Tonight: Eurovision 2019 Second Semi Final!

Eurovision 2019 – This is it! Tonight we will finally find out the last ten qualifiers that will join the Big 5 and Israel in the Grand Final on Saturday. The anticipation will finally be over. When you sit down to watch it and would like to discuss it, please do so here.

Again, a recap of who is performing in this semi final.

  1. Armenia – Srbuk – “Walking Out
  2. Ireland – Sarah McTernan – “22
  3. Moldova – Anna Odobescu – “Stay”
  4. Switzerland – Luca Hänni – “She Got Me
  5. Latvia – Carousel – “That Night
  6. Romania – Ester Peony – “On a Sunday
  7. Denmark – Leonora – “Love Is Forever
  8. Sweden – John Lundvik – “Too Late for Love
  9. Austria – PÆNDA – “Limits”
  10. Croatia – Roko – “The Dream
  11. Malta – Michela – “Chameleon”
  12. Lithuania – Jurij Veklenko – “Run with the Lions
  13. Russia – Sergey Lazarev – “Scream”
  14. Albania – Jonida Maliqi – “Ktheju tokës
  15. Norway – KEiiNO – “Spirit in the Sky
  16. Netherlands – Duncan Laurence – “Arcade”
  17. North Macedonia – Tamara Todevska – “Proud”
  18. Azerbaijan – Chingiz – “Truth”

Italy, United-Kingdom and Germany will also be able to vote in this Semi Final as well. Whom do you last predict to qualify tonight? For whom are you rooting? Time to finally watch Eurovision 2019!

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833 comments on “Tonight: Eurovision 2019 Second Semi Final!

  1. Armenia second NQ in a row

  2. Got Albania and Denmark wrong, but much better score than Tuesday

  3. Albania the closest thing to a surprise tonight but yes the song was objectively decent. Much much better show than semi 1 for me. Switzerland back in contention as is Azerbeijan. I still don’t get Sweden at all but who cares.

    • Luca’s vest was actually good. Swiss papi is proper lil pop star!

      • Luca on fire! I think he’s back in contention!
        Enjoyed the show much more than Tuesday’s, you?

        • Much more! The overall flow was better and all my biggest favourites delivered.

          • It lacked true avantgardistry tho so 1/10.
            Luca and Chingiz on fire! Wish AZE would ditch the robots, they distracted from a great performance – sold on the song for the first time!

            • I was sold on the song the first time I heard it. Robots were alright when they were doing heart surgery, but looked awful when they were switched off. There was strange dead spot in the middle of the song. But hey, they did quadruple salkow with that holo in ESC. It was pretty wow. Not as wow as Chingiz, though.

  4. 10/10 preditction and 9/10 personal ranking. Only casualty is is LVA which I never thought stood a chance since day one.

    • 9/10 prediction. You had Albania out beofre the show.

      • Nope? It was a group prediction like yours. My strict top10 prediction always comes after the live which I posted shortly after the songs were presented.

        • That doesn’t count,imo. It’s before the show that everyone casts their predictions but hey ho

          • Ha? Are there any rules? Why would I form a strict top10 when I haven’t seen the lives. Their pivotal in giving us an idea how the singer and the staging works. In my case after the lives I thought Armenia was in trouble and from all those borderlines Albania was much stronger.

        • And i didn’t have a group prediction. I gave a top-10

  5. Both Romania and Armenia out for second year in a row :(

  6. Can someone say the number of bangers and ballads in the final
    Is the number even???

  7. Nothing as WTF as San Marino, although I didn’t see Albania qualifying. Michela looked terrified, poor girl! Big responsability for such a young performer

  8. It will be a very middle of the road final, imo; safe, conservative and grey with a few splashes of colour here and there. I am glad for the ones who love this stuff. :)

  9. ooh. I had 9/10 so better than the woeful 6/10 from sf1. I had Austria (what the hell was I thinking – it was dire – I got swayed by some folk around here methinks) instead of Albania.
    It would have made it from SF 1 imo but hey ho. I am pleased with Ireland’s effort and it was a step in the right direction.
    I think Netherlands has this. Would love Malta to take it and hope Italy and Slovenia get good results too :)

  10. This is my prediction before the semi. I think i should take 9.5/10 :P

    So, my thoughts on semi 2:

    The Netherlands

    are certain Q.

    are most likely in. Norway has to be at 5th or 6th in order to Q. But,hey if S.M did it then it should be easier for Norway. of course, it’s a different semi and we can’t really compare those 2.

    Austria should be in based on the jury vote because it’s in the top-3 of the most current songs and the staging seems to really work.I don’t think it will be top-10 with televoting so it could be a risky pick.

    North Macedonia and Albania: Could they both make it? Could they both miss the final? I think the first will do better wth the jury and the latter with televoting. Albania could be the Hungary of semi 2 BUT this is a more instant melody and there are quite a few diaspora countries that will here juicy mama Jonida calling them to come back to the homeland.

    Will Denmark be able to make it? Will she be able to convey this warm feel-good message to the voters? Armenia is not written off,imo. If she has sorted out her problems then it could be through. Croatia could be the WTF shock Q of semi 2 but i don’t see the momentum Serhat had here. I really hope a miracle happens and Jurij qualifies!

    So,my 10 Q are:

    The Netherlands
    North Macedonia

    Albania amd Romania are close

    • I had the same as your Top 10. I would have most likely gone for Romania over Albania. I had Austria, pfff!

      • I couldn’t really connect with Romania,tbh. I’m sorry about Ireland.

      • Really like the Romanian revamp; also the show was insane in a good way – v coherent whole. Like ur singer’s voice but by contrast her show didn’t make sense at all and she looked like she ran off the TOWIE set :-(. Great show tonight, period!

  11. Shortly after the conclusion of the song presentation I came up with the following strict prediction. Essentially what I did was to keep the 8 sure qualifiers drop Armenia out (previously 9th) and decided which is the last qualifier among LTU, ALB, AUT, and ROU. In the end I gave it to ALB.

    ”May 16, 2019 at 22:32 Reply


    I find it quite diffIcult to narrow it down to 10, but I will give it a go:


    Albania might miss out in expense of LTU.”

  12. I’m sad Romania is out, I really liked our show and her performance was good, it was always borderline, but I thought we deserved to make it. :(

    I got 8/10 in my prediction, Austria was a risk and sadly they didn’t make it either. Albania was in instead who I thought was really good, much better than expected, I’m not surprised it made it after I saw it. I didn’t see Denmark in and as soon as they announced it I knew Romania was out.

    So there weren’t any shocks in this semifinal, but I’m really surprised that all the last 6 countries made it, has that ever happened before ? Also only 3 from the first half and 7 from the 2nd part, I didn’t see that happening.

    • I’m sad: for two years Romania tried with modern and interesting entries that had “too much” going on in their performances and I fear they’ll go back to yodel crap. And especially that christian girl will be back with a vengeance now!

    • Commiserations – as you know, I liked your song and prefer it over all direct qualifiers except Italy.

    • ”Albania was in instead who I thought was really good, much better than expected, I’m not surprised it made it after I saw it.”

      And this is why I always cast my strict top10 preditction after the lives. It was obvious that Jonida had the edge compared to other borderline singers tonight – Sbruk, Paenda and Ester.

    • Thank you for sending the best entry Romania’s ever sent. Sad that all your best songs are the ones that get ignored.

  13. OMG what a bloody result… I was gasping for air on the last two there with Switzerland and Malta still not announced, and I managed to get 9/10 right for once (having thought Romania goes through instead of Albania)! <3

    This is crazy:
    – Armenia failed to qualify twice in a row and starting a loosing streak since 2018 (those vocals made it not qualify though, a lot worse than I expected)
    – Romania also fails to qualify twice in a row and starting a loosing streak since 2018
    – Switzerland qualified again for the first time since 2014, this will end up high
    – Netherlands on a qualifying streak since 2013, except for 2015, and on court to win potentially
    – After having been in the final ever year since 2014, Austria failed to qualify with Paenda

    Grand final, here we come!

  14. Gooosh John Lundvik is doing very bad at yt! :O
    It seems Sweden again will fail with televoting..
    Mahmood will negatively surprise..mark my words..it won’t reach top 10! :(

  15. I just watched the semi :P I wrote this while I was watching:

    -That awkward moment when even Sweden looks and sounds bad…
    -Croatia is a serious contender for the Comedy Song Contest with Australia.
    -MaltaaAAAAAAHH!!! It was really good. Where does the money come from?
    -I love Sergey and he is probably my favourite Eurovision artist but the song and the performance are meh.
    -I liked the backing vocals for Albania and hated the pre-recorded “uh-uh-ah” from Lithuania (the Lion King thing fro the instrumental, the rest was obviously live).
    -A Chilean flag during KEiiNO’s performace! LOL I seriously think this one would get a good place with another “joiker” like Jon Henrik Fjällgren (not really, we all know it would do much better without the joik, sadly).
    -I think the Netherlands will win, it stands out among the circus acts… It’s doesn’t sound as good as it should be (because of the amazing idea of being sat pretending to play the piano) and the lamp looks awful… if the song shines even with that staging it clearly is a good song.
    -I don’t get why they hide Chingiz vocals, he is not a bad singer at all. There’s nothing wrong if (at least!) the firsr verse sounds a bit empty only with his voice.
    -I like Luca and Duncan styling :)
    -Albania looked like if it was just there for a music contest…. and I’m shocked it worked.

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