Sweden: Melodifestivalen Running-order Revealed!

Sweden – National broadcaster SVT has revealed this morning the running-order of the 4 semi-finals of Melodifestivalen 2019! Remember, SVT believes in making the draw a television and entertaining affair and so it’s not random. Check out the running order!

Semi-final 1 2 February 2019 – Göteborg
  1. Nano – Chasing Rivers
  2. High 15 – No Drama
  3. Wiktoria – Not With Me
  4. Zeana feat. Anis Don Demina – Mina bränder
  5. Arja Saijonmaa – Mina fyra årstider
  6. Mohombi – Hello
  7. Anna Bergendahl – Ashes To Ashes
Semi-final 2 9 February 2019 – Malmö
  1. Andreas Johnson – Army Of Us
  2. Malou Prytz – I Do Me
  3. Oscar Enestad – I Love It
  4. Jan Malmsjö – Leva livet
  5. Vlad Reiser – Nakna i regnet
  6. Hanna Ferm & Liamoo – Hold You
  7. Margaret – Tempo
Semi-final 3 16 February 2019 – Leksand
  1. The Lovers Of Valdaro – Somebody Wants
  2. Dolly Style – Habibi
  3. Martin – Låt skiten brinna
  4. Lina Hedlund – Victorious
  5. Omar Rudberg – Om om och om igen
  6. Rebecka Karlsson – Who I Am
  7. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Norrsken
Semi-final 4 23 February 2019 – Lidköping
  1. Pagan Fury – Stormbringer
  2. Anton Hagman – Känner dig
  3. Lisa Ajax – Torn
  4. Arvingarna – I Do
  5. Bishara – On My Own
  6. Ann-Louise Hansson – Kärleken finns kvar
  7. John Lundvik – Too Late For Love
Second chance 2 March 2019 – Nyköping
Final 9 March 2019  –Stockholm 

Considering SVT’s approach, we can guess who are the favorites in each semi, but there are every year a few upsets with the 100% televote results in each semi (Rolandz last year)… What are your expectations on this year’s contest?

98 comments on “Sweden: Melodifestivalen Running-order Revealed!

  1. Too many familiar names! :P

    I hope and pray I’ll love Arja’s entry.
    Goooo Arja!

    • While I love her 87 entry (my second behind Lena Ph) I didn’t like her 2005 camp entry and totally get why it failed!

      • I see what you mean, but personally when I think of Arja a totally different music stuff comes to my mind :)

      • Högt över havet and Håll om mig are the biggest self robberies Swedes have conducted in this competion. Bloody fools! And I am still sore of both of them!

        Vad trodde du trodde du fel was strange tv show filler kind of number with seriously overcooked campness. Wel she did look fantastic, like she always does.

        • I still prefer “Dansa i neon” but 2005 is something I haven’t recovered from

        • Hall om mig is one of my all-time faves, gfreat song to get pumped up to! Performance was a bit scary; she came across as more of a bad than an enchanting witch lol – but the winner/Las Vegas guy also seemed over-slick and dislikeable. They seem to have a thing for that type of attitude tho (2017/18 had the same issue styling-wise) and of course lots of guys like that around Stockholm (Sturehof clientele lol).

          • There’s nothing scary in Nanne! Poor woman was also robbed in Oslo ’96.

            Storehof is my favourite restaurant in Stockholm, when I was in Stockholm all the time ages ago I frequented. Still it’s the first thing I do in Stockholm. Those SWE boys might be perfect examples of Stureplan style, but Sturehof’s clientele has always been charmingly heterogeneous age and style wise even though you need to have couple of Stureplan frillas in attendance. It’s Stockholm, you have to be able to see over the top fashionably styled, polished young men. 😃

            • I love the food (and drinks) but just never feel its really relaxing. It’s almost like a film set, they could do the Great Gatsby in contemporary Stockholm there. It’s unusual in that you have – especially on Stureplan but in much of Stockholm – a lot of guys with a very clear, quite conservative styling and they don’t seem like the type or often age of guys where you’d expect this similarity. You see that much more with a group of friends who are younger, maybe a certain private school, certain subset of immigrants etc. Ig’s intrkiguing in a way. Love Stockholm (from April to September).

            • Great Social Democratic Gatsby it is! Love it.
              Stockholm boys lap up the trends like no other and turn them into season uniforms. It’s fascinating as it’s nowhere anything like this.
              I love Stockholm all year round. Here up north, it’s just weather – a matter of clothing.

        • “Vad du än trodde så trodde du fel” was the fist FFF (Fan Favourite Flopping) in modern Melodifestivalen. SVT had to control the televoting result three times because they couldn’t believe that Arja had finished last.

          • It’s quite surprising, it really wasn’t that bad. It’s more like annoying as she looks marvelous and you realise how brilliant this gay schlager fest could have actually been. The song tries too hard, ticking all the possible boxes and then missing the mark by miles.

      • Högt över havet and Håll om mig are the biggest self robberies Swedes have commited in this competition. Bloody fools. Still sore!

        Vad trodde du trodde du fel was just seriously ill fated and ill conceived attempt to position her as gay icon for MF.

    • I agree “too many familiar names”: we like in each NF when someone who really wants to go to the contest returns, but when a NF is nothing but returnee you know it’s inside a bubble that will burst soon (last year’s televote show the start of that)!

      But there are always great songs in MF (last year, Dotter or Liamoo who did MF for the first time)… so let’s wait!

    • I’m more and more worried as the composer is quite old and he hardly has any kind of credits.

  2. The first semi definately looks interesting

  3. YAAY my presemi faves perform the last in the first and second semi!! :)

  4. Doron Medalie along with Pastora Soler,Tony Aguilar and Manuel Marcos will be in the jury panel of the Eurovision gala of Operacion Triunfo.Eleni Foureira will be the guest act: http://www.rtve.es/television/20190111/rtvees-estrena-exclusiva-canciones-candidatas-eurovision-jueves-17-enero/1867502.shtml

  5. 18 year old Roko Blazevic( I think Morgan will find him hot) will sing Jacques Houdek’s entry for DORA 2019 titled “Dream”.The title draws inspiration from this year’s slogan “Dare to Dream” and also from Jacques’ own esc entry “My Friend”:

  6. Feels somewhat sacrilegious to call a song Ashes to ashes – #bowie4ever.

    • If you recycle your title like this, there really can’t be much of a song there. Then again, last time Sweden won, it was with Bowie recycled title.. And to think about it, there wasn’t much of song in it either. Don’t think poor Anna will pull a zelmerlövian ESC stage spectacle out of her hat. So I don’t have to think about this as really bad omen.

  7. Anna Bergendahl is fave in betting odds now.. :D yay

  8. The usual suspects are back… I am sure you will keep me informed. :) Good luck, Sweden!

  9. I really hope Jon Henrik Fjällgren pulls it of this time with pitch perfect arctic tableau vivant. If not, then Liamoo. Or Oscar Enestad, not because I think he might do Felix Sandman. He won’t. He should win as her girl friend is 50 (Oscar is 21). I like young man’s attitude. Go Oscar! 😃

    And of course it’s good to see Arja no matter what she does!

  10. The covers that the contestants will be singing tomorrow:

    Battista Acquaviva – Parla più piano (Gianni Morandi)
    Lautner – J’ai cherché (Amir)
    Chimène Badi – Je ne regrette rien (Edith Piaf)
    Aysat – Dancing Queen (ABBA)
    Mazy – Si seulement je pouvais lui manquer (Calogero)
    Florina – L’hymne à l’amour (Edith Piaf)
    Bilal Hassani – Carmen (Stromae)
    Naestro – Perfect (Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli)
    Silvàn Areg – Un homme debout (Claudio Capéo)

  11. Bella is in Romania after all. And I think she just won it all

    • The title itself puts me to sleep. The song is Cyprus 18 part 2, but with a better orchestration. It will most probably win, I agree.

      • Lol, you beat me to it :)

          • She is a fresh winner of X factor Romania..she is from Philippines..she is very good live though..
            I’m so sad, I want a BOP called “Baya” by ESC legend Mihai Traistariu for Tel Aviv! ;'(
            You were right when you sated that talent shows will destroy our dear ESC festival.. GRRRR….


            • :) Talent shows should not be used to select ESC songs, imo. I remember watching her last year in the Romanian NF. She deserves a better song than this one.

            • I have to admit that her performance of “Hora din Moldova” in X factor was brilliant! :p She actually has better English than my lovely Nelly Ciobanu had back in 2009, for that English part! :D

            • She knows how to sing live, I give her that.

      • It’s as much a carbon copy of Fuego – starting with the instrumental at the very beginning – as Cascada was of Euphoria. That includes the similarly gibberish and incomprehensible text. I really wish they would stop having artists sing in a language they can’t pronounce.

    • Trying for the Cyprus 2018 vibe.

      • It’s evident yes, but it includes some Romanian pop staples and the Tagalog (!) bridge spices it up. It can be fun. :)

        • Of course. I loved Fuego so I won’t mind if it’s along those lines ie. well staged, slick choreography and plenty of shakes. I’m looking forward to this one :)

    • it feels more eurovisiony than “Fuego”, and more of a fan favorite than “Fuego” was (remember it WASN’T an Ogae darling before the rehearsals), with Romanian usual takes on lives, I’d say it’s a BIG contender for 7th-9th in the contest à la Denmark 2018 in the camp approach that works with televote

      • It sure follows a formula, but it’s keeping it fresh and with some identity. I’m happy to add it to the lineup, as this is what Romanian pop is. Inna, Antonia, all of them

    • The song does not reach the climax because the instruments are not strong enough…

  12. UK decides 2019 on February 8.Supernova kicks off on January 26.2 heats,a semifinal and the final on February 16.

  13. A DAL.Another nice one:

  14. I hope that MF will be back to normal form after last year’s disappointing edition. Good luck!

  15. I’ll just leave this here.
    Nice version from Kristian in China

    • Trying to build up a career in China?Very,very nice…the Chinese instrument is also awesome💜

      • I think so too. he also performed at Miss World 2017 so the doors already opened then to return. Big audience.

    • I never got the appeal of this song. It was well-produced but it was painful how he couldn’t hit the high notes.

      • Oh. I loved it, it was quite impressive for Bulgaria, well imo it was lol.
        I think this version is quite lovely and those Chinese strings really work and add to it.

  16. Still predicting that Hanna & LIAMOO could win it all this year. Definitely looking forward to their entry.

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