182 Million Watch Eurovision 2019 on TV

Eurovision 2019 – The EBU has today released viewing figures for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 182 Million people watched the Eurovision semi-finals and / or final on TV for at least a minute.  In the week running up to the Grand Final, 40 Million watched content on the official Eurovision YouTube channel. These views came from 225 different territories.

Backing up the theory that Eurovision is attracting a younger audience, three quarters of the viewers online via YouTube for the final were under 35 years old, and the youth audience (15-24 year olds) of the show was a large proportion.

There were 5 million engagements on Eurovision’s official social media, with Instagram taking 70% of the share.

The winner, Duncan Laurence, of the Netherlands, made 4.5 million impressions on social media.

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321 comments on “182 Million Watch Eurovision 2019 on TV

  1. Audience increases/decreases between 2018 and 2019!

    CHE +182%
    ISL +80%
    AUS +54%
    ITA +47%
    NLD +46%
    ISR +23%
    AUT +22%
    BEL +21%
    CZE +14%
    GBR +12%
    GRC +1%
    SWE -1%
    DEU -2%
    DNK -4%
    FRA -6%
    ROM -7%
    NOR -9%
    EST -14%
    ESP -24%
    POL -24%
    CYP -27%
    FIN -45%
    IRL -59%
    HUN -64%

    Not that good for the Big5 with the exception of Italy.

    • 4 biggest increases/decreases in absolute numbers:

      NLD +1388k
      ITA +1126k
      GBR +800k (I am guessing that’s thanks to Kate and not Michael Rice?)
      CHE +426k

      ESP -1751k
      FIN -438k
      POL -368k
      FRA -332k

      • the thing is, Bilal won by his huge fan base in a contest “liked” but not really “cared for” or “voted in” in France… even Chimène fanbase managed to outscore Seemone, the only nobody who did decent and televote and smashed the int’l juries… so once he got picked, except his fanbase most Frenchmen I know didn’t like him or care for him… Why tune in the contest then? At least Madame Monsieur won fair and square their televote to win Destination Eurovision, French people really liked “Mercy” which sounded like a genuine French electropop stuff we hear in our radio! that’s why the numbers would drop here

        • Any news on if the Lautner boys, have turned their attention to signing a contract with Bel Ami? Would be much better use of their talents I think…

    • it also shows that Hungary picked very poorly, because of an awful jury who prevents people’s favorite to make it to the superfinal

      • Ι don’t think they had any song this year that would do well anyway…

        • I’ve to say I was a bit relieved at that. I liked most of the recent Hungarian efforts – this year was actually the lamest one, essentially a copy – but the drama attached to an ESC in Orban’s Budapest would have been awful.

          • Oh let’s talk about politics we don’t like again. I’d very much like for ESC to go to beautiful Budapest. Plus they have quite a professional selection every year so I am sure there will not be any production issues. The only drama is the one people will want to manufacture.

            What is next in the list of countries to boycott? Italy? Austria? Soon there will be nowhere to go :-P Funnily enough though, nobody thought Netanyahu was much of a problem.

            • The drama with these kinds of places is intrin

            • Well Tintin did tend to get into a lot of drama!

            • Sorry, hitthe button early – the drama would be a given because regimes like that always use events like ESC or sports for propaganda purposes – and Orban’s regime is virulently racist and antisemitic so he shouldn’t be given a platform to promote that. I know we disagree on that; you would probably be happy with ESC in Grozny, where you spend your recent vacation. Oh wait it wasn’t Grozny, it was Lisboa – how bourgeois ;-p

            • I have been to Budapest too recently and would go again in a heartbeat. “Regimes” – funny nobody called Netanyahu that, despite laws and policies which even cross the line of what people casually call bigoted.

              Seriously, after Eurovision being in both Ukraine and Israel I never thought anybody would mention these things again!

            • They will, just like others will blindly defend the other side. Food in Budapest is fabulous!

            • Well yes, the problem is, where do you cross the line. France is a democracy, a very healthy one. But there are movements who disapprove the system, the current government and both sides overstage their differences. Is that enough to think France is threatened at its core and that the government is not reliable enough to participate in esc and then host it? I think that, as long as you get to participate, you get to host it. And if we don’t want a political contest but a good shows, then let’s hope the broadcaster does its job and doesn’t shove its politics down our throat (that’s why Kan was wrong, it tried to make it all political with David stars, army-like opening and when EBU asked to tune it down they moaned and went all insane on Iceland; on the other hand for all that was said against the Azeri powers, the 2012 contest was spotless, even if very boring hosts “chosen” in the “family”)

          • It always surprises me how little of Orban we can see in Hungarian’s entries.

            • Thx God for that but you know they would use it for propaganda purposes.

            • All countries do in a way. They want to present themselves the best way to the world.

            • yes “Mercy” or “Rise like a phoenix” is France and Austria saying “look! we’re open minded!”

            • Agree there’s a difference tho between presenting yourself in a nice light and whitewashing. Another reason to be glad the contest will be in your country next year. What’s your feeling on possible host city? There does, for various reasons, not seem to be much enthusiasm in/for Amsterdam?

            • Rotterdam. Or Amsterdam. The bidding process seems to gone a bid mad at this moment. The Hague is seriously considering putting up a tent at the Malieveld. Even though EBU demands a closed air-conditioned building. And there are several bids with venues that aren’t high enough. You should read the discussion today on wiwibloggs. Very tiresome.

            • LOL weweblogs I generally find tiresome – what are your thoughts on Maastricht? Someone on EK seems to be hyping it quite a bit.

            • Halls aren’t big enough. Hight is insufficient and only meet the 10,000 requirement if you break down the walls.

            • I was wondering about that – living in CGN I would love Maastricht as a location tho! Not that it’s terribly far to AMS or ROT but could skip the hotel that way.

            • Hungary has a professional annual selection. I wish we limited these discussions to Eurovision matters as we all know they never created the slightest probem in the contest. We also know they are a democracy and a member of the EU. If people don’t like whom they elect, nobody asked them in the first place.

      • I’m REALLY MAD with A DAL !!!

  2. So I did some research and found out that 18 of 41 countries in the final and semi final got a good spread of televoting points. Those are:

    MLT, CZE, DNK, SMR, SVN, NLD, ISR (though that 12 from FRA must be shady), NOR, ISL, ITA, CHE, BEL, POL and BLR.

    Then FRA (highest point from Belgium though), AZE (highest points from Russia, AUS (top marks from English speaking fellows), ESP (top marks from a neighbour; Portugal), HUN (top marks from SRB).

    Albania: got 46 out of 47 points from countries with Albanian population or diaspora.

    Russia: about half of it’s points is either neighbours or from Russian abroad. However they got top marks and lower marks from the West and South.

    North Macedonia: 43 out of 58 points is from ex-Yugoslav fellows and Albania.

    Sweden: Good spread but more than half of it’s points comes from fellow Scandis and Australia.

    Cyprus: 24 out of 32 are from Greece and Tamta’s country of origin…

    Greece: Half of its points delivered from Cyprus.

    UK: 100% from Ireland.

    Estonia: 45 out of 48 points from the North.

    Belarus: 100% support from closest allies; Russia and Azerbaijan but ignored by several other USSR countries though.

    Serbia: 51 out of 54 from neighbours and some Serbs in Switzerland and Austria.


    Portugal: 32 out of 43 are from Spain, France and Blegium

    Finland: 100% support from the North.

    Georgia: 20 out of 33 from Cyprus and Greece. I magine Tamta being the reason. Those 3 sticked together this year in ever possible way.

    Montenegro: 100% neighbours

    Ireland: 100% from UK

    Croatia: 26 out 38 from neighbours and Croats abroad

    Latvia: 12 out out of 13 from Lithuania…

    Lithuania: 53 out of 77 from Latvia and Lithuanians abroad

    Romania: 100% from Moldova and countries with substantial Romanian population

    Moldova: 22 out of 27 from Romanians, friendly vote from Russia and some Moldovans in Italy

    Armenia: 10 out of 23 came from Russia

    So, all in all, even if televoting is biased most of the times, regardelss where you are located on the map, you can still pick up some geunine support and do well. However in years where most of the points go to 6/7 courties, countries with 3-4 neighbours have a slight advantage over the rest but this affects only the rankinf outsided of the top10.

    Interestingly enough DEU and AUT got one more 0. CZE too got few in its recent history. All of them central countries!

    • Good to see Poland not there – maybe finally people can accept that the Polish Diaspora isn’t some evil group buying SIM’s and that 2016 appealed to a lots of non-Poles.

      • Never supported this idea wholly but Poland was unlucky because its primary diaspora pool was in the other SF – Ireland and UK.

        • True! I’ve just found the 2016 argument incredibly bad and always hated it haha

          • In 2015 and 2016 they got widespread support. Anyone thinking they achieved it solely by diaspora is missing the point. 2017 they received only 41 from the televote.

  3. Usually people want eurovision in big cities in big venues. But for some reason I had to argue on several sites the last week against people, also from other countries, who think it would be a great idea to host next year in a shed in a provincial backyard.

    • Such a joke how Sand always makes this big show that “everything is correct” when they don’t even attempt to make sure that jurors are able to do their ranking correctly. Also the undoubtedly highly-paid auditors (Y&R?) should have their contract cancelled since they clearly can’t be bothered to do even basic checks when rankings seem odd.

      • Saying “everything is correct” doesn’t really provide any evidence. Quite the opposite actually :)

  4. LOL There goes wiwi’s credibility

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