Romania: Selecția Națională Starts Tonight!

Romania – TVR, the national broadcaster of Romania, will launch tonight this year’s Selecția Națională 2019, the national final for Romania. Watch the show live with us!

This year’s national final, whose slogan is “Împlineşte visul!” (“Fulfill the dream!”), is down to 24 from last year’s 60, that toured the country in celebration of its independence!

Now these 24 didn’t get picked that easily. After the original 24 were announced, Dan Bittman, the very first artist to represent Romania in the contest, in 1994, withdrew his entry “Pierd” from the contest due to conflicting schedules, also saying he’d rather have someone younger to represent the country. But instead of one replacement, we got two! As Bella Santiago’s “Army of Love” and Linda Teodosiu’s “Renegades” received wildcards. After the announcement of the two wildcard acts, Mihai withdrew his entry “Baya” from the contest: he alleged that the broadcaster had obvious favorites and would favour these contestants (one of the wildcards is now considered a big favorite to win).

Twelve acts were then supposed to perform their song tonight, and another twelve will perform next week. However, in a last minute amendment, TVR reverted to the original semi-final splits, moving Laura Bretan back to the second semi-final (that will now feature 13 acts instead), keeping her away from the other favorite, the wildcard Bella Santiago, who will perform last tonight…

The four songs with the most points from the national jury will qualify for the final. A further two acts which receive the most televotes will also proceed to the final.

So tonight’s semi-final line-up is:

  1. Trooper – Destin
  2. BerniceyaThe call: Dynasty of love
  3. Ommieh & AnakrisezRock this way
  4. Teodora DinuSkyscraper
  5. Dya and Lucian ColarezaWithout you (Sin ti)
  6. Nicola – Weight of the world
  7. SteamThe way it goes
  8. VaidaUnderground
  9. Claudiu MireaWe are the ones
  10. The FourSong of my heart
  11. Bella SantiagoArmy of love

The show starts at 20:00 CET and can be watched here.

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368 comments on “Romania: Selecția Națională Starts Tonight!

  1. My ránking until now
    2Zchec Rep
    3 France
    4 Albania
    Waiting for the masterpieces

  2. Czech song – radio pop, could come from Denmark. Curious how this will sound live; girls will love the way he looks. Still, for me far and away the best of the known entries so far.

  3. Maybe Lake Malawi will opeen 2019 ESC? :D

  4. I just checked Lake Malawi(not the band😜),it is so beautiful…like Maldives on budget💜

  5. This morning I thought Donald Trump was on my feed. Or maybe he was? 😃

  6. On the Czech song: I haven’t payed full attention yet because I am still busy but listening to it as background music, I really enjoyed it. Of course it is standard radio pop but it gave me a good feeling and I even noticed that I was tapping along with my left foot, which always isagood sign. My 2nd place for now. Albania is still miles ahead of anyone else. Good luck!

  7. Hmmm Greece and Portugal in the same semi.
    Can’t wait for massively voting for either Telemoveis or Pugna! :P

  8. On Czech entry : They chose the most interesting entry among very bland hopefuls (Ok Sushi song was intriguing too)
    I like it. It’s indie, catchy and fresh. With a good performance it could score top 15 !

  9. Czech Republic: Actually solid choice. I liked Barbara’s song but it was too much of a lana del rey clone whereas lake malawi’s song and video felt more refreshing. Is that his real accent though? I guess it worked for Lena/satellite. Thank goodness the sushi song didn’t win.

    3)Czech Republic

    No songs I dislike yet! I wonder how long this will last.

  10. Czech song is cute…the guy looks like a famous Turkish youtuber Orkun Işıtmak so I got confused for a sec when I watched the video LOL

    My ranking is :
    1. CZE
    2. ALB
    3. ESP
    4. FRA

  11. Belgian entry to be presented on February 28.

  12. On Thursday rehearsals of the first MF semi!! OMG! *bitingnails*

  13. On paper, things could have been worse for Portugal, but let’s wai for the songs. Go back to a random draw, please. What is the point of having these pots if the blocs were not avoided?

  14. 1st semi didn’t seperate GRC-CYP or EST-FIN. It’s a very open semi of countries with poor qualification score. Cyprus will definitely benefit with Georgia being there (Tamta is of Georgian origin and used to be a judge in Georgian X factor). Ukraine is the only ex Soviet “super power” there (all of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan are in the other semi). Australia looks lonely. I really wonder if Bjorkman will blatantly favor all Swedish related entries once again when it comes to running order …

  15. I m kinda loving that chill czech song more and more by the minute.

  16. I now see that Sweden will have to perform from first half of second semi. I guess they won’t be given slot #2 by Bjorkman, I bet my house on it :P

  17. Luísa Sobral has said in an interview she would consider singing with Conan Osíris. She also said that he writes funny stuff, but she added that she has read a very good poem written by him. She is working with Cláudia Pascoal on Cláudia’s first album.

  18. I finally caught up with Romanian hopefuls in 1st semi. What a weak bunch :(
    Here’s my ranking

    1. The Four – Song of my heart : 6/10
    2. Bella Santiago – Army of love : 5/10 (Q)
    3. Claudiu Mirea – We are the ones : 5/10 (Q)
    4. Vaida – Underground : 5/10 (Q)
    5. Trooper – Destin : 5/10 (Q)
    6. Nicola – Weight of the world : 5/10
    7. Teodora Dinu – Skyscraper : 4/10 (Q)
    8. Steam – The way it goes : 4/10
    9. Dya and Lucian Colareza – Without you (Sin ti) : 3/10 (Q)
    10. Ommieh & Anakrisez – Rock this way : 3/10
    11. Berniceya – The call: Dynasty of love : 3/10

    “Army of love” is such a blatant copy cat of last year’s Fuego. Identical structure!
    All of the songs were average or weak. I only kinda liked the summery tune from The Four which unfortunately got eliminated

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