Eurovision 2019: More Tickets on Sale Tomorrow

Eurovision 2019 – The remaining tickets for Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday 16 April at 17:00 (CET). They will go on sale via the official ticketing company Leaan.
There will be tickets available at a special lower price, and on a first come first served basis. This offer will be available for tickets to the dress rehearsals and will start at 200 Shekels (€50), tickets to the live shows are priced at varying levels starting from 750 Shekels(€185).

You can buy tickets HERE.

There are currently still tickets available at the back of the Green Room for the Grand Final where you sit with the delegations and watch on screens for the bargain price of €500.

The EBU is working with consumer federation Ticket Check, their logo is a guarantee that you are on the official ticketing website. People are strongly urged only to buy from the official site.



3 comments on “Eurovision 2019: More Tickets on Sale Tomorrow

  1. We paid €145 for the GF in Duesseldorf.

  2. 500 eur bargain price.. :D
    Teachers in state high school in Serbia have around 450 eur sallary… :P

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