iTunes Chart Success for Duncan Laurence, Mahmood, Chingiz, KEiiNO & Luca Hänni

Eurovision 2019 – Now that the grand final has aired, we take a look at which artists have made the most impact on the iTunes chart this week. Several artists other than the Dutch winner, Duncan Laurence, have been charting all over the world.

As the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s no surprise to see Duncan Laurence charting in the most countries, with a huge eleven number 1 placings. Italy’s Mahmood also has a strong showing with 3 number ones and 17 top tens. The next most successful are Chingiz (Azerbaijan), KEiiNO (Norway) and Luca Hänni (Switzerland).

KEiiNO have performed particularly well with 10 Top 5s across Europe, including a big impact on the UK chart in 4th place, where winning song ‘Arcade‘ has only peaked at number 6.


ESCTracker logs iTunes charts, Youtube views and Spotify plays. Check out the current tracking HERE.

76 comments on “iTunes Chart Success for Duncan Laurence, Mahmood, Chingiz, KEiiNO & Luca Hänni

  1. 4 of the televote top 5. Guess people who voted for Russia did n9t care for the song then. But why did they vote for it then? Mmh…

    WHY is Czech Rzp getting recognition only NOW? Poor guys, so lovely and with a great song!

    • About Russia. Perhaps attitudes of East Europeans towards online music platforms are different compared to other countries? There aren’t many East countries listed on those rankings.

    • Russia’s song charts in 17 I-tunes charts right now according to ESC tracker, including CHE, DNK, NOR, SWE, NLD, BEL, AUT, FRA and DEU. In fact right now I see him equal with Hatari in 7th place:


    • In fact the two top10 songs that do worse in i-tunes right now are North Macedonia (charting in only 8 countries) and Australia (people only voted for the staging). Plenty of songs outside the top10 (CZE, SLO, CYP, EST, DNK) are above those…

    • Björkman screwed Czech Republic over in the running order. They got 2nd in their semi, won their semi jury vote, and placed 6th in televote (a decent enough score). There was no need for the 3rd running draw. That should be for bad Big 5 entries and 8th-10th place in the semi.

  2. 4 of the televote top 5. Guess people who voted for Russia did n9t care for the song then. But why did they vote for it then? Mmh…

    WHY is Czech Rzp getting recognition only NOW? Poor guys, so lovely and with a great song!

    • I was quite shocked at poor televote for Bel Ami boys; it’s v catchy. I think was probably so early that it was forgotten?

      • People in my living room did not like it neither on Tuesday nor on Saturday (different group of people). They all said it sounded too 90s to them (as in “dated”). I was the only one who gave them high points.

        • There was next to no reaction beyond “that one didn’t hurt” at our party. Most people found the song generic and the live singer charming. But this is a song contest after all.

        • Its a minor point but shoutouts to the audience like they did always seem embarrassing. They’re sooooo adorable tho and it’s a really fun song.

          • Ι Like everything that enhances the live feel of a performance (I am not talking about ad-libs or Madonna’s “singing” :-P) so I loved that :)

            • To me its ok at a concert – planned but the name of the city is different – but at ESC it’s always very obviously part of rehearsed act like here or Kobi‘s hysterical crying.

  3. I am not interested in the chart success of ESC songs because I neither expect nor want ESC to produce chart-friendly songs. I can listen to those all year round on the radio. However, I don’t mind seeing some chart friendly songs in the ESC line-up because there should be sth for everyone imo, even ethnojoikpopschlager with a message. :)

    • Well you need a mix; that’s really what makes the show. I’m glad we finally had a chart-friendly winner again because let’s not forget there wouldn’t be a show without the mix somewhat ironically the Swedish song was quite chart unfriendly I think.

    • Even if you aren’t interested in chart success, you should root for your favorites to have it. It means they make more money, get more gigs and get more doors open for them to make this a long term career.

      Otherwise they will go back to obscurity or just be amateur and part time singers.

      • Tamara already has a great career. :)

        • True, but ask her if she would like to tour the world and make 2 or 3 times more money this year as opposed to last year and see what her answer will be. I’m willing to bet that it’s not a “yes” but a “hell yes!”

          • I guess that her priority is spending time with her children atm. And then there is the rumour that she is pregnant again. :)

            • Another reason to make more money. Diapers are expensive.

              Artists from smaller nations can use all the help they can get. Plus the Northern Macedonian diaspora isn’t huge.

              It’s not like the Greek artists that come here and rip off the Greek immigrants. Haha

  4. What Toggie said.
    In addition, those charts are only indicative of what sounds good in studio version and mainly to younger people… Charts like these never take into consideration the BIG live of Saturday night!

    • The big live prompts people to check out a song though – e.g. Norway was so on fire Saturday that it’s doing v well In N and W Europe. For that matter Madonna would prob be no 1 in most of Europe now if the live hadn’t been such a fiasco.

      • I’m pretty sure Norway got voted by many people out of the group of 15-30 years old

        • One example is Robert at 43 years old :p

        • I think they probably cut across demographics – it was the performance of the night; first time the song really even hit me. Jamala, Rybak, Lena has similar effect and this year Italy worked surprisingly well w performance, like they did last year.

          • I hear you calling me at night!

            What I don’t understand is how they had them perform 15th when they had won televoting in the harder semi and therefore it was a performance viewers were obviously looking forward to. Instead of that, Bjorkman gave the plum spots to Switzerland and Australia as he was probably planning to do all along. And destroying any chance Spain might have had in the process…

            • I think they wnted CH or NL to win so they got the prime spot (though I’d argue NL was not in a good spot; kind of a downer where it was). Spain was hopeless anywhere and overall it probably didn’t matter since Norway clearly won televote even from 15 and juries seemed determined to mark it down just as they were determined to upvote dated and dull Swedish song – that was really the most absurd vote of the night. Are jurors afraid they won’t eb able to work with successful Sweidh producers if they don’t give top marks? This is the second year in a row where this happens with clearly sub-par Swedish songs.

            • From his perspective I don’t think the flow even matters, it’s “the later, the better”. As for delegations I think it makes sense to be on Sweden’s good side? The swedes are the ones who have the experience and know-how to run all the technical aspects of modern ESC as the huge show it has become (lights, microphones, camera angles etc). Plus one of them decides the running order.

            • I do think they put effort into the flow; I think this year was the best yet with really only ICE and NL not working for me. Semi 1 had the odd clustering of chaotic / loud numbers towards the end but of course that massively boosted the 2nd Swedish act (EST).

            • @Michos, I have a feeling there won’t be much Swedish involvement next year.

            • Are you suggesting the Dutch are ”rebelling” against Bjorkmann?

            • Yes, and I wanna bet that the stage won’t be designed by Florian Wieder either.

            • I am looking forward to see how dutch public TV goes on about hosting. From what I understand dutch public TV is member-based? Of course we were hearing the same things about Portugal but it’s always the people with the right experience that end up doing it.

            • Please, you make me afraid.

              Eurovision 2020, proudly brought to you by AVROTROSNOSNPO

            • Looks complicated lol. I am not sure I even understand what “member-based” means. Sounds like a big part of the population has a stake in them or something?

            • It has it’s origins here
              All these pillars had their own broadcaster. Most of it is a relic from the past, and most Dutch aren’t member of a broadcaster anymore. And several of these broadcasters seized to exist or were forced to merge, like TROS and AVRO. NOS is the umbrella broadcaster with no members.

            • As I said, complicated :-P

  5. ROFL Silly brexit enthusiasts having a go at ESC on BBC’s Politics Live. All the songs were awful and all the voting was political …

  6. Arcade 14th and Soldi 34th in the global Spotify chart. (The real one, not the viral.)

  7. Rumors that one of the Czech jurors voted backwards too. In SF1 she ranked Portugal first and Slovenia last (unlike every other Czech juror), but in the final she ranked Slovenia 6th. If she did vote backwards and her votes got fixed, Poland would’ve qualified instead of Belarus.

    Between Lina Hedlund, the Belarusian jury vote, and this Czech juror, this year’s jury voting was the messiest I’ve ever seen.

    • Explains a lot, since Belarus was the only real shocking qualifier of this year.

      • Yes, but I’d still feel very bad for both Zena and Tulia if this is true. I don’t know how they could possibly make this right if it’s true.

        • The worst part is that the juries vote one day earlier and there are people who monitor the validness of those votes. And yet there are such mistakes. It already was an open year. Imagine that it would have influenced the winner.

          • Yes, they definitely need way more supervision over the juries. This year clearly proved that. 100% televote isn’t the way to go, but the way the juries leaves room for too many mistakes. I don’t know why they don’t just ask them to award their personal 1-8, 10, 12 points to their top ten. How could someone mess that up?

    • That happened in 2016 with a danish juror as well. Those voting sheets must be complicated :-P

    • insane that such a big show (at least money wise) isnt handled with more professionalism in the age of immediate twitter response to everything done!

  8. So happy for Duncan especially, he proves to be a worthy and succesful winner :-)

    • And since this is what I want from a song contest – to produce songs that exist beyond a saturday evening and prove ESC can exist in the world of actual music this is the most important aspect for me to gauge the success of the contest.

  9. And the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (hometown of HIeronymus Bosch) also joined the hopeless bids.

    AVROTROSNOSNPO should really release a press statement that any bid that doesn’t meet certain requirements goes directly in the bin. In practice that means any bid from any town apart from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and maybe Utrecht.

      • No venue. The World Forum (former Nationaal Congresgebouw) is far too small and comparable with the hall Israel used in 79 and 99. There are some unrealistic talks about building a roof over the football stadium.
        It will be Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome or Rotterdam’s Ahoy. The Rotterdam one has probably the better papers considering that there also needs to be a press centre and various other fan and press facilities.
        Amsterdam RAI could also host (it’s small auditorium was used for the contest of 1970) but that means audience stands have to be build, while the Ziggo and Ahoy are already ready to seat an audience.
        All other bids are imo worthless and from people who dare to dream too much. Even the one from Utrecht.

        • Building a roof over a football stadium is what DR did in 2001, but the result wasn’t satisfactory. Many complained about poor sound, and that they couldn’t see a thing.

      • Did the Danish broadcaster had any help from any of the Swedes? And the stage wasn’t by Wieder either, I think?

  10. Regarding Norway, let’s not forget we had FIVE songs above 200pts, and a sixth one at 186pts! I think the voting spread about a lot (Iceland fans, Australia fans, San Marino fans all failed to give the huge televote boost we expected for these; the West and East were divided on Russia too)… in the end I think the ONE entry that got 5-10pts to MOST televote ended up snatching the top televote score and that’s Norway that transcended all geographical and “political”/”genre” bias: it was the easy going big esc by numbers entry of the year! However, it got 50 less pts than Loreen for instance, so it wasn’t the HUGE winner either!

    • 2014: 311 points for the televote winner, 2 countries > 200 (37 participants)
      2015: 366 points for the winner, 3 countries > 200 (40 participants)
      2016: 361 points for the winner, 3 countries > 200 (42 participants)
      2017: 366 points for the winner, 6 countries > 200 (42 participants)
      2018: 317 points for the winner, 4 countries > 200 (43 participants)

      So not as spread out as 2017 but nothing like Portugal’s huge televoting victory that year… I am actually quite shocked that NLD, the obvious favourite for months, did not even finish first when it was so spread out. I think people missed the “magical” moment they were expecting…

      • Sorry, it was 376 points in 2017…

      • French comments were lukewarm to it “what? that’s the favorite” but it still did well in French televote! just not the WOW

        • Reaction in my living room was “it is a very nice song but…is it so special?” So I knew he needed my votes.

          They messed up the staging, let’s call it. That lamp descending from a cord in the ceiling was a low point. The magic of the Common Linnets was missing. But they were lucky Italy messed up theirs as usual, lol.

          • yeah, both stood out enough as the best songs of the year, so they did enough to get both jury and televote top 5 and that was it! if the big televote winner was also really high in juries, it could ahve been a shocked winner but it wasn’t meant to be, as even Russia failed to win televote this time (while juries were nicer to it than 2016)

            • Kind of. He was ninth with the juries this year vs. 5th in 2016 but with almost the same number of points! So ranking-wise the drop in the juries was about as much as the drop in the televote (from 1st to 4th) ,but points-wise the drop in the televote was huge: 361 to 244!

            • yeah, Russia could have grabbed it this year with a big turn up in televote, but they didn’t gather that much beyond what we expected he’d get. Plus juries are very spread out to (7pts difference in top 3?) so that his 9th place isn’t that far off, he was tied 5th and I think that based on esc rules even 6th behind Malta in 2016! Plus same points, so they did what they had to do there I reckon. Problem is, the show didn’t WOW beyond whoever would have voted for “Scream” (just like NL or Italy didnt WOW beyond people who would vote for “Arcade” and “Soldi”)…

      • It wasn’t that special after all, nice but not a unique composition…remember my first comment once it was realised? I guess only me and Anders didn’t warm up to it initially. For me it works more live, studio version is quite cold especially the chorus.

    • NL is an interesting winner in that it was in the top 5-6 in most countries but I think only got one 12 from BEL? Which makes sense; most people I talked to like it but don’t love it. NOR seems to have racked up the 12s in Nordics and west incl. AUS but were downvoted by juries while Lazerev collected them in the satellite states (plus a few diaspora countries, Germany, sigh).

  11. Let’s see what is the real chart success when the official charts are released next Friday. The picture will be a bit different then.

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