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Euroclub Opens with a Bang and the Nordic Party

Eurovision 2019 – Last night the Euroclub opened its doors at 23.00, to a sizeable queue, for the first time this Eurovision and made an impression with fans for its size and its prices! The cub is hosted at Hangar 11 in the Tel Aviv port area, north of the beaches, and when they say hangar, they mean hangar.

It’s a huge space with a giant stage at one end, and a good sized 4 sided bar in the middle of the arena. Outside are comfy seats. The only down side was the bar was very pricey with a very small coke costing €3,50, and a beer + vodka/coke nearly €20. In addition, they couldn’t take international credit cards and it was cash only.

The entrance was adorned with yellow and gold helium balloons spelling out Euroclub 2019 for photo ops, and inside the DJ was playing all of our favourite Eurovision hits. At just past midnight the live performances began. Victor Krone from Estonia kicked us off with ‘Storm‘, followed by Leonara of Denmark with ‘Love is forever‘.

Norway’s Keiino was next up with the Euroclub going mad for ‘Spirit in the sky’. They also did their version of the Gaga cover, ‘Shallow‘.

Iceland’s Hatari did ‘Hatrið mun sigra’ in some specially chosen outfits.

The BBC’s presenter Rylan, a huge Eurovision fan, was giving it large down the front with the UK tv crew and some of the North Macedonian delegation. We all danced like crazy to ‘Sandstorm‘, with Darude, in his natural habitat on DJ decks, filming us from the stage. Sebastien joined him to deliver ‘Superman‘ and then ‘Look away‘.

We had a surprise unannounced guest as Krista Siegfrieds appeared to tell us she got divorced and was once again able to marry us, before launching into ‘Marry me‘. Yes, she’s back. Ding Dong.

John Lundvik from Sweden and his much loved Mamas did some acapella as they hadn’t had a soundcheck, before delivering 2 songs. ‘Too late for love‘ really soared in the arena and you can see why it’s rising in the odds.

Finishing off the live show for the night was the legendary Charlotte Perrelli, giving us her 1999 winning song ‘Take me to your heaven‘, then ‘Här Står Jag’ in Swedish and ending with ‘Hero‘.

Some of the press then scarpered at 2am ready for an early start in the press centre today and others danced into the early hours. Well done Tel Aviv, a good choice of venue. Shame about the prices!

See the videos of the performances at ESCKAZ’s YouTube account or on ESC Norge’s.


One comment on “Euroclub Opens with a Bang and the Nordic Party

  1. Those prices will look budget to Scandinavians. :)

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