Serbia: Listen to the Songs Online

Serbia – The national broadcaster of Serbia, RTS, has today released the 24 songs taking part in Beovizija 2019. You can listen to them all online. The Beovizija 2019 semi-final 1 will be held on 27th February and semi-final 2 the day after. The grand final will take place on 3rd of March.

The 24 semi-finalists:

  • Aleksandra Sekulić – “Tugo”
  • Ana Popović – “Lutaš”
  • Dunja Vujadinović – “7”
  • Dženan Lončarević – “Nema suza”
  • Džipsikord – “Boje
  • Eleonora – “Samo lagano
  • Extra Nena – “Još ti čujem glas
  • Funked Up – “Zašto da se ne desi
  • Goga Stanić – “Ti znaš da ne znaš me
  • Ivan Kurtić – “Bela
  • Ivana Vladović & Wonder Strings – “Moja bol
  • Jana Šušteršić – “Viktorija
  • Lana & Aldo – “Pogledaj u nebo
  • Lord – “Radnički sin
  • Majdan – “Budim te
  • Mr DOO – “Do 100
  • Nataša & Una – “Slobodna
  • Nevena Božović – “Kruna
  • Osvajači – “Vatra i plamen
  • Sanja Rio – “Ljubimo se
  • Saška Janks – “Da li čuješ moj glas
  • Sofija Perić – “Aritmija
  • Tamara Milanović – “Reči nisu dovoljne
  • Tina & Lola Amvon – “Tvoje oči

Listen to the songs here.

Source: RTS

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208 comments on “Serbia: Listen to the Songs Online

  1. Dated but very familar lineup.

    Dženan Lončarević (I really like this one)
    Tamara Milanović
    Nevena Božović

    • I am so tired of this current thing. Dated FTW!!!! :D

      P.S. I have high hopes for Srbuk! She has to rise to the occasion.

      • I have always wondered what ‘dated’ means. For me there is good, average and bad music, and they don’t come with a best before date. Is Mozart dated?

        • Ahahahha Mozart magic flute, remember Australia 2019, that comment??? :D
          Bless that fan for that comment! :D

        • For me, a song is “dated” if it follows past trends but not in an intentional way to sound retro or vintage. Like a song in 2019 that sounds like it’s from 2005 without intended to pay tribute to music from that era is dated, which is not a good thing.

          • If I follow this definition, I love many dated songs. :) I think that the concept of progress and hence dated was invented to keep the industries going.

          • And how do we define what a song from 2005 sounds like? Do we use the charts? If yes, which charts? The US charts? Portuguese and Serbian charts sound totally different from US or UK charts, and thus a sound you would define as dated in Portugal could be very innovative in a different cultural context like the USA or Serbia (and vice versa). And finally I think that the charts represent fashions and are meinly there do make even more dosh. Most quality songs don’t even come close to being represented in the charts. :(

            • I guess it’s based on technology. Regardless of what genre it is, music from 2019 sounds relevant and current because of it uses the recording technology that is available to use in 2019. We didn’t have the same technology in the 90s, 80s, 70s, etc., so older songs can be easily definable. This is especially prevalent in Eurovision because not all countries have a giant modern music industry, and many resort to older music-making technology because more state-of-the-art technology is not available. This makes the songs sound as if they were from an older period of time, even though they are not, and they are also not intending to sound this way, it’s simply just because of the technology they have available to them.

              I think it’s the same thing with film. As time went on, we have more technology when it comes to movie-making, whether that be cameras, special effects, or post-production. If you watch a movie that has special effects that look like they’re from the 1970s (without trying to be campy and pay tribute to this era), it will reflect poorly on the movie because we have so much more available now that we’ve become accustomed to to make our movies more visually appealing.

              So this is my take on “dated”. I guess a dated song can still have merits in other fields, but for me it makes it sound out-of-touch, unprofessional, and sloppy when a song is dated.

      • Then I’d advise you this single from old and bad Aram boy .

      • P.s. I remember you supporting her “Ete karogh es”.

    • You didn’t like Saska Janx? :D

  2. ‘Viktorija’ – :) (I hope she nails it live)

  3. ‘Radnički sin’ – :)

  4. Am enjoying this NF so far, but I have to stop now.

  5. I like Nevena Božović – “Kruna” a lot, followed by Dženan Lončarević – “Nema suza”, very good :)

  6. I can’t listen tonight, I’ve decided to do one or two related work first, and then probably sleep. I’ll try to listen to them wednesday night, that should do it!

  7. Not as good as Slovenia, Ukraine or Portugal, but easily among the best line-ups we’ve had the pleasure to listen to this year. My current Top 10:

    01. Tamara Milanović
    02. Majdan
    03. Funked Up
    04. Osvajači
    05. Ivana Vladović & Wonder Strings
    06. Nevena Božović
    07. Ivan Kurtić
    08. Lord
    09. Jana
    10. Ana Popović

    South Slavic languages sound pleasant to my ears. I feel like understanding them when it’s only 1/3 that I can make sense of. Good luck, Srbija!

  8. Just put in my first bet of the season: putting a flier on a Norway win in May 😏😏

  9. That composer of Wonder Strings i Ivana Vladović – “Moja bol” is Aleksandra Milutinovic who composed “Rijeka bez imena”, Bosnian entry in 2007! :)

  10. Off topic: I’ve just read that Conan Osíris is going for a David Bowie in the 70s makeup style. I wonder if he he is aware of the buzz his song has created online.

    Returning to Serbia…

  11. It’s just Sashka Janx for me. Bunch of good songs, but this one is standout for me :)

  12. ‘Da li čuješ moj glas’ – :)

  13. ‘Moja bol’ – :)

    All in all, this an interesting NF; the songs do not sound hollow and vapid, which is a big plus. I like several songs, but I do not have a clear favourite. Waiting for the lives. Good luck, Serbia!

  14. OK, 3 min radio versions of EMA songs are online:

    I love our dated selection, but have to admit next to EMA I feel embarrassed.. :P

  15. Off-topic: I just randomly found this interview with Hatari. If Iceland should ever decide to send them to Eurovision, they’d be their biggest troll act since Silvia Night.

  16. EMA stage, seems modern, just to suite Raiven.. :D

  17. I haven’t listened to them all thoroughly but my favorite right now is Sashka Janx. I really like Nema suza too but it is more of a safe option I guess but a really pretty balkan ballad.

  18. On Ukraine: I really like Maruv’s song and performance but not really on the vocals. As of right now I’m team Kazka but I’m hoping they really nail it live.

  19. Of the countries yet to pick their entries, I have high hopes in particular regarding Germany and Greece. Hoping of course for some pleasant surprises from Ireland or Israel among others…

  20. Tonight Israel decides for eurovision 2019:

  21. I listened to the Serbian line-up yesterday and i liked it.It’s mostly pleasant mainstream pop and the well known Balkan ballads.Much better than last year.

  22. I love our NF this year :D

  23. Some ppl think that Dženan Lončarević – “Nema suza” is similar to “Bistra voda” from Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2009..

  24. Well, Majdan – “Budim te” is by far the most quality entry in this line up:

    I wish they have chosen them internally for Tel Aviv! :(

  25. 1st semi:
    1. Zašto da se ne desi – FANKD AP
    3. Voda i plamen – OSVAJAČI
    5. Do 100 – MR. DOO
    6. Da li čuješ moj glas – SAŠKA JANKS
    7. Bela – IVAN KURTIĆ
    8. Aritmija – SOFIJA PERIĆ
    9. Još ti čujem glas – SNEŽANA BERIĆ – EKSTRA NENA
    10. Samo lagano – ELEONORA
    12. Samo bez straha – NATAŠA I UNA

    2nd semi:
    1. Ljubimo se – SANjA RIO
    2. Budim te – MAJDAN
    3. Čudo – GOGA STANIĆ
    4. Lutaš – ANA POPOVIĆ
    5. Radnički sin – LORD
    6. Kruna – NEVENA BOŽOVIĆ
    7. Boje – DžIPSIKORD
    8. Viktorija – JANA
    9. Pogledaj u nebo – LANA I ALDO
    10. Nema suza – DžENAN LONČAREVIĆ
    11. Tvoje oči – TINA I LOLA AMVON
    12. Reči nisu dovoljne – TAMARA MILANOVIĆ

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