Barbara Dex Award: The Winner is…

Barbara Dex Award – This year’s winner of the annual Barbara Dex Award has been announced. The award is for the worst dressed representative(s) from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and is now hosted on its home of songfestival.be. Check out now who won…

The winner was…

Portugal’s Conan Osíris

The top 5 were as follows:

  1. Portugal – Conan Osíris
  2. Cyprus – Tamta
  3. Belarus – ZENA
  4. Belgium – Eliot
  5. North-Macedonia – Tamara Todevska

There were a record number of votes, with over 4,000. Did Conan deserve to win?

Source: Songfestival.be

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194 comments on “Barbara Dex Award: The Winner is…

  1. National elections in Greece after tonight’s results

    • Expected. The New Democracy Party did very well.

    • I never liked SYRIZA, ever since they’ve appeared during Greece’s debt crisis, because of their populist rhetoric, and the irresponsible socialist policy of refusing to accept reality.
      I was particularly annoyed by horrific, irresponsible, populist rhetoric of Alexis Tsipras, and couldn’t stand to see that man on TV!

      However, over the years SYRIZA has clearly changed their policy, and has started to lead a responsible policy, even though without any support of their voters.
      And it worked! Greece’s progress is remarkable, and for me personally Mr. Alexis Tsipras has become one of my favorite European politicians.

      By completely changing his politics, accepting responsibility and accepting austerity measures, he showed courage and leadership as shown by only great politicians and great people.
      All this, he did at the cost of the end of a his political career! That’s what brave people do. I hope that future will remember this brave man as one of the greatest Greek statesmen.

      Not to mention the agreement with North Macedonia. For that, he really should get the Nobel Peace Prize.
      He promoted Greece as an important element of regional stability, and Greece got a future friend and close political ally from the former enemy.

      It is very clear that New Democracy (or should I say Old Bureaucracy) will win the majority, but I hope the left wing KINAL and the centrist parties River and EK will support (hopefully) Mr. Tsipras’s new government.

      • Old Bureaucracy … ROFL :(

      • I disagree on the aspect that he bowed to the demands of the current EU leadership, that was very dissapointing for the pro-european people around Europe who wanted to see structural changes to the EU as a whole in order to make it viable but I will agree that despite that Greece and Portugal have been success stories of progressive governments. But in Portugal that success is rewarded (and the left bloc is holding its power as well despite being in a coalition with the socialist party) while in Greece is not which is a pity…Spain and Portugal really go against the stream of right wing trends for sure while Greece is moving more towards ideological models of the region on par with Italy, Hungary etc even if in a lesser degree.

      • Oh well, you don’t live in Greece so you have a certain view on things. Tsipras has been divisive and populist to his core. He did a u-turn because he couldn’t handle what Grexit would bring. Nonetheless, he and psycho Varoufakis with their 6-months “proud” negotiation cost us at least 80 billion euros and the 2nd collapse of the Greek banking system. They have wrecked the already weakened education system by introducing communist-like reforms and more populism. What about public security? They keep pampering left-wing that work clearly outside the law.

        • I think you are both saying the same thing :-P In the end he did everything to keep his german and american sponsors happy and stay in power for as long as he could, including the North Macedonia deal which leaves enormous room for endless frictions in the future because of its many inconsistencies (the country being called one thing and the nationality another etc). Meanwhile on the home front he tried to keep the banner of leftism high by pampering low intensity terrorism in the streets and universities, the early release of criminals in order to make jails more “humane” and opening the border to relieve Erdogan of his refugee crisis. As for the economy, he taxed everything in sight to achieve the huge surpluses he had signed, making any growth impossible. So he tried to keep happy both his die-hard supporters and his international patrons, which is the worst of all worlds…

        • I just read my own comment again, and I think I might have crossed the line a bit.

          Dimitris, Michos, sorry guys; it’s true, I don’t live in Greece, and I don’t know all the things that have happened.
          It’s just that, for me, being brave in making hard desicions (sometimes against your own principles) is a single quality I admire the most.

          Regardless of this continuous populism, he in fact did accept further austerity measures (against everything he was saying before he was in power).
          He may have had no choice, but nevertheless it takes courage.

          And although I still stand behind what I wrote about him, maybe I would tone it down a little. :-)
          It is very possible that I did exaggerate a bit in my fascination with Tsipras (after all, he does look very likable) :-)

          • No problem. :) I’m also interested in politics and i express my view about what happens to other countries as well. But i do stand by my opinion about him,

          • I have a lot of respect for Mr. Tsipras too for the precise reasons you mention. It takes a brave man to leave ideology behind and pragmatically adapt to reality. I think that Greece was treated unfairly (I can’t stand Mr. Schäuble) but there was no other way to restore Greece’s international reputation within the context of current politics and economics (which I don’t like either).

  2. Geert Wilders’ PVV loses all his seats in EP.

    • Great news although I suppose FvD will pick most of them

    • *clapclap*

    • Just read that Brexit means that the Netherlands will get three extra seats in EP. Which means that PVV will get one of them.

      • But that only applies once Brexit has been “delivered”, right? Whenever that may be (by which time we’d fortunately get rid of “Brexit Party’s” seats).

        • Yes, at the moment Wilders lost all his 4 seats. The different but also extreme right wing FvD got 3 seats.

          • The FcD is the one with the pseudo-intellectual, gay-seeming leader right?
            Our right wing did less well than expected but horribly well in the East… I fear the East of Germany, like much of the South in the USA will remain a problem for generations.

            • Yes, Thierry Baudet even posed nude a while ago. He is quite handsome. His style of communicating is very different from Wilders. He uses imagery and metaphors of a Norther Europe of days gone by. Wagner comes to mind.

  3. And the Eurovision voting controversies saga continues….

    It’s being reported that Italy’s televote points in SF2 do not match the results that Rai reported to the EBU.

    Rai’s reported televote results to EBU:
    Albania – 16.08% – 12 points
    Romania – 10.39% – 10 points
    Russia – 9.92% – 8 points
    Moldova – 8.66% – 7 points
    Norway – 8.58% – 6 points
    Switzerland – 5.93% – 5 points
    North Macedonia – 5.47% – 4 points
    Azerbaijan – 5.4% – 3 points
    Malta – 4.42% – 2 points
    Lithuania – 4.13% – 1 point

    Actual points given during SF2:
    Albania – 12 points
    Romania – 10 points
    Norway – 8 points
    Russia – 7 points
    Switzerland – 6 points
    Moldova – 5 points
    Azerbaijan – 4 points
    The Netherlands – 3 points
    North Macedonia – 1 point

    If Rai’s results are correct, Lithuania should’ve received an extra point and would’ve tied for 10th with Denmark.

    • Add “Malta – 2 points” into the actual points given during SF2, I don’t know how I cut that out lol.

    • Just like I said at the time, it was completely incomprehensible for Jan Ola Sand to come out after the semis and underline how miniscule the difference between 10th and 11th were both times, simply to encourage more televoting. That could only bring greater scrutiny to the results and this is exactly what happened. The incompetence revealed every day seems to be breathtaking.

    • Read somewhere (think it was escalation) that the tele votes reported by RAI include the invalid ones (people voting more then 20 times per phone).
      Not that you expect anything else from semi tele votes in a country that doesn’t care that much for esc, but almost all the top votes are diaspora related.

    • The levels of diaspora voting are truly shocking. Norway is literally the first song that feels like a legitimate vote taker here.

    • I never supported that the prequalifies had a vote in the semis. Or that they could perform their song without competing. This only supports my opinion.

  4. The Green Party won in Germany by the under 60 year old electorate.

  5. Great. Escxtra already trashed Lorraine Kelly. Now Wiwi is doing the same. Vile disgusting woman.

  6. Results in my Paris neighborhood (west of Paris, rather wealthy, where all the big companies are):

    La République en marche / MoDem (Macron) 35,94 %
    vs. national score of 22%

    Europe écologie – Les Verts (Greens) 14,85 %
    vs. national score of 12,8%

    Les Républicains (Conservatives) 12,62 %
    vs. national score of 8,3%

    Rassemblement national (Le Pen) 10,15 %
    vs. national score of 23,2%

    Parti socialiste – Place Publique (Socialists) 5,52 %
    vs. national score of 7%

    La France insoumise (Extreme left) 3,92 %
    vs. national score of 7%

    • LuBu county:

      CDU 29.5 %
      Green 22.5 %
      SPD 13.8 %
      AFD 9.9 %
      FDP 7.3 %
      FW (conservative independents) 4.6 %
      Linke 3.1 %
      PARTEI 1.9 %

  7. Congratulations #TeamSuomi for winning the WC in Ice hockey! <3 :p

  8. I can’t believe VB is second in Flanders :-( So ashamed and utterly disgusted. VB is not even the shade of far right populism Le Pen and Salvini try to sell, it is closer to the likes of Jobbik and Golden Dawn who both saw their vote shares plummeting at least.

    • Flanders has some of the most beautiful cities in the world but politically I have always preferred Wallonia.

  9. ROFL The UK has elected some Dustin the Turkey style MEPs. Ann Widdecombe? Really? It’s embarrassing. :(

    • it’s more embarrassing that she was a MP for like twenty years for the Tories before that…

      • She’s a sad joke … the granny everyone with a bit of decency in him/her would be embarrassed of …

    • She needed another source of income after participating in celebrity big brother (and losing to Courtney Act there) I guess. A perfect fit for a party led by a clown.

      • Her interview on Sky last night was terrifying, just a crazed wide-eyed ranting. I wonder if Farage knows just what he’s got himself into with her…

        One bit she said ‘We’ about the Tories and had to correct herself.

    • Some of those elected are no laughing matter. One Brexit MEP who was elected last night believes people should be allowed to watch child porn on the internet.

      • It’s scary who some people will vote for just because they have written Brexit on their foreheads.

      • Dear hulluna, I have a question that is very urgent to me. I have watched a lot of English TV over the past 2 years and I have noticed that on most occasions they cover Germany what they report isn’t true, in particular on Sky but on the BBC too. Do you think that this is just sloppy journalism or that they deliberately misrepresent German and possibly other Continental affairs? And if the latter is the case, what’s the motivation for doing so? And why does someone like Adam Boulton still have a job?

        • I personally think there is a definite anti-German bias for all things EU. Not because we hate the Germans, that isn’t a thing here in the UK anymore. The Brits in power simply cannot bear the fact Germany has so much weight in the EU as they are bigger, have more MEPs, have a strong leader etc. We do the same with France quite often. As for mis-reporting facts, that has been happening for years, and isn’t just for German news but for news all over the world whether it is anti-Iraq, Anti-Syrian, Anti-Russian, Pro-American, Pro-Saudi, Po-Israel etc. It’s really interesting to me watching the BBC World Service when I am abroad as that is the old BBC that is much more factual and fair. I see things on that I would never see on UK BBC News. Everything presented in the UK is spin and propaganda or a deliberate failure to report the truth/facts now.

          • Thanks for the detailled reply. What you wrote is really sad, in particular if we consider that the BBC served as a model of quality journalism in a free country here in Germany after the war.

    • Yes! We are in first place on the scoreboard! LOL
      Perhaps we should attribute points to the political parties in other countries in the future …

    • The election night program here was just as MF’ish as MF itself. Showing nervous people from the political parties as the result was about to be revealed. You could almost expect one of them to say “and the first party that will go to the parliament is…”

      “Sverige, vi har ett resultat!”

      • The winner of Survivor was invited to speak in one of the big election shows here. :P

      • It was a rather predictable night for Sweden results-wise though. Well expect SD again failing (thankfully) to be second largest party in an election. Hardly any suspense.

  10. OMG that granny from The UK was in Celebrity BB! :D
    Pity Kim Woodburn is not picked!! :'( :P
    She would argue in the EU parliament on the epic level! :D

  11. Yes! VfB has been relegated to 2. Bundesliga. This means that I can cheer for my beloved VfL live in Stuttgart again next year. :)

  12. Marwan Kenzari should host eurovision next year

  13. One more Eurovision / election connection from Sweden. Since three MP’s from the liberal conservative Moderaterna will enter the EU parliament, their seats will be vacant. One of those who will replace them is 1984 winner Richard Herrey (the turquoise guy).


  14. The lithuanian public broadcaster LRT intends to formally apply to the EBU for official clarification on whether italian televoting results were erroneously reported, depriving them of a place in the final. They say that if that is the case, not only did the broadcaster take a serious ratings hit, but the songwriters might also have a case for compensation.

    On his part, Jurijus stated “that what happened is in the past and all artists in the final deserved to be there.” He says he will leave legal measures to his management team as his job is simply to make music.

    • The utter incompetence of Mr.Sand and the people he puts in charge will eventually damage ESC. :(
      Actions needs to be taken, decisions need to be made.

  15. Fire with Fire:

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