ET Aftermath 2019

pollIt is time for our “Aftermath” contest! Every year we share our views on the acts from The Eurovision Song Contest! However before, we really didn’t have a platform to share our combined personal views on the matter, but now we have thanks to our “Premath/Aftermath” contests. The idea is simple, we vote before rehearsals and after the contest and then compare the two to check the differences!

The ET Premath 2019 was won by The Netherlands followed by yet again Italy who seems to enjoy getting teased from that number one spot! You can check out the full detailed (correct) results here! I will yet again apologize for the incorrect human error that is myself for counting wrong in this years premath. Maybe it was a foreshadowing of what happened with the jury result this year. We will never know.

The idea behind the Aftermath is that we always seem to have a slightly if not a big disagreement with the juries in the ESC each year. Many of you guys are very musically interested. The Fridas and ETSC shows that we are diverse in our voting and also shows that we have a slightly if not a very different taste than that of the juries have in their voting! So why not make it into a ranking showing of our own jury views!

The ET Aftermath will always be after the contest (hence the name) as it is intended to not be a ranking of only the songs per say, but the overall performance in the contest as well! This is of course just a moral guideline and individually ranked in the end!

The rules: You can vote by sending your top 10 of all the songs that participated in this years ESC AND your top 10 songs that featured ONLY in the Grand Final to: schultze94@gmail.com!

Disclaimer: Don’t post your top 10 ranking in the comment section below! They will not be counted and it will perhaps influence future voters! Once you have sent your votes you can’t change them! So think carefully before you do!

Deadline: The voting will close on the 29th of June 23:59 and revealed the day after in the comment section below of the result article on the 30th of June 19:00!

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103 comments on “ET Aftermath 2019

  1. Great news coming from Istanbul

  2. Good! 54% is an excellent result.

  3. I just sent my Aftermath results to Gregor.
    I was not sure that I could participate, since in May I was late for Premath, but I hope he will accept my Aftermath :-)

    My Aftermath is exactly the same as my Premath would have been, because ESC permormance doesn’t do anything for me. It simply means nothing.

  4. Just in time for the deadline I finished my 2019 post contest rankings :) I will e-mail them as well but here it goes (+/- compared to pre-contest ranking) :

    1. Netherlands (+1)
    2. Italy (+1)
    3. Slovenia (-2)
    4. Sweden (+1)
    5. Switzerland (+5)
    6. Australia (+23)
    7. Denmark (-3)
    8. North Macedonia (+6)
    9. Austria (+6)
    10. Latvia (-2)
    11. Czech Republic (+1)
    12. Belgium (-7)
    13. Ireland (-2)
    14. Malta (+7)
    15. Greece (-6)
    16. Portugal (-10)
    17. Norway (+2)
    18. Romania (-2)
    19. France (+15)
    20. Estonia (-7)
    21. Spain (+2)
    22. Hungary (-)
    23. Lithuania (+8)
    24. Serbia (-6)
    25. Albania (+1)
    26. Cyprus (-9)
    27. Azerbaijan (-2)
    28. Poland (-8)
    29. Armenia (-5)
    30. Belarus (-2)
    31. Germany (-4)
    32. Moldova (-2)
    33. Croatia (-)
    34. Georgia (+5)
    35. Finland (-3)
    36. United Kingdom (-)
    37. Israel (-2)
    38. Montenegro (-1)
    39. San Marino (-1)
    40. Iceland (-)

    Biggest rises : Australia, France, Lithuania
    Biggest falls : Portugal, Cyprus, Poland

    One thing I have to note is that some entries (e.g. Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Ireland) did nothing wrong. It just happened that others exceeded expectations and walked that extra mile that made them to overcome them (Switzerland, North Macedonia, Austria).

    But the biggest rises and falls are representative of entries that did succeed or failed due to what we saw and heard in the contest.
    Australia is of course the prime example here with a song I always enjoyed but a completely wrong stage presentation. They turned the whole thing around and provided a visual and musical spectacle we will always remember. On France, Bilal improved his vocals, had confidence and presented a powerful story on stage. And surprisingly Jurijus provided an engaging and warm performance I ended up enjoying more than I thought I would.
    On the other end of the spectrum Portugal never had a good stage presentation going for it but the whole thing collapsed and was stomped by stronger, more cohesive, more tasteful overall packages. Conan was anxious the night of the semi as well and it showed. Cyprus made an effor to recreate what they did last year but Tamta is not Eleni and the whole thing was not fresh and seemed foreign to her. And finally Poland decided to fall on the wrong side of the tight rope between eccentric tastefulness and outright tackyness it was walking on with this stage presentation.

    • Oops just so the warning about not posting the top 10, sorry. I suppose it is the last day so no big harm I hope.

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