Latvia: Supernova First Semifinal Tonight

Latvia – LTV will launch the country’s national final tonight, Supernova 2019. There will be two semi-finals with 8 songs each and 4 will qualify to the final. You can still watch their auditions on the official Supernova’s Youtube page. Check  out tonight’s line-up!

Supernova first posted all auditions on their Youtuge page, and we could decide who we wanted through. Then LTV have revealed the 16 who qualified. Now they were drawn into two semi-finals of 8 acts with 4 tickets to the grand final, hosted in a month.

The show will be hosted by Dagmar Legant and Ketija Schoenberg. Tonight’s line-up is:

  1. Aivo Oskis – Somebody’s got my lover
  2. Alekss Silvērs – Fireworks
  3. Edgars Kreilis – Cherry absinthe
  4. Elza Rozentāle – You came on tiptoe
  5. Kris & Oz – Midnight Streets
  6. Laime Pilnīga – Awe
  7. Līga Rīdere – Būšu tepat
  8. Samanta Tīna – Cutting the Wire

The show starts at 20:25 CET and you may watch live here. It’ll be 50% jury and 50% televote tonight. The jury members are DJ Rudd, Linda Leen, Ralf Eiland and  Artis Dvarionas. The second semi-final will be hosted on February 2nd and the final on February 16th!

41 comments on “Latvia: Supernova First Semifinal Tonight

  1. Also tonight, Malta’s final, Lithuania’s 3rd heat and Georgia’s 4th show

  2. I love number 7 and 8!
    Līga Rīdere – Būšu tepat
    Samanta Tīna – Cutting the Wire

  3. If I remember correctly, I really liked songs 1, 3, 6 and 7. Good luck to all participants.

    • Līga Rīdere – Būšu tepat has just finished performance..I enjoyed it immensely, vocals very very good, the dress, everything is so simple…moves on the stage, so old fashioned but in fantastic way… <3 It doesn't have chance.. :(

  4. I haven’t listened to any Latvian songs yet. Good luck!

  5. Kris & Oz: I don’t like it.

  6. Alekss Silvērs: I like the instrumental but there’s too much “fire” in the lyrics :P

  7. The only performance I was interested in seeing:

    I love it and hate it lol.

  8. These are the 4 songs that reached the final:

    Aivo Oskis – “Somebody’s got my lover”
    Edgars Kreilis – “Cherry Absinthe”
    Samanta Tīna – “Cutting the wire”
    Laime Pilnīga – “Awe”

  9. So sad for Liga! :(
    But Samanta Tina’s got a BOP!
    She slayed me this time with this GEM! *faint*
    Please Latvia pick thia sassy diva! :D
    We need her in Tel Aviv to CUT THE WIRE! :P

  10. Seems like Līga Rīdere didn’t make it :( She did her best, but I suppose the song was “dated”.
    Edgars Kreilis should try with a Latvian version of his song, or just the instrumental :P

  11. My ranking :
    1. Kris & Oz : 7.5/10 :( (sad face for the elimination)
    2. Līga Rīdere : 6.5/10
    3. Edgars Kreilis : 6/10
    4. Cutting “To” wire (lol) : 6/10 but a very confident performance
    5. Laime Pilnīga : 4.75/10
    6. Alekss Silvērs : 4/10
    7. Aivo Oskis : 4/10
    8. Elza Rozentāle : 4/10

    Overall very good vocals on most occasions, weak songs

  12. I saw the lives, and my fave before, “Cherry Absinthe”, was poor live, even though Edgar is hot… Kris & Oz were robbed, the very best tonight! cool and laid back, so it wouldn’t ever get points from televote :/

  13. I didn’t watch the lives, but judging on the studio versions “Cherry Absinthe” is a clear winner.

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