Eurovision Contest Producer Christer Björkman Rushed to Hospital

Eurovision 2019 – Eurovision Contest Producer, Christer Björkman, was rushed to hospital in Tel Aviv yesterday with a blood clot in the throat. Björkman, who represented Sweden in 1992 has worked on the Swedish selection programme Melodifestivalen and as a producer for the Eurovision Song Contest for some years.

He watched the contest from hospital last night and will need to be kept there for some time to recuperate.

Get well soon Christer.

Source: Christer Björkman/ Aftonbladet

12 comments on “Eurovision Contest Producer Christer Björkman Rushed to Hospital

  1. Let’s hope that he will fully recover soon.

  2. Poor Christer, wishing him well.

  3. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  4. I wonder. Did he get to chose his bed? :)

  5. I dont believe in negative energy but if I did I would say this man should be dead just by the cursing he receives on this forum alone. I wish him a very speedy recovery and I want to thank him once again for all the hard work he has put into making esc a competent show.

  6. I hope he gets well soon.

  7. It proves how much work and pressure the producers go through every year and the man’s doing both MF and esc for a decade now. Health is always a tricky bitch. Hope he gets well.

  8. Get better and thanks for a great show!

  9. For me Christer Björkman is father of Melodifestivalen I love big time as you all know. He has also done remarkable job with ESC. He turned the aging dying contest into the jewel crown of EBU. There are flaws in him, as there is in ESC. Don’t think there has been any other volunteers to do the job and that’s the biggest problem, not him.

    Now, let’s sing him get well song, the chorus translates:

    (Come here) As long as my heart is beating
    (Come here) As long as there is still tension
    Tomorrow will be another day

    (Come here) As long as the sun is smiling
    (Come here) As long as our desire is a matter of giving and taking
    Things are passing by so quickly
    Tomorrow will be another day

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