Estonia: Songs Revealed

Estonia – The 24 acts taking part in this year’s Estonia selection, Eesti Laul 2019, have been revealed by the broadcaster, ERR. They were chosen by a jury from 216 entries. You can listen to them here.

After a few changes were announced, the semifinals will now feature 12 songs which will all be performed live. 6 of them will go through to the final. Eesti Laul 2019’s Grand Final takes place on 16 February 2019,  at the Saku Suurhall, Tallinn.

  • Semi-final 1 (31 January 2019)
    1. High Heels In The Neighbourhood” – The Swingers, Tanja & Birgit
    2. Supernova” – Ranele
    3. Deep Water” – Sofia Rubina ft. Janika Tenn
    4. Hold Me Close” – xtra basic & Emily J
    5. Miks sa teed nii?” – Johanna Eendra
    6. Storm” – Victor Crone
    7. Without You” – Stefan
    8. Little Baby El” – Jennifer Cohen
    9. Soovide puu” – Sandra Nurmsalu
    10. Öhuloss” – ÖED
    11. Smile” – Marko Kaar
    12. Coming Home” – INGER
  • Semi-final 2 (2 February 2019)
    1. I’ll Do It My Way” – Synne Valtri
    2. Strong” – Sissi
    3. Wo sind die Katzen?” – Kaia Tamm
    4. Kaks miinust” – Iseloomad
    5. Parmumäng” – Cätlin Mägi & Jaan Pehk
    6. Milline päev” – Lumevärv ft. INGA
    7. Pretty Little Liar” – Uku Suviste
    8. Cold Love” – Kerli Kivilaan
    9. Follow Me Back” – Around The Sun
    10. Halleluja” – Lacy Jay
    11. Kui isegi kaotan” – Grete Paia
    12. Believe” – Kadiah

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89 comments on “Estonia: Songs Revealed

  1. Offtopic, it won’t happen but one can hope:

    • He definitely had a better club season than Modric…but they love giving it to the World Cup hero in WC years.

      Messi being 5th is a joke.

      • or Ronaldo 2nd, after the year he did… but it’s too soon for people to let them go after a triumphant decade!

        as Simeone said, Griezmann is an actually smart player and when he plays well your entire team play well. He scored in the quarterfinal and finals of both C3 and WC but that wasnt enough. And because of Real’s insane campaign every year, and the little interest people have for players like Griezmann (not athletic, not a lot of scoring), I’m not sure Griezmann can hope for better… Henry also only had two podiums and never better!

    • Christophe and Vitaa have songs in my playlist. :)

    • it’s pretty good, and Christophe had the best taste last year imo. Manoukian is a huge name in such shows as he’s been a jury every year for French Idol, so that may bring more viewers than Amir, who was more esc niche (even though he’s very famous now in France) or Isabell Boulet (respected artist, but more for the “mothers” category of viewers)

  2. I finally managed to catch up with the EL hopefuls but only sort of. I listened to snippets of the songs provided by one of those My Top 24 clips on YT.

    2 acts stood out to me: Iseloomad and Ranele

    Some others sounded OK: Kadiah, Johanna Eendra, Sandra Nurmsalu and The Swingers feat. etc.

    I did not enjoy listening to the songs by Sofia Rubina, Kerli Kivilaan, Xtra basic, Jennifer Cohen, Marko Kaar, Around the Sun and Stefan.

    And then I spotted 2 horrors: Synne Valtri’s dated schlager and that Cat abomination.

    The rest left me indifferent.

    All in all the line-up is a bit too much on the safe side imo.

  3. I have just listened to snippets of the 30 A dal hopefuls. It is once again a very diverse and interesting line-up. There even is a song that sounds like a B-side The Working Week might have come up with in the 90s. :)
    The following acts caught my interest: Acoustic Planet, Gergö Szekér, Joci Pápai, Rozina Pátkai and YesYes.

    Kyra’s song is awful but … well … celebrate diversity!

    Leander Kills are a disappointment in case the snippet is representative of the entire song. :(

  4. Sacha Jean Baptise the stage director for Cyprus plus the team behind the song:

  5. Xmas song from Helena

    • I’ve been working all day and I missed this announcement. Thanks for having posted the list. There are very interesting names on that list and some of them are widdelu known here, such as D.A.M.A.. I am especially thrilled to see Surma on the list; I am a fan of her work (I was considering sending one of ehr songs to VFoS, but time passed and things changed. Some videos:



    • Dino’s Lura is on the list as well. :) These names are very promising on paper.

    • Calema are the other big name on this list:

      Some fans are already saying that Calema and D.A.M.A. will be duking it out.

  6. Indeed via here Iberian penunsia hoping for great things via our neighbour

  7. French hopefuls
    Florina – In The Shadow
    Ugo – Ce qui me blesse
    Aysat – Comme une grande
    Chimène Badi – Là Haut
    Silvàn Areg – Le petit Nicolas
    Gabriella – On cherche encore
    Doutson – Sois un bon fils
    Seemone – Tous les deux
    The Divaz – La voix d’Aretha
    Emmanuel Moire – La Promesse
    Tracy De Sà – Por Aqui
    Battista Acquaviva – Passio
    Lautner – J’ai pas le temps
    Philipelise – Madame la Paix
    Bilal Hassani – Roi
    Mazy – Oulala
    Noémie – Ma petite famille
    Naestro – Le Brasier

    1.30 snippets will be available on 20 December

    • Only one song seems to be in English. Wow. Good for them.

    • And here are the people behind the songs.
      01. Florina – “In the shadow” (compositeurs : Manon Romiti, Silvio Lisbonne, Pierre-Laurent Faure, Adrien Levron / auteure : Manon Romiti)
      02. Aysat – “Comme Une Grande” (compositeurs : Aysat, Mohamed Zayana / auteure : Aysat)
      03. Ugo – “Ce Qui Me Blesse” (compositeur : Ugo Benterfa / auteurs : Ugo Benterfa, Vicken Sayrin)
      04. Chimène Badi – “Là-Haut” (compositeurs : Yseult, Yacine Azeggagh, Corson, Boban Apostalov / auteurs : Yseult, Yacine Azeggagh, Corson)
      05. Sylvàn Areg – “Le Petit Nicolas” (auteurs-compositeurs : Caz B, Mamadou Niakate, Erick Ness)
      06. Gabriella – “On Cherche Encore (Never Get Enough)” (compositeurs : Gabriella Laberge, Christian Sbrocca, Richard Turcotte, Zender Howard Scott / auteurs : Gabriella Laberge, Christian Sbrocca, Richard Turcotte)
      07. Doutson – “Sois Un Bon Fils” (auteurs-compositeurs : Mamadou Niakate, Jean-Pascal Anziani, Ryad Bouchami, Caz B)
      08. Seemone – “Tous Les Deux” (auteurs-compositeurs : Fabrice Mantegna, Alexandre, Mazarguilt, Léa Simoncini)
      09. The Divaz – “La Voix d’Aretha” (auteurs-compositeurs : Yacine Azeggagh, Marielle Hervé)
      10. Emmanuel Moire – “La Promesse” (auteur-compositeur : Emmanuel Moire)
      11. Tracy De Sà – “Por Aqui” (compositeur : Tiery-F / auteure : Tracy De Sà)
      12. Battista Acquaviva – “Passio” (compositeurs : Florent Bidouyend, Théodore Eristoff / auteure : Battista Acquaviva)
      13. Lautner – “J’ai Pas Le Temps” (compositeurs : John Mamann, Johnny Goldstein, Koby Hass / auteurs : John Mamann, Sophie Tapie)
      14. Philipelise – “Madame La Paix” (compositeurs : Elise Philip, Guillaume Soulan / auteure : Elise Philip)
      15. Bilal Hassani – “Roi” (compositeurs : Bilal Hassani, Madame Monsieur, Medeline / auteurs : Bilal Hassani, Madame Monsieur)
      16. Mazy – “Oulala” (auteure-compositrice : Julie Mazy)
      17. Noémie – “Ma Petite Famille” (compositeur : Cehashi / auteurs : Noémie, Youssoupha)
      18. Naestro – “Le Brasier” (compositeurs : Mark Hekic, Alexandra Maquet, Thierry Leteurtre / auteurs : Mark Hekic, Alexandra Maquet)

      • Madame Monsieur behind “Bilal Hassani”.Is this the Bilal H.they talk about?
        French Singer/Songwriter Bilal Hassani was discovered on « The Voice Kids » when he was only 14 years old.
        The young singer made a big impression on The Voice kids by singing « Rise Like a Pheonix » by Conchita Wurst , the winner of the 2014 edition of Eurovision

  8. I listen to Lacy Jay – “Halleluja” every day! It’s top class production!
    I think it can be very popular!
    I hope she will be good live and has chance to win..
    Estonian fans say it is open year..so she can have some chance..she is not popular, but the team behind the entry is…
    It reminds me of Weeknd’s songs! :)

  9. It comes across as pretty obvious that Halleluja is of higher musical quality than the rest – that mainly is composed of safe mainstream stuff. If the price to pay for a bigger national final is this, then I’d rather have Estonia getting back to a smaller scale show but with much edgier and underground stuff as they did offer 2-3 years back.

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