UK: It’s Michael Rice to Tel Aviv!

UK – The UK has chosen Michael Rice to represent them in Israel, with the song ‘Bigger than us‘, written by Laurell Barker, Anna-Klara Folin, John Lundvik and Jonas Thander. 

The 21-year-old is from from Hartlepool, and was on The X Factor in the UK in 2014. He won the £50,000 prize on All Together Now in March 2018.

What do you think to the UK’s choice?

35 comments on “UK: It’s Michael Rice to Tel Aviv!

  1. Awful entry that will come across as trolling to many Europeans come May. And banning EU flags? Really BBC? What about being neutral …? *sighs*
    What has happened to the country I loved for most of my life … :(

    Good luck anyway. :)

  2. Not a fan, it’s cringe worthy, sure, but I’m not sure I quite hate it. It’s more harmless than anything really?

    I’m catching up with all the lives thanks to this vid:

    • First of, there was a blonde dancer I absolutely loved. Mans was great, especially the sexy interval act! ok back to songs

      Jordan Clarke – ‘Freaks‘: not bad, i like the overall presentation and he’s cute! not the best singer but it was decent and felt fresher than Michael…

      MAID – ‘Freaks‘: awful and dated

      Michael Rice – ‘Bigger than us‘: really weak performance, weird and not in a quirky cute way and vocals are pompous without being impressive

      Holly Tandy – ‘Bigger than us‘: i find her more likable than michael in general? the song is dated in general but she brings a bit more life to it and she is cute!

      Kerrie-Ann – ‘Sweet lies‘: this feels so incredibly british, but at the same time, it’s infectiously fun?

      Anisa – ‘Sweet lies‘: pretty bad in every way (look, vocals, performance)

      Overall I would have been: 1 Jordan 2 Holly 3 Kerrie-Ann 4 Michael 5 Anisa 6 Maid

  3. I love it! :D
    It is so much better in live version, he lifts the entry totally live. :)
    I like the composition as it is anthemic RnB ballad down my alley..I like his vocal tone and wailing, I sometimes really like vocao acrobatics in ESC lol :D
    Plus I like his moves, I find him specially charming and in a different way..I hope he wont change that for ESC as majority auggest, cause then he will loose that magic it has..
    Even if backings are prerecorded I’m still confident it will be good in May.. :)

  4. I have a soft spot for big pompous anthems, but not even that seems to help in this case. The song feels so uninspired, as if the songwriters haven’t even tried. He sings fine, but lacks charisma. This feels once again like a safe bottom 5 entry.

  5. 1.Spain
    4.Czech Republic

  6. Lola Berte is climbing up on betting odds…
    The thaught that it can actually happen makes me too nervous now.. I have never experienced this feeling…it is not even that pleasent anymore.. :/
    Im not sure if you understand me..

  7. Well he’s a great singer with good vocal range, and he has command of the stage. The song though…I mean its’ nothing bad, its’ just incredibly boring after the first 20 seconds. The vocal showboating at the end shows that exactly. Holly’s version at least had some nice country twang it. Just incredibly mindblowing that the UK can’t do better than this.

    I think it might get some temperate jury love in May but is a guaranteed bottom 3-5 televote finisher, so something like 18-21 overall.

    Now if Lundvik wins Melfest, imagine that 😂😂😂

  8. 1. Albania
    2. Czech Republic
    3. Spain
    4. United Kingdom
    5. France

  9. My mum voted for this 😂

  10. 1)Albania
    3)Czech Republic

  11. I’ve caught up on last night’s show. Mel not being able to get up from the floor when she was doing her Bardot impression… been there. Can’t do it at my age anymore. You’re surely not a real Eurovision fan if you’ve never pretended to be Bardot?

    No surprise he won, it looked over here very much like it had all been engineered.

    He’s a lovely lad, used to go busking in my original home town of York. In Tel Aviv it could be a car crash. I have little faith in UK getting staging right to play to his strengths, but fingers crossed the new HoS gets it. The starting vocals are so wobbly. Nerves? Range issues? But when he lets rip and his voice soars it’s great. That could get jury votes. Song is pleasant but average so needs a big visual performance on TV to save it from 20-26th place as I’m not sure televoters will go for it.

    He’s very inexperienced, and hasn’t mastered his stagecraft yet, meaning it can lack charisma. If he stops trying too hard and just loses himself in the big voice and shows passion and likeability he may pull it off more. As most UK artists find, as a puffyhead, they’re chucked in on the 2nd week, and are rabbits in headlights on that huge stage. It’s a big disadvantage I think. I hope he does every promo thing going to get into the swing of it all, build his confidence etc.

    I’ll be waving my union flag, at least it’s not Scooch.

    My mum’s verdict: boring song

  12. 1SPAIN
    4 U.K.
    5 FRANCE

  13. He wants to look experienced on stage but fails miserably…he doesn’t know what to do with his hands and body
    Overall,for UK standards in ESC,it is not bad🤗

    Good luck!

  14. I don’t know how tv shows work elsewhere but lots of TV shows oversubscribe when they give free tickets away as they know lots do not turn up on the day. So they used that system for last night. But this was totally different and everyone who applied and got tickets would have been Eurovision fans wanted to go, so we had lots of people taking the day off work, gong all the way to Manchester and then not getting in. Awful. https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/09/eurovision-decide-chaos-fans-tickets-turned-away-overbooked-venue-8486187/?ito=twitter

  15. I like the song. It’s anthemic and he can sing. He’s not very charismatic on the stage tho. This might do well with the jury I think. They have better chances than last year IMO. Good luck, Michael!

  16. People are bashing it but juries will love it! And that’s exactly where the problem with juries stands. They tend to fall for what is “familiar” and harmless. All those years of reality music talent shows have shaped a “philosophy” on what is “supposed” to be good in arts. I mostly blame EBU though as they introduced criteria of “commerciality” on the way jurors are asked to vote. It’s a pity, really.

    Another average entry piled with the rest selected so far. Only Czehia sounds interesting and I will dare to put the Australian song on top as it is all the way camp without taking itself seriously.

  17. Swedish song am I right? Thanks vikings for saving the queen? Well song itself is harmless ( not a detestable ) performed by Smith “wannalike” beginner. I don’t bother to rank entries at this moment but this one is definitely is better than France and his voice is not as irritating as Spanish guy’s shoutings…

    • yes, it was rejected from MF Swedish press has said! it’s written by John Ludvik, who got thrid in MF 2018 and is participating again this year and even got the last spot in the draw (meaning he’s a favorite!)

  18. This is so generic, but it doesn’t sound bad, the melody is nice and he can sing. In the end it’s so over the top that it’s hard to take it seriously though. I don’t see it doing well in ESC, probably another bottom 5 for UK.

  19. Sounds like a hundred other songs. Inoffensive, but certainly not interesting.

    It always saddens me that the country of the Beatles, Pink Floyd and David Bowie so rarely show the ESC what British music is really about.

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