Serbia: 24 Artists Announced for Beovizija 2019

Serbia – RTS, the Serbian national broadcaster, has revealed the 24 participants its national Beovizija 2019 selection. It is expected that there will be 2 semi-finals and a final, all to be held in February 2019. There are returning previous ESC representatives Nevena Božović (Serbia 2013) and Extra Nena (Yugoslavia 1992).The entrants are:

  1. Ivana Vladović & Vonder strings – Moja bol
  2. Ekstra Nena – ‘Još ti čujem glas’ 
  3. Sanja Rio – ‘Ljubimo se’ 
  4. Nataša & Una – ‘Slobodna’ 
  5. Jana Šušteršić – ‘Viktorija’
  6. Saška Janx – ‘Da li čuješ moj glas’
  7. Dženan Lončarević – ‘Nema Suza’
  8. Fankd Up – ‘Zašto da se ne desi’
  9. Goga Stanić – ‘Ti znaš da ne znaš me’
  10. Majdan – ‘Budim te’
  11. Sofija Perić – ‘Aritmija’
  12. Ana Popović – ‘Lutaš’
  13. Aleksandra Sekulić – ‘Tugo’
  14. Osvajači – ‘Vatra i plamen’ 
  15. Džipsikord – ‘Boje’
  16. Dunja Vujadinović – ‘7′
  17. Eleonora – ‘Samo lagano’
  18. Lord – ‘Radnički sin’
  19. Tina & Lola Amvon – ‘Tvoje oči’ 
  20. Mr Doo – ‘Do 100′
  21. Ivan Kurtić – ‘Bella’
  22. Nevena Božović – ‘Kruna’
  23. Lana & Aldo– ‘Pogledaj u nebo’
  24. Tamara Milanović – ‘Reči nisu dovoljne’

The winner will be selected via a jury / televote split.

28 comments on “Serbia: 24 Artists Announced for Beovizija 2019

  1. Jana Sustersic participated in EMA 2015 :D

  2. Hoping for a good song!
    I like Goga’s song on previous thread

  3. I was worried… but this is so good now. I’m into this. Yes. Latvia don’t fail me

  4. Good luck to one of my most favourite countries in the ESC!

  5. Wasn’t Lord in the 2018 line-up as well? He was Togravus’ fav if I remember correctly.

    • Yes that is the same artist…laan & Aldo were there too, I luv ’em.. :D
      they are old shooll together with Ekstra Nena… :D

      Dzenan is the biggest name on the list, he might win:

    • Yes, Lord, Lana &Aldo, Sashka Janx and Igor Kurtic were all participants of Beovizija 2018. Sanja Ilic (from Balkanika) worked on Mr Boo’s song (it’s a mystery who is that), and Sofija Milutinovic worked song for Ana Popović (composer of “Umoran” performed by Rejbass last year). As for Eurovision winning composer of Molitva, he did a song for Jana and Sofija Perić.

    • He was my favourite as well. Looking forward to that!

  6. Dzenan would be a good choice for us when it comes to voting from Ex Yugo countries, he is popular and known there..

  7. Also, imo the best song from Osvajači. Release year 1995 xD

  8. I am looking forward to listening to the Serbian hopefuls. :)

  9. One of my favorite NFs last year. Love the language <3

  10. Excited to see Nevena since my 13-year-old self (embarrassingly) loved Moje 3. Can’t really comment though until the songs are released.

  11. I have just heard an acoustic version of one of the songs :D And I must say I love it… :) It is from the artist I haven’t expected anything. I just hope it doesn’t get disqualified, since it is out there :D on the web xD I hope that official version will be great. With only guitars it sounds a little like “Despacito” to me, but just the rhythm…

  12. Beovizija was among my favourite national finals last season. :)
    My short holiday in Tel Aviv is coming to an end. Flying back home later today. :(

  13. My favorite is Funked Up, a band from Belgrade. The singer is Aleksandra the second from the Serbian Idol competition.
    Live sounds great.

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