “Aftermath” contest! Every year we share our views on the acts from The Eurovision Song Contest! However before, we really didn’t have a platform to share our combined personal views on the matter, but now we have thanks to our “Premath/Aftermath” contests. The idea is simple, we vote before rehearsals and after the contest and then compare the two to check the differences!

The ET Premath 2019 was won by The Netherlands followed by yet again Italy who seems to enjoy getting teased from that number one spot! You can check out the full detailed (correct) results here! I will yet again apologize for the incorrect human error that is myself for counting wrong in this years premath. Maybe it was a foreshadowing of what happened with the jury result this year. We will never know.

The idea behind the Aftermath is that we always seem to have a slightly if not a big disagreement with the juries in the ESC each year. Many of you guys are very musically interested. The Fridas and ETSC shows that we are diverse in our voting and also shows that we have a slightly if not a very different taste than that of the juries have in their voting! So why not make it into a ranking showing of our own jury views!

The ET Aftermath will always be after the contest (hence the name) as it is intended to not be a ranking of only the songs per say, but the overall performance in the contest as well! This is of course just a moral guideline and individually ranked in the end!

The rules: You can vote by sending your top 10 of all the songs that participated in this years ESC AND your top 10 songs that featured ONLY in the Grand Final to: schultze94@gmail.com!

Disclaimer: Don’t post your top 10 ranking in the comment section below! They will not be counted and it will perhaps influence future voters! Once you have sent your votes you can’t change them! So think carefully before you do!

Deadline: The voting will close on the 29th of June 23:59 and revealed the day after in the comment section below of the result article on the 30th of June 19:00!

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103 comments on “ET Aftermath 2019

  1. I still havent officially reviewed esc 2019!

  2. Will be sending soon !
    @Morgan, have you watched this one? Another GREAT movie imo!

  3. No major changs in my top10 pre and post-contest, apart from two songs replacing two other in the lower half. Two non-qualifiers remain in my top10!

  4. The dust has settled and my top 10 have been identified and ranked. :)

  5. Mine have shifted somewhat and am still unsure of who I want to give my 10th place to. It is between two maybe three.
    I will have to watch back and relisten.
    I go back to Ireland for five days on Saturday then back to crazy Cannes.

  6. Sent!

  7. I have not done yet my post-contest ranking but this is a good opportunity to do it.

    • They should have left out the Duncan vs John bit imo.
      Justice for Tamara! ;)

      • lol. Well, it was part of the thrill.

        • It’s just bizarre in hindsight … as bizarre as the Tory Leadership Contest …

          • God have mercy. 2 ridiculous, narcissistic figures at both sides of the Atlantic

            • Still selling fantasies … We can only hope that the EU will stand firm. :)

            • Definitely not like shaky Angie today. I was a bit worried but then she said she was just dehydrated.

            • Luckily she was chipper again after 3 glasses of water. :)
              Btw, atm I think that we will get a Green Party chancellor next. The funny thing is that Ms Merkel would get a much better result for the CDU in the next election than anyone else queuing in the CDU for her succession. I am dead certain that it won’t be AKK, who has put her foot in anything that has been thrown her way in the last 6 months.

            • I guess, change is inevitable at some point. I just hope Die Linke won’t be part of a future governing coalition

            • My money is on Green + CDU (or the other way round) atm.

    • Lol a month after the final they post this ?

      Honestly I am amazed its been a month since the final already.

  8. Amaia (ESP18) stated in an interview that she regrets her eurovision participation and while initially she put a lot of a value in it now she thinks it was not worth it.

    A very mainstream case of sour grapes probably ?

    • It did kill both her career and her couple…

    • I think very few of the OT contestants ever wanted to go to Eurovision in the first place. If Aitana went instead of Amaia, I doubt she’d be as popular as she is now.

      • I think Aitana would have done better though, especially if her duet with Ana Guerra was chosen. “Lo Malo” was the best choice and had huge hit potential (a status it achieved in Spain of course).

        • She probably would’ve done better, her song was definitely better. But I doubt Aitana actually wanted to go; even though she was runner-up to Amaia, she was able to begin her solo career immediately after OT while Amaia was stuck promoting Eurovision for months.

  9. I don’t think I have a post-contest top ten yet. I’ll have to get thinking.

  10. A good analysis of what went wrong regarding DEU19 by a German fan …

    • That video made me listen to the Aly Ryan song. (No I didn’t know it yet.) It would have had a better result then S!sterzzz, sure, but it had also written fanwank all over it. And parts of it reminded me of Siren Song.

      • I think Aly would have been the FFF we didn’t get this year! Did you hear “Surprise” (in audio, the live sucked and that’s why it only got 2nd in USFTA)? It was one of the best songs of the year imo

        • In what country was this? (I followed zero national selections.)

        • Oh Germany.
          Her voice reminds me of Debrah Scarlet. Now listening to the live version. Not very pleasant vocals.

          • The song is amazing, the live was a disappointment. She did come second in the NF behind “Sisters!”

            • No matter the live, which was not great but not bad either, imo this was one of the greatest songs of the NF season, among the top-3, so it SHOULD be the German entry for Tel Aviv. How the hell, they chose the Sistezzz is beyond me,

      • I really like lily among cloud’s ‘Surprise’, which has made it into my playlist. :)

  11. Sorry for being off topic but the funniest moment of the year was hearing Penny Mordaunt (who is supporting Mr. Hunt, a man who doesn’t even get his wife’s nationality right) asking for a grown up debate in the Tory Leadership Contest, where everyone acts like spoilt brats trying to sell their thin lies and deluded fantasies as truth and reality. The penny most certainly hasn’t dropped for Penny yet …

    • I’ve stopped watching any of it, it’s soul destroying. I am watching the women’s world cup, Euro qualifiers, the U21s championships, and soon Copa America, whilst also looking after foster kittens. Football and kittens are much better for my mental health.

    • And to think that Hunt is now the most sane candidate left in this leadership contest is depressing to say the very least. A run-off between Johnson and Gove (aka choosing between two dark shades of crazy) is fully representative of the british political landscape right now I am afraid. This is what happens when delusional arrogance and feelings of perceived greatness over other nations take over.

      • It’s like watching satire … but it’s not funny because it has consequences in real life. I am still utterly baffled by what UK politicians (*cough*) are allowed to say and claim without being challenged by journalists. Someone like Jo Coburn wouldn’t be allowed to present the weather on German public TV.

  12. This is fun:

  13. I will probably send mine next weekend.

  14. On some instagram news :

    Duncan is currently in Oslo where he will perform tonight there at a festival and also met with Keiino (wonder what they were both thinking lol).

    Luca and “She Got Me” went Platinum in Switzerland and he received the award in a ceremony. He will also be performing in Athens apparently soon.

    • IT’s a real shame – why have an official LYRICS video when you have Tom Hugo???
      This is really s!stärz-level promotion malpractice.

  15. eurovision + brexit:

    • ROFL

      • Boris new PM, no deal Brexit, UK leaves EBU and anything slightly “European” ….

        • … I still believe that it won’t happen because it would be a historic anomality and those don’t materialise on most occasions. But they need to try with a Brexit enthusiast in charge first.
          My moment of the day: Some loony from the Hunt campaign claiming that her candidate had already begun secret talks with Ms Merkel. LOL
          The Brexit debate has become utterly surreal and totally void of any logic: They use Germany to scare people and at the same time expect us to save them from Mr Macron …

          • that Boris will win…for sure now, despite any anti-boris votes
            Brexit debate devoid of any logic: absolutely, there has been no logic since Brexit voting applied
            that they blame Merkel/Macron about such things is just “smoke and mirrors” via Nigel Farage et al, what more can I say my dear, I came back here just to defend such things, ni mas, ni menos!

  16. aftermath, in the mean time, France got what they deserved in the end I guess, Spain didn’t care too much re ESC cause Rafa Nadal won Roland Garros etc etc, lol!

  17. and Scorchio! that is well-known UK parody of our TV etc here in the meditteranean, indeed right now, we are scorchio! LOL, via military, politics and weather :-) UK clip is famous I guess?

  18. I’ve been delayed because of work (when I was supposed to be done, I’m furious)… Last Frida polls will probably all open at once through the weekend, sorry! Next weekend we can therefore do the big reveal before moving on to ETSC July

  19. NOR vs AUS was nail-biting entertainment, Well done! :)

  20. Since we chatted about Hogwarts houses a while back, cute comment on Guardian about football coaches today:
    Jose: Slytherin
    Klopp: Gryffindor
    Pep: Ravenclaw
    Allardyce: Hufflepuff
    A bit unfair on Hufflepuff (Allardyce is more of a Slytherin acting like a Hufflepuff) but overall fits quite well I think!

      • Not on this particular threat (it being about Man U itbwas mostly on either Man U or Liverpool, “naturally”)… from personal experience and my view on global biz trends, I’m amazed Poch hasn’t been fired for not winning the PL despite zero investments in the last window(s). I do hope he stays put rather than joining the next mega-club in crisis (Real? PSG? etc etc).

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