ET Premath 2019

It is time for our “Premath” contest! Every year we share our views on the acts from The Eurovision Song Contest! However before, we really didn’t really have a platform to share our combined personal views on the matter, but now we have thanks to our “Premath/Aftermath” contests. The idea is simple, we vote before rehearsals, and after the contest, and check the differences!

So one of our regular readers (The one and only Gregor) is here to bring you yet again this amazing experience, that basically is a pre-chart for all us ESC fans on ET and is based on the contest’s infamous 1-8, 10 & 12 system. This poll combines the ranking of all the participating ET users top 10 songs in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 and will be revealed in a dramatic finish from the country that got the least amount of votes to the winner of this years Premath. This is the first part of two polls that will be held this year. The second being the ET Aftermath, which will resume later this year after the ESC season!

Now Premath isn’t really a word, but its meaning is obvious in comparison to the upcoming ET Aftermath. There are a lot of pre rankings and tops out there and for us here on ET the closest thing we have to that is TEKO. However all of us usually have a top 10 of our favorite acts every season, but that top 10 usually gets unjustified in the knockout rounds and the random draw of TEKO. So as an alternative the ET Premath was born, where everyone who wants to participate can share their views of the ESC season and together create an official ET pre-chart. It will then be very interesting to compare the Pre-/Aftermath rankings to see which act failed/succeeded according to our veiws.

Now it’s all up to you how you wanna rank your top 10 songs, but with many live performances still at an early stage, we really have almost no idea of how it’s gonna sound or look on the ESC stage atm. So it would be best to try and only rate the studio versions of the songs as it also creates a slight difference from the ET Aftermath, where everything from the song to the live performance in the contest is ranked. Remember this is not a criteria, just a moral guideline really, cause in the end it’s your personal top 10 that counts!

The rules are simple: Send your personal top 10 songs from ESC 2019 (from 1-8, 10, 12) and your alias to this email-address: schultze94@gmail.com

Deadline: 1st of May 23:59 CET!

Reveal date: 2nd of May 19:00 CET!

May the best song win!


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1,187 comments on “ET Premath 2019

  1. Beware! Emotional outburst ahead!
    I sooooo hope that the juries will kill Norway this year.

  2. I think the most obvious semi 1 jury vote winner is Slovenia tbh. Yes Greece has a good chance and Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia and Czech Republic should also do well but I don’t see “Sebi” outside the jury top 2. They’d better keep Iceland low. Portugal will be hurt jury-wise by the stage presentation but it should do solid there as well imo.

    • Also semi 1 estimations :

      Definately in : Cyprus
      Probably in : Portugal, Slovenia, Greece, Estonia, Iceland
      Toss up : Belgium, Australia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia
      Likely out : San Marino, Finland, Czech Republic
      No chance : Georgia, Montenegro, Belarus

      If I had to choose one in the toss-up category to leave out it would be either Australia or Hungary tbh.

  3. And while I am on it and in full swing: ISL19 is the 21st century equivalent to ‘Ein bisschen Frieden’. Utterly naive and depoliticized.

  4. Another great album that can celebrate its 20th anniversary. Kyst (coast) by the highly original Aarhus band Under Byen (under the city)

  5. I’d love Katerine to try esc with something like this :

  6. New/Updated version of the now named “Keep On Going”

    I…sorta like this!

  7. My daily paper had a whole page on Salvador Sobral’s new album yesterday. That must be a first time when it comes to ESC artists. :)

      • In Germany: “Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung”.

        • I was going to guess Süddeutsche … I know it’s not your local paper but they do tend to do one-page reviews of more obscure artsy albums (or whatever it’s called now), films, etc.

          • I had a SZ subscription for 30 years but cancelled that 2 years ago after the quality of journalism had declined for years (typos, wrong facts, sloppy research etc.)
            Of course the LKZ is even worse but I decided to keep it in order to stay up to date with things going on locally.

            • Yeah I’ll browse the local paper but generally – and unsurprisingly – usually find them a tiresome read because of the total absence of wit or cleverness in writing (unlike e.g. Guardian or NYT). Jives with my experience working on the PR/corporate side of things at press conferences where a lot of journalists seem to be less the curious type then know-it-alls trying to be clever and then they just end up regurgitating the press release.

            • It strikes me as rather surreal that we have all that talk about being tired of experts and the elite when in fact most politicians and journalists aren’t experts on the topics they deal with these days.
              But then that might make perfect sense on second contemplation.

        • Next stop: Der Spiegel 😁

    • Azerbaijan 35 points. At least the members are a lot more mature then the juries of both countries.

    • That’s the top 3 I guessed yesterday to Donnie

    • So no Iceland or Portugal . Makes sense

      • But both countries must the top 10 only by a margin.

        • However, I do think we overrate Iceland’s chances at this point.

          • Very difficult to predict. The vocals are still a huge turn off for me.

          • Not as much as people overrate POR – ICE has natural constituency in people who are forced to watch and like rock/hardcore whereas POR only appeals to sli and hipsters a d people who think ESC is a circus (battling with AUS for those votes, too).

            • So I would be a hipster then?

            • I don’t know since I don’t really know you that well… I do think though that the Portuguese act will appeal to hipsters (who are “forced” to watch ESC by the gf/bf since otherwise they wouldn’t – so technically, the fact that you are an ESC fan likely means you are not a hipster). I wouldn’t be quite so harsh on Telemóvil if it weren’t for the ridiculous presentation but the “dancer” and bizarre costumes make the whole thing quite evidently a clever joke by two stoners to me. It’s up there with Australia for embarrassing presentation this year.

            • I think there is a difference. The Australian act is just trying to be camp for the sake of being camp. The Portuguese dancing is more in the weird department. It doesn’t really appeal to me, but it makes me wonder what is going on, and that is a positive thing I’d say.

            • The AUS act is very confused – on the one hand I agree it wants to be camp but then the singer came oiut and claimed it was about her struggle with post-natal depression. As such it could either be absurdist (doubt it) or trying to have it both ways by claiming to have a message (which would beterribly cynical). Either way I hope they do a massive revamp of the performance before Tel Aviv.

            • However a hipster entry from HUN came top 10 in televoting back in 2013, so there’s an audience for everything

            • I totally agree – I do think that hipster vote (unlike in 2013) will split between POR stoner act and ICE, with ICE picking up the rock/punk vote as well and therefore coming out ahead in semi. I’ve no idea what will happen in final – which is exciting!

        • must = missed

    • Good vote for the most part – makes sense :) And no Iceland :D

  8. In an open letter, 100 palestinian artists urge Eurovision contestants to “write their own history” and boycott the contest, claiming that Eurovision facilities are built on the area of cleansed former palestinian villages:


  9. After the end of the announcement of the juries’ voting results, the presenters will begin to announce the results of the public’s voting from the country that finished the last, 26th in the combined results of the juries vote. Then they will proceed by announcing points received from the public by the country finishing 25th in the jury vote and so on.

    Thus, the announcement of the results of the public’s voting will end with the announcement of points received by the country that has earlier became the winner of the jury vote.

    This change will not affect the calculation of votes at the contest, but is intended to make the process of announcement of the results more dramatic and to keep the tension until the very last second.

    This information was published by the Greek website Eurovision Fun and has not been officially confirmed by the European Broadcasting Union. This- alongside a number of other proposed changes – was conveyed today to the participating delegations under the embargo of passing it to the press.

    • This is silly and makes no sense imo. Can we go back to the 2015-2016 system please and have the announcement of 8-12 points from the combined vote from the spokespeople please ?

      • It does add to the excitement because we won’t know who won televoting till the last moment.

        • There is excitement now. With new way of revealing the votes you will never know the order of the televoting plus countries that didn’t stand chance of winning it are being left in the game at the last moment. Do that for example for last year. Among the last four for example are GER and SWE (this one missing the top5 altogether). The right system is what we have currently. The last two to be announced should be the one’s within a chance to still win it.

          • Someone posted this on escforum:

          • Ukraine would have opened the tele voting last year and jumped to 7th place.

          • But in 2018 we wouldn’t have known Austria and Sweden were 14th and 21st respectively with televotingWe would be assuming that they have a realistic chance at winning.

            • I don’t need to see the disappointment on an artist face when he/she/x gets at the last moment only a few points from tele voting after doing very well in the jury voting. Too much exploitation for my taste. These artists were giving all they had for several weeks.

            • The disappointment will be the same if you end up so low with televoting.Artists now that the jury score is only half of the total.

            • But at that moment all the camera’s and attention would be on Netta, Benji and Cesar. Of course the losers are disappointed. But there will be much less attention to them. There is no footage at all of Benjamin when he heard those 21 points. As it should.

            • If you noticed, televoting results alone won’t be announced jut the total sum of one’s score.This should save some contestants from a slight embarrassement,

            • But this what I don’t want to see. Why should we leave one hopeless case thinking they still have won it? The emphasis should be given to the ones who were the actual contenders…not because they did well with juries alone.

            • Let’s see if it will be confirmed and how it will work in practice first,

        • The uproar of Sweden getting second to last their tele votes and then hearing: 21 points. I don’t think we can do that to artists. They are still human.

    • This sounds extremely confusing and unnecessary. Also they shouldn’t change the voting anouncement method every couple of years. There was a change in 2016, it worked, let’s leave it at that for the foreseeable furure.

    • WOW. That’s so unnecessary. Honestly I was hoping that they would just avoid announcing the bottom 5-6 with the televoting and make them appear on the screen automatically. But this new change makes everything even worse IMO. I mean with the same style last year Benjamin would have to wait ’till the end of the show just to receive those 21 pts. That’s so awkward omg.

    • On paper it looks silly and pointless. The reality TV virus is spreading. Shameful.

    • Whatever. The producers of this contest is way too obsessed with creating excitement.

    • I really don’t like this and hope it isn’t true lol

      Doesn’t this make things less dramatic? Let’s say whoever won the televote came 10th in jury vote, and once we got to the jury vote winner the only televote spot we have left is 23rd. It’s obvious who won. Very dumb change imo

      • But,i suppose they will just announce total sums and not televoting rankings.We will just know that country x which finished 10th with the jury got a big televoting score.

        • Does nobody else count the points as they’re announced then? I always know how many points the televote winner will have received because I know how many points there are total and how many haven’t been awarded yet.

    • Interesting, they want to cover up the cases like Sweden 17 when the difference between jury vote and televote is huge. No one except fans in the Bubble will ever know.

      • Yes.I think awkwardeness will be less because in case of Sweden for instance we would have heard it got a total of 274 pts and we would then have to do the math. As for the excitement i don’t really know if it will be better. I doubt it but we shall see in case it’s true.

  10. To celebrate the 50 years since the (historic at this point) 1969 eurovision song contest, the spanish broadcaster has uploaded the full contest in HD :


  11. Duncan is going to the London pre party. He is the first Dutch singer who visits a pre party abroad.

  12. Oooh why they didn’t win in 2008!? :'(((((
    It was sooo close! :(

  13. Katerine Duska singing a song i really like in a friend’s album:

  14. Regarding the voting changes:

    This is totally ridiculous. There is enough excitement with the current system (as there had been with the previous one as well) already. And what the heck is all this obsession with excitement anyway?
    These are the results of the EBU policies the last 15 years who are systematically working for turning, a what is supposed to be a music/song contest, into a merely tv product. Or even worse, a reality tv show product.

    • The last time they altered it, the change in the presentation actually reflected a change in the voting system. Instead of countries having a single combined top10 from both jury and televote, there were now two different votes being added together. It followed from that they had to come up with a different presentation.

      Now nothing has changed in the actual voting system, so why change the way points are presented?

  15. OGAE #Albania

    1 Kuzey Makedonya 🇲🇰
    2 Yunanistan 🇬🇷
    3 Azerbaycan 🇦🇿
    4 Belçika 🇧🇪
    5 Slovenya 🇸🇮
    6 Kıbrıs 🇨🇾
    7 Portekiz 🇵🇹
    8 İsviçre 🇨🇭
    10 İtalya 🇮🇹
    12 Hollanda 🇳🇱

  16. […] ET Premath 2019 was won by The Netherlands followed by yet again Italy who seems to enjoy getting teased from that […]

  17. […] ET Premath 2019 was won by The Netherlands followed by yet again Italy who seems to enjoy getting teased from that […]

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