TEKO 2019: Group 3 Results

TEKO 2019 – Voting in group 3 is closed! See the results of the group between Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic! After a week, people cast 136 votes in our poll! Discover the winner!

The competing entries were (to hear the song, click on the respective flag):

  • Spain – Miki – “La venda”


  • Portugal – Conan Osíris – “Telemóveis”


  • Czech Republic – Lake Malawi – “Friend of a Friend”


Without further ado, the winner is:


  • Spain – Miki – “La venda” 36%
  • Portugal – Conan Osíris – “Telemóveis” 39%
  • Czech Republic – Lake Malawi – “Friend of a Friend” 25%

This means that Portugal has moved onto the quarter-final stages. Don’t forget you can still vote for the next duels in the meantime!

38 comments on “TEKO 2019: Group 3 Results

  1. That was close!

  2. Really close!

  3. I was actually expecting to see Spain win this heat. Congratulations, Portugal.

    • I kinda like Spain but it didn’t deserve to be so close to Portugal! And Czech Rep deserved to be second above Spain imo

      • Agreed. However ‘Telemóveis’ is not a safe proposal and that can be very risky in the very conservative ESC universe.

        • I’m particularly interested in how the judges will receive Portugal 2019. We all know that ”Telemóveis” divides opinions in the bubble. It’ll either flop or do really well.
          A lot will depend on who’ll sit in the juries, because the ”experts” often tend to vote for songs that are similar to their own music.

          • I suspect they will most probably ignore it. The current juries love safe stuff and vote for very radio friendly songs. ‘Telemóveis’ is doomed when it comes to them.

            • As naive as it sounds, but I’d like to believe in new game, new luck. Yes, juries overrated radio friendly entries but it doesn’t have to mean the trend continues in 2019. I’d be upset if Portugal doesn’t get rewarded by juries for sending something that is daring and out of the box. What’s even the point of having a group of music experts if they award points to the same songs?

            • These music experts are narrow-minded. ‘Telemóveis’ will be slaughtered by them. Conan Osíris will be luckly if he reaches the final. The jurors will try to come across as open-minded by voting for Iceland 19 instead, a safe song hidden underneath several layers of cosmetics.

            • We’ll know better come May. Iceland ’19 is a joke act par excellence. I like it sonically, but I’m not so sure about their fate. The 1st performance on Söngvakeppnin didn’t convince me at all.
              Conan – like Hatari – comes along with an eccentric show, but other than that I don’t see any similarities. It might sound bold, but I’m sure Portugal will qualify *knocks 3 times on wood*

            • I hope you are right.

          • It’s really a question of the performance… I’m not a fan of the song as everyone knows but the performance is the key here since it makes it look like a joke act if they keep it like they have so far.

            • Viewers have certain expectations when it comes to watching ESC, especially those who think of it as some sort of freak show/ trash culture event. Of course when people like them see Conan’s performance they’ll assume it’s the usual novelty act. For my part, I’m totally fine with the staging. They shouldn’t change a thing.

            • Believe me, I want them to keep the staging as well!

            • For your entertainment only ;)

            • No joking I think it’ll be one of the entries to be considered entertaining by the widest range of people, albeit for different reasons. So that’s certainly better than the dull, forgettable, exchangeable stuff like GER, DK, ROM, etc.

            • Don’t underestimate Denmark. I can’t stand the song and especially not the performance from MGP. But I think this one has the potential to finish top 5 in televoting. Agree on the other two: Romania will be very lucky if they qualify. And S!sterz, well…they’re sort of there, but won’t be noticed when it comes to points.

            • You’re right Denmark tends to do well with pretty girls singing upbeat songs. There has to be a reason after all why this type of music is so popular in department stores.
              As for s!stärZ, maybe all the musical-style numbers can team up to do a show with our heroines torn between sexy but villaneous Sergey and dull but harmless Kobi.

            • Hugely disagree here. ”Love Is Forever” is far from being upbeat. It’s one of these inoffensive radio friendly songs (and there we agree again -> department store genre) that grind my gears.
              When I think of female upbeat entry from Denmark, I think of DK 1983 (I refer to that one as Klöten Dreier) and apparently that one didn’t do so well.
              Come on. Sergey won’t allow himself to stand anywhere near our s!stärZ. Kirkorov will keep him on a leash.

            • Hmmm Laserboy on Kirkorov’s leash… maybe he can rent him out to Hatari for the final?

            • Rental costs would make Iceland go bankrupt again.

            • Sergey might do it for free because he’s into it… would be a step up from Kirkorov…

            • Anything’s a step up from Kirkorov. But when I’m looking at Sergey’s recent lives, I think Kirkorov got him drugged in order to keep him close.

  4. Closer than expected. Both Spain and CZR put up a fight.

  5. I don’t know why but I feel that 5 Countries from first semi who are in top 10 around Euro-fans to make it to the final 2 – 3 of them are not going to make it, and this Countries is: Portugal, Estonia, Australia, Slovenia and Belgium ( with Estonia and Belgium to have more chances to stay in semi ). On the other hand 5 Countries who are not favourites to make it 2 – 3 of them are going to qualify, and this 5 Countries is: Czech Republic, San Marino, Poland, Serbia and Finland ( with Serbia and Czech Republic to have more chances to qualify ).

  6. Personal i thing that this Countries In first semi are going to take the top 10 of tele-voting ( Random Order ): Iceland, Cyprus, Poland, Serbia, Greece, Czech Republic, San Marino, Slovenia, Hungary, Portugal. I predict that Australia are going to receive very low tele-voting ( maybe 16 or 17 ) .

  7. Very tough battle, but my favourite won! It’s hard to predict how “Telemóveis” will end up in Tel Aviv, since there aren’t that many similiar earlier ESC entries to compare it with. I think the performance will play the crucial part here.

    I also like Czech Republic. I find it charming, although a bit lightweighted.

  8. Super close. I really thought Spain would be third and Czech Republic would be the one almost beating Portugal.

  9. I have just read that Miki has won the second songcheck of NDR’s experts (*cough*). I don’t watch those shows this year because they have 20 idiots and only two reasonable people as experts. :(

  10. Oooo congrats Portugal for such a tough win.. :)

    Today I was searching for smth about elections in Macedonia an i found Albanian politician Bilal Kasani! :D
    Almost like Bilal Hasani..

  11. I was conflicted as the Iberian peninsula is acing it. I expected Portugal to win and hoped Spain gets through the wildcard and it may! :)

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