TEKO 2019: Group 10 Results

TEKO 2019 – Voting in group 10 is closed! See the results of the group between Hungary, Lithuania and Austria! After a week, people cast 162 votes in our poll! Discover the winner!

The competing entries were (to hear the song, click on the respective flag):

  • HUNGARY – Joci Pápai – “Az én apám”


  • LITHUANIA – Jurijus – “Run with the Lions”


  • AUSTRIA – Paenda – “Limits”


Without further ado, the winner is:


  • HUNGARY – Joci Pápai – “Az én apám” 43%
  • LITHUANIA – Jurijus – “Run with the Lions” 36%
  • AUSTRIA – Paenda – “Limits” 21%

This means that Hungary has moved onto the quarter-final stages. Don’t forget you can still vote for the next duels in the meantime!

102 comments on “TEKO 2019: Group 10 Results

  1. Handsome Jurijus came close. :)
    But ET is about songs and that is the reason my vote went to Joci.

  2. Well, it was a close race and even underrated paenda did ok!

  3. Weak heat, no other way could LTU get a 36%

  4. Off topic but did you know that Greta Thunberg is the daughter of Malena Ernman? :-o

    • I did. ESC Portugal published an article about the subject.

    • Yes, Malena published a book together with her husband speaking openly about their daughters and their mental disorders. Around the same time Fridays For Future was attracting attention both virally and in reality. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

      • There has been lots of PR knowledge behind this. It’s not as spontaneous as it has been presented. It’s a climate change campaign with machinery behind it.

        • It’s getting ridiculous. She received an award on German TV for her activism. Five minutes later an actress wins an SUV.
          I’m not a fan of teenagers and kids skipping classes – even if they’ve got the right intention. Education is a privilege. Wonder if they’d be willing to demonstrate in the summer holidays. Greta’s being instrumentalized to the point that she’s not credible anymore.

          • I am torn on the issue. Petitions etc have led to absolutely nothing and therefore more radical action needs to be taken imo. On the other hand, I agree that Greta is being instrumentalized, possibly even by people who do not have climate and species protection on their agenda but want to cause more instability in Western democracies.

            • Like Hjallis said Greta’s the poster child of a massive PR campaign. This was thoughtfully planned. Connections didn’t hurt her – not at all. Have you seen Greta’s speech on Goldene Kamera? That award was sponsored by VW. Enough said.
              And I can’t take Greta for real since I saw that photo of her having lunch in a train – salad in plastic and coffee to go. Yikes!

            • As I said, I am on the fence concerning this issue. I did notwatcvh the Golden Camera because I hate those shows but I will check Greta’s speech now on YT.
              I don’t do to go and buy all vegetables and salads I do not grow myself plastic free on the daily market. :)
              But I won’t give up on my holiday flights because what good is it if consultants and executives take 10 flights every week? We need to change our economic model (World Champions in exporting … Yuck!) if we really want to tackle this problem.
              And then we have container ships, cruise ships and the German love for driving the worst cars possible. :(

            • Agreed. A lot needs to change in people’s mindsets. The trouble is most people have grown accustomed to a certain style of living and won’t give it up easily. Another problem is the mass husbandry of methane producing animals.
              I don’t do to go as well, reduced my meat consumption, sold my sports car that I loved and avoid plastic when buying groceries the best I can.

            • You shouldn’t have sold you sports car … you should have destroyed it. LOL
              I have always eaten meat only once or twice a week, even before I became climate aware. :)

            • The French guy I sold it to probably already did.
              Being used to Polish kitchen it’s hard for me to not eat meat. One of my nieces is a vegan and I admire people that have the stamina to stand up to their decisions.
              I’ve quit smoking five years ago and I don’t miss it. Just don’t wanna miss the taste of meat yet ;)

            • I wouldn’t last a single day without cheese. :(

            • And I thought you hated the S!sters song?

            • ROFL Aren’t they called sesterce?

            • Beats me. Even if they rebranded themselves with a new style and song still no one would care.

            • DEU19: The rest is silence. I love using Shakespeare quotes. :)

            • I’d rather quote Shakespears S!ster :)

            • Cheese is a religion here.

            • In Swabia too. We add cheese to almost everything. #ProudSwabian

    • I did too. It was in my local paper.

    • I follow Malena on facebook so yes :-) Apple did no fall far from the tree. Malena herself is very passionate about social issues and expresses her views strongly on social media.

  5. The least dull song won – on to the next round!

  6. 36% for Lithuania. :) Alas, Austria is sending a woman in 2019.

  7. I’m kinda surprised. Expected Lithuania to clearly finish in last.

  8. BRAVO Joci!

    Btw I sent photos to MTVA for photo contest , and they sent me licence to use to fill and send back to them in order to possibly include my pic in the performance, I sent but due to strike of the Serbian posts they didn’t receive on time.. :(

  9. I wish Austria did better. It is a massively underappreciated song and much better than Hungary imo.

    I did not count but the heats where my personal choice won were very few. Was to be expected of course.

  10. So apparently, BNT’s anti-ESC director got in legal troubles and is getting arrested, which means he has to leave his position immediately. BNT is going to get a new director that hopefully would be more ESC friendly

  11. I’ve just finished watching the first debate in Spain. Rivera was very good, Casado was very discreet, Sanchez was nervous and Iglesias has suddebly discovered the virtues of the Spanish constitution. It’ll be an interesting week. After all is said and done, VOX will give PSOE the win, but Sanchz will need the nationalists parties to rule. Nothing will change.

  12. If I’m correct Lithuania is still in the race, assuming it’s the 6 with the highest percentage that get a wildcard as in previous years…?

    Spain 36
    Lithuania 36
    Sweden 34
    Azerbaijan 32
    Denmark 28
    Belgium 28

    1 point goes to Norway
    2 points go to Malta
    3 points go to Azerbaijan
    4 points go to Sweden
    5 points go to Spain
    6 points go to Russia
    7 points go to Italy
    8 points go to… The Netherlands
    10 points go to… Greece
    12 points go to… Switzerland!

  14. Heard “Arcade” at a coffee shop near campus today. Hmmmmmm…

  15. After experiencing this afternoon what it is to discuss eurovision related things on wiwibloggs, I think I should declare my eternal love for everyone here on ET.

    • What happened?

      • Discussing things with stupid people happened. It was esctoday’s early years all over again.

        • I gave up reading Wiwi comments a long time ago. I sometimes watch some of their propaganda videos though in order to understand which songs they are pushing.

          • They usually push the FYROM-Albanian entries every year. And I do believe they are serving propaganda as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if money is involved…

            • I thought about mentioning money too, in particular with Deban and Albania/Malta …

            • That’s why I unsubscribed long time ago. Personally I don’t think they deserve a cent !

            • Clearly that blog with its avalanche of content is a full-time job. Good for them but they should disclose that and not pretend they’re just a couple of fans doing a small blog for fun.

    • Personally I don’t understand ha anyone over the age of 10 or an IQ over 90 Can stand reading or watching their hysterical circus act.

    • LOL I really I think you have to be 10 years old max or have an IQ under 90 to be able to find WWB amusing.

  16. I have been trying to book Deutsche Bahn tickets for 2 hours now because I need to be in Munich on Thursday and Friday.

    Online: The sytem is currently down …
    Telephone: We can’t take your call right now…

    Last weekend, all service from Speyer was suspended. We had to take 2 cabs from Speyer to Schifferstadt in order to catch the ICE to Stuttgart. DB is hopeless!

  17. OGAE | #Czechia 

    12 İsviçre 🇨🇭
    10 Hollanda 🇳🇱
    8 İtalya 🇮🇹
    7 Norveç 🇳🇴
    6 Malta 🇲🇹
    5 Kıbrıs 🇨🇾
    4 İspanya 🇪🇸
    3 Rusya 🇷🇺
    2 Azerbaycan 🇦🇿
    1 İsveç 🇸🇪

  18. Off-topic : GoT is being stingy with giving us original songs but when it does it really delivers – “Jenny of Oldstones” by Florence and the machine is spine tingling.

  19. OGAE #Finland

    12 Norveç 🇳🇴
    10 İsviçre🇨🇭
    8 İtalya 🇮🇹
    7 İzlanda 🇮🇸
    6 Hollanda 🇳🇱
    5 İsveç 🇸🇪
    4 Rusya 🇷🇺
    3 San Marino 🇸🇲
    2 Kıbrıs 🇨🇾
    1 Azerbaycan 🇦🇿

  20. So it seems Foureira will not be singing Heroes after all? I don’t see how Dancing Lasha Tumpai really suits her…

  21. Tijan Bigicevic’s song from December 2018 is successful…I like it..and Im glad after esc failure she managed to make hit..before esc. She didnt have big career… :)

  22. The press conference on the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2019 was held at the Russia Today press center. It was attended by the representative of Russia Sergey Lazarev, songwriter and producer Philipp Kirkorov, deputy general director of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, chief producer of new programs and special projects Gennady Gokhstein, head of the international projects department of the Directorate of International Relations, head of the Russian delegation at Eurovision 2019 Ekaterina Orlova. We present excerpts from this press conference:

    Philipp Kirkorov: “We will not reveal any details about Sergey’s stage performance today – our task is to surprise the public – therefore you will see it only on May 16.” Ekaterina Orlova: “We hope that no one will unofficially leak the full video of the rehearsal, now it is not allowed to be published.” Philipp Kirkorov: “The stage director of the number Fokas Evagelinos is already in Tel Aviv, as the stage set has already arrived there, he will watch the rehearsals of the stand-ins to ensure all works correctly. In Moscow there also is a similar stage set and rehearsals continue there. Unlike the second participation of Dima Bilan, when stars Evgeni Plushenko and Edwin Marton joined him – Sergey will perform on stage alone, but with a song that is fundamentally opposed to which he performed in 2016, then he was with a dynamic acrobatic number – this year everything will be completely different. The jury always doesn’t really like the show performance, they favor the vocalists, the musicians, and this year we will present a purely musical thing, we will present music – and let us now see how those musicians who do not like the show will vote.”

    Philipp Kirkorov: “Gennady Gokhstein and I sat and listened to many potential songs for Eurovision during the long winter evenings. He is a very musical person with great taste and feeling in his heart. We sorted out a lot of serious material that we wrote together with Dimitris Kontopoulos – but it was Scream which hooked him even despite the fact that it is not superhit, not a schlager, not a dance music, then we argued for a long time who of us will show the future Scream to Sergey – as a result I did it. From the first listening his eyes lit up and we realized that he believed from the first minute and loved this song. ” Sergey Lazarev: “When I do not believe, I do not do it. If I have confidence inside, only then I can achieve high results. I first heard a song in a demo without words, we understood that music itself gives an incredible message, large-scale emotions, it’s such a soundtrack. ” Philipp Kirkorov: “Many said that this is not Eurovision format, this is not a hit, but Lordi, who won – did they have a hit? The original song always wins, the unusual. It’s not necessary to be a hit, there may be were a couple of such songs in the Eurovision history. Interesting, unusual songs win.” Sergey Lazarev: “When the lyrics were already written – we heard Scream, we understood this incredible emotional message, and this emotion will be in the stage performance, we want to convey the emotion through the screen to the viewer.”

    Philipp Kirkorov: “Vocally to perform this song is torture for the singer. When we chose the tone, Sergey insisted that it should be as high as possible. But he will cope, judging by all the rehearsals.” Sergey Lazarev: “I’m certainly risking, I feel an additional responsibility. But I wouldn’t have been me if I hadn’t accepted the offer. It’s better to do and regret than to regret that you didn’t. Our task is to present the country with the utmost worthiness so that the country will be proud and people will keep watching the performance.”

    Sergey Lazarev: “Initially, I wanted to film my son Nikita as a boy in the video, but then I thought they would say it was speculation, plus he was still too young to withstand the shooting process – there were 20 hours of shooting. The video was unusual, but I don’t imagine other pictures and graphics for this song, which is unusual in itself. It was very important to do two completely different things: the video and the stage presentation – they are very different. But we needed to stress and not to spoil the song, to convey its emotion in the video. “

    • “The jury always doesn’t really like the show performance, they favor the vocalists, the musicians, and this year we will present a purely musical thing, we will present music – and let us now see how those musicians who do not like the show will vote.”

      Is he now saying that the staging doesn’t matter? Does he know that the only reason Russia is still second in the odds is because of that magical staging that nobody has seen yet, but that will make us all forget about how mediocre the song itself is?

      • They are contradicting themselves

        • Exactly. Yes in the past we saw songs, performances shine because of the staging: Netherlands 14, Austria 14 and Cyprus 18 being the best examples. But these three songs were off the radar before the contest. Nobody did expect anything from them.
          Russia 19 however was the most anticipated song before the contest and the reception was lacklustre at best. And now they are relying on some magical staging that will do the same trick as those other examples I mentioned. The big difference is however that unlike those examples the expectations for Russia’s staging are sky high. A completely different situation. This is such a recipe for disappointment.

          • ”But these three songs were off the radar before the contest. Nobody did expect anything from them.”

            Personally I saw AUT and CYP in top10 even before the lives but made a note that if the live is stellar they could become contenders. ”Rise Like a Phoenix” had the element of the power ballad and ”Fuego” that of the banger.

            • But did you expect them to win or become second?

            • Austria, yes, after watching the complete rehearsal. In the case of Cyprus I saw top5 result at least but once I arrived in Lisbon and senced all that hype around it I was convinced it was defo a top2 result in the televote. But had ”Fuego” was representing another country I would have been more confident with my prediction.

    • At least they opted against dragging the kid out as a prop during the shoot.

  23. So apparently it is ok now to declare weeks before the semi that you are going to vote for another country. All part of the peace process.

    (Spoiler: Armenia jury is going to vote for Azerbaijan.)

  24. Cyprus stage!

  25. Is the rehearsals schedule published anywhere?

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