Recap of Rehearsals Day 8

Eurovision 2019 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start this Saturday and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s to the second rehearsals of the finalists: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the country to see a full photoset, or in the picture to watch the recap video.

Stay tune, tonight at 7PM local time, we get the opening ceremony: the infamous red carpet (turned “orange” carpet this year, because of MyHeritage) will feature all 41 performing artists all suited up (well, except maybe Hatari)…

45 comments on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 8

  1. Repost on today’s snippets:

    – Israel: The merry moment of the final. Hilarious!

    -France: I have to hand it to him: despite the close to amateurish singing, he is completely brazen and exudes confidence in every frame. The aesthetics of this are well-calibrated even though I find the newspaper clippings way too literal. Him racing up the betting odds has to do with the press thinking that he can do a Netta based on the inclusivity messaging and/or that the future of the contest is about embracing millennial social media “influencers”.

    -Spain: They have obviously done a lot of rehearsing with their singing and dancing – we are not used to Spain being so professional. I don’t mind the doll’s house but the wicker man and the fireworks of colour in the background look superfluous to me.

    -Italy: The most predictable fan flop of the season. He sounds terrible (worse than Bilal), the whole thing has such a bored and let’s-get-it-over-with air about it and the graphics are either fugly or lazy (like footage from the official video – gee, how didn’t others think about that, perhaps we can see Duncan’s ass magnified a million times). The only excuse I can think of is that he was recently under the weather, but it is not much of an excuse for a professional. Brings Emma to mind way too much now.

    -United Kingdom: Has the feel of another talent show performance but not a winning one like Sweden or North Macedonia

    Germany: They don’t sound very good together and there is no staging concept left now that the stock photos have been removed from the background.

    • Well RAI and ESC! ;)
      He improved since the first rehearsal though..

      • Was it worse than that? :-o

        • To me now is all right..why you criticize it so much..that entry is not the type for slick performance..it is a bit different to others.. It got some different charm to it… :)

          • He is off tune throughout both extracts I heard. People listen to it when it is Tamta but not here? As I said he may have the excuse of being ill but on the other hand I have never heard a live when he is much better…

            • Tamta’s entry is that type which requires slick performance and better vocals..
              This one is different style, I always thought it is not that good choice for this festival..we will see.. :)

  2. Israel looks like Israel in the 80s and 90s …
    Spain looks fun … When body talk is magic?
    Bilal has found his business model …
    The UK and Germany look dead in the water …
    Don’t know what to make of Italy yet …

  3. Italy is the best for me! Much improved from the 1st rehearsal. It’s raw,it’s angry, it serves Italian lower-liddle class realness,Mahmood has a distinctive personality as an artist. I can see huge hit potential here and it will be evident after the final in charts.

    France have polished their turd. They seem to have a big at-your-face stage concept that works with the esc reporters. I think 3rd favorite to win is ludicrous but we shall see.

    Israel: It’s pompous and looks desperate with all the fireworks etc.

    The UK: Bottom-5 unless the juries for some reason save it.

    Spain: I was #1 fan of the song but i don’t like this ultra-kitsch staging. It’s a bad year for Fokas. Miki is lovely but i don’t really like what i see.

    Germany: Beyond bad judging from the clips. Bottom 5 seems inevitable.

  4. So to the finalists
    Israel – Gosh it is just so overbearing for me and everything is being thrown at it. I think he looks a tad like Sacha Baron Cohen
    France – I get that he is trying to deliver a message but I’m not buying into it or the performance.It’s all rather off-putting.
    Spain – It has improved and looks slicker but its not as good as Malta or Switzerland in my book. A decent enough performance might get them a half decent result.
    UK – I do like this and I like how they are staging it so far. I hope he nails it on the night.
    Germany – Again it has improved but I am not getting much from the song or the singers really which I am disappointed with.
    Italy – Getting stronger now and looking and sounding really good. Nice one Italy.

  5. Just watched Italy’s official rehearsal video. Great choice of costume, not as typical as his usual choices. But he looks as if he doesn’t want to be there. But what is that camera work? Is there even a director who makes any decision, because this looks completely random.

  6. Will there be a separate article on the opening ceremony? Here’s the link:

  7. Israel : I find it horrible, sorry ! Prediction #23-26

    Germany : They chose grey again. It’s definitely not bad but totally forgettable and a naive attempt to re-create last year’s success. #24-26

    UK : Talent show product that will be lost in the GF among more empowering stuff and better performers. #18-24

    Spain : It is what it is, televoting could relate to it at the expense of Chico solo as it doesn’t try too desperately to repeat Fuego’s triumph and Miki comes across as genuinely likeable compared to the Swiss mafia latino. #10-17

    France : I’m getting sick of bubble overrating this kind of entries. It is an ok song, with an average still confident vocalist. I don’t mind the dancers, actually I can relate to their story. I like the “crown” moment as it is 100% Bilal. #8-16

    Italy : This is obviously the best song of the six. However, his whole presence feels aloof and it will be difficult for the average viewer to connect with this performance. Not a travesty of 2014 level for sure. I can see this scoring a 7th to #15

  8. As evident today (especially with Italy and France), rehearsals don’t change a thing really. People only see the rehearsals with their own personal bias (taste, country, men, whatever)! I do believe people are trying to be fair and objective, I jsut think they can’t with only 45s (anyway at the end of the year, when all is done live, we still disagree on what’s good or not, so why would it be different with rehearsals?)

    So, for those who don’t follow rehearsals, nothing’s changed. People who loved Italy almost all think it’s a good live (except Hjallis) and people who disliked it all think it’s a bad live. End of story really…

    ah and now it’s a new thing to say that the press gets it totally wrong, when last year it was all about how the press got it totally right (“looking for the new foureira” was a thing all season until… until Australia or France won their rehearsal days, since they weren’t popular to begin with, it’s hard to accept the press as legit anymore)

    • EBU should really consider to limit the access the press has. Especially the first rehearsal should be closed to the press. Rehearsals are rehearsals for a reason, delegations are allowed to experiment and even fail. And you are right the only thing the press was looking for was who would be this year’s Eleni. Yes because of the internet the eurovision season is far more predictable and there seems to be a desperate need to make it less predictable. But the only way to make it less predictable is if there are actually surprises.

      • when will the bubble burst, really?

        it’s so annoying, I agree with you, the first rehearsal should be closed, with maybe just pictures leaked… now you can’t stop delegations playing the social media card so I get that for fairness sake for smaller delegations getting equal exposure is a plus, but I do think you need to be able to TRY stuff on stage before saying “this is my final product”

    • People try to be objective but will always fail imo. What one likes is subliminally influenced by many other factors. That’s why I’m in favor of returning to random draw in esc or blind editions in online contests :P

      • I’m sold on the blind concept now, I was afraid it was too much work and would kill the fun of presenting artists we like to others but it worked well both times and with results people could not question!

        yeah, it’s impossible to be objective, it’s better sticking to pre rehearsals rankings and try to digest what will happen, but with a touch of salt!

        • There will be still bias in blind editions like country or genre-wise but those are factors no one will ever control. I love BLIND editions that’s why I can’t wait for ETSC 12 :)(We don’t do blind in VFoS)

          • should I do both blinds? do people have a thought on that? I wouldn’t mind I think! but I do want players to come back (stommie, nick…)

            • Personally, I would love that but if I know the reactions from VFoS right most people will object. But you could try a poll for sure as there are around other 20 HoDs participating in ETSC and not in VFoS who might think differently

            • yeah, a poll it’ll be, after Fridas

            • Imagine a surprise blind comeback for Niklas or the 2 Marc/ks :p

  9. Here’s how I would predict the 2nd semifinal too look like, but there are many uncertainties here imo, anything from below 6th place is pretty chaotic and hard to predict.

    1. Russia – 175
    2. Netherlands – 158
    3. Switzerland -125
    4. Azerbaijan – 102
    5. Norway – 99
    6. Sweden – 89
    7. Malta – 72
    8. Lithuania – 64
    9. Romania – 62
    10. Austria – 59
    11. Ireland – 51
    12. Armenia – 43
    13. North Macedonia – 38
    14. Denmark – 24
    15. Moldova – 20
    16. Croatia – 16
    17. Albania – 14
    18. Latvia – 7

    1. Netherlands – 198
    2. Sweden – 153
    3. Azerbaijan – 112
    4. Russia – 103
    5. Malta – 84
    6. North Macedonia – 77
    7. Switzerland – 72
    8. Austria – 68
    9. Armenia – 65
    10. Denmark – 64
    11. Latvia – 43
    12. Albania – 40
    13. Lithuania – 36
    14. Romania – 34
    15. Ireland – 25
    16. Norway – 24
    17. Moldova – 15
    18. Croatia – 5

    1. Netherlands – 356
    2. Russia – 278
    3. Sweden – 242
    4. Azerbaijan – 214
    5. Switzerland – 197
    6. Malta – 156
    7. Austria – 127
    8. Norway – 123
    9. North Macedonia – 115
    10. Armenia – 108
    11. Lithuania – 100
    12. Romania – 96
    13. Denmark – 88
    14. Ireland – 76
    15. Albania – 54
    16. Latvia – 50
    17. Moldova – 35
    18. Croatia – 21

      • It will probably be very close in this semi. If they can make it to top 10-11 in televoting, then they’re in.

    • Norway comes after RUS (ALB) and is followed by NLD, NMK, AZE. That could harm their televoting chances. 99 is too high imo… 60-70 os more probable. With 60p in tele they are out imo

      • In that case they’re out yeah. But remember that Denmark last year managed 164 pts in televoting! :o And Norway is loved by many this year so maybe it could make at least half of those pts ? :P

        • Well DNK had the GOT theme to convince the average esc viewer. Spirit in The Sky is the usual shlager pop entry that is usually worshipped only inside the bubble. I believe NOR is more like a Monsters/Verona case

    • 2nd semi is a bloodbath. i think Denmark will Q but at the expense of who? All songs is your top-10 seem like legit Q. Maybe my beloved Austria? But this looks stunning and it should be in the jury top-3,imo.Norway? Armenia?

  10. Israel: They use the catwalk which adds good effect, doesn’t seem like many are using it this year weirdly. Still bad overall though and very likely bottom 5.

    France: His vocals are still highly questionable but the staging is good. The use of the dancers is great, but the buzzwords in the LED background are preachy as hell. It might do better in the televote than I ever thought but this won’t do better then like 13th I”ll say. For it to be 3rd in the odds is crazy and shows you how much the press knows.

    Spain: Gave the benefit of the doubt in the 1st rehearsal but I seriously question the point of the house and the robot here. The thing that made the OT performance great was Miki and his energy with the dancers and crowd…this staging completely detaches from that I feel. Headed for slot #26 of the night, where it should do generally well with the televotes but juries might bin this.

    Italy: Looks much better! He looks more confident and the dancers have more of a purpose! The wide shot reflecting back in while he is faced backwards looks bad, and his aimless walking still looks distracting. I still think this is very good value for Top 10 but won’t be a contender for the win, even given the 2nd half draw.

    United Kingdom: A performance and staging definitely geared towards the juries…looks like a bottom 3 with the televote, especially if it’s near Sweden, but I think juries will have this somewhere around the middle, saving it from the bottom 5.

    Germany: All I can say about this is that it will likely be given slot #2, and could very well finish last.

  11. Before we get down into the real business this coming week, it still seems like we’re headed for a Netherlands win. It has the best potential in both sets of votes still, and the staging looks like winning material. Hopefully the camera angles are done right.

    The only contenders for the crown I see are Iceland and Sweden, but each of those is really variable on their performance in what will be their weaker vote, so the juries for Iceland and televote for Sweden. Russia doesn’t have enough pop imo, but it will be Top 5, same goes for Italy. Of course this all depends on the running order as well, as it always does. :)

  12. How did I wake up to France in the top three of the odds…… this is a nightmare.

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