Barbara Dex Award: The Winner is…

Barbara Dex Award – This year’s winner of the annual Barbara Dex Award has been announced. The award is for the worst dressed representative(s) from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and is now hosted on its home of songfestival.be. Check out now who won…

The winner was…

Portugal’s Conan Osíris

The top 5 were as follows:

  1. Portugal – Conan Osíris
  2. Cyprus – Tamta
  3. Belarus – ZENA
  4. Belgium – Eliot
  5. North-Macedonia – Tamara Todevska

There were a record number of votes, with over 4,000. Did Conan deserve to win?

Source: Songfestival.be

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194 comments on “Barbara Dex Award: The Winner is…

  1. Portugal and Cyprus were certainly not the worst dressed…

  2. Tulia should have won this in a landslide. This top 5 doesnt make much sense imo.

  3. The only one making sense is Belgium. All the rest were OK at least.

    • I agree, Belgium should be there the other ones were fine, but I think I would give it to Austria, how is this one not even in top 5 ??

      • I voted Austria too. That outfit was utterly a bad idea

      • Probably because Paenda’s clothes were barely visable during her performance. The clothes were black, the background was black. Her costume didn’t stand out in a positive or negative way.

  4. This is utterly ridiculous … just like every year. The BD should go to people trying to look hot/trendy but failing like Tamta or Eliot this year.
    And I think that Tamara is only there because some silly euro trash fans are still angry that she did as well as she did. Sad … as some would say …

    • I dont see anything wrong with her dress either.. Very safe choice

      • It’s such a pity that fantastic Tamara went for such a safe song but it probably was a wise choice result-wise. The juries would probably have reacted less favourably to sth like ‘Brod sto tone’. :(

        • I meant the dress was a safe choice I would not pick that shade of green though.. I like the song, just my type of a ballad😉

          • I know that you were talking about a dress and I took the ‘safe’and translated it to the song. :)

    • I voted for Croatia and that horrible white leather jacket.

      OI don’t think Tamara got those votes because or salty fans. From what I read on most sites, forums, etc, everyone is very happy for North Macedonia. I agree with the voters however that her dress was horrible. Green is rarely a good choice. And the cut, the fabric, almost everything was wrong with that dress.

  5. Maybe only Belgium should be there!

  6. As much as people disagree, the top 2 makes sense. Conan chose an outfit that made him look like a dinosaur in a kindergarden and Tamta looked like a prostitute even televoters didn’t fall for…
    Belgium is rudiculous of course, my personal vote here. I can see why Tamara’s evening gown didnt really connect with the message of her song. Nothing wrong with Belarus imo, perhaps a bit 90s?

  7. Honorable mentions :
    Paenda’s yoga outfit
    Swedish trousers
    Nevena’s jewelry extravaganza

  8. There would have been more worthy winners this year, people trying to look good and failing miserably. But still Portugal’s choices when it comes to outfit were horrible imo. That colour combined with the fabric were very unpleasant to look at. (North Macedonia had nearly the same colour and the same shiny fabric). At least Conan was smart enough to open the top of his outfit, because in the rehearsals he had no neck. Even Joao looked awful In that skirt.

  9. I can’t believe that horror from Albania (not just the dress but the matching jewelry as well) did not make it in the top5. I guess Portugal is the “worst” one because the whole concept sealed the fate of the song? As for Belgium, I would have worn this coat as well, I just don’t know why anyone would perform in a coat.

  10. Top 3 all make sense to me – crazy person on subway, desperate housewife and child prostitute. BEL was terrible but at least it made him Look as if he was older than 12 which made it less uncomfortable- dont have a problem w NMAC.
    SWE, ESP and AUT all lacked color and looked like they had slept in their clothes.

  11. I dont like when a concept beats trying to look classy or hot and ending up ridiculous. But when a concept fails like Portugal (which nails the coffin of a great song) or to a lesser extend Greece (but look at its televotes) I do get thet’d do well here. After all Iceland did not make it to the Top 5 here and that’s a relief!

  12. The winner makes sense. He looked like turtle ninja. Belgium would be my other choice.

  13. In other news: Did you know Hatari’s Matthias and Klemens are cousins? Matthias’ dad and Klemens’ mom are siblings.
    BNT’s new management will be elected on July 5 and afterwards they will decide whether Bulgaria will not take part in next edition.

  14. I did not vote in this award and I have said why in the past. I did vote today, though, and I had to wait for 20 minutes, which is rare in this election. Alvalade (area of Lisbon where I am registered to vote) voted with joy today. :)

  15. In France the left is FOUR parties that together would be first… three of them are Top 6 but behind top 2 of Macron’s center second to Le Pen’s far right (that already won the 2014 elections with actually more votes than tonight)… good news the ridiculous Right has fallen to 8,5% behind the Greens!

    Far right 23%
    Center 22%
    Greens 12,5%
    Right 8,5%
    Socialists 7%
    Far Left 7%

    Smaller parties are below 4% including another far right one and the Communists at 2,5%

    • Plus a Socialist dissident got 2% smh such a dickhead!

    • I don’t even dare think how the French would vote if they had to go through something like the Greek crisis.

      • However, it’s true that the Far right has never won a major election here and all the other parties have and that’s why they’re often worn out coming to these elections, where there’s a very low turn out (51% when our presidentials rise to around 88%) and where the anti-European sentiment helps the far right to win. Le Pen’s party already won in 2014 and by a bigger margin! They actually lost % since then…

    • Apparently VOLT won a seat in Germany. :)
      And PARTEI, which has one MEP atm, will now have two. It’s a party of popular political satirists.

      • Good for VOLT. My vote helped them :)
        I really enjoyed reading Martin Sonneborn’s book. I hope to see them wreaking more havoc in Brussels than before.

        • In the end I voted Green again. I am such a boring man … ;)

          • I can tell you’re not. If you’re feeling comfortable with voting the Greens, then do it. I supported them for a long time until Löhrmann damaged NRW’s education policy.
            Green fades, it’s almost yellow…

            • “Green fades, it’s almost yellow…”
              SWR has just reported that the Greens have won local elections in BaWü’s 3 main cities Stuttgart, Mannheim and Karlsruhe. :)

            • Here in Frankfurt Greens seems to be in the lead, too.
              In my hometown Düren – as expected – CDU won the elections *sigh*

            • Will probably be the same here in LuBu but we’ll see. No results are known yet.

          • I returned to Greens as well – I had left them for a while because they had become an arrogant party for the well-off but they’ve embraced their social roots in addition to environmental issues.

  16. Why didn’t he use something more casual???!!! :)

  17. Greece(projected results)
    Conservatives: 33%
    Syriza: 25%
    Social Democrats: 8%
    Communist party(whatever) 6%
    Golden Dawn: 4,5%
    A ridiculous right wing party: 3,5%
    DiEM 25(another rofl result) 3,5%

  18. And again the voters forget the meaning of the award….

  19. The first exit polls are out here: the Socialists are projected to win. The big surprise is coming from PAN (the Party of Animals and Nature, literally), that may have attracted 7 percent of the vote.

  20. Results in Poland

    Prawo i Sprawiedliwość 42.4 %
    Koalicja Europejska 39.2 %
    Wiosna (Progressive/ Greens) 6.6 %
    Konfederacja (worse than PiS) 6.1%
    Kukiz’15 (even worse than PiS and Konfederacja) 4.1 %
    Lewica Razem (Lefties) 1.3 %

  21. All this talk about elections make me really sad about America’s political system. I think we’re all very tired of having only two parties to choose from but there’s nothing we can even do to change it…

  22. Swedish EU votes svim against ze strim. The social democrats and liberal conservatives go forward in Sweden but back in Europe, the greens and liberals go back in Sweden but forward in Europe.

  23. Extremely dissapointing results at many parts of Europe unfortunately…From France to Greece to the predicted results in Italy to Hungary and the UK things do look dreary for progressives…And very bad results in Flanders as well.
    On the other hand Portugal provided some hope same as Germany and Denmark. And FvD did not have the breakthrough it expected in The Netherlands.

  24. 10 minutes here until the results start coming in, bracing ourselves for wall to wall coverage of Farage tomorrow. Urgh.

  25. Cyprus elected its first Turkish Cypriot MP in the Eurepean parliament.

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