Sweden: It’s John Lundvik to Tel Aviv!

Sweden – It’s the most anticipated National Final within the Eurovision Fandom and it finally concluded tonight with the infamous “Finalen”. John Lundvik won by a landslide with “Too Late for Love”!

Twelve acts took the stage at the Friends Arena in Stockholm and competed for the chance to represent Sweden in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Tel Aviv in May.

The competing finalists were:

  1. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – “Norrsken (Goeksegh)”
  2. Lisa Ajax – “Torn”
  3. Mohombi – “Hello”
  4. Lina Hedlund – “Victorious”
  5. Bishara – “On My Own”
  6. Anna Bergendahl – “Ashes to Ashes”
  7. Nano – “Chasing Rivers”
  8. Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO – “Hold You”
  9. Malou Prytz – “I Do Me”
  10. John Lundvik – “Too Late for Love”
  11. Wiktoria – “Not with Me”
  12. Arvingarna – “I Do”

Eight of them qualified directly from the first four Semifinals and four more joined last week in the Second Chance round. Tonight’s show will yet again be hosted by Sarah Dawn Finer, Kodjo Akolor, Marika Carlsson and Eric Saade. Sarah will even do a skip featuring Lynda Woodruff!The show will open with Benjamin Ingrosso and Felix Sandman together. Dana International and Charlotte Perrelli, two former Eurovision winners, will also share the stage for a duet in the halftime show in honor of Charlotte’s win in Israel in 1999 after Dana had won the contest. There will also be the famous “last year’s winner reprise in a new genre” as an interval act, but who will cover “Dance You Off”?

Two sets of votes for tonight: 8 international juries instead of 11 because of the new televote system and televote at 50%, broken down into age groups. John won by a landslive juries, above Nano. But televote had some different thoughts with Bishara second, Hanna & Liamoo third. However, they agreed on giving the victory to John Lundvik, who therefore won by a landslide.

What do you think of this song? What are its chances in Tel Aviv?

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461 comments on “Sweden: It’s John Lundvik to Tel Aviv!

  1. Who you gonna call? :)
    Eurovision songs about phones! Conan is not the first!

    Germany: «Telefon, Telefon», Margot Hielscher (1957, 4th place)

    Telephone, telephone, whenever your call is heard
    At the very first ring I ask myself, what news you’ll bring
    Telephone, telephone, time goes by silently
    I’ve been waiting a long long time, yesterday and also today

    Denmark: «Hallo Hallo», Lonnie Devantier (1990, 8th place)

    I say: Hello, hello, I know you’re home
    Couldn’t you answer your phone?
    Hello, hello, I listen to your voice
    But when the tape runs out, nobody’s ever there

    Denmark (again!): «Stemmen i mit liv», Kølig Kaj (1997, 16th place)

    “It’s the Inquiries, hello”
    “Yes, hello, this is Kaj, can I talk to that nice girl?”
    “Who’s the nice girl?”
    “Well, the voice in my life”

    Iceland: «Congratulations», Silvia Night (2006, NQ – 13th place in semi)

    Hello, is it God? What’s up, dog?
    It’s your favourite person in the world, Silvia Night
    I’m saving the end of the world
    See you, bye

    Australia: «Sound of Silence», Dami Im (2016, 2nd place)

    And I keep calling, calling
    Keep calling ’cause
    Now my heart awakes to the sound of silence
    And it beats to the sound of silence
    And it beats to the sound of silence

  2. Yulia Samoylova’s new single “Spi” is out!
    Im mesmerized and stunned! <3
    This is awesome!

  3. Malta’s teaser pic! :rollyeyes:
    Goosh we already saw this numerous times, I’m getting bored of the same approach.. :?
    I’m so glad Russia 2019 went totally different path than that SWI, AZE, MAL, CYP approach.. <3

  4. The only very good and TOP quality Symphonix approach was Bulgaraia 2018..just look at simplicity of that video…no random ppl wearing random clothes just to look interesting..I call it desperate approach actually.. YUCK…

  5. Okay, I can’t get enough of Yulia Samoylova’s new single “Spi”…this beats all 2019 ESC entries for me, easily I’m afraid! <3

  6. According to rumors Maltese song is Colors which was another song purposed for Bulgaria last year.Bones won in the end…Colors is described as a catchy,radio friendly,modern uptempo song with R&B elements…

  7. ZENA from Belarus is not over the top..And her eyes are so big, eyes are the mirror to the soul! <3

  8. Isaiah – “Don’t Come Easy” has grown on me immensely these days..
    I liked it back than, but now I ADORE it, it was such an underrated entry..
    Those synths…that composition..some part reminds me of Russia 2019.. :)

  9. Israel will be at 21:00 CET probably. GOOSH.. :/
    Malta and Armenia somebody knows maybe?

  10. hahahaha “Chameleon” now?

    Is that Ira Losco’s entry from 2016 NF? :D

    This is delusional..I’m sorry Malta!

  11. John Lundvik used 8 persons in total for the performance..they will have to cut it for 6 pax..

  12. Albanian Revamp + Video being revealed tonight at 20:00 CET!

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