Iceland Allocated Worst Seats by El Al Staff?

Eurovision 2019 – It appears that Iceland entry, Hatari, have already paid a small price for their display of Palestinian scarves during this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Social media posts by an Israeli El Al member of staff appear to show that the Icelandic band members were deliberately split up and given the worst seats on their flight home by the Israeli national airline.

Hatari member Einar Stef put on his Facebook page:

“Thank you EL AL for the “special treatment” #coolkidssitintheback

Reports from press and fans leaving Tel Aviv today also shows that the warm welcome received last week appears not to apply so much when leaving the country. KAN, the Israeli broadcaster, had warned people to continue to wear their accreditation passes as it may help, but it didn’t stop some unlucky press and delegation members being profiled and searched in some depth as they tried to leave Tel Aviv.

People were interrogated for up to thirty minutes with questions such as ‘which hotel did you stay at in Azerbaijan 7 years ago?’ and why have you visited all these countries in your passport. Some were asked what their names meant, and relatives’ names e.g. the name of the grandma of an ex-wife! One was asked why he didn’t want to visit Jerusalem during his stay. One had to remember what he ate in Baku in 2013. Another, who couldn’t remember the name of a relative who had died before he was even born, had his passport taken away for further checks. Luggage was gone through, items removed and some felt it left a bit of a sour taste to be profiled as high risk travellers after what had been a good fortnight.

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315 comments on “Iceland Allocated Worst Seats by El Al Staff?

  1. The paranoia of the checks at the airport was to be expected although I would expect it more when press and fans arrives to be honest.

    As for Hatari well this is petty but hey cowards kind of deserve this in my opinion. It should be up to EBU though primarily to punish them and their broadcaster (and they should do that).

  2. Israel just keeps losing points hmm

  3. ROFL Well deserved. :)

  4. can we move on to the Netherlands already, where the stories will be quite different with weed-smoking fans and nude people in showcases? all these clichés, however stereotypical they are, will give a whole new tone to the contest!

    • Have I got a great story:

      When I was there in 2001, there was a crapload of American high school and college kids that obviously didn’t go because of the museums or canals. Haha

      This was before the weed laws were relaxed in the USA and prostitution isn’t legal in 99% of the USA even now.

      So these kids were like kids in a candy store. Unsupervised and running wild in a foreign land.

      So here is the funny part: watching these kids try to negotiate with the ladies. The ladies never lost in the negotiations because these kids were eager to get up there.

      To make this even better, the Brits and Americans standing outside would give these kids a round of applause when they emerged. Haha

      What a great place Amsterdam is.

  5. Normal now they have ban to re entrance Israel included head of delegation of course. Normal nothing is going to happen because before some years Armenia did same thing and nothing happen. I don’t want to talk about Jamala’s Political song….

  6. GoT :Worst series finale ever! 😠Lazy and rushed garbage!

  7. I have been to Jerusalem today.. :)
    Tomorrow I fly to Romania.. :D
    Guess who did I meet today on our Jerusalem tour? Jonida Maliqi’s sister and her daughter were on the tour with us..we spoke quite a lot..
    They are orthodox Albanians from Tirana, but her sister studied in Russia, and moved to Cyprus where she lives now…she was mad that we had only 30 minutes, actually 25 in the Holly church of Sapulchere, she came almost only cause of that…I was kind of too, but I expected that on the one day Jerusalem tour which includes Vad Yasham museum as well.. :D

    • Good to know that you are enjoying your time and that you get the chance to socialise with celebrities. :)

      • Hehehehe maybe she is not a celebrity, but it was so interesting.. Her daughter is 11 and they almost didnt let them enter the Vad Yasham..they dont allow childern under 10 years old… :)
        Tijana Dapcevic revealed today that Tamara will record duet with John Lundvik! Yaaas! :D

        • They seem like an odd couple but if they find common ground, this might turn out interesting. :)

        • Yad Vashem really did get to me when I visited. It’s a difficult place to visit for Germans but every German should do it once in their lifetime imo.

          • Yeah so true…it was so difficult to me too..but really good to see..a lot About Yugoslavia too, Croatia, Roma ppl, Jasenovac..

  8. How do the airport staff know whether you visited Jerusalem or not?
    Heck scratch that, how do they know what you ate in Baku? You could answer with anything surely?

  9. Polish jury really liked Ex Yugoslavia this year in the final:
    12 🇦🇺 Australia
    10 🇸🇮 Slovenia
    8 🇲🇰 North Macedonia
    7 🇷🇸 Serbia
    6 🇫🇷 France
    5 🇩🇰 Denmark
    4 🇲🇹 Malta
    3 🇮🇸 Iceland
    2 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan
    1 🇳🇴 Norway

  10. On the bright side, at least they got on the plane. And got seats.

    Could have gotten standing room next to the bathroom. Haha

  11. Also, Israel’s airport security is state of the art.

    Their methods may not make sense to the untrained eye, but there is a psychological reason the questions are asked.

  12. RUV issued a statement praising Hatari for their move. They believe penalties are unlikely due to Madonna’s move to also show a Palestinian flag:

    • Madonna had a very different message though. While it wasn’t approved by Kan/EBU they seemed alright with it, if you go back and rewatch it, they make no effort to move the camera, when they do finally change the shot they then go back to it. Israel 2001 waved Israeli and Arab flags, the message itself was very similar to Israel’s own in 2009. 2015 Nadav Guedj and a man with a Lebanese flag hugged it out and stood for photos.

      The statement says that the RUV DG says disqualification is unlikely, I agree, EBU wants the money, hence why it will probably be a fine just as with Armenia in 2016.

      • how is that different since Hatari did not say a word just showed the flag?

        • The difference is that they only showed the Palestinian colours, not the Israeli ones but the less attention Hatari get for this immature stunt the better imo. They seem to be quite fond of attention …

          • Actually, I’m disappointed in them because they like attention but could have done more to attract it.

            If I was there manager, you think it wouldn’t have gone differently.

            Iceland is too passive. You need NYC obnoxiousness for this to truly work. Haha

            • I do remember your Helsinki tactics very well. ;)

            • You think I would be handed an opportunity like Hatari and gone out with a whimper?

              Cmon, I’ve done better hype from here for acts I never met before.

              I cannot be out promoted or out hyped. Not happening. Haha

    • And now we know how those Belarusian jury pts were calculated. I think the EBU wanted to troll Belarus

    • the fact that the only thing he points out is Russia not getting pts, and not, say, NMacedonia losing its jury victory or Sweden its Top 5, or the fact that the Belarussian jury is unfair and did not follow the rules… is saying a lot, sadly

    • Ι think the EBU’s obvious total incompetence on calculating a simple score based on its own rules (and refusal to come out clean so far) is a little more serious than that. The juries vote the previous day, they have plenty of time to make sure all the votes are right. If it’s true, it means North Macedonia lost one place in the rankings and Cyprus two.

      If EBU is a trolling organisation, they might as well join Hatari in their stunts rather than reprimanding them.

  13. Re-watched the Final and here’s how I ranked the 26 Finalists :

    1. NLD 10/10
    2. SVN 10/10
    3. ISL 9.5/10
    4. SWE 9/10
    5. ITA 9/10
    6. NMK 8/10
    7. CZE 8/10
    8. NOR 8/10
    9. AZE 8/10
    10. MLT 8/10
    11. CYP 8/10
    12. AUS 8/10
    13. CHE 7.5/10
    14. GRC 7/10
    15. ALB 7/10
    16. BLR 7/10
    17. FRA 7/10
    18. SRB 7/10
    19. RUS 6/10
    20. DNK 6/10
    21. EST 6/10
    22. ESP 6/10
    23. DEU 6/10
    24. SMR 6/10
    25. UK 5/10
    26. ISR 5/10

    • Much higher scores than on my list. :)

    • same top 3 different order! same bottom 4 exactly

      but that was AT the moment precisely, I will rewatch later this week and do excels!

    • I see you finally got a bit of appreciation for chico colo :-))

    • Sweden 9, North Mak. 8? :-o

      • Hi Michos! :)
        I Suppose you are not satisfied with Nevena’s results! :(
        She isn’t and the whole RTS delegation. We will see what will be next year if we stay..Im afraid if yes, we are going towards “Boris Milanov” approach.. :/
        On the other hand N. Macedonia will confirm participation 100%….I hope Vlatko Lozanovski comes back for N.Macedonia, but with smth that can be appreciated from televoters too, from West as well.. :)
        I loved Greece in Arena, Greece is so underrated this year… :'(

        • I thought Nevena was the female ballad that deserved top10…Well, she is in my top10 now anyway ❤️ Katerine made it very hard for herself, even though I never much believed in her song and the whole package was pretentious and derivative from the beginning. BUT she should have definitely finished higher than Bilal! Him getting double score from the juries than the televote is a very low point, even though it seemed to me ever since the rehearsals began that his so-called “message” was aimed at them and would actually turn off the televoters. With San Marino I can see the saving grace (professional staging, a sympathetic underdog persona, the kind of song you can play at a wedding for drunk people to make fool of themselves) while Bilal was amateur hour and ticking various diversity boxes.

  14. They checked my passport asked me on airport how many times I have been to Turkey, with whom, why and If I know somebody and have friends there…then they saw Indonesian and Malaysian stamps and asked me the same questions about them..when I mentioned Singapore they asked me the same question about it and what is the name of my friend there and what is she doing there..she also asked me where I have been except Tel Aviv..and when she saw my small bag souvenir with Germany written on it she said: “Germany, Germany, everywhere Germany..” hahhaha :D

  15. Nevena is not satisfied with results in the final, she reported to the press in Serbia upon arrival..
    Some Macedonian diaspora decided not to support Tamara because they dont agree with the new name of the country..those are supporters of the right wing political party VMRO-DPMNE and a lot of them live in diaspora…she could receive few more televoting points..

  16. Goosh so many Romanians on the airport here..flights to Bucharest, Sibiu and Timisoara..they come here for Orthodox churches, they didnt go to TA at all, straight to Jerusalem..one guy I spoke with few moments ago doesn’t know what Eurovision is.. :D I wanted to ask him about Ester Peony, but… :P

  17. For my personal taste Greece was maybe the best in Arena in the final, after Macedonia… :)
    If I were a juror, I’d probably place it second in the final.. :D
    Cyprus doing better with jury than Greece is a travesty..

    • Cyprus doing better than anyone in the final is a travesty. It was embarrassing to watch and listen to. :(
      And the jury awarding 12 pts put the cherry on the cake. I can understand if a big name likeTamta wins the (mostly silly) televote, but a jury? Those people made laughing stocks of themselves.

      • You are right…TBH Switzerland is overrated too, in Arena it didnt sound good to me live.. :( Norway was good vocally, but that composition my God..but jury killed them, unlike Switzerland..

        • I quite enjoyed the 3 minutes of Switzerland. Looked very good on TV. But I would never just listen to the song in studio version.

          • I heard many problems with intonation especially on the end of notes…this cant be that high with juries…Albania, Australia. Serbia etc. .were flaweless..
            Tamta was much better vocally in the final than in the semi, especially in the rehearsal which was horror.. :/

            • I agree that Tamta was better in the final but the whole act rubbed me the wrong way. It was my last place both in the final and overall. :(

          • Jonida’s sister didn’t know that Festival i Kenges features live orchestra lool.. :D I told her everything about it.. :D she is not a fan of ESC she came only because of her sister..but her daughter is a huge fan, she sung “La venda ya cayoooooo” down the streets of old Jerusalem!! :P :D it was such a fun! :D

            • You will have great memories of your trip to Israel that will stay with you for a very long time. :)

            • Definitelly!! :D
              Lets go to The Netherlands together next year.. It can be fun..but hardcore fans are really unbearable sometimes!! :P believe me..you need strong nerves for that! :D
              And I wasnt “brave enough” to keep sitting during Cyprus, Switzerland and Norway in arena! :P

            • LOL
              I might go during rehearsal week but I want to be back in my parents’ living room for the shows.

            • The image of Israeli guys working out along the beach on the way to Jafa, will also stay with me for a long time.. :P :P :P

            • I saw some of those too. :)

  18. In other news…
    The IMF in its’ annual report, literally admitted that everything they did with Greece since The Crisis began in 2010 was totally wrong and that they actually did this (humiliating and destroying a country and throwing its’ people into misery) in order to just save the banks.
    I guess this news will not be played in any newspaper or news network in any western country and life will go on as if nothing has happened.

    • You are wrong here. This has been known to everyone who cares to know since the very beginning here in Germany. Also the fact that Germany made money by ‘helping’ our Greek friends … It was in all respectable newspapers back then.
      On the other hand, if the banks hadn’t been saved, it would have been even worse for Greece imo. Capitalism sucks big time.

      • Sorry, togravus, but if this was “known” why didn’t people take to the streets? We are talking about a bunch of people who literally devastated a country and its’ people for decades probably.
        Anyway, we disagree on the banks’ matter :)

        • Honestly, oxi, I think that I know better what’s in the German media than you do. The IMF’s opposition to austerity has been in the news here for many years. Regarding the banks, you are an idealist or a bit naive. You need a new economic model before things can work out differently. And there is no point in being bitter. It doesn’t get you anywhere. I think about voting for the Varoufakis party on Sunday btw.

          And people here in Germany knew but didn’t take to the streets because they believed Mr. Schäuble (yuck!) and not the IMF. After all, Madame Lagarde is a woman … and FRENCH!!!

          • I don’t think that IMF had anything against austerity (wherever their policies were adopted led to strict austerity), they only had some differencies with EU in some minor technical issues.
            I agree with you though that I am an idealist and naive. And I am so proud of this :)
            Btw, Varoufakis’s party is an option for me too on Sunday. Either this or some tiny party of the extreme left.

            • The extreme left is as bad as the extreme right imo. I would never consider going there.

            • “The extreme left is as bad as the extreme right imo”

              This is so sad to hear from a person that I admire , respect and will always consider my friend.
              Putting parties as Golden Dawn f.i. at the same level with hardline left is what has led us to dealing with Salvini, Le Pen, Vox, Jobbik, Orban, Farage and all those fascists in Europe lately.

              Enjoy your day, togravus!

            • I did not mean Nazi parties but parties like AFD, RN or FPÖ. There are no Nazi parties in germany f. e. because our constitution bans them.

            • Actually the IMF wanted even harder austerity but in exchange for partial debt forgiveness, something that Germany and the EU do not want to consider. It’s not a minor technical issue, but let’s not fool ourselves. The methods (cutbacks on social spending, business deregulation, labour flexibility) those neoliberal institutions propose are exactly the same, even though the end might be different.

      • Varoufakis party? Quoting you and runs for cover

    • I think we can write a song about this story and send it in ESC 2020. EBU would welcome this ” historical ” song, wouldn’t it?

  19. I want Slobodan Radanovic for ESC 2019, smth like “Kocka”! :D

  20. Re-watching semi 1 today…

    • Cyprus: Those dancers look so cheap and amateurish… The song is not my cup of tea to begin with…

    • Montenegro: I didn’t mind this back in their NF although it was my least fav out of a bunch of decent songs. Since then it has been dropping like a stone in my list. Their performance was the definition of “mess”.

    • Finland: I think the “lone dancer” gimmick hardly ever helped a song on the ESC stage. Especially with such an anonymous song.

    • Poland: Probably the best postcard… Juries should have awarded such vocal performance.

    • Slovenia: is it so difficult for sth like this to ever win the ESC? 😮

    • Czech Republic: one the best stagings this year.

    • Hungary: this is flawless. It will climb even higher on my pot-contest list.

  21. Slovenia: is it so difficult for sth like this to ever win the ESC? :o

    • With those faces they pulled, it probably is…

    • In tonality e.g. Salvador or Nocturne were not that different – I think it would have really stoof out with a position like the dull Estonian song between the chaos numbers in semi 1.

    • All fans around me pretended to sleep while Slovenia was on, in Arena.. :(
      I’m so “bipolar” about the fans..on one hand I find them fun and interesting, on the other side I find many things they do and behave disgusting..lol :D :/
      I speak about hardcore fans now..

  22. So it seems Madonna created a new uproar today by uploading her Eurovision performance on Vevo with her vocals processed to cover up her off singing that the whole world heard…

    I wonder if she has anyone around her who can really put some sense into her because she has lost it for quite some time.

    • Sucks even processed😀

      • Really madness; she could barely walk down those stairs – compare to Cher who just doesn’t walk such stairs, has pants that cover her shoes and still looks fabulous. Of course Cher has a sense of humor about herself which Madonna never did.

    • Bitch…I am a diva I can do whatever I want to ;)

    • I think they may have done something with the absurd interview sequence, too; it did not seem as incoherent when I re-watched show and did not notice host rolling eyes like on Saturday – they may have edited shots more tightly.

  23. Eleni Foureira learned from her My Heritage DNA test that she is 69% greek, 30% balkan (what does “balkan” mean?) and 1% jewish. And organisers thought it would be nice to flash the results on the screen while she was performing!

    Are entertainers so naive? Don’t they know what invasion of privacy means? And is the EBU ok with commercial messaging now?

    • more than a Palestinian flag for sure: one grabs money the other doesn’t

    • I’m sure that was mentioned in the contrct (contracts this year – MARUV grrr): I personally don’t find it that bad but having lived in the US for a lobg time, “my heritage” is often a topic of conversation. Imagine the potential for drama though if there had been a Bosnian act or Kobi had turned out to be 47% Iranian, etc.

      • Why would anyone care about “genetic” info regarding ethnicity or race is totally beyond me. I thought only hitlerists cared about these things.

        Is that the same test Elizabeth Warren took to prove she was 1% amerindian?

        • we Europeans don’t think like that at all: we are what we make, we fear that going back to supposed roots, often more a fantasy than a reality, would bring topics that are unfair, since every one’s considered equal by our old democracies; but having lived in the US I know these guys only care for it! “where are you from” equals “who are you” to them, it’s insane! Imagine that, my dad was adopted. I don’t know where I come from (somewhere south-east China) and I don’t care. My dad never wanted to share it with me, and I respect that. He raised me as a French kid, and I now teach French literature in uni. That’s all that matters really

          • In a land of immigrants I can see why people might be interested to know “which part of the planet” they come from. In the case of europeans, we know where our families come from, more or less. What we feel we are is mostly a matter of culture, not “genes”.

            • Exactly…even if I take that test,and come as half “Serbian” half “Greek” f.e..I will always feel like Turkish…It is the culture,language you were born into not a stupid DNA test claiming what you really are

            • “In the case of europeans, we know where our families come from”

              That’s true for most people but both my mother and my father come from displaced families (mom from Szczytno, dad from Szczecin). I know next to nothing about my heritage, only that it is predominantly German with some French thrown in and perhaps some Polish tinges. Still, I don’t need to know because I know who I am. However, I wish that I knew more about my family’s history. All memories and stories end in the late 19th century…

            • As for all of us. I only have a sketchy idea of which areas both branches of my family wondered but nothing more. Besides the Balkans didn’t really have written public records until quite recently.

            • But don’t you have family stories that are being told? My parents don’t even remember their home towns because they were toddlers when they left them.

            • Yes, so I know a few areas. My father grew up in aegean island but his father’s family ultimately came from the Peloponnese and his mother was a refugee from Cesme in Turkey. My maternal grandparents both grew up on the Epirus mountains but my grandfather’s family might have come from further east in Macedonia.

        • Knowing about your ethnicity isn’t wrong IMO. It becomes controversial only if you place it in the wrong context.

          • Isn’t ethnicity in Europe mostly a matter of culture though? I mean I would guess greeks and turks are not that far apart genetically but they feel different from each other.

            • It is also a social construct often tied to the concet of belonging.

        • People there have all sorts of different backgrounds so it’s interesting to them. It’s not like most of Europe where people live in the same 20-km radius for generations or move to the next big city.

        • As an American, this is something very important to us. As a Greek you have your own culture, language, heritage, and traditions you are closely connected to. We Americans don’t have that. We all came from different places, and for many of us we have been in the U.S. for so long that we don’t remember where we originally came from and feel as if we lost a piece of us. Yes there is an “American culture” but I think very few Americans personally identify with that, and most of us identify with our original origins.

    • Isn’t being Jewish a religion and not an ethnicity? Jews come in many different shapes, sizes and colours.

      • Exactly! I really don’t understand…

      • Just like everyone else, but apparently a lot of people are obsessed with ethnicity these days.

        I work in a bus company where there are a lot of drivers with very different roots. I happen to be a bit dark, but that is only because some of my great-great grandparents (or maybe it is even further back in time) happened to be nomad people of some kind, one was a roma I think. But all my great grandparents are born in Denmark. Nevertheless I am often asked by my collegues where I come from. It is quite frustrating actually.

        For many people ethnicity seems to be a question of identity. Citing James Brown: “Say it aloud, I’m black and I’m proud”. In the US it is even in people’s passports: If you are white, it says “caucasian”.

        It is not only about ethnicity though. Also f.e. gender and sexuality. Today some people seem to think that only black people are allowed to write about being black, and only homosexuals are allowed to write abot being homosexual: There was a case in Denmark some months ago with a debate meeting with an author (who happened to be a heterosexual woman) who had written about gays and lesbians in her book. She was viciously attacked, and a lesbian woman came up to her and shouted “shame on you” at her. The author tried to discuss it her, but she was told to shut up.

        • Very well sad. I don’t like identity issues at all, in particular if we are talking about collective identities like race, religion, gender, sexuality etc. In fact, I have always been so scared of them that I wrote my PhD thesis on the subject already 20 years ago. Everyone was talking about subjectivity back then (Lacan was the big thing in the Millenium years) but I already had a feeling back then that in the context of globalization and digilatization identity issues would raise their ugly heads once again. Alas, I was right. I wish I hadn’t been. :(

        • What’s bad than people ask about your roots ? Sometimes it’s done just for communication.

          • The trouble is, it reflects a view that you have to look a certain way to be from this or that place, and vice versa. It’s a stereotyping that I really don’t approve of. Just because I’m not all blonde there are people who won’t believe that I’m all Danish. I even experienced that in school (some called me “Ah’ners” for instance – a mix of Anders and Ahmed), and in other situations where I was discriminated by people who thought I was from a muslim country. In 2000 a doorman wouldn’t let me into a discoteque, he said “We don’t let foreigners in here”. I had to show some ID, but ideally I ought to have given him a lesson.

            • Those are different things. If the purpose of the question is just a topic of communication it’s fine but if it’s for discrimination it’s another thing. Those who make discrimination will always find a matter for it even if it is absurdic. And I don’t talk about school bastards who will always find a reason for bastardness. Once I was asked to resign in a regional company just because I was from capital lol. It happens that you meet wrong people in wrong places and wrong times.

      • Jews are an ethnoreligion because they did not believe in conversion. All Jews (unless those who did actually convert) are descended from the same people. A Russian Jew is not the same as a Slavic Russian, they are Russians of Ashkenazi (most of them) descent. Other Jewish ethnic groups include Sephardi and Mizrahi.

        • And what about Ethiopian Jews f. e.? They are clearly African.

          • Also black African Jews/Igbo from Nigeria.

          • I was also always confused by the Ethiopian Jews. I attempted to look it up and it appears no one really knows how they came to be either. The most popular theory appears to be that they are descended from Israelites who migrated to Ethiopia with Menelik I, who was the first Ethiopian emperor and son of King Solomon of Israel, during the 10th-century BCE.

            I assume their African appearance may come from either intermarriage/conversion or just centuries of living in Africa? I’m not sure, I know more about European Jewish ethnic groups because the town I grew up in is honestly a majority European-Jewish town. One of my best friends is Jewish with origins in Poland and Hungary, and when she did a DNA test it came back almost 100% Ashkenazi Jew, with barely any Slavic or Hungarian origin.

          • And Khazar/Karaim jews are Turkic

        • The jews there were not even practicing judaism and very much integrated with the community so I think there is not much difference between a Russian jew and a Slavic Russian…
          Check the doc below.. It is interesting

  24. I don’t know how many of how you have heard of the recent abortion bans being passed in southern states like Alabama and Georgia, but today I got a notification on my phone that Alabama television was refusing to broadcast an episode of a children’s show because it featured a gay wedding and did not represent Alabaman values. It seems this country is going back in time rather than going forward, I’m so grateful I’m from the north.

    • We all know about that…Real life Handmaid’s Tale story.. Very scary!

    • It was on the German news. Scary. :(

    • also all in French news, and for anyone who knows how secular France is, and liberated sexually, we’re puzzled at what goes on there (coz we’re not that cultivated on other’s culture)

      • Northeasterners are similar to the French and other Western Europeans in culture I would say. Everything about the south baffles us – their religiousness, their friendliness, their prioritizing, everything.

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