Recap of Rehearsals Day 5

Eurovision 2019 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start this Saturday and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the second rehearsals to the first semifinal: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the country to see a full photoset, or in the picture to watch the recap video.


So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow, a bit of everything: semi1 and some semi 2 get second rehearsals, but then the Big 5 + Israel get their first rehearsals!

81 comments on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 5

  1. This channel has good quality videos of full 2nd rehearsals:

    Conan Osiris looks like iguana.. :D :D :D

  2. Well we did learn today that the “credibility” of so called esc press knows no lows really if the coverage of Tamta’s rehearsal is anything to go by.

    Slovenia is out of contention for me, it is otherwordly, magical and it does exactly what it should do to convey that magic – intimate shots, atmospheric background and the exploding chemistry Zala and Gasper have.
    I have to say Australia is shaping into a true contender for a solid top 10 position. They did what they needed to do to correct a tacky nf presentation and create an (almost) tasteful performance. The dancers next to Katie now have more elegance, Katie herself looks better and showcases amazing vocal skills. This is going way up my rankings most probably in the aftermath ranking.
    The other one that has upped its game is Georgia. It remains an aggressive nationalistic anthem but the direction is great and it conveys what it wants to convey in a bold and memorable way.
    Then there is Serbia. Nevena looks worryingly thin but has impecabble vocals and a presentation that has an impact on stage.
    The top 5 is rounded up with the Czech Republic – they do nothing magnificent but they do what they need to do very well and the key is Albert’s connection to the camera here. Refreshing vibe from this one.

    On the other 10 there are varying degrees of success depending on what everyone wants to deliver.

    We have Montenegro and Finland that seem hopeless but deliver what they have to deliver in a very decent way overall without that being game changing for them.
    We have the favourites that are heavily troubled to various degrees by bad vocals and/or presentation : Cyprus and Portugal.
    We have entries with minor vocal issues that fish in a similar pool of votes : Estonia and Belgium.
    We have disasters from entries that were already big outsiders : Belarus.
    We have tasteful presentation for a song of questionable impact : Hungary.
    Then there is Poland which sounds good but looks tacky as hell and, regardless of what others say, I really believe this will be divisive and will struggle.
    And of course the tacky wannabe “alternative” mess from Iceland which probably features the weakest vocalist of the 2019 edition with Clemens.

    One last point : I will not understand how the same crowd that praises whatever Iceland does considers Portugal’s presentation bad and a joke etc. They are both utter jokes but at least Portugal has a song imo.

    • I love both entries, and don’t care much for their lives but do think Iceland is a joke on purpose, not Portugal

      • A joke on purpose does not save anyone from my criticism as it is well known at this point (ISR18,ITA17,FR14,IRL08,ESP08,BiH08 etc). But I am much more angry at Portugal because it feels worse when an actually good song is ruined.

        • yeah, you’re the least funny person on ET, probably the only one who never made a joke on ET or laughed at one

          • There is humour on ET ? I haven’t noticed. Ever. Honestly. I have seen people laughing with things that I consider either inane or outright offensive of course. Definately nothing close to my sense of humour (including those entries considered “humorous”).

      • You don’t think Portugal is an intentional joke by Conan and his Barbarian? I could accept that for some people this might be a song but the styling and performance give it away. I’d say RTP must be pissed off they’ve been taken for a ride by the guys but then again they’re getting tons of publicity.

      • Iceland is not a joke. It’s a concept. They are very serious about it. Performances, that’s what they do.

    • The Portugal bashing has become quite embarrasing lately imo …Proves that some people are more interested in visuals than musical substance. I wish The Anders was here…

      • I did not feed or enabled the behaviours that allow such bashing. A few days ago Conan was called a drug addict on this forum. The administration has enabled and encouraged users exhibiting such behaviour. Everyone reaps what they sow, so does this forum. But I guess this is considered “humorous” in some people’s minds.

  3. +++
    Hungary <3
    Serbia (still super-boring)

  4. My ranking of today’s packages (songs still play a major role)

    1. ISL
    2. SVN
    3. AUS
    4. POL
    5. CZE
    6. PRT
    7. GEO
    8. HUN
    9. CYP
    10. SRB
    11. EST
    12. BEL
    13. BLR
    14. FIN
    15. MNE

    Juries take notes :P

    • I hope juries take notes because if anything Iceland doesn’t deserve the praise is given. Vocals are bad from the beginning till the very end. Have you checked the complete video?

      • I’m judging on the official snippets.

        • Well snippet isn’t indicative or say a different rehearsal from the complete one. Just don’t think an act like this deserves full marks.

          • The snippet has the sound we will hear on TV though and ISL deserves all the praise today imo.

            • I don’t think the blond guy has good vocals in the snippet either.

            • There’s nothing I would mark down (as CYP f.e)

            • I still think he isn’t strong vocally.

            • Rob will most probably join your bandwagon tonight I reckon. We will go through the snippets together soon.

            • which one? the Icelandic?

            • Yes. It was I think in his top10 when he first heard it.

            • let him share his views with us here

            • Here you have it:

              ”What the f*** Poland is on about”

              ”Belgium is 12 years combined”

              ”What the hell Portugal”

              He likes the following: Cyprus, Finland, Serbia, Georgia, Australia, Iceland.

  5. Loving Slovenia, Portugal, Belgium, Czech republic and Cyprus (this will all be perfected when it needs to be I believe). I really want them all in the final
    Serbia has improved as has Georgia, Poland is interesting but am still not sure how it will do atm
    Estonia is in trouble me thinks. Finland not far behind but marginally better.Belarus is a mess sadly, Hungary is nice but the staging doesn’t seem to do anything for the song and he looks lost
    Iceland is one big gimmick and still is lame. Seen it done ten times over the past 30 years ago by better performers than this motley crew of pretend-freaks but it works
    Australia is nauseating. Stolen from Wicked, her voice gets on my nerves as does the song. Cleverly staged but still does nothing for me.I don’t want it to but it more than liely will make the final (perhaps she’ll drop her mic lol)
    Montenegro is as I said before well song but this is a poor effort and still last place imo

  6. *10 times better done over ….

  7. It’s shaping up as the worst semifinal I’ve seen since I started to watch in 2013.
    Australia or Greece are winning the semi. I dare to say it will be Australia because of the WTF factor for the televote and a jury member shoudn’t have it outside the top 10 considering you can’t find 10 good singers in this semi.

    I’m going to add an emoji 😁 because everything I’ve written today sounds catastrophic 😛

  8. And now some comments about Portugal. I had the chance to watch a short and a large version of the song. Apparently I am alone in enjoying this one still? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the rehearsal today. The choreography might be bizzare but so is the song. So I think it is a match. As for its chances to qualify or not. Well I surprise people bet on this Q before the rehearsals but not now when in fact little has changed since February. Never thought it will do well overall but at least a Q was a realistic scenario.

  9. Will Czech singer wear this outfit on real performance?! lol :P

  10. Our rehearsal video has a lot of likes..the same as favorite Iceland fe…our rehaearsal is very well received..2nd with press…Nevena works good on stage it seems..I like live vocals a lot.. :)
    Cyprus has the most likes, but after second rehearsal it has too many dislikes :O Australia is catching them with likes.. Maybe Australia can really win this semi..

    • Will Australia turn the tables after 2 very poor televoting results though?

      • I think that’s totally a televoting magnet since it will draw in both the popera fans and people who like the (freak) show aspect.

        • I agree, but better than La Forza?

          • I’m not sure – it won’t get as many jury votes but it will draw more televotes due to the freak show aspect, e.g. 12 points from UK are pretty much in the bag I’d say.

            • Yes those UK 12 p should be considered a lock! But imagine if AUS 19 (an entry entirely bashed during the preselection period) ends up higher than the big fans fave of 2018 La Forza ! It will be hillarous :)

            • It’s kind of La forza (song style) meets You’re the only one (successful staging madness).

      • Why not? :)

  11. Am I alone in disliking Australia 2019?

  12. After another hectic and rainy day, I managed to sit down and go through the available snippets, having a glass of red wine. I did not read nor did I hear what the fans are saying. I spent the day in meetings and drafting documents. I did wear a green tie (I have several LOL). The following comments are based on the songs and the known snippets.

    Cyprus – shaky vocals and it’s pretty clear Tamta is not doing what comes natural to her.
    Montenegro – good vocals, messy stage presentation.
    Finland – dull everything, except the lady in green.
    Poland – perfect vocals (to the point of becoming cold and inorganic), ott garments. I love Tulia, but their approach to music is not working with this song.
    Slovenia – elegant, classy, intimate.
    Czech Republic – I like the the colours and the song.
    Hungary . it looks classier without the faces behind him. Lovely use of gold in the staging.
    Belarus – dull, artificial, lifeless.
    Serbia – decent song, excellent vocals, unelegant styling made worse by her looking too thin.
    Belgium – decent song, anonymous stage presence.
    Georgia – unusual song, strong vocals, excellent backing singers.
    Australia – I do not like the song, but the snippet shows that Australia will do very well.
    Iceland – average song+layers of cosmetics that try desperately to make it sound better than it is. Shaky vocals.
    Estonia – dull everything.
    Portugal – love the song, the choreography, the background and the vocals. I do not like the unflattering style of the outfit although I love the shade of green. I also dislike what he is wearing on his face/neck.

  13. Darude is a super cool and fun guy. Sebastian on the other hand, can’t hide that he hates the whole experience :P

  14. The Slovenian duet is also very likeable too!

  15. Watched the sneak peek videos and most of the full rehearsals, here are some thoughts:

    Cyprus: Now I’ll hold back a bit because supposedly she was bad vocally in 1 run, which ended up being that sneak peek video. It’s obviously a fine opener but man does it look way cheaper than I thought…why pay Madonna for the interval break when you’ll have Madonna representing Cyprus? It’s clear they thought they could go in the same vein as Eleni, yet have completely misjudged Tamta’s strengths and weaknesses. Even the backing dancers look very 2000’s. It will qualify but is not winning this semi, let alone the competition. Might not even finish Top 5 in this semi.

    Montenegro: Not much to say, likely last place.

    Finland: It shocks me that the one thing Finland had going for him was the name of Darude, yet they’ve completely shunned him to the side while potentially the worst vocalist of the year struts on the stage. What a disappointment, and honestly a potential Bottom 3.

    Poland: It sounds vocally better and it definitely stands out. Yet, the costumes still look too weird, and the LED background of the faces is too striking I feel. It is in contention to qualify, but only because the diaspora may show up, but it feels like the ethnic vote is going to geared more towards Hungary and Serbia.

    Slovenia: Gonna say it now, I’m very worried about this. Part of its’ magic is the other-world experience you feel with the two, but the big stage and wide angles make it feel like that magic is way too fleeting. I worry this may be too cold for the televote, especially with a bouncy Czechia after. If they did their job properly this would be Top 3-4 with the juries, but I’m not so sure they will.

    Czech Republic: Looked amazing! Albert was better vocally and it looks so fun on stage. I really really think in a semi that is dearth of who could actually win the semi and maybe contend for the overall crown, Czechia may finish Top 3 in both the televote and juries (but maybe not 1st in either) and win Semi 1 overall.

    Hungary: Looked incredibly captivating with the “road” Joci walks on and the LED background. He’s such a charismatic guy and I think this will do very well with the televote, and the juries will respect this more than they did with Origo.

    Belarus: Yikes, I was somewhat pleasantly surprised with this in it’s 1st rehearsal, but her outfit and staging looks very tacky. It is back to looking very amateur-ish, especially in between Hungary and Serbia. NQ.

    Serbia: Not much to say, it has very nice staging, and will qualify in around 7th place.

    Belgium: Maybe I’m alone on this but I thought this looked pretty good! He looks way more confident now and although his costume is still very weird, he lifts the song well with good vocals, and the background drummers have a nice added effect now with the close-up camera work. I think after the commercial break, his congeniality pushes this through to the Final.

    Georgia: Kudos to them on the great staging, and he’s obviously a great performer, but this won’t get anywhere near the televotes it needs to qualify.

    Australia: Hate this song but I have to admit the staging looked impeccable. Stands out after Georgia and with the commercial break after, it will be memorable. I do think this being overblown though; I’m feel the televote (at least outside the bubble) will be excited in the 1st minute, but get bored after the multiple chorus drops that don’t fit the staging as well. It looks headed for Top 3 in this semi but it could do a Norway 18 and fizzle out in the Final.

    Iceland: Reykjavik 2020? Looks scintillating, and the blondie’s vocals seem a bit better with the backings now helping him. I think this is winning the televote in this semi and maybe the whole thing, but can it do enough to win the respect of most juries?

    Estonia: His vocals are even worse than I thought, and after Iceland, this gets completely lost imo. Don’t see this going through.

    Portugal: So so disappointed. What an amazing song and singer, who’s still doing great vocally, that’s been ruined by some really weird decisions about staging. At least with the white at FdC it stood out and looked clean for lack of a better term. With the green it looks way too dark with the lighting behind them, and Conan looks way too weird now. I really fear not only is this not going to qualify, but it may be a shock bottom 3 in this semi. Hopefully not.

  16. On the spot I’m leaning towards these qualifiers from Semi 1:

    Cyprus, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Belgium, Australia, Iceland, Greece

    Poland (and Slovenia somewhat) is very shaky to me but I just don’t see anyone else going through, so I land with these 10 by process of elimination

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