Recap of Rehearsals Day 3

Eurovision 2019 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start this Saturday and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals to the first half of semifinal 2: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the country to see a full photoset, or in the picture to watch the recap video.

So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow, there’ll be 9 more (the last 9 from semi 2). So stay tune!

81 comments on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 3

  1. I really like Denmark and Sweden…Romanian stage is very busy…I wish it was just her in a dark gothic atmosphere…Paenda and Luca seem to have pleased the crowd..
    Tomorrow will be great!

  2. surprised the Romanian dancers didn’t get more praise? from porcelli?

  3. I’m ok with the blonde Dane here

  4. @Michos
    I’m finally here. Bring the Duska comments on!

  5. About Switzerland, he sounds great on the video, on point, strong and very confident. We do not see a lot of the dance moves in the snippet so we can not really judge the camera work and synchronicity the reporters were raving about. The fact that he won the press poll with the biggest number of points so far and over Sweden shows he is a contender as promised by the contest organising director who said that he bets on Switzerland this year after betting on Israel last year (in an interview Dimi posted here a couple of weeks ago). I think Spain may be a threat to him if it proves to be good. There are also a lot of similarities to Fuego’s choreography especially in the bridge?

    About Sweden not much changed from the MF except the sparkling outfit of the ladies. We can expect him to be top3 with the juries but not quite top10 with the televote based on all we know. So the same result as last year or a little better and lower top5 I think. I still don’t see it as a better song than Austria’s last year. It’s the same with Denmark, we know what we are getting from the NF and I believe it will be effective (there isn’t another song with the same mood this year).

    Armenia comes out first and I am afraid she will do an Amandine. Alone on stage, unflattering outfit and she seems quite pissed off, just like Romania and her hunky draculas that reek of desperation.

    About Austria we can not guess much on her staging and the atmosphere they have created for the viewers at home by the snippet we see here either. The press seems to think she can be a qualifier now but just like with Georgia she is probably still fighting an uphill battle.

    Latvia sounds so nice and soothing in this brief snippet but the problem is it goes on much longer than that…That boho look is definitely not good on her.

    Ireland sounds amateurish and bored singing her chorus in the snippet and I don’t mind the pop art but it does turn too colourful for its own good. Moldova put on a wedding dress and reminds me of an entry and a gimmick I’d much rather forget.

  6. 1. Armenia : Empty and insecure
    2. Ireland : Cold and not engaging
    3. Moldova : Dated
    4. Switzerland : Amateur time (even the dancers look surprisingly not hot!)
    5. Latvia : Warm and underrated
    6. Romania : Overstaged and agressive
    7. Denmark : Sweet but deserves Final though the song is cringey
    8. Sweden : Professional. Best today!
    9. Austria : Not enough? I mean the stage approach is excellent but so was Georgia’s… Song is so-so

    • both Romania and Dk had cuter backings than CHE! I don’t get why people don’t understand that, if you’re going for sexy dancers you do need sexy dancers (and it’s not the time and place to bring “outside the box” looks)

      • Also the same people who bashed Ukrainian or Armenian entrries in the same genre back in 00s now fall for this? (CHE). It will qualify for sure but it is not adequate in any level imo

        • There really hasn’t been Ukrainian or Armenian entries in the same genre. Shake shake is genre only in the bubble.

          • Well in 00s we had Qele Qeles noe we have Despacitos. Not 100% the same but u know what I mean

            • Actually I don’t 😃
              Latin pop is genre of it’s very own and it’s on it’s second mainstream appealing era at the moment in real world. Chord progressions, rhythm, instrumentation, melodies all different from qele qeles. Being danceable won’t put it in the same category. In that case we would have deep house and techno there too. You don’t have to like it, but it’s very good euro version of the genre.

            • A very good version? Allow me to disagree. For the moment I’m only judging the song but I’m afraid Luca is too “little” for the performance as well. But what do I know? I don’t think high of Fuego either but she was REAL FUEGO on stage! It’s her and not the song that brought the medal (as did Kalomira for GRC in 08)

            • You may disagree as much as you want to. This one could have made the cut in Enrique Iglesias’ two latest albums easily, but what do I know. I only listen to mainstream Latin pop. Maybe we should ask Pablo? Hmmm, I think he have it first.

        • Yeah, I never warmed up to the genre, and have CHE where I ended up having Eleni last year (low top 20), it can go up and down bu knowing Switzerland I feel lower, or just the same

        • I don’t know who was bashing “Qele Qele” but it remains my favourite armenian entry ever :) I also very much enjoyed Ruslana and Tina Karoll. Ani Lorak and Svetlana Loboda on the other hand, not at all :)

        • I never bashed them. There is lots of my big favourites there.

        • ”Also the same people who bashed Ukrainian or Armenian entrries in the same genre back in 00s now fall for this”

          Rhetoric question. It is the right flag, that’s why.

      • It’s a very good sign that Swiss bashing is reaching Fuego heights here. The fire really is burning 😃

    • I agree with most of what you’ve said. Austria is class, but class does not get anywhere these days. What I saw from the snippets leads me to believe that there will be a bombardment of colours and expensive gimmicks on offer this year. Switzerland is exactly as you put it; this will come across as a wanna be latino singer who does not know exactly what he is doing. Ana Malhoa (an ott Portuguese pimba singer would say that he is not turbinado. LOL).

      • Austria is class for sure but the same entry coming from an Eastern country would get half the praise in the press bubble. It’s all about SWE, AUS, AUT and NLD these days imo. After all esc is much about brand names too!

  7. Moldova realised that no one cares about their song and decided to make their entry be about something else instead. Now wait and see Mika Newton suing them.

    • Ms. Newton’s reaction:

      P.S. – The general public will not remember the original performance. I would not be surprised to see Moldova in the final.

      • She’s such a bitchy diva. lol

      • Have just checked Moldovan rehearsal video on yt, and each comment under it speaks about Ukraine 2011… :D so Im not sure..literally each…

        • That’s the bubble talking. Let’s wait and see. It would be sad to see Moldova reaching the final at the expense of Albania, Austria or North Macedonia.

          • I would like to see them in the final :)
            North Macedonia of course..Australia Im indiferent, while I think I dont want Albania in the final. :(

            • Austria. :)

            • Hahahah yes Austria.. :D
              Do you think Australia will be in the final and can reach top 10 in it?

            • If they managed to reach the final last year with that song and performance, they will always reach the final. Australia will also be a divisive song, many will look at it and dismiss it as another ott ESC act, others will love it.

  8. I left my comment in the previous topic…
    Am I wrong if I only see 3 or 4 songs qualifying from this half?
    And most important: Is it too late for love?

  9. and onto Day 3….
    Armenia – Quite dark so am not sure what to make of it. I have a feeling telly imagery/trickery will be involved in this contest …a lot! She sings it well enough. I’d like to see it qualify.

    Moldova – Power Ballad She delivers it okay but that’s it for me, okay. Staging is fone. May struggle to qualify

    Switzerland – I do like this and I think the Swiss will do well this year. It’s works and it’s good. (Take note Spain)

    Latvia – Well this is all rather glum and plodding. They have staged it well enough but the band look bored to death. Non Qualifier

    Romania – Yep, I do like it. She is a bit whiny but overall it’s quite enigmatic. I hope it qualifies.

    Denmark – Gosh it is cute and looks lovely but it is very childish and too sweet for me to want it to win. It is nice though. Should qualify

    Sweden – Nothing wrong with this. I expect another good result from Sweden. No doubt some visual affects. Love the backing Divas. Qualifier

    Austria – Hmm, am not sure. There’s not much to go on and her vocal and a rather weak song anyway isn’t near as good as say, Greece. This will struggle to qualify I think

    and finally Ireland
    I really like this. Whstever folk may think and harp on about. Ireland is trying. A decent pop song. I Love the visuals and I think once they tighten up the vocals (as she has the ability) and she gains in confidence, she should deliver a fine enough performance, this could do better than many have anticipated. I sure do hope so. it’s fun and I’d love it to qualify, of course! Good job so far but keep working on it Ireland :)

    • Ireland’s performance reminds me of Madonna’s ‘True Blue’ video. Just like said video, the whole approach might be more effective if the background were not so laden with ‘omnipresent’ imagery. It’s seems too heavy. We’ll see how it works. Her dress should also be lighter (pink or baby blue, for instance).

      • It does somewhat! I actually love the video imagery, it stands out and I think will look great when watching. I think they have made a bigger effort this year so I am pleased we seem to be getting on the right track. A decent result would help prove this and give the team further encouragement. Am happy so far. but it does need tweaking for sure. Hey, that’s what rehearsals are for after all. Fingers crossed.
        Portugal is looking great too. Loving it very much! :)

  10. From this clip the light effects and the very discreet use of the LED screen seems to really work for Austria:

  11. Good ones :

    Switzerland – He delivered. This is stylish and contemporary. Something the 2000s shake shakes were missing for the most part (and they were not only eastern as it was implied – UK05 was ethno shake it and failed miserably – wrong country for televoting standards). A contender.

    Austria – Very atmospheric, very emotional, very well delivered. In semi 1 this would Q with flying colours. In this semi I still think it stands a chance.

    Latvia – Classy, soothing and the outfits spot on. It wont make it but it remains an entry with timeless class and quality that remained loyal and focused to its original form.

    Sweden – Perfection. Professionalism. Energy and a warm vibe on stage. This is a contender and I think most people do not doubt that now.

    Denmark – Same as Sweden, if it aint broken dont fix. Sweet, innocent, classy, dreamy. Remains one of my top favourites this year.

    Mediocre ones :

    Ireland – I love the 50s pop art in a diner theme with some Andy Warhol nods. But I feel it needs more work, more confidence, more character from Sarah and the dancers to support it. Again, wont make it but it would deserve it.

    Romania – I like the song and the spooky aesthetics a lot. I like Ester as well. But they did go a bit overboard with the staging. It feels very busy and with too much information. They should have left the video clip aesthetics out of the stage presentation.

    The bad ones :

    Armenia – This did not seem bad per se but I am buffled by the choice to have her alone on stage. No matter how good she is the act will be lacking without some interaction, something to show the message of the song.

    Moldova – I never disliked the song to begin with and she is a very competent singer but the combination of such an obvious copy of stage performance in a desperate attempt to win votes with how unlikeable she comes accross really makes this one enervating as a whole. I dread to say she has upped her chances to Q.

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