Ireland: Eurosong Alumni Andrew Mann Passes Away

IrelandAndrew Mann, twice a Eurosong hopeful for Ireland, has sadly died. Friends of the Irish singer/songwriter have expressed their shock and sadness on social media.

Mann attempted to represent Ireland at Eurovision in 2012 with ‘Here I am’, but he was beaten by Jedward. He tried again in 2014 singing ‘Be mine‘. Mann also took part in the Voice of Ireland in 2013.

His death comes just three months after his ex-girlfriend, Alli MacDonnell, took her own life after revealing her horrendous online bullying.

Keywest singer Andy Kavanagh wrote: “I just got the shocking news that my friend and fellow musician Andrew Mann has passed.

“Another beautiful soul lost needlessly. Life can get so very complicated so quickly. I’ve known Andrew for many years as a musician but in recent years we’ve really become good friends.

“He was a gentle, positive person and I loved being around him. This has definitely hit me very hard. If you have a minute go watch him sing.”

Greg French, who wrote ‘Here I am‘ for Mann, said on Facebook,

“Today i mourn a true friend, the kindest and most honourable human, a kindred spirit …Loving father, son, brother and music comrade to so many. Love you and miss you Mann”

The death is not being treated as suspicious and he had recently been treated for personal issues. They leave behind a 2-year old daughter.

18 comments on “Ireland: Eurosong Alumni Andrew Mann Passes Away

  1. This makes me so sad, I met Andrew a couple of times. My heart goes out to that poor little girl left without parents. The world needs to do more to help people, suicide is a huge killer around the world.

  2. Very sad news. RIP

  3. Faster than a bullet from a gun
    He is faster than everyone
    Quicker than the blinking of an eye
    Like a flash you could miss him going by
    No one knows quite how he does it
    But it’s true, they say
    “He’s the master of going faster”
    Now he moved into the space
    That the special people share
    Right on the edge of do or die
    Where there is nothing left to spare

  4. So sad to read this and the tragic story behind it.May they both rest in peace.

  5. Oh dear guys, I am so upset at this news. I met Andrew a number of times and he was a sound fella.I am so shocked, My condolences to all his friends and family xx

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