Recap of Rehearsals Day 6

Eurovision 2019 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start this Saturday and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the second rehearsals to semifinal 2: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the country to see a full photoset, or in the picture to watch the recap video.

Second rehearsals

First rehearsals

So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow, semi 2 get second rehearsals.

137 thoughts on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 6

  1. Uk’s SO anonymous it might dethrone Germany/Israel for last place… Spain wasn’t as bad as I read around and France was way better than I honestly feared all along (see Destination Eurovision)

  2. Greece: Pretty good vocals and it pops out, although I feel the prop/dancers look way too confined for the stage. Her styling is kind of weird, which makes no sense as the delegation should try to make her seem as “normal” as possible with Portugal right before it. This or Czechia will win the jury vote in this semi, but I think it might finish around 4th-5th with the televote.

    San Marino: They need a Top 5 televote result to potentially qualify and they won’t get it with this staging. The blank LED doesn’t work and he’s way more exposed vocally than in “I Didn’t Know”. Don’t see this going through.

    Armenia: I’m really torn with this. On 1 hand it is a high impact opener sung very well. On the other hand, her being alone on the stage really creates a feeling of emptiness with the song and the fire isn’t necessarily helping. I think it might go through just barely, but there is Serbia 17 potential here (although different types of songs).

    Ireland: The staging actually looks very nice and the styling works. She doesn’t look very confident though and once again it feels doomed in this spot. If this switched spots with Latvia I think it could have had a shot of going through.

    Moldova: I’ll give it up to them, I think they might have saved themselves from a bottom 2 result with the good vocals and the snow art. Probably coming 3rd last.

    Switzerland: This looked fairly good (and Luca sounded fine to me) staging-wise and impact-wise, until the beat drop where again there is another badly-timed wide shot. Should be focused more on Luca here, who’s charisma shines. Maybe it will look better with the crowd in the audience? Definitely qualifying.

    Latvia: A lot of fuss has been made with the shitty camera work, and you can somewhat see it here. They had perfect lighting/camera work in Supernova, but some weird wide shots take a lot away from what should be an intimate performance here. I still think juries might have this in their Top 10 but it is a possible last place with the televote, especially given what is before it.

    Romania: It still sounds weak vocally to me, and her styling isn’t great. I think it does have a niche though that no other song has in this semi, and because of that it might stand out. Having Moldova and Italy voting in this semi could push it through, but where are the other televotes coming from? If it goes through, it will be at the expense of Armenia.

    Denmark: Nothing new, it’s actually a brilliant move to add more people to the chair. compared to DMGP Definitely going through, and a threat for the Top 10 on the Saturday.

    Sweden: There’s no doubt about qualification or Top 5 with this imo, but can’t help but think it doesn’t have enough “sizzle” to make a huge dent with the televote. Might finish where Robin did in the televote in 2017.

    Austria: Wow this looked good! Her vulnerability and styling fits the song perfectly, and the visual backdrops look stunning. I think this is going to qualify now.

    Israel: Yikes, he’s not that great live and it sounds dreary. Likely bottom 5.

    France: I imagine the press have gone wild for this, but to me it sounds still vocally weak and the bad lyrics get exposed here, especially with the buzzwords on the LED background. There’s still a decent televote for this but it seems destined for bottom 5 with the juries.

    Spain: That apartment seems so out of place lol, but I guess it’ll come into effect in parts we haven’t seen yet? He seems better vocally than at OT and it’s bundles of energy packed into a song. Running order will really matter with this; if it is near the high impact songs that come from the Semi, it will flop. If it is around more low-key songs, I could see this doing a strong Top 10 with the televote.

    Italy: I didn’t think it was that bad? The shirt seems fine to me, he did the same thing at Sanremo. Vocally we already knew it wasn’t as good live, but he seemed a bit more into it than what we saw at Sanremo. The lyrics in the background might help with the televote but hurt their jury vote a bit, and the dancers seem weird to me, although it could work to counter Mahmood’s aloofness on stage.

    United Kingdom: It looked half decent actually, the close-up camera shots could work very well. If this is anywhere near Sweden in the running order it is doomed. If it’s far apart, I think juries might push this to around 15th.

    Germany: Well, they’re trying to recreate the magic of 2018, without the sensitive performer that was Michael. Could very well be last, but I think the name of the group and the photos in the back could get them some televotes from sisters around the world lol.

    • Switzerland feels very low energy for a shake number no?! my bf was disappointed, shirt not tight enough, not enough sexy moves? Or is it the camera “killing the vibe”? Same with Latvia, it feels the camera wants to pull OUT of the performers!

      • I think that wide camera angle at the drop really pulls away from what should be the main selling point of the song in the dancing (eg. Cyprus 18). Maybe it works better with the audience but I doubt it.

        If Latvia had the same exact staging/lighting/camera-work as it did in Supernova, it might have qualified.

    • no Italy was bad: it felt completely pointless in every part, the lyrics, the dancers, him walking randomly aimlessly, the styling, the clapping… I hope it’s just a bad clip and still working bits out before second rehearsals with an actual go at it

      • Him walking aimlessly is what we saw in Sanremo too though. I feel like nobody saw this as a contender after Sanremo, then people started listening to the studio and loved it obviously, without remembering that it had a lot of faults in the live. Now we are back to square one after this rehearsal. It won’t win and it was never going to win imo, but I still think this will get Top 10, largely based on the juries.

  3. Congratulations, Germany. For the second year in a row, your song is the one that gets on my nerves the most. Bring back Stefan Raab, all is forgiven!

      • I guess they think that all good things are three. Next year, they will close it with someone singing to their mother-in-law. :p

      • Actually it’s not even the family trope – it’s supposed to be about female solidarity. I’m not making this up.

      • No comparison. Germany 2018 was great, truly touching and felt genuine – thus why it succeeded and deservingly so. It is contemporary and proved that with its pre and post contest success. This year.. they are not even sisters and this whole story about sisterhood being metaphorical does not come through plus their voices do not mix well.

  4. Well here we go .als I was expected haters have much power in esc specially in wiwi(are not they really arrogants they think they know better than all).whatever I think Spain bring really one of the more atractive and interesting staging.i was liking much also Sweden and Greece.

      • I think we’ve to keep in mind that the current excitement is based on enthusiasm from the current press room, i.e. a bunch of hyper queens who probably haven’t slept much for the past week. Hence also their lack of enthusiasm for s!sterZ.

        • Understood! Re queens there, sure there are plenty there, although lack of enthusiasm for sisters shouldn’t equal = load of queens= lack of sisters.

      • I didn’t say it’s spectacular. Besides, we’ve onoy seen 15 secs of it. It’s a plus compared to what we saw in their NF which was more focused on “Roi” Bilal in a vain way while now it tells a story about diversity. I can see why some people see it as exploitative but result-wise it could work.

  5. Katerine is extremely articulate and fun to watch during interviews. Probably the best we’ve ever had !!!

  6. Another day another few thoughts…..
    Greece is also looking and sounding good.She looks a bit scary at one point but I still think this will do well.
    Romania is still fine with me, I like the staging. It is all so unusual and almost haunting
    San Marino still gives me pleasure and I like the backdrop and staging, Doubt it will make it though
    Sweden is solid as expected and those ladies are fierce!.
    UK is also one I enjoy He sounds good as do the backings. it looks nice, so am hoping they can make a Top 20 finish
    Spain has improved but I don’t think it will do much tbh Switzerland will kill it off I would think
    Germany does try its best but sadly, I don’t think it works
    France is shoving its message right in our faces and so far down our throats it actually becomes offensive itself – the irony of it all.
    Israel is awful, he thinks too much of himself and his song in this performance and it’s actually not that good
    Latvia is just plodding along. I think it is safe to say it is doomed as is Moldova with its ‘already been done dear’ sand art. It doesn’t help this dull entry one iota
    Denmark is still sickly sweet. The song really is twee. It looks and sounds great though
    Armenia is still one I like but I am concerned she is looking lost on stage like Hungary and the fire makes it look like she’s trapped. Am not sure how this will go and the same with Austria which I see now looks fabulous but the song is weak and so are her vocals. I can’t really warm to either.
    Italy seems to give a Solid Soldi from what I hear. I hope he relaxes more and delivers when it matters. Looking good so far.
    Switzerland has a shot along with Malta of taking the overall win imo This is Very Good stuff.
    I absolutely LOVE Ireland and am delighted Staging is fab and fun and she Is looking more confident and camera friendly. Well done Team Ireland I remain hopeful. :)

  7. Greece – I like the color scheme and her voice; her dress is strange (it reminded me of Moje 3’s outfits from a few years ago).
    San Marino – it seems ready, but it feels cold.
    Armenia – it’s much better; I do not like the song though and still think she is not singing what comes naturally to her; too much screaming at the end and too many fireworks as well.
    Ireland – I get the idea, but I think she lacks the charisma to sell it. I like her voice.
    Moldova – better dress, dull everything else, even her pitch perfect vocals.
    Switzerland – it seems ready. Luca is not doing what comes naturally to him either. His outfit does not go with his song.
    Latvia – it all looked so much better in Supernova.
    Romania – ott stage presentation, decent song.
    Denmark – it’s just too sweet for me. It seems ready.
    Sweden – they’re ready and they’re going to win, imo. The jury will give them a landslide victory (if Ingrosso was 3rd with that contraption, Lundvik will win), the televoters will decide the rest. Only Russia will be able to beat Sweden. That said, it’s a very effective and tasteful presentation of an average song.
    Austria – it never left my personal top 10 and I loved the Austrian snippet – very elegant and classy.
    Israel – it comes across as pretentious and ott.
    France – obvious, unelegant and dull.
    Spain – very messy at this point in time.
    Italy – he is not a charismatic singer. The snippet lacks energy. Let’s hope he is feeling better in the coming days.
    UK – dull and lazy.
    Germany – annymous; I am so tired of giant faces making their way to the omnipresent led screens.

    • ”I am so tired of giant faces making their way to the omnipresent led screens’
      100% Agree. (except cartoon pop- arty ones of course ;) )

    • Benjamin did well with the jury vote because he had a contemporary song and he is a very talented performer.

      Also if the Netherlands win be certain I will remind you of that and other comments. Not that I would expect anyone here to admit they were wrong but just for the fun of it and see what new silly excuse you will come up with the billionth time you are wrong.

    • For further laughs read Feddersen’s piece on NDR site… I know there’s a limit to what he can write on the official site but this is downright embarrassing, like Fox News doing commentary on Trump.

      • Hahaha… I’m sorry, is he on drugs? Sisters insiders’ tip for top10? In which parallel universe is he living? :-)

        • Definitely in the darkest timeline. Where he bets all his money on s!sterZ in top 10 and loses everything.

      • I saw your comment on ESCK and will tackle Feddersen next … the expert who still thinks that ‘Quédate conmigo’ is the best ESC song ever. Sigh … NDR … middle aged/old aged guys and silly Olivia Jones Family members …
        I loved the Peter Urban parody on ESCK. :)

          • And I read that the Dalheimer guy is involved too. I still blame the Heavytones for the dull music scene we have in Germany these days. Has Aufrecht gehn already reacted? He will make more sense. Checking now.

            • I think this year we may see LOTS of ratings change post-rehearsal. A lot of songs are totally hyperactive with LEDs, choreo, costumes; it’s like the whole contest has been designed by the English.

            • I expect Tamara to enter the top 10 tomorrow. Watch those vocals and the interaction with the backing singers.


            • My prediction is at least top 10 for Czechia. Which I figured out is the vanilla lyrics version of the J. Geils Band’s Centerfold.

            • I need to see the Czech song being performed live first. If they are good, I can see a top 10 too. Tamara, on the other hand, I trust blindly (and deafly) …

            • I don’t think they have to do much – they seem like college guys having fun.
              Tamara is unlucky to perform after Laserboy because that way people will think “oh they got Russia’s leftover mirrors/screens”; if she performed first, people would say “Russia has to steal their staging from NMAK”.

            • We’ll know soon. Tamara isn’t a GS and will survive imo. I always said that the sf will be the biggest hurdle for her. If she makes it to the final, MAK will come top 10 imo.

            • One of our EK oracle’s disagreed with your last comment so obviously your judgment must be off in general.
              He agreed with one of my comments the other day, failing to realize I was being ironic.

            • It’s undobtedly unintentional but if that were a parody account, it’d be brilliant.

            • Does he? Well, I am a confident that sweet JeG knows how to stand her ground. There is no messing with our MeckPo girl. :) <3

            • She must have posted sth. positive about Mans one day for him to be such an ass towards her.

            • LOL I love Måns too, but only for reasons that have nothing to do with music … <3 <3 <3

            • He’s hot… I think he’s fine as a singer/pop star… I think he did a v. good job as the junior partner in the hosting partnership with Petra.

            • Best hosting ever. Hands down!
              Have we ever had people with talent hosting ESC in any other year?

            • I thought it was very good scriptwriting (by the also hot Edward af Sillen) – they had clear roles for the hosts and both were happy to play along; usually they’re generic and bored. E.g. Denmark could have done a great job casting Pilou Aesbek as sleazy vllain type in CPH because he was known for that type of character from Borgen.

          • Libel:
            Finally the day ends with the Germans, though they’ve had their towels on the stage since this morning. S!sters start at opposite ends of the stage (on the bridges) before meeting on the catwalk-stage. They then sing face to face rather than at the audience or the cameras. A big ‘SORRY’ appears on the backdrop, seemingly apologising for how bad the staging is. There’s also a ‘RESPECT’ chucked in before ending with a peace logo. More virtue signalling. There’s a cracking melody here, but they’ve failed to maximise it’s emotional resonance.

            • Hilariously, the official site has a big photo of the singers in front of the SORRY sign!

            • NDR and RTP (I know you’ll disagree with me on that one) appear to do everything intentionally completely fucked up this year.

            • I feel sorry too. Sorry, Europe and Australia, that we are forcing this onto you. ;)

            • I honestly think it has the best bridge of a song this year(along with Italy, The Netherlands, Greece and Russia). From what i read they don’t even make a good use of that.

            • Indeed. They seem to have damaged a song that already had little appeal to begin with. :(

        • Feddersen has been way off base since quite some time, but even he should realize that with this act, we had no chance at all from the beginning…
          Next time he will list Piero Esteriore, Marcin Mrocinski and Krassimir Avramov as his favourite Eurovision artists…

  8. Oh my, there were a lot of really bad acts today…
    Moldova, Romania and UK are still my bottom3, but Ireland is joining this club of horror… seriously, how can you turn such a loveable sweet little song into so unbearable?
    Denmark had a nice song from the beginning and no reason to change their NF performance, so well done.
    Armenia – I think the act will most probably qualify. She does a good job.
    Austria is a huge surprise for me. She really brings her song to life and has a super-authentic charisma. Maybe a surprise qualifier?
    Switzerland is another positive surprise for me. Since I never saw him in the regions where the betting odds placed him and expected them to kill this song on stage, I actually consider that snippet quite decent. He will qualify and maybe end up in the lower top10.
    France – well, I don’t like entries playing the moral card and if they do, they should do it in a more original way. It’s not enough to write “tolerance” somewhere and think you have a clever staging.
    And finally my home country Germany – I say it again: IF they end up higher than 20 (which won’t happen), I would not be happy. NDR deserves to meet another Waterloo. Nothing against the girls, I’m simply annoyed by our broadcaster… and then they even leave the turning platform at home – the only thing which was halfway creative about the whole act? What were they thinking?

    • France 19 is the definition of obvious. I wonder how the televoters will react to that stage presentation.

    • it’s still everything Bilal wanted to do by becoming a youtuber and a “singer” so it makes sense, and I don’t think it’s been “done” like that before, at least they’re dancing and not just there! it’s bilal’s wig the main problem lol

      • I think it would help him to get rid of the wig. The whole act looks like a parody… when Conchita did the gimmicky beard, she came across as a classy lady nevertheless. She herself was the message. When she won, I admittedly was close to tears. Bilal on the other hand looks like a kid from some idol show to me. The message feels very forced and unnatural IMO (which is a shame since the song was written by Madame Monsieur and I really love what they’re doing)…

        • Bilal is a product designed on cashing in on the victim card imo. As you said, his act doesn’t feel authentic but forced and calculated. :(

  9. I’ve been catching up on some interviews; I did not know that Tamta and Conan Osíris had become friends. He loves and she loves him. :D

    P.S. – Estonia is going to rehearse again.

    • Are they trying to fix the storm video stuff? They should just drop it IMO; I don’t care for the song at all but they would be just fine with him standing on stage with his guitar and a basic backdrop to further contrast with the AUS-ICE-POR madness surrounding them.

      • Maybe they have issues with the use of the Green box. They have already said that in case that doesn’t work they’ll just use the LED screen.

        • Thx.. like I said I really think they’d be fine skipping it; there’s so much hectically exploding business on stage this year that songs that are minimalistic can stand out. Plus fans of The Bachelor will appreciate lots of camera time for Viktor.

  10. You can’t imagine how many Russians write positive comments and giving 12 points to Iceland under their videos (rehearsal and especially official video)!!! :O

  11. I wrote these comments while I was watching the videos… the amount of hate today reached the level of the toxicity of previous years (not here…).

    I feel sorry for Srbuk, she is trying to hard and you can see in her eyes that she wants to do well. Putting the last part (and the climax) of the song in the recap video is a desperate attempt. Armenia should send an “easy to grasp” song one year…

    The most beautiful staging of the 2nd rehearsal videos is Latvia.

    Austria is back with the staging according to the possibilities of the structure built on the arena. :)

    France brought something unexpected! Bad, but unexpected!
    Spain looks good :D Hopefully it will be top 15 so they can get a reward for all the work done this year.
    Italy has a show :O The dancers are really bad, though.
    LOL at the UK with a similar staging to Sweden.

  12. Israel : They went for a very stripped down yet formal in terms of clothing and mood performance. He was vocally there but everything is pompous to the point it cannot convey any genuine feeling.

    France : I love how Bilal brought the message of the song on stage in such a bold way. Definitely an elevated performance from the national final that communicates its empowering message in a direct but compelling way.

    Spain : Too much going on, it goes over the top and all this song needed was a spontaneous and genuine performance. No big houses, no giant robot mannequins. Miki is very charismatic of course.

    Italy : there are issues and its obvious. The dancers are awkward and come across as amateurish. The money in the backdrop could have been delivered in a different way because this is too cartoonish. More confidence, tighter choreography, something to make it feel more like the SR performance.

    UK : there is nothing wrong with it. Michael sings fine, the staging in simple and uneventful. I dont see who will vote for this still but ok, good on you for trying I guess.

    Germany : The backdrop is bizarre with the constantly changing faces of the (not) sisters. They sound as good as they can sound which is at best average. The song has grown on me a tad bit though. Overall they went for understated instead of over the top and I appreciate that.

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