Netherlands: Song Reveal

Netherlands – The national broadcaster, AVROTROS, has revealed the song that the internally selected Duncan Laurence will sing to represent them in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest: it is called “Arcade”!


What do you think of this song? What are its chances in Tel Aviv?

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177 comments on “Netherlands: Song Reveal

  1. Dutch song is good but peters out a bit in the end; waiting for just a little something extra. With Switzerland and the (yes, I know) fun song from San Marino the season’s definitely turning around. Most excitingly still can’t see a clear winner – another compromise win for Azerbeijan coming?

  2. This is a good song for me but I guess it’s not memorable enough to be a winner in the contest. Good luck.

  3. I checked two videos of him singing live and he is fine vocally.

  4. Well, well Netherlands. You sure know how to please the ESC bubble…
    But besides being handsome Duncan also gives us a beautiful ballad. I’m not a 100% behind it yet, but this one could be a grower. Veel geluk!

  5. Acoustic performance today:

    I prefer the orchestration of the studio version by the way.
    The thing, is a program like De Wereld Draait Door doesn’t want to show video’s of songs. But the broadcaster doesn’t want to premiere a song anymore with a live performance after the bad reception of CATS in De Wereld Draait Door in 2014. So I guess the deal was that they showed the video on day one and there had to be an acoustic performance the day later.

  6. Very poppy and Eurovision like (especially with the a capella chorus). Absolutely not for me, but I imagine it will have its fans. Not a bad song I guess, but not something that could get me to watch the contest. I’m tired of the sound and the singing style in it, but at least it’s a bit of relief that the Netherlands can send other things than country.

    • Reading through the comments, a lot of people here seem to love it. It sounds a bit like something that would do very well in ETSC or VFoS, so I am not that surprised. Still not my cup of tea. I miss Anouk with “Birds”…

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