Junior Eurovision 2018: All You Need to Know

Junior Eurovision 2018 – We’re into the last week before this year’s Junior Eurovision contest and we’ve got the full low down on everything you need to know about Saturday’s event. On the 25th of November, the 16th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Belarus’ capital Minsk at the Minsk-Arena. 
The venue holds 15,000 people. The slogan for this year’s contest is ‘Light Up’.

Minsk is hosting the contest for the second time. They previously hosted in 2010. The Opening Ceremony was hosted by Denis Dudinsky and Anna Kviloria:

Eugene Perlin and Zinaida Kupriyanovich will host the contest, together with Helena Meraai in the green room.

There are two debuting countries: Kazakhstan and Wales. A record 20 acts will go head to head and the running order is as follows:

1. Ukraine – Darina Krasnovetska – ‘Say Love
2. Portugal – Rita Laranjeira – ‘Gosto de Tudo‘ (Já Não Gosto de Nada)
3. Kazakhstan – Daneliya Tuleshova – ‘Өзіңе сен‘ (Òzińe Sen)
4. Albania – Efi Gjika – ‘Barbie
5. Russia – Anna Filipchuk – ‘Unbreakable
6. The Netherlands – Max & Anne – ‘Samen
7. Azerbaijan – Fidan Huseynova – ‘I Wanna Be Like You
8. Belarus – Daniel Yastremski – ‘Time
9. Ireland – Taylor Hynes – ‘IOU
10. Serbia – Bojana Radovanović – ‘Svet
11. Italy – Melissa & Marco – ‘What is Love
12. Australia –Jael – ‘Champion
13. Georgia – Tamar Edilashvili – ‘Your Voice
14. Israel – Noam Dadon – ‘Children Like These
15. France – Angélina – ‘Jamais Sans Toi
16. F.Y.R. Macedonia – Marija Spasovska – ‘Doma
17. Armenia – L.E.V.O.N – ‘L.E.V.O.N
18. Wales – Manw – ‘Perta
19. Malta – Ela – ‘Marchin’On
20. Poland – Roksana Węgiel – ‘Anyone I Want To Be

Each country’s public vote wards the traditional 12, 10, 8 to 1 points to their top 10 songs. A jury does the same. International viewers can then also vote for 3-5 songs. All votes are then converted to points by proportional representation.

You’ll be able to watch the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest live on the 25th of November at 16.00 (CET) via the official LIVE STREAM HERE.

You can watch a recap of all of the 20 acts here:

Who’s your favourite?

Source: Junior Eurovision & BTRC

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216 comments on “Junior Eurovision 2018: All You Need to Know

  1. Juries gave it to Australia. Not happy at all

  2. France is gonna win?!?

  3. Cmn France!

  4. Poland wins ???

  5. They need about 125 points

  6. Well I did not expect this but I’m not upset. Suddenly I am the biggest patriot Poland has ever seen. Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła!

  7. Online voting given Poland’s power is ridiculous.

    • Yeah it really showed this year. Thought the voting for 3 countries system would stop them but they got a whopping difference.

      • that’s Poland in the contest since their 2014 return… nationalism at its worst

      • They should scrap online voting.It would be interesting to see the countries the bulk of votes for Poland came from.

        • Last year they didn’t have such a strong support though.

          • Maybe Polish fans didn’t like the song that much.It still placed 7th.

            • I don’t remember what song they send last yar as I am not paying much attention to JESC. The way televoting is done in JESC is of course completely wrong but the trends are not the same each year. It would be a good thing if they publish the origin of the televoting thus having a better picture.

        • I have no doubts about that tbh

      • I wonder if only people in the competing countries could vote. Jan Smit asked Flemish viewers to vote for the NL at jesc dot com, but Belgian doesn’t even take part.

        • Ts ts ts…

        • Anyone can vote. I am in Belgium now and could vote. It’s a “world” vote, done MF style with a fixed number of total points divided by percentage of total votes given. Poland won that vote by a 19 point margin over France.

          • Explains a lot. So the Polish could vote in Poland and their diaspora could vote abroad.

            • Yes – I really thought the requirement to vote for 3 entries at least with a maximum of 5 (one vote each) could mitigate that effect but I bet the poles voted strategically for outsiders other than their own entry.

  8. Meh…did not deserve it. France and Australia would be better winners.

  9. Omg that’s awkward that got on the wrong stage

  10. Rigged results.

  11. Kinda wanted France to win just cause it’d be nice for them one to win one of these once. Congrats to Poland!

  12. Junior Eurovision is absurd. The jury vote looks like it’s been constructed by a random number generator then the televote (worldwide vote) is so skewed towards certain countries.

    I didn’t mind Poland’s song, I ranked it 9th, but never expected it to win, no one really seemed too.

    Sad for Wales, coming last on their debut, deserved a lot more.

  13. Maybe I’m bit old to understand the logic of voting but Fyrm , France, Georgia would be better winners.
    Kudos to our Levon for great professional performance and Kudos to Artem Valter for an outstanding song.

  14. My top 10 was

    1 Ukraine
    2 Kazakhstan
    3 Australia
    4 Ireland
    5 France
    6 Armenia
    7 Albania
    8 Israel
    9 Poland
    10 Wales

  15. Yeah it’s suspicious Poland of all countries dominated the online vote, but they were a big favorite to win so why is it surprising?? Also, last year when they first introduced the online voting Poland only placed like 7th, so once they do well we accuse them of rigging it, huh?

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