Eurovision 2019: Controversies over the votes?

Eurovision 2019 – So it’s now official that Digame and Ernst & Young, the agencies that were paid by the EBU to deal with the official Eurovision votes, have made many mistakes in the results as we got them on TV!

It all started when the votes from the Belarussian jury were revealed Saturday night. Everyone was shocked to notice all the bottom entries getting points from them, almost in reverse with Israel, the only 0pt from the juries, picking their 12! Escxtra quickly did the math and revealed right away that the math was done right with an aggregate average score from other countries from Belarus’ draw pot, but the reverse of what should have been was awarded in TV! After going silent, the EBU had to ackowledge the mistake and has today corrected the results after the Belarussian producer behind their entry threatened to sue the EBU, sad that Russia got 0pt from them (it only gets 1pt in the end but still…)

So the EBU stated today that they will correct the results officially, that will go down in history with the new Belarussian jury votes, changing the Top 5 (Sweden enters instead of Norway), the Top 10 (N Macedonia moves up above Azerbaijan) and many other changes along the way.

  1. Netherlands (498 points)
  2. Italy (472 points)
  3. Russia (370 points)
  4. Switzerland (364 points)
  5. Sweden (334 points)
  6. Norway (331 points)
  7. North Macedonia (305 points)
  8. Azerbaijan (302 points)
  9. Australia (284 points)
  10. Iceland (232 points)
  11. Czech Republic (157 points)
  12. Denmark (120 points)
  13. Cyprus (109 points)
  14. Malta (107 points)
  15. Slovenia (105 points)
  16. France (105 points)
  17. Albania (90 points)
  18. Serbia (89 points)
  19. San Marino (77 points)
  20. Estonia (76 points)
  21. Greece (74 points)
  22. Spain (54 points)
  23. Israel (35 points)
  24. Belarus (31 points)
  25. Germany (24 points)
  26. United Kingdom (11 points)

North Macedonia enters history as the first Eastern country to win the juries’ vote since their come back. However, Israel becomes the second host to get 0 from them after Austria 2015 (though that was a mix result, and juries had the 2015 hosts at 40pts but televote that year gave 0 to the Makemakes)! Sadly, this will never be shown on TV. And for sure, Digame are a goner, right?

But wait, there’s probably more! It’s now been discovered that both semifinals also had mistakes, possibly changing the qualifiers! In the first semifinal, a Czech jury, Jitka Zelenková, had their votes counted in reverse, which changes the outcome in favor of Poland!

Also we looked further down the new rule of “giving weight” to each jury votes to see how it affected the results. Taking a closer look at the Swedish jury’s voting after learning about Lina Hedlund’s mixed up votes (she voted backwads having Netherlands and Switzerland bottom 2 in the semi but had them first and second in the final), we see the new rule at work. The Netherlands’ average placement from 5, 1, 17, 2, and 2 is 5.4. Runner-up Switzerland’s average placement from 1, 10, 16, 1, and 1 is 5.8. However, when allocating points, the Swedish jury gave its 12 points to Switzerland, despite the Netherlands having a higher average placement.

The change is interesting because, if we take every jury’s rightful order without the new rule (that places the judgment of a group of jurors above the opinion of a single individual juror), it would mean points to Lithuania that would have secured it the 10th place above Denmark!

Analyzing it further, it looks like Denmark has done something puzling, how did they break the tie between Russia and Austria? Indeed, both got an average placement of 8.8, but Austria had the highest individual score (a 4th place with juror C), yet Russia was the one allocated the extra point while its highest individual scores were only two 5th places. While the algorithm is undisputed, does it really sound fair? How come not enough scrutiny has been given to this new rule that actually can change a 10th qualifier?

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304 comments on “Eurovision 2019: Controversies over the votes?

  1. Worrying results from Flanders: 18% Vlaams Belang, which is extreme right wing. And 25% for the right wing nationalists from NVA.
    The Walloons on the other hand voted socialists and greens.

  2. The incident with the Italian televoting and EBU’s “altered” votes which allegedly cost Lithuania a qualification from semi 2 is still not answered from EBU? This already adds more fuel on fire given the reported credibility issues with juries this year.
    Personally, I would call for every broadcaster to make their results bublic like RAI did. Is that even possible? Unless EBU wants more conspiracy theories regarding possible manipulation of the televoting results by their side. It already feels unnatural to me to witness a song like Spirit in the Sky winning the televote…

    • Didn’t someone say that the RAI results were raw before the 20 votes per phone line was implemented? And why is it unnatural that Norway won the televote?

      • But EBU hasn’t officially responded and now the Lithuanian broadcaster has adressed the issue to EBU as well.
        Regarding the Norwegian entry, it doesn’t sound like a song that could win televoting to me (Schlager pop hasn’t won it since televoting was introduced) but that is just my personal opinion

        • In Arena ppl were crazy dancing to Norwegian entry.. :D
          Is Sand Norwegian? You think he rigged for Norway to win televoting?! :P

          • The Arena reaction doesn’t say much (see ESP 19). I don’t think anyone rigged anything but we will never be sure for the opposite either :P

        • Just because you don’t think it sounds like a winner you discredit televoting results? Hmm

          • It’s about esc televoting’s history too not only about me. And I like the song !

            • One thing esc results have taught us is that there’re no standard rules. There’s no sure fire winning recipe. And it’s exciting that 2 very different songs like Portugal 17 and Norway 19 can both win televoting, imo.

            • Well, it’s nice to see different genres winning it for sure !

        • For me it seemed much fishier last year with the huge differences between semi and final. All things considered (running order, performance) I still find it strange that Israel got many more points in the final than the semi from countries that voted in both (eg from 2 to 6 in Greece when Cyprus was among the favourites?) Plus the fact that the song flopped in the charts after the contest against every expectation, not to mention that it is the only winning performance with more dislikes than likes on YT. Of course I can also think of another explanation: The final’s larger audience simply went with the longtime favourite because the main alternative (sexy shake-shake) was not all that appealing either (see Switzerland finishing 4th this year).

          This year at least there is consistency in the results between the semis and the final. Plus you can argue that 291 points with 5 songs above 200 is simply coming first by default because nothing else wowed televoters either.

      • except from 99 of course

  3. What do you think of this Anna Vissi new song? I like it but some of the lyrics sound weird.

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