Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tonight

Tel Aviv 2019 – This is it! Finally! After one year, and a long season, tonight we will finally watch the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. 26 countries are taking part and only one will win.

The show will be hosted in Israel’s Expo Tel Aviv, by Erez Tal, Bar Refaeli, Assi Azar and Lucy Ayoub. It’s set to last for three hours. The voting will use last year’s format: only juries results will be announced first, with only the 12pts revealed by the spokeperson. Then they will reveal the full results once televote is added to the juries’ score, starting at whoever is 26th up to the winner.

This is tonight’s running-order:

  1. Malta – Michela – “Chameleon”
  2. Albania – Jonida Maliqi – “Ktheju tokës
  3. Czech Republic – Lake Malawi – “Friend of a Friend
  4. Germany – S!sters – “Sister”
  5. Russia – Sergey Lazarev – “Scream”
  6. Denmark – Leonora – “Love Is Forever
  7. San Marino – Serhat – “Say Na Na Na
  8. North Macedonia – Tamara Todevska – “Proud”
  9. Sweden – John Lundvik – “Too Late for Love
  10. Slovenia – Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl – “Sebi”
  11. Cyprus – Tamta – “Replay”
  12. Netherlands – Duncan Laurence – “Arcade”
  13. Greece – Katerine Duska – “Better Love
  14. Israel – Kobi Marimi – “Home
  15. Norway – KEiiNO – “Spirit in the Sky
  16. United Kingdom – Michael Rice – “Bigger Than Us
  17. Iceland – Hatari – “Hatrið mun sigra
  18. Estonia – Victor Crone – “Storm”
  19. Belarus – ZENA – “Like It
  20. Azerbaijan – Chingiz – “Truth”
  21. France – Bilal Hassani – “Roi
  22. Italy – Mahmood – “Soldi
  23. Serbia – Nevena Božović – “Kruna”
  24. Switzerland – Luca Hänni – “She Got Me
  25. Australia – Kate Miller-Heidke – “Zero Gravity
  26. Spain – Miki Núñez – “La venda

We’ve waited long enough. Let’s put all differences aside and enjoy it all together!

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808 comments on “Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tonight

  1. Hmmm who was telling the winner should win at least one of the votes 😎😎😎As you see it happens😁

  2. 9/10 prediction. Had Spain instead of MKD.

    • 9/10 as well. I had GRC in instead of NOR

      But I was the only one to put MKD in :P

      • I had MKD only in juries’ top10 and 14-15 overall. Had ESP in top10 as i was expecting him to be big with the public thinking as well that juries will not bury him. Didn’t tell you but said that Morgan instead that Tamta will be bigger with juries. Her points with the televote are extremely poor…24 from mummies, 7 from a mountain and 1 from me, Rob and bf’s calls 😂

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