Germany: Line-up Complete!

Germany – ARD announced a 7th entry was announced to compete as finalist in the German national final, Unser Lied Für Israel. More details on the competition were revealed as well.

At first, we only had six names to go by, and you can still check who they are here. However, the possibility existed that up to two more acts could join the line-up. It’s now official that the song ‘Sister‘ impressed the jury so much that they decided to pick it up and it was handed to Carlotta Truman & Laura Kästel, aka Sisters!

So this is now the full complete line-up:

  • Aly Ryan – Wear your love (Lyrics & music: Aly Ryan, Michelle Leonard, Thomas Stengaard, Tamara Olorga)
  • BB Thomaz – Demons (Lyrics & music: BB Thomaz, Andrew Tyler, Ricardo Bettiol, Tim Schou)
  • Linus Bruhn – Our city (Music: Linus Bruhn, Dave Roth, Pat Benzner, Serhat Sakin, Simon Reichardt. Lyrics: Linus Bruhn, Dave Roth, Pat Benzner, Serhat Sakin, Gianna Roth)
  • Gregor Hägele – Let me go (Music & lyrics : Gregor Hägele, Jonas Shandel, David Jürgens, Tamara Olorga)
  • Sisters – Sister (Music & lyrics: Laurell Barker, Marine Kaltenbacher, Tom Oehler, Thomas Stengaard)
  • Lilly Among Clouds – Surprise (Lyrics: Elisabeth Brüchner, Music: Elisabeth Brüchner, Udo Rinklin)
  • Makeda – The day I loved you most (Music & lyrics: Makeda, Tim Uhlenbrock, Kelvin Jones, Kristine Bogan)

More details were revealed about the competition. It will last for 2nd and will be hosted on February 22nd by Barbara Schöneberger and Linda Zervakis in Berlin. The songs will not be revealed until the day of the national final, so on Friday 22nd!

7 comments on “Germany: Line-up Complete!

  1. “Lilly Among Clouds”?! :)
    Love the name.

    • Lilly and Aly seem to be the two with some indie credibility so most looking forward to them most. The guys both seem like boy-with guitar types so not expecting much (can work as we saw last year but not my thing plus never a good idea to copy last year’s success.

      • I still can’t get over Ryk’s televote result last year :(

        • I didn’t like any of the songs actually but he at least had the eye candy factor. I got to sort of like Michael Schulte later (though it’s usually not my kind of music) because they plaed it on the radio a lot.

  2. What can one say? Another bunch of songs in English, composed by international teams, I suspect. Without having heard the songs, I am already rooting for Lilly Among Clouds – Surprise (Lyrics: Elisabeth Brüchner, Music: Elisabeth Brüchner, Udo Rinklin). :D Good luck, Germany!

  3. I am rooting for Lilly Among Clouds for now. Good luck to us. :)

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