Latvia: Carousel to Tel Aviv!

Latvia – LTV concluded the country’s national final, Supernova 2019, tonight. There were two semi-finals and now we had a final with 8 entries fighting for the ticket to Tel Aviv, and in the end it was won by Caruousel with the song “That Night“!

The final was hosted by Dagmar Legant and Ketija Schoenberg.

Tonight’s line-up was:

  1. Markus Riva – You make me so crazy
  2. Edgars Kreilis – Cherry absinthe
  3. Aivo Oskis – Somebody’s got my lover
  4. Double Faced Eels – Fire
  5. Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens – Tautasdziesma
  6. Laime Pilnīga – Awe
  7. Samanta Tīna – Cutting the wire
  8. Carousel – That night

You can still watch their lives on the official Supernova’s Youtube page. It was 50% jury and 50% televote tonight. The jury members were DJ Rudd, Linda Leen, Ralf Eiland and  Artis Dvarionas. Both set of votes agreed on having Carousel as the winner!


What do you think of this song? What are its chances in Tel Aviv?

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63 comments on “Latvia: Carousel to Tel Aviv!

  1. I am so glad that this one win…. Not really a kicking song, but it’s sweet, and the last 2 Latvian entries (this and last year) should have enough to stop the ambitious Riva and Tina to represent Latvia…

    My rank (for now)
    1. Slovenia
    2/3. Italy/Albania
    4. Czech Rep
    5. Latvia
    6. Spain
    7. Estonia
    8. UK
    9. France
    10. Montenegro
    11. Croatia
    12. Australia

    Pretty much the same with you, guys.

  2. 1 Italy
    2 Spain
    3 Czech Rep
    5 UK.
    6 Estonia
    7 Latvia
    8 Croatia
    9 Montenegro
    10 Slovenia
    11 France
    12 Australia

  3. It is a pleasant little ditty that reminds me of some of Dida’s songs … but only for the 1st minute. Unfortunately, they run out of ideas quickly, and they need to address that issue because the song drags towards the end. Change sth in the melody or in the arrangement to keep us interested. Good luck!

  4. Reminds me from the start of the Belgian band Vaya Con Dios. Too bad that it becomes boring to me after a minute or so.

  5. As nice as it is forgetable. Sorry.

    Lithuanias 4Fun 2007 anyone?

    • Yeap, I’ve already underlined that.
      Hopefully not the same fate :P

    • 4Fun provided what was probably the best Lithuanian entry to date imo :-) In a year as weak as 2007 which was very weak it should have done very well. But then again those times were pretty dark for esc, same as the ones now.

  6. Wise decision. This was the best of what Latvia had. But still it’s not that good and I don’t think it will do well in May. I really enjoy it in the beginning, but after 2 minutes it gets annoyingly repetitive.

    Good luck!

  7. My current Top 12:
    1. Slovenia 8/10
    2. Italy 7/10
    3. Spain 7/10
    4. Albania 7/10
    5. Croatia 6/10
    6. United Kingdom 6/10
    7. Latvia 6/10
    8. France 5/10
    9. Australia 5/10
    10. Czech Republic 5/10
    11. Montenegro 5/10
    12. Estonia 4/10

    So far it looks like a very weak year for ESC.

  8. Warm vocals and cozy atmosphere on stage. This should stand out with juries and with the right Bjorkman “arrangement” between 2 pop uptempo entries, it could do very well, at least it could qualify from a tough semi with many “automatic qualifiers” like RUS, SWE, ROU, ARM, DNK, AZE etc. The biggest bet is the televoting here. As it is, it is more of a NDL 14 rather than a LTU 07 to me :)

    Very beautiful <3

  9. This sounds like something that I would gladly listen to lounging in a beach bar as the sun sets. But in a song contest, I am not so sure. I get that the video-clip-like staging is the only option they have, but it can have a detaching effect among the other live performances (very much like Sweden last year).

    This is my top12 right now:

    1. Italy
    2. Czech Republic
    3. Albania
    >>>4. Croatia
    5. Spain
    >>>6. Slovenia
    >>>7. Latvia
    8. United Kingdom
    >>>9. Estonia
    10. Australia
    11. Montenegro
    12. France

    I never thought I’d see the day France would be bottom of my list…

    As for the various semi performances last night:

    Ukraine: Love love love Freedom Jazz and Anna Maria! At least some great performances that qualified compared to the borefest that was Maruv last weekend. I hope one of them wins. Kazka’s mix of traditional and modern sounds was interesting (especially the instrumentation) but the singer is so boring and uncharismatic. When the backing vocalists and fake organ-players are more interesting than the singer, then you have a problem.

    Lake Malawi: What a great live. That is what Eurovision is all about, fresh, quirky, colourful, charismatic, fun-loving. I have a feeling they might do better than Mikolas. Go, go, go Czech Republic!

    Portugal: Conan Osiris brought a lot of kitch on stage with the gold paint, the matching outfits and that helmet. I also think that from the studio version already the song is too much weighed down by the regular intervals of electronic banging noises interpersed throughout. The rest of the song and his singing are very interesting but just when it is about to soar there is something to distract you and throw you off again. Ana Claudia was probably my favourite from Portugal last night (very atmospheric and mystical at the same time and what a performance). Matay offers the sort of classic ballads Portugal always sent infused with some Sobral romanticism. It is competent but I don’t care too much about it.

    Sweden: They have taken it down from the SVT channel and I only had the chance to watch Jon Henrik in a pirated version. I think that without being any better than any of his previous entries (all the elements are there, the fire on stage, the joik singing, the ballet dressed in black) this entry condenses what is best about them in a very effective manner. I really hope he wins the whole thing. But lose the LED screen Sweden, it brings out the tackiest element from each entry (the reindeer, the barbie dolls, the children singing around the planet etc).

    I did not get a chance to watch Lina. Martin is sexy and manly but the song is regular Melodi fare and the same goes for Rebecka (another Wiktoria in the making). Dolly Style was kind of fun in a very simplistic way but just like Omar this is way too teenage-targeted for the whole audience (in their case even pre-adolescent targeted)

    Icelend: Fridrik Omar has an old-fashioned song but he is a very competent singer and a very sexy performer. I couldn’t care less about Tara and Anna Heidrun is a nice MILF but the song sounds too young for her age.

  10. Was in Belfast this weekend and have caught up a bit…my thoughts on all winners this weekend:

    Latvia: A nice little innocent country-style song. I think the first minute or so is very nice and does a good job at setting the mood. But after that, it becomes monotonous and fairly boring. It doesn’t build from the sweet opening and I fear its’ easily forgettable. The juries might like this like they did with Latvia 18, but it seems like a song that will be forgotten in the televote. I don’t mind it overall though as the vocals are strong.

    Croatia: Well I’m shocked Houdek wrote this, shocked! Haha anyways, its’ such a cheesy entry with the wing costume, especially the first half in English. I find it dated and boring, until the last parts in Croatian (and his good vocals) where it starts getting kinda interesting. Still its’ overall subpar, and the comparisons to “My Friend” will be made aplenty, except this guy is way more forgettable than Houdek imo. Could struggle to qualify but I seem to be saying that a lot recently lol.

    Estonia: This was the huge favourite? I mean it would be a fresh and current song in like 2013…it tries to be “Heroes” but with much less bang and worse vocals. I don’t mind the chorus but the verses drag on I find him rather annoying. I could see this being a lot like Poland 18, which didn’t qualify even in a weak SF. Juries will vote this down like they did in EL.

    Slovenia: I have to say that I’m not as high on this as some here are…its’ definitely a nice and atmospheric entry, and her vocals are strong. I find the whole staging very good which came across to the Slovenian televote well I bet. The thing is…the melody is nice but the song itself kind of is just there. It doesn’t have anything special going for it and I wonder if this is the kind of song the producers would give a #2 slot to.

    Overall a very meh weekend with meh winners of NF’s, as my rankings be low will show:

    1. Albania
    2. Czech Republic
    3. Italy
    4. Spain
    5. Latvia——
    6. Slovenia——
    7. Estonia—–
    8. Croatia——
    9. United Kingdom
    10. France
    11. Montenegro
    12. Australia

  11. First of all it’s very relieving to hear acoustic interesting, but I think I have heard a bit too many acoustic songs sounding just like this in recent years. Overall very sympathetic, but unfortunately that is not enough when it coms to art. There is not really stimulating about the music, it’s almost like a wallpaper of music that is not meant to be paid attention to, and that is the biggest problem about it.

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