Israel: Rising Star Show Picks Eurovision Act Tonight

Israel – The long running Israeli show, HaKokhav HaBa, or Rising Star, concludes tonight and the winner will be the representative of the host nation In Tel Aviv at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The winner tonight is guaranteed a place in the Eurovision Grand Final on May 18th. 

The song will not be revealed until 10th March 2019.

The HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion final starts tonight at 20:15 (CET) on Keshat 12. It has been running for 4 months and over 30 shows so far. Keshat wants to market the format to other countries.

It will be hosted by one of the ESC 2019 hosts, Assi Azar, and Rotem Sela. A jury will comprise of Asaf Amdurski (Israeli singer, songwriter and producer), Keren Peles (Israeli singer and poet), Shiri Maimon (Israel, 2005), Harel Skaat (Israel, 2010) and Static & Ben-El Tavori, pop duo.

The first part of the show sees the four finalists paired off to fight it out in two duels as follows:

  • Ketreyah ‘Locked Out of Heaven‘ (Bruno Mars cover) vs Shefita  ‘My Way‘ (Frank Sinatra cover)
  • Kobi Merimi ‘Let It Be’ (The Beatles cover) vs Maya Buskila ‘Alive‘ (Sia cover)

The two winners will go to the super final, along with one of the losers that the jury choose. All three will then perform a solo song (unannounced at the moment) and it will be a jury/televote split for the winner. Viewers around the world can vote via the Mako App.

Shefita’s selection would not be without controversy. Her on stage persona (her real name is Rotem Shefy) is not popular with Israeli-Arabs and she has been accused of blatant cultural appropriation. You can read more about that here.

Check out some of the finalists previous performances here and let us know who your favourite is.

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169 comments on “Israel: Rising Star Show Picks Eurovision Act Tonight

  1. I maybe watch this today..contestants seem interesting, and not only Shefita..

  2. I haven’t followed the Israeli process and won’t tune in tonight either because I am not interested in shows picking the artist but not the song. I’ll patiently wait until the whole package becomes available.
    Good luck!

    • How that Shefita issue seems to you, they all talk about these days?

      • I have just seen your comments on the Serbian thread. I don’t have an opinion at this point because I don’t know enough about it. What I can say though is that I support art that provokes and makes people rethink what they believe to be certainties or established truth. In fact, asking uncomfortable questions is what makes the arts so valuable. Therefore almost everything is allowed in the arts imo.

        • I m not sure if I will like it, that approach..but we will see..
          I have sent Z&G to Shevek, waiting for reaction later this afternoon. :D

  3. Shefita or Middle Eastern version of Freddie Mercury FTW 🤗

  4. I just hope next year good old Italian artists wont skip SR..I mostly watch it for them.. :(

  5. “Keshat wants to market the format to other countries.”

    LOL Shevek and oxi won’t like this :P :D

  6. Maybe Tamara Todevska’s entry written by Darko Dimitrov will be similar to new single of Croatian singer Jelena Rozga written by him together with Emina Jahovic! :)

  7. Polish 2009 representative, Lidia Kopania, has submitted entry to TVP:

  8. Happy Birthday Ajda,the diva💜

  9. Keshet has discovered an attempt by foreign hackers to influence the outcome of Hakokhav Haba final which will take place tonight.

    Since Monday, there has been registered significant load on the Mako app, which will be used for the televoting in the show. It is reported that hundreds of vote attempts are being registered from one source located abroad in a short period of time.

    Organizers had to block the possibility of the voting from abroad, but believe that the attempts may not end with that, and they still face a challenge. Broadcaster states the voting will go on as planned, but the system may work slower than expected, reports Globes.

  10. I guess many of us are going to spend lots of soldi… with our telemóveis 😜😛😀

  11. A link to the Israeli live stream: http://ogaegreece.com/archives/63694

  12. Ok that Israeli weather forecast gave me LIFE!

  13. Maybe they should’ve chosen Sarit Hadad internally when they host it..

  14. Ok this was way too pompous.. :D

  15. If they are showing interval acts…they are all great

  16. Yayyyyy Static & Ben El Tavori will perform❤️

  17. Ketreyah-Locked Out of Heaven is a hard song to sing,I think she has done a good job

  18. OMG Static & Ben El Tavori are in the jury maybe they won’t perform…I hope they represent Israel one day…They are so much fun

  19. Ok I can already say: Number 1!

  20. Shefita-LOL She literally gives MY WAY her way 😀Love Arabic kind of singing…Israel is holding the contest this year so they can be chill and pick Shefita for the fun of it❤️

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