Romania: All Songs Revealed!

Romania – TVR, the national broadcaster of Romania, has revealed the line-up and the songs in this year’s Selecția Națională 2019, the national final for Romania. Down to only 24 from last year’s 60, check out the entries!

After last year’s celebration of the country’s independance, that toured through the country and featured no less than 60 songs, which ended in the country’s first ever failure to qualify to the Eurovision final, we are down to a more traditional national final, with 24 songs that will be split into 2 semifinals to be held in Arad and Iași. However, Dan Bittman, the first ever artist to represent Romania in the contest (in 1994), withdrew his entry soon after and rumors say that Bella Santiago’s “Army Of Love” will replace it as a wildcard. It has not been confirmed by TVR.

Here are the songs selected to participate in this year’s national final, whose slogan is “Împlineşte visul!” (“Fulfill the dream!”):



  • Mihai – Baya (Speechless)
  • Letitia Moisescu & Sensibil Balkan – Daina
  • Laura Bretan – Dear Father
  • Trooper – Destin
  • Xonia – Discrete
  • Johnny Badulescu – Give Up Now
  • Echoes – High Heels On
  • 2 Gents – Ielele
  • Xandra – Independent
  • TWM – Make Me Your Man
  • Ester Peony – On A Sunday
  • Olivier Kaye – Right Now
  • Ommieh x Anakrisez – Rock This Way
  • Teodora Dinu – Skyscraper
  • Georgy – Tears
  • Berniceya – The Call
  • The Four – The Song Of My Heart
  • Steam – The Way It Goes
  • Vaida – Underground
  • Claudiu Mirea – We Are The Ones
  • Nicola – Weight Of The World
  • Dya & Lucian Colareza – Without You (Sin ti)
  • Aldo Blaga – Your Journey

Besides the recap video, all songs are out as well and can be found in this playlist:


So which are your favorites to see in Tel Aviv?

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168 comments on “Romania: All Songs Revealed!

  1. I am lagging really behind regarding NFs this season.
    I only know the Albanian entry.

  2. Does anyone if the czech final will be an online affair based on the videos like last year?

  3. Spanish Eurovision gala on January 20.

  4. Songvakeppnin hopefuls to be revealed on January 26.

  5. No comments on Romanian NF? Lol
    My favorite is Trooper- Destin

  6. Elton John or Coldplay?KAN tries to recruit a big international artist to serve as an interval act.

  7. Ukrainian hopefuls:

  8. I love this honest and simply entry from Supernova 2019 more and more..it is wonderful! <3

  9. The international jury of the first semifinal:

  10. Erica Jenning’s esc entry for Eurovizijos Atranka:

  11. Katerina Duska, a singer/songwriter raised in Montreal is the new name in the greek Eurovision rumour mill:

  12. Hahahah Ekstra Nena is in our lineup! :D
    Nevena Bozovic from Moje 3 as well, the blonde one.. :D
    Dzenan Loncarevic is the biggest name, I suppose he can win!
    Lana and Also are there YAAAY! :)

  13. This girl must win!!!

  14. I pray it is Lozano for Macedonia!!

  15. At last, I managed to listen to the Romanian line-up.
    Not a single one I really like :(
    Letitia, Laura, Echoes, TMW, Steam are… kinda… okish.

    I already miss The Humans.
    Good luck, neighbours.

  16. The jury panel that will select the Greek hopeful/entry.It includes Dimitris Papadimitriou and Giannis Petridis(wow).It’s very promising.Fingers crossed.The complete jury:
    It includes: Chairman Dimitris Papadimitriou (composer, member of ERT board), Petros Adam (music producer), Fotis Apergis (journalist), Giannis Petridis (music producer), Maria Koufopoulou (director of international relations of ERT), Sofia Dranidou (Head of Directorate for International Affairs).

  17. 1st Vidbir 2019 entry:

  18. KiRA MAZUR:

  19. Btw, the more I listen to Albania 19, the more I like it I think.

  20. Battista Acquaviva – “Passio”,I saw just a small part of rehearsal…fascinating! Go to Tel Aviv Battista! :D

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