Portugal: FdC Songs Out!

Portugal – RTP has revealed the 16 songs that will participate in this year’s  national final, Festival de Cançao 2019. Check out the songs and tell us your favorites!

RTP has also revealed more information on the upcoming Festival de Cançao. It will now take place on Saturdays instead of Sundays, making more “Super Saturdays” for us in the coming weeks! Each of the three shows will have different hosts as well, except for Inês Lopes Gonçalves who will be in the green room for all of them.

  • Semi-final 1: February 16th, hosts Sónia Araújo & Tânia Ribas de Oliveira
  • Semi-final 2: February 23rd, hosts Jorge Gabriel & José Carlos Malato
  • Final: March 2nd, hosts Filomena Cautela &Vasco Palmeirim 

The participating entries are:

You can click on them to listen to the songs! Which is your favorite?

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173 comments on “Portugal: FdC Songs Out!

  1. SEMI 1

    Inércia : Yes
    A Dois : No
    Telemóveis : YES!!!!
    Mais brilhante que mil sóis : Maybe
    Hoje : Yes
    É o Que É : Maybe
    O meu sonho : Yes
    Perfeito : Yes

    Overall decent level but with only one stand out (Telemoveis)

  2. Surma live:

    P.S. – I am so wanting to see her perform live in the second semi. ‘Pugna’ is doing rather well online – 4th, behind Conan, Calema and João Campos (who sings D.A.M.A.’s song).

  3. I really like the songs by Conan Osiris and NBC

  4. Lovely boy lost to Nadal but we love him anyway. <3

  5. SEMI 2

    Lava : maybe
    O Lugar : no
    Mundo A Mudar : yes
    Mar Doce : yes
    Igual a ti : yes
    O Jantar : yes
    Debaixo Do Luar : no
    Pugna : YES

  6. Have just listened again to Matay – “Perfeito” carefully …
    It would also probably be my fave of 2019 ESC if wins..what a a composition, what a vocal.. <3

    I like "Telemoveis", but I have to say I will be a bit disappointed if it wins..having Surma and Matay in the NF! :(

  7. Ana Cláudia – Inércia: It reminds me a bit of Mew actually, but in terms of compositional style and even the vocal performance (in that Jonas Bjerre is using falsetto of course). A strong entry which would likely get my vote in Eurovision.

  8. Calema – A Dois: Here comes the commercialized pop. Not the kind of stuff that can make me watch the contest, and there has been a lot of it in ESC lately.

  9. Conan Osíris – Telemóveis: Purposely off-key instrumental notes in the intro. Very Mediterranean singing style. Interesting pling-plong aesthetics. A very creative effort, and as such it represents what I want music to be about: artistery. The best song I have heard so far. Would make a fantastic ESC entry, but I feel it is not going to happen.

  10. Dan Riverman – Lava: A piano ballad with “atmospheric” chord changes. It contains many fine elements, but I don’t think the verse sounds entirely cohesive at this point. The chorus is more accomplished, and it moves towards a climax after the second verse. Fine song overall.

    Might have been an entry in ESC 1996, and I mean that positively.

  11. Ela Limão – Mais Brilhante Que Mil Sóis. Another very interesting composition with a couple of very surprising chord changes along the way (bonus points for this). And I really like the sort of “low budget” sound aesthetics. Sounds more like an album cut than a lead single, which will probably affect its chances. But I really like it nevertheless.

  12. Filipe Keil – Hoje. Now this is clealy not for me. Not that there aren’t any good elements in it, but composition-wise it sounds rather empty to me, and I have heard quite a lot of contemporary pop that sounds more or less like this. The vocal style is not my taste either.

  13. João Campos – É O Que É: I’m clearly not a fan of this either. Too feel-good and pleasing. A modified four chord song. Not in any way original. One of the big Danish supermarked chains, Føtex, occasionally use that kind of music for their advertising.

  14. Lara Laquiz – O Lugar: More hit factory pop. Worst part is the “oh-oh”s in the chorus (heard a million times before in post-2000 pop). Can’t find anything musically creative in the composition, but at least there is a real guitar to add siome hint at hand made music.

    I am clearly not the target audience of this, but I feel that even those who do like that kind of music will find it too uncharacteristic.

  15. I’ll save the rest for tomorrow.

  16. Telemoveis is the most interesting one so it should be supported.Just like Soldi,it does not require much singing so the live should not be a concern 😊

  17. Madrepaz – Mundo A Mudar: Sounds a bit like Simon and Garfunkel to me. I like that there is some mostly acoustic music, but the song is a bit boring. I’m not too keen on the electric guitar notes in the background now and then (too country like). I think it could work better for me, if there was some counterweight to all the softness.

  18. Mariana Bragada – Mar Doce: Jazzy harmonies here. It mixes well with the rhythmic elements. Interesting song overall. I really like the vocal harmonies too. I don’t know how accomplished I think it is, but I can clearly stand behind this song too.

  19. NBC – Igual a ti: I’m not too impressed by this. I think the composition is uninteresting, and I am rather tired of these drums. I imagine it has some fans around here (songs of that type usually do well in ETSC and VFoS), but it is not for me.

  20. Marlon – O Jantar. Quite 1970’s like sound overall. I like that it contains maj7 chords. A cozy dry aesthetics which is very liberating, but I am not sure how strong I think the composition is. A sympathetic effort in any case.

  21. Matay – Perfeito. Rather musical like and, tbh, also rather Disney’ish in its sentimentality. Not in any way a bad composition (many fine chords), but the vocal performance is just too sugary for me.

  22. Mila Dores – Debaixo Do Luar. Jazzy piano ballad. Contains many fine elements, f.e. in the productions, but I think it lacks something. A more intriguing vocal performance would clearly lift the song.

  23. Soraia Tavares – O Meu Sonho. I like this. Interesting produciton and dynamic development, f.e. with the backing vocals and the rhythm section.

  24. Surma – Pugna: Now this is really interesting. I really like the electronic elements in it, and the singing. In some plarts I thought about the instrumental track “Moss Garden” from David Bowie’s Heroes album. On a high artistic level.

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