Sweden: Melodifestivalen Line-up to be Announced

Sweden – The national broadcaster of Sweden, SVT, will reveal the line-up for this year’s Melodifestivalen on 27th November at 09:00 (CET).  Melodifestivalen has been used for many years to choose Sweden’s Eurovision entry and next year’s contest will be the 58th edition.

Melfest 2019 will take place between 2nd February 2019 and 9th March 2019, and the presenters will be Sarah Dawn Finer, Kodjo Akolor, Marika Carlsson and Eric Saade.

The Lovers of Valdaro, a duo consisting of Erik Gabriel Høiby and Adam Warhester, were announced as the first act of Melodifestivalen 2019 after they were successful on the Swedish talent show P4 Nästa.

Rumours about other potential semi-finalists include: Dolly Style, Hanna Ferm, Magnus Carlsson, John Lundvik, Jan Malmsjö, Anton Hagman, Bishara Morad, Vlad Reiser, Ann-Louise Hanson, Wiktoria, Nano, Arvingarna, Lina Hedlund(of Alcazar) and Jon Henrik Fjällgren.

Melfest dates:

Semi-final 1 2 February 2019 – Göteborg
Semi-final 2 9 February 2019 – Malmö
Semi-final 3 16 February 2019 – Leksand
Semi-final 4 23 February 2019 – Lidköping
Second chance 2 March 2019 – Nyköping
Final 9 March 2019  –Stockholm 


36 comments on “Sweden: Melodifestivalen Line-up to be Announced

  1. Another festival of returnees about to happen

  2. Of course I’m gonna try to withhold judgment until we can actually hear the songs, but the lineup isn’t looking too good to me yet. The only artist that slightly interests me is Wiktoria. Hopefully some more interesting artists come along soon.

  3. Soooo SVT announced a date and then there’s a bunch of names that are speculated about > cue overexcited 30-minute wiwiblogs clip. Ohmygaaaawd!

  4. Lately Sweden has been out of touch with Europe’s televoting taste. Let’s hope that they have learned their lesson and won’t send another anonymous act. Good luck!

  5. If he is in I see Lundvik winning in the same fashion as Bengtsson/Ingrosso.

    I wonder if instead of more countries going upbeat because of the Toy/Fuego Top 2, we might see more gospel given how successful its’ proven to be with juries across Europe.

  6. So… in which semi is going to be Oscar Enestad? :P
    The momentum of Arvingarna is shocking :o

  7. Jan Malmsjö should have waited two years so that he would become the oldest MF contestants ever.

    I also hope that Jon Henrik will enter with something that sounds more authentic Sami instead of the “Circle of life” reboot he did last time. Something like Hungary 2017, but with jojk, I would wish.

    Not too much of an Anton Hagman fan. He’s just a little bit too much of an Anton Ewald carbon copy: same name, same look, same styling, same clothes… The only difference is that Mr. Hagman doesn’t dance. Or grab his crotch.

    Good luck to us!

  8. Οff-topic, more conflicting reports on Greece’s Eurovision plans that prove the sad state of our journalism as well as the lack of any concrete plans or vision on the part of the public broadcaster. After the resurfaced Kalomira rumours (denied by her agent), PeopleGreece yesterday reported that pop singer Nikos Ganos confirmed to them he had a meeting with ERT officials over ESC but nothing definite was agreed. According to another report by Star TV, today ERT sources denied that such a meeting ever happened…

    All you need to keep from this debacle is this picture of Nikos Ganos (on the left) with his brother Michalis:

  9. Lets hope that at least Sweden goes against the stream and keeps sending credible music. It is one of the last bastions of hope in this new era of degrade and ridicule for the contest – if it starts doing what the ever so ridiculous esc televoters want it may as well give up cause it would make a great disservice to the expanding swedish music industry.

  10. Last time Sweden was in my top10 was back in 2010.
    2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 they were in my top20!!! :o :o :o

    Regarding Cyprus and all this Alex Pap – Tamta thing, I just had this flash:
    When was the last time in eurovision that a country that came 2nd in one year, they came 1st the next one? I think it was Germany back in 1981 – 1982. And what a coincidence?! Both those German entries were penned by the same composer :)

  11. So far, this is looking like a VIP Melfest edition, wanting to go all the way with #BigNames to offset last year’s lukewarm efforts.

    Also rumored are Anna Bergendahl (!!!) and Rebecka Karlsson (runner up to LIAMOO in idol)

  12. lol!Irish jesc entry and performance has already won a cult status in recent esc/jesc history:

  13. Celebrating quality and talent in ESC:

  14. The usual suspects are coming back, I see. Good luck, Sweden!

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