It’s Kate Miller-Heidke to Tel Aviv!

AustraliaAustralia Decides has decided, and both the jury and televote picked Kate Miller-Heidke to represent the Antipodeans at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. She will sing the part pop, part opera song ‘zero gravity‘. After the first ever Australian national final, which was over 2 hours long, Kate won the crowd over with her powerful and motive vocals (the song is about overcoming depression) and a VERY big dress.

Electric Fields came a close second.


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164 comments on “It’s Kate Miller-Heidke to Tel Aviv!

  1. Quite. Il Volo have an international career and they are charismatic live and do grandiose without fancy contraptions. If they go to Israel, Sergey and Mr. Putin should be very worried.

  2. My first reaction: Hahahahahahahahahaha

    Okay in a serious note; what kind of professional jury had this as their winner? Shame on them. Although it seemed inevitable they would win the televote, I thought the jury would rightfully kill this and give the win to EF or Sheppard. This is seriously bad…I hated Estonia last year and had it #42, but at least that had a level of professionalism and great vocals. This is just pure shit…no song, weak vocals, and a kitschy stage presentation (and not in a good way). The worst of the popera songs at ESC of all time.

    I was excited for Australia’s NF, as it gave their public a chance to send something more refreshing than the very bland two last entries. But wow what a disaster. Electric Fields had at least something interesting, and although Sheppard was very meh and safe, it’s still better than this crap. The televote will probably destroy this funny enough (it loves more serious popera aka Italy 15/Estonia 18, and plus the European public hates Australia), and then rightfully the jury has to have this bottom 3, although we certainly don’t know that given their propensity for this certain country. Overall a very potential bottom 5, for sure bottom 10.

    1. Albania
    2. Czech Republic
    3. Spain
    4. United Kingdom
    5. France
    6. Australia

      • I think it will, unfortunately.

      • I honestly totally forgot they had to Q from the SF’s lol…total brainfart.

        I mean I think it might squeeze in…it seems like something that stands out for the bubble and that has a bigger say in the SF voting than in the Final. What I could see happening is it making it through in the 8-10 region and then completely crashing in the Final last AUS 18 did.

        If the juries do their job well though this should definitely not make it out of the SF.

        • “Verona” still got bottom 3 from juries and their 6th place in televote was stopped from Q!

          • True…depends on the strength of the semi. Its’ a totally different song style but Finland 18 got bottom 4 with the juries but 5th in the televote and made it in 9th. AUS 19 won’t be that strong in the semi televote though I’d say.

    • Bjorkman was in that jury as well. It is quite unbelievable that they had it first. This is their rehearsal for presenting this as credible and ground-breaking come May…

      • It’s pure art, they’ll say while fainting collectively. That is why it would be interesting seeing them having to compare this to Il Volo.

        • I actually prefer Il Volo to this … We are living in stange times. ;)

        • Say what you want about “Grande Amore” or even “Musica Che Resta”, or even Il Volo in general, they are professional, are great vocalists, and their songs are actual songs, no matter if its’ kitsch or just doesn’t fit into a large number of musical tastes.

          This is just baaaaaaaad imo.

          • I agree. That is why I think Sergey and the Russian delegation are praying to every available God for them not to represent Italy.

            • Il Volo have an earworm song but I don’t think it is likely to top the televote this year. In fact I think Italy can expect better results with other acts, even though of course both Il Volo and Sergei have a lot of fans in the contest from their previous entries.

            • I see what you mean. Anyway, there are better options in Italy. My point was just that both Sergey and Il Volo will go after the same type of televoter.

            • I don’t think either Il Volo (song is not as good) or Sergej (a ballad?) are likely to be as successful 2nd time around. If both were to go, I’d give the advantage to Kirkorov since I don’t think the vast majority of regular voters remembers acts that came several years ago and that they haven’t heard from since but Russian diaspora and satellite states will vote like mad for Sergej if tlhey bring sth. half-way decent, which I assume they will.

            • Il Volo are also well known in Russia.

            • Honestly,none of the Italian acts can be a threat to Russia 😬Remember the voters 😉

            • I disagree. Il Volo would give Sergey a run for his money. They are also well known in Russia. We are not dealing with inexperienced singers here.

            • The song is weaker this time..

            • It is less impactful, yes.

            • I usually agree that most people forget last year, let alone a bunch of years ago. But Il Volo are fairly well known outside of ESC and given the fact they absolutely crushed the televote in 2015 (unlike Sergey who only won by 30ish points), I think they would be remembered more in a hypothetical battle. But then again all that doesn’t really matter depending on potential song strengths this year.

    • And I agree that the public will not like this because it’s silly dumb without being fun (that witch coming back and forth on the stick pretending to be “depression” must be one of the most nauseating props I’ve ever seen, never mind the dress) but I am not so sure about the juries.

  3. I’m sorry but, Kate Miller-Heidke > Il Volo.. D

    If Il Volo goes to Tel Aviv, Italy goes just one place above France of my 2019 list! :P

  4. They asked Raiven if she will translate into English if chosen for Tel Aviv, she answered: Probably yes!!

    OK, you haven’t learned anything from Lea Sirk last year, how to have guts????
    Ok GUURL, you wanna play like that, let’s play! You won’t be my fave in TA!!

  5. :D :D :D

    Just dance INGA!!!

  6. International jury for Montevizija tonight!

    1. Ruslana (Eurovision 2004)
    2. Eldar Gasimov (Eurovision 2011)
    3. Lea Sirk (Eurovision 2018)
    4. Andras Kallay Saunders (Eurovision 2014)
    5. Ira Losco (#Eurovision 2002 & 2016)
    6. Jovan Radomir (SVT Sweden, #Melodifestivalen)

  7. Lol wtf was this? It’s time to invite Brazil or Mexico as a guest country.

  8. What a hideous piece of shit. If we talk about cynical gay baiting season 19, Australia just beat France to pulp. I know Aussies are known for their bad taste, mischievous ways and not being too civilised, still this is a bit too much in every possible way.

    As for selected entries, it seems that we are heading to new low. I have to order XL size bin from Amazon. Hope it comes with Bezos dick pics.

    No emojis, because no one except Aussies enjoying their endless barbies is laughing.

  9. As for comparisons to Il Volo, please give me a break. Their granny schmaltz is very professionally manufactured product. Not for me, but I always appreciate professionalism. And same goes to Elina. It’s just not for me.

    • Exactly my point. I can still acknowledge the talent and professionalism in things I don’t like but AUS19 is little more than a glossy turd performed by a singer with clearly limited talent and vocal skills. On ESCKompakt I read the old ame argument again: “It is so bad that it is good again.” I have never understood this line of argument. Why would I ever enjoy sth I think dreadful?

      • * lame
        I have a cold. Typos seem to come quite naturally with that condition …

      • I have this feeling for some songs (and movies) sometimes. The most prominent case is Bulgaria 2012. I acknowledge that it has very few to zero artistic merits (composition-wise, lyrics-wise), but at the same time I really enjoy it, maybe because it doesn’t pretend to be anything that it is not, or it is just Sofi Marinova’s charisma that elevates it after all :)

        • But then BGR12 isn’t cr*p but a solid disco song imo. As you know, I love BEL04 and CYP05. Those aren’t great art either but fine enough shake shakes. There is a difference between cr*p and entertainment imo. :)

      • Exactly.
        I read all the comments before I listened to it, and it still managed to take me off guard. It is of course some kind of achievement.
        And the hype is already building up…

    • Thanks for finally saying sth. positive about the Voli, who will shine even more with the unveiling of Ruff Volo tonight. Indeed no comparison to this year’s Oz entry. I love Australians but culturally they do often seem a bit less sophisticated. Though I’m watching this quirky show Rosehaven rec’d by my friend in Brisbane and it’s fun; she does say it’sone of the few non-imported shows she enjoys.

      • I have nothing against Aussies, most of the time they are fun and complimented, now quite a few as enjoys quite long and thunderous on off releationship with one during my London years. Ex university level rugby player, City hot shot banker and uncivilised beyond your wildest dreams. Lots of fun Aussie mates he had of the sane breed. The funniest part is that all of them were privately educated and graduated from best Australian universities. Maybe they all majored in fine art of wearing Speedos. That they have turned into highly sophisticated art form.
        Can’t wait for Ruff Volo tonight. Msybe the tables will turn. You’ll get your portfilio, late, but I can assure you, it will be worth of closer look!

    • I agree on that department. Il Volo were not for me but they’re not at all in the same category: they’re doing the male pompous popera we’ve had here and there (Latvia 2007 anyone? or Mark Vincent in the aussie NF this year) but they do it better than all the others I heard. Just don’t like it at all. This is more of a camp kitsch fest that mixes esc trash, musical decadence and a poor man’s queen of night! what the hell? but I do think it knows it’s awful and that’s slightly better than plain dull MF reject from UK to me!

  10. What is this…?

    This sounds like the kind of song that wouldn’t even win Romania’s national final. Is she a celebrity in Australia, because that’s the only explanation I have for this winning. The song sounds so disorganized and the performance is bizarre. We’ll know for sure there’s some serious pro-Australia BS if this ends up qualifying.

    • She has released 5 studio albums (one of them went gold, and another platinum) She’s also an actress and participated in many musicals, that’s what I’ve read

      • Well the 1987 gay pride anthem singer in her undersized glitter dress last year was also a big star in AUS – there’s just no accounting for local taste. A lot of popular German singers are like valium to me but they keep selling

      • Well I hope the European televoters can put Australia in its place for the third year in a row.

    • LOL I’m glad I’m not the only one placing this in the ROM/#magicmoldova camp!

  11. Nooo I really wanted electric fields. I am not a fan of this kind of popera at all. Bu I guess at least Australia is finally not sending something bland but it’s just kinda annoying and I don’t find her voice that great. If Romania sends Laura Bretan, she would be easily my favorite of the 2.

    3)Czech Republic

  12. What an underwhelming semi in Mello.

    1. Oscar Enestad, song becomes a quite repetitive towards the end, but really love his glam era androgynous habitus. Shines only in this lot.
    2. Jan Malmsjö, will be playing and singing this in my Midsummer party, but thus is far cry from geriatric classic.
    3. Hanna Ferm & Liamoo, the winner alert reversed even though this is like cutest couple ever.

    Margaret, after living some years now in Sweden, you really shouid start to speak Swedish.

    Bad Mello, bad!

    Now off to Ariston with my friends! See you you guys tomorrow!

    Patty!!!! Briga!!!!!

  13. Ok I am sold on Hatari. That was great actually!

  14. WTF is this. And her voice isn’t even that great.

  15. Alesia Michelle is IMPRESSED with Australia 2019! :D :P She couldn’t breathe at one moment! :D

  16. Another song that contributes to the image of Eurovision as a festival of kitsch and camp. The chorus is kind of quirky, but the inclusion of fake opera singing has long been an overused gimmick.

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