Ukraine: Artists Revealed

Ukraine – UA:PBC, the broadcaster in charge of Ukraine’s participation in Eurovision 2019, has revealed the 16 participants its national final, Vidbir 2019. Check out who made it!

The participants are:

  • Brunettes Shoot Blondes
  • Braii
  • YUKO
  • Freedom Jazz
  • LAUD
  • ЦЕШО
  • The Hypnotunez

So far, no songs have been officially announced but you can look around for some. There are 5 returnees in this list, as Brunettes Shoot Blondes, Letay, Kazka, Tayanna and Laud have all done Vidbir before! Who’s your early favorite based on the name?

37 comments on “Ukraine: Artists Revealed

  1. Braii:



  2. Brunettes Shoot Blondes :D

  3. BSB are promising.
    I liked the songs by Braii and KiRA as well.

    Bring SB back asap! :P

  4. Hjallis for you :P

  5. ·
    Running order for the semifinals of the Swedish preselection Melodifestivalen has been revealed:

    Semifinal 1:
    1. Nano – Chasing Rivers
    2. High 15 – No Drama
    3. Wiktoria – Not With Me
    4. Zeana feat. Anis Don Demina – Mina bränder
    5. Arja Saijonmaa – Mina fyra årstider
    6. Mohombi – Hello
    7. Anna Bergendahl – Ashes To Ashes

    Semifinal 2:
    1. Andreas Johnson – Army Of Us
    2. Malou Prytz – I Do Me
    3. Oscar Enestad – I Love It
    4. Jan Malmsjö – Leva livet
    5. Vlad Reiser – Nakna i regnet
    6. Hanna Ferm & Liamoo – Hold You
    7.Margaret – Tempo

    Semifinal 3:
    1. The Lovers Of Valdaro – Somebody Wants
    2. Dolly Style – Habibi
    3. Martin Stenmarck – Låt skiten brinna
    4. Lina Hedlund – Victorious
    5. Omar Rudberg – Om om och om igen
    6. Rebecka Karlsson – Who I Am
    7. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Norrsken

    Semifinal 4:
    1. Pagan Fury – Stormbringer
    2. Anton Hagman – Känner dig
    3. Lisa Ajax – Torn
    4. Arvingarna – I Do
    5. Bishara – On My Own
    6. Ann-Louise Hansson – Kärleken finns kvar
    7. John Lundvik – Too Late For Love

  6. Considering how much I liked Laud, Letay or Taynna last effort (not her first), this will definitely be the best NF again (sorry to the A Dal fans here, I’m a Vidbir kind of guy lol)

  7. I’ll wait for the semi to get interested in Ukraine – I mean they are all about the show right? Really along with Greece, Turkey and Azerbeijan one of the countries that brought the contest back to life after the dire ’90s – really always put in a strong effort whether one likes the song or not (tho last year was kind of a mess IMHO).

    • I used to think “meh” of them, or as “trying too hard to impress” and while 2003 was a disaster, 2004 was nothing to scream about as it felt “nothing different than the two previous winners” but then politics caught up with the contest… I liked 2005-2008 entries, but also had something against all of them, so it was never a love affair and I simply hated 2009… 2010 was strong but 2011 an empty song that stole its good place with the show and that anchored the idea that Ukraine was the gimmick master (2007, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014…) I hated 2012 with a passion and never warmed up to “Gravity” per se… 2016 is when it picked up for me really: I loved all of their last three performances and songs, all in my top 12 of their years! but that’s also because of three great NF

      • I totally get your “too hard to impress”; some years like the porn act with the roman soldiers in the spinning wheels and of course tictoc (even I can sing better) was waaaay over the top. But I do give them credit for trying over the sleepwalking things GER, UK, ESP, MAC etc. often send.

  8. They say this is most likely KAZKA’S entry for Vidbir 2019:

  9. I am looking forward to listening to the Ukrainian hopefuls. :)

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