London Eurovision Party: Acts Announced to Date

London Eurovision Party – It will soon be the start of the preview party season, and this year’s London Party has announced several guests to date. The London Eurovision Party is back for its 12th year, returning to the iconic Café de Paris on Sunday 14th April.

Acts confirmed so far are:

Michael Rice (UK 2019)
Miki (Spain 2019)
SuRie (UK 2018)
Eliot Vassamillet (Belgium 2019)
Lake Malawi (Czech Republic2019)
Holly Tandy (UK national final 2019)
Bilal Hassani (France 2019)
Magdalena Tul (Poland 2011)
Michela Pace (Malta 2019)
Paenda (Austria 2019)
Leonara (Denmark 2019)
Eye Cue (North Macedonia 2018)
Keiino (Norway 2019)
Darude (Finland 2019)
Jurijus Veklenko (Lithuania 2019)

More details: www.londoneurovision.com

The final batch of tickets will be released on 30th March at 10am (GMT).

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909 comments on “London Eurovision Party: Acts Announced to Date

    • I uploaded pic of me cause I know many ppl from here for years, and I think they should know how I look like at least :D..and since we have a lot of Greeks here, let it be in Thessaloniki! :P

      • I can see the White Tower in the background. :) When I visited Thessaloniki, Oxi and I had a walk along the promenade every night. :)

        Btw, didn’t you have a picture of a younger Marko as profile pic back in the old ESCToday days?

        • Oooh yes I forgot about it! I had at one period! :) You remember so well! :P But many ppl here weren’t there..

          • My brain is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It keeps accumulating stuff without ever kicking out any information. ;)

            • You are WONDER! <3

            • Perhaps they should put me in Deutsches Museum as an exhibit … ;)

            • Btw Marko, Ihave never asked you what ‘Brod što tone’ means and what the song is about.
              Unfortunately, the song still isn’t available for legal download in Germany. :( I can only watch on YT. GRRRRR

            • “Brod sto tone” means “The ship that sinks”..
              I will try to translate and I will post it.. :)
              I didn’t like that song at first, but now I love it.. :)

            • Thanks. That title makes sense considering how the song sounds. :)

            • Look at the sinking ship, look at the sinking ship…
              Look at the sinking ship on which i am..
              Look at the sinking ship, look at how…
              Look at the sinking ship on which I am..

              You are with me. But, you will no longer be…
              You are not able to save this sinking ship.
              You are inside me. But, you will no longer be…
              This (wo)man (person) is sinking and you will miss her (but she sings about her, so it is me, but literally her). *

              Look at the sinking ship, look at how…
              You’re watching the sinking ship on whch I am…

              You are with me. But, you will no longer be…
              You are not able to save this sinking ship.
              You are inside me. But, you will no longer be…
              This person (man) is sinking and you will miss him (her).

              It hurts that with time, someone will mention to you…
              He’ll say: “It’s too bad, I thought it’d really work out for you two”
              And I’m not blaming to you only, I made mistakes too…
              It’s my fault that I let it end like this (smth like – I let this to be the end)
              * this part is confusing, she sings: This čovek and that literally means man is sinking and you wont’t see him in the close future..
              It should be woman, cause she sings abut herself, but it is like a personification for “person”

              I hope it is useful to you! :) :-*

            • Thanks a lot, Marko. Beautiful lyrics. :)

              Btw, have you seen that Natalia Anderson (tuneful tv) posted the first positive reaction to GEO19? <3 <3 <3

            • OMG, I forgot that woman…She was great, I have to see her reactions, on Georgia and others too.. :)
              Weird Norwegian also made positive comment on Georgia! :D I found today! He got goosebumps! :D yaas..he gave them 3 stars (out of 5) in the end..but still very positive..

              Georgia is from 09:45!

            • How could you forget the most polite ESC YTer around??? ;) :)

              Btw, I checked reactions to ‘Proud’ because I have this Tamara thing going on. ;) I struck me that all people belonging to minority groups (in particular those of African heritage) adore the song whereas most white middle-class boys and girls think that it is just another dull ballad. That tells you a thing or two about our societies, doesn’t it?
              The exception is Landman, whom I did not expect to adore MAK19. :)

            • Well…interesting, but it is only few youtubers..
              Ilona doesn’t like it at all..it is so boring to her.. BUT SHE IS SOOOOO SORRY! She really rarely likes ballads! <3 :D

            • Many ESC fans think that all ballads are boring. LOL
              That Norwegian guy looks like Morgan material btw. ;)

            • Exactly! :D
              I’m now watching now reaction of thee two Ukrainians on “Telemoveis”…they didn’t like it at all..the main complain was THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND LITERALLY ANYTHING, AND IT WAS TOO WEIRD FOR THEM!
              After the song she found lyrics in Ukrainian/Russian and she read it, and they tarted to LAUGH and to LAUGH, to LAUGH.. :/ they are silly..

            • And yes SHAME on me…I have to check all her reactions these days! :D

      • Awww so sweet, perfect choice!

    • So much light. :)

  1. I am listening to Juke Box Jury 1. Dimitris has posted a comment. Apparently, somebody loved Australia.

  2. Paenda singing ‘Waves’ live (she sounds like a good live singer):

  3. “Sebi” has become my favorite Slovenian entry of all-time. Working its way into becoming one of my overall favorite entries ever too. Really hoping this does great in Tel Aviv.

    • I get it’s debatable that it’s the best of the year (Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands…) but how can it be disputed that it’s the best Slovenian esc entry? Nothing comes close, at all

    • I am dumbfounded by the fact that “Sebi” is not getting the traction in betting odds etc that I believe it should. I love the dutch entry but “Sebi” is magical in every way possible. Maybe it is way too understated and contemporary for today’s esc standards but it deserves at least a top 10 imo. It is the best slovenian entry by far although for my taste 2012 provides competition.

      • It is picking up traction. I think once we get to rehearsals it’ll be heating up even more on the odds. The live performance we have seen was magical for me, and I can only imagine they’ll turn it up even more while some of the favorites will probably fall flat.

  4. Btw, I often see many of you guys using the term “novelty” with a negative meaning (tbh I hadn’t heard of that word until I started reading ESC related sites 10 years ago :) ). Just out of curiosity I googled it to find out its’ definition and it seems that it has anything but a negative meaning. Am I missing something?

    • I’m not sure how to describe the word “novelty”. It does not always have a negative meaning, but in the case of Eurovision it often does. A novelty song would be something that can be fun, but has no actual artistic merit and is purely meant to entertain (often in a comedic way) and nothing more. Wikipedia says “A novelty song is a comical or nonsensical song, performed principally for its comical effect.”

      Some novelty songs can be very engaging like “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”, while some can be horrible “Irelande Douze Pointe”. Think of a joke entry.

      • But then this use of the term by “eurovision people” is totally wrong according to all dictionaries. Anyway… :)

        • How are they using it? I haven’t seen it

          • Novelty = Joke, for them it seems.

            • That’s correct though. Novelty acts are joke acts. Using “novelty” gives it a bit of a more positive connotation which is why I prefer saying “joke”, but a novelty act is an act that relies on comedic value rather than being a good song (also what joke entries do).

              The only difference that I would say is that when someone is calling it a novelty act it can give the impression that they understand it’s a joke but they still like it, while when someone calls it a joke they most likely do not like it.

            • Well, out of all the dictionaries I checked none of them relates the term “novelty” to the term “joke”. So, to cut a long story short, the use of that term (novelty) to describe something negatively is wrong. Anyway…

            • Okay but as a native English speaker I’m just letting you know that this is what the term means colloquially. The joke description comes from the “a small and inexpensive toy or ornament” definition. Have a good day.

            • Thanks, Lina.

        • It’s common music term in Anglo American world referring to cheap, tacky and fun antics of the song and the performer.

          I think it’s derivation from this meaning from Cambridge dictionary.

          a cheap unusual object such as a small toy, often given as a present:

          Christmas cracker usually contains a paper hat, a joke and a novelty.

    • I would say it is more of derogatory term. The second explanation gives the answer I guess.

    • Yes novelty act is definitely negative in ESC context – think Dustin the Turkey or Pirates of the sea. Australia 2019 might also go that way if they don’t dramatically change their staging.

    • I think it’s preferable to constantly using the term joke act personally. Anyway since this seems to be at least partially inspired by my use of the word novelty or joke entry are both perfectly fine terms for me to describe Iceland this year. I would use the same term to describe other such acts such as IRL08 and of course ISR18.

      • Actually Iceland 19 belongs more to a Poland 14 category of “we are making a joke act that we may try to pass as serious to keep you asking and keep publicity going” although they have adopted those obnoxious personas on top of that.

      • No, it’s not only you. I’ve seen many others too using this particular term in that negative sense.

  5. She can hit the note ;)

  6. Maraaya is my fave Slovenian entry ever, followed by Maja Keuc.. :)
    “Sebi” is maybe my number 4 or 5 when it comes to Slovenian entries, for now..

  7. Shevek will love the colors:

  8. New version of “Crown” rocks ! Violins added. Instrumentation sounds more impressive!!!

    • I hope they will release it soon. It sounds more like Balkan ballad now… :D

    • That’s good news. The instrumentation sounded a bit flat in Beovizija.

      • ppl said it sounds more or less the same. And it is. Nothing changed in the structure. I just feel they added nice feel with violins, and difference in the ending. I never liked Serbia 2018, but I do think this year we are really underrated putting us in the same basket as with Latvia, Georgia, Montenegro… :(

  9. Katerine Duska recording “Better Love”.This high note is awesome:

  10. It’s getting more complete :

  11. Making of of the swiss video :

    I am so happy Switzerland finally gets the recognition it deserves tbh. And I hope this translates to a good result as well.

  12. My country being the fan fave at the moment was a great experience for the first few days, but to be honest I am completely fed up with it by now. I wasn’t prepared for the hate it would provoke. The fandom (and that of course also includes people from my country) can be intolerable.

    • What is there to hate?

      • That’s what I wonder too.
        But this is nothing new. Happened in the past years, it was just that I didn’t notice it. I remember The Anders who said similar things after Denmark won. He couldn’t cope with the online hate either.

        • Whoever wins there will be hate… Focus on the positive messages, you cant please everyone

          • Exactly. I shouldn’t read all those forums and blogs and focus on this site. At least most of the time the discussion here is respectful (Morgan and Hulluna might disagree.)

        • I can remember it very clearly. It was pretty stressful actually, so I fully understand your frustrations.

          I guess it is somehow a symptom of what we often refer to as “Jante Law” here en Denmark. It is definitely one of the sides about ESC fan culture that I like the least.

          • Thank you. We are a week further and I am still not enjoying it, but I guess I is as it is. Don’t expect it to change till the rehearsals begin, because I fear there won’t be any changes in the odds and polls.
            It was so much better in 2014. Also stressful, but the two weeks eurovision was in Copenhagen were my best memories of the contest.

            • 2014 was a very nice year in the sense that not many people actually predicted the eventual winner, at least until rehearsals began. Even if I have never really been happy about Conchita Wurst winning for several reasons. It was never about one song against all the others, as it was in f.e. 2009, 12 and 13.

    • I simply ignore the bad vibes these days and concentrate on the positive stuff. :)
      I learned that the hard way in 2010. I wasn’t a great fan of ‘Satellite’ myself but some of the things that were written on ESCToday back then hurt nevertheless. Plus, I was personally attacked by some Lena haters for one reason only: because I am German.
      Sometimes I think that humanity is a hopeless case. Why do so many people need hate in their lives?

    • I really wouldn’t worry too much what random people, YTers, etc. on the Internet think – much of it is likely to be netaive as people like to complain. Just enjoy the song.

    • I hope now you see what did I mean few days ago and how poor Ilona felt like..but as you said it is not the Dutch thing, we cant lable fans and countries like this..
      I had to tell you this..now you can continue to ignore me for all wrong reasons though.. ;)

    • Yes I can imagine. It’s always the same with every community. Stay strong it’s only a couple of months now

    • It’s weird but except Greece we almost only have ONE per country on ET: maybe Germany more now. So on ET you’re our dutchie which means it can weigh a lot on you but at the same time no one would rant on the actual country or song because of you. In bigger forums they either have no one or full groups so it shadows their judgement I reckon…

    • I am surprised to read that tbh, I havent seen anything really negative about the dutch entry this year. It has to be the least polarizing early favourite I remember recently.

  13. Btw, I realize that when commenting through “Reader” we can click “like” to random comments as well. Not only to the ones we get as a reply to our own comments :)

  14. About Sergey Lazarev’s live performance from Germany!
    This performance is pure magic… <3
    His voice is fantastic here..that color of vice..it flows like a river.. <3
    And he's cute and hot.. :heat: :P
    Just too classy outfit and shoes, lol, like for the office.. :D

    We are so blessed having Seryozhka this year.. :)))
    I read many comments from countries which don't take part – Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan…
    More ppl will follow the contest this year, I guess, more diversity to the contest! :)

  15. New song by last years Portuguese composer

  16. It is really interesting how my taste disagrees with majority..

    Between Portugal 2017, 2018 and 2019. I wouldn’t think for a second, i’d choose 2018!
    2017 was winner of ESC btw.. :O2018 came last in the final..
    But I love all theree entries

    The same goes fr Austria 2014, 2015 and 2016..with a difference I can’t stand 2014 (winner) and 2016…while I ADORE 2015 which came last and 0 pointer!!! :) Fuck… :/

  17. Alesia Michelle excluded Portugal from “Most Likely to Succeed” countries!!!!

    Goooosh, please Conan Osiris do your best and prove this snob wrong! I beg you dear Conaaaaan! <3 I will give you my votes!

    She also compared John Lundvik to Franka from Croatia! And she thinks John Lundvik won't do that good.. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah she made my day, I couldn't stop laughing..comparing John Lundvik with a random non qualifier who is barely remembered by anybody, even from this region is beyond ridiculous.. :D

  18. S!sters are not hopeless at all in the end..I see many youtubers liking them very much, from different parts of Europe! ;)

    I’m literally dying to see and listen to beautiful, wonderful S!sters in Amsterdam party! <3

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