Australia to Host First National Final!

Australia – Australia media outlet The Courier Mail revealed yesterday that Australia is set to decide its representative for Tel Aviv by national final… the first time it has used this method. Previous entrants have all been chosen internally by broadcaster SBS. 

Australian media outlet, The Courier Mail, has reported that the final will be called Australia Decides, and will take place on 8th and 9th February 2019 at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on the Gold Coast (which was chosen over bids from Sydney and Melbourne).

The article says that SBS, who is currently accepting song submissions until 4th November 2018,  and production company Blink TV, will shortlist of songs, and then match them with artists. Voting will then be by an Australian jury and a public televote.

Blink TV director Paul Clarke has apparently said to have “spandex and sequins at the ready – it will be an awesome show”.

SBS went on to formerly confirm this on their website here.

Composers must be Australian citizens or Permanent Resident. You can apply online here.

Eurovision – Australia Decides will be hosted by radio host, presenter and music buff Myf Warhurst, and comedian Joel Creasey.

Watch the promo video here.

91 comments on “Australia to Host First National Final!

  1. I didn’t know there was a city called Gold Coast in Australia :) I am guessing the broadcast will be early afternoon here?

  2. Meanwhile, it seems the idea of Eurovision Asia isn’t going anywhere. It looks like the aussies will be Europe’s guests for a long time to come…


  3. Good on Australia. Hopefully letting the public have a say will give them a more natural song, and not calculated like the last 2 years that Europe rightfully downgraded in the televote.

    Australia’s ranking for me is:
    1. Tonight Again
    2. Sound of Silence
    3. Don’t Come Easy
    4. We Got Love

    So oldest to newest lol

    • Same ranking here. I only listen to ‘Tonight Again’ now and then.

    • A ranking that makes perfect sense

    • For me it would be :

      1. Sound of Silence
      2. Don’t Come Easy
      3. We Got Love
      4. Tonight Again

      But apart from their first entry which really showed it was written overnight imo (and saved by a good live) their songs showed professionalism and a serious approach to the contest. Isaiah did not deliver the best semi performance but came to life in the final and Jessica had a very natural charm on stage despite some flaws. Well deserved jury placing :)

      • I don’t like “Tonight Again” at all and also feel it was rushed for the contest, but I certainly hate “We Got Love”, which is a very dated boring track with a ridiculous and awful live. On the other hand, I really love “Sound of Silence”, not the best song, but an amazing live and “Don’t Come Easy” is my favorite song, but it only had a so-so live. 2016 and 2017 are both in my top 10 of their years!

        • Well Guy himself had said that he had a slow tempo song ready for the contest but then suddenly changed his mind and wrote the one we listened to over one night – a bad move imo regardless of the final top 5 result. Quite dated and sloppy – but he is a hell of a performer and they delivered a polished performance that covered what was a very underwhelming song. I think if he went with his original choice whatever that was and if it was better written he could have done even better.

      • Not sure about the professionalism. Both 2017 and 2018 were terrible stagings.

    • Same ranking here.

  4. Cant get worse than Mauboy can it?!

    • Difficult to see how that could be since song, staging and outfit were all dire. All my Aussie friends were baffled by the choice as well.

  5. Hello from Crete. We’re in Almyrida for Jane’s Birthday. It’s very beautiful.

    • Enjoy :-)))

    • Enjoy. :)
      Stuttgart to Chania was my first international flight when I was a small boy.

      • It seems that CSU has avoided a full-blown disaster.That’s not very encouraging in a way because it may mean Seehofer will be keeping his ministerial post.

        • It is afull-blown disaster by CSU standards. Regarding Mr. Seehofer, Ms Nahles more or less said in an interview that SPD won’t remain in the Berlin coalition if the CDU-CSU infighting doesn’t stop. That does not sound as if she intends to tolerate Mr. Seehofer’s behaviour any longer.

        • An interestimng point that hasn’t been mentioned much so far is that the pre-election polls are looking pretty accurate including results for the AfD. Not sure if that’s a preculiarity of conservative Bavaria but it may indicate that people are now longer ashamed that they vote AfD to pollsters and that the party is part of the new normal of German politics.

          • I read a while ago that the other conservative party Free voters may have offered Bavarians an alternative to AfD plus many of the latter’s hardline messages may have not gone down well with the mainly catholic electorate.

            • CSU apparently lost around 180,000 votes to all 3 parties: Greens, FW and AfD. And you are right: many liberal Catholics voted for the Greens this time. I have a close friend whose father had voted CSU all his life. Now that he is 75 years old, he voted Green for the first time.

    • Olá. :) Enjoy your trip.

  6. Good luck, Australia!

    P.S. – less spandex and better songs, please.

  7. Maybe the audience view can change their usual image and deliver different results! The formula was getting old, and this seems like a sensible way to update.

    1. Don’t Come Easy
    2. Tonight Again
    3. Sound of Silence (but live is the #1)
    278. We Got Love

  8. So,Bulgaria is officially out:

  9. Too bad since Bulgaria was on the right track and while I didn’t care much for the last 2 entries, they clearly made an effort. I wonder if the budgetary problems could be related to some sort of media crackdown? If I recall correctly there seem to be some problems in that area.

    • I think it’s related to the fact that they thought they could bulldoze their way to victory this year and when that turned belly up, questions started being asked on how money were spent. The funny thing is that this year the final result did not even give the impression of a high budget affair (no music video, poor stage direction, cheap prop, bad costumes). Money went to the songwriting team (who gave a better song to Austria), recruiting singers from american talent shows and media hyping (in certain betting sites there was even a rumour circulating that they were spending money to slash their odds).

      • This year was really one of the more bizarre miscalculations. Mostly when countries really push for a win and it goes wrong you can tell what they were aiming for. With “Bones”, starting with the title, the whole thing seemed cold as ice and designed to push people away rather than engage viewers.

        • Depends on what viewers you are enticing with the product you present. the eurovision televoters have proven they are less than capable of voting for anything that is not dated, tacky or both – and preferably belonging to their native country or neighbours. “Bones” did not fit any of those categories – it needed attention and thought. Wayyyy too much to ask for nowdays in esc…

      • Don’t think that they had that much money to spend this year to begin with. Everything you said points to that direction. If I remember correctly they work with 15 different approaches to begin with. They obviously chose the wrong concept. The difference between 17 and 18 really couldn’t have been bigger.

    • I don’t believe the budget problems for a sec. It is simple imo : Bulgaria does not want to be associated or bothered with the esc brand and what it currently represents especially after the big effort they put in the last 3 years.

      People will try to diminish the Equinox projects with all kinds of names but at the end of the day they conveniently forget Israel won – talk about cheap, tacky and unproffesional with a non-song. Why try to be serious again, why try to be credible ? You either go circus or go home. Bulgaria decided to go home and good for them.

  10. As far as whispers and info go, the BNT Eurovision team is ranting and fighting the decision, Johanna, Deyan and all the crew is not happy on the decision and may appeal, with some saying strong words for the new head of BNT. A battle lost, so it seems. Anyhow, it is really a loss, you don’t halt it when the train’s going good. Hell, even if the train’s derailed beyond belief, one can still get ahead on the race and then use that success to kickstart.

  11. AMPTV confirmed participation.

  12. Rumored MF returning artists: Wiktoria,NANO,Avirgarna,Jon Henrik,Jon Ludvik.

  13. Australia, don’t forget to stage your entry better next time.
    Leave the drunken maid of honor at home.

  14. New Greek site for ESC. There will be some articles in English as well.
    Our Paschalis is there too :)

  15. Sad news coming from Latvia.Walter from Walter&Kazha died aged 30. :(

    • Very sad news. 30 years is no age to die. RIP
      Bloody cancer …

    • This is devestating truly. I was aware of his struggles but I am shocked it ended like that.

      Latvia 05 is my No.3 of the whole previous decade. A truly amazing entry and Walter was such a gentle presence and voice there. RIP

    • Valters Frīdenbergs was talented musician, and was beloved in Latvia.
      He will be missed.
      Personally, I tend to avoid all the stories regarding cancer, but I was following his case, and yesterday, upon hearing the news, I couldn’t help but feeling very very sad all day.

      “The war is not over” was, and remains my favourite Latvian entry so far (with 9/10 it tops my Latvian ranking, but only comes 5th in my list of 2005, which was very strong year imo).

      After they qualified from semi against all odds, I remember their joy in (and mine!) and celebration in green room – Valters, Kazha and late Mārtiņš Freimanis, who passed away in 2011.

      Valters, you will be missed.
      Rest in peace.

    • No, how sad. Such a terrible loss. Didn’t the songwriter of “The war is not over” also die in a very young age?

      • Oh yes.I didn’t know but googled it.Mārtiņš Freimanis died in 2011 aged 33.Such a tragedy behind this song. :/

  16. The 2019 FiK participants.Final on December 22:
    Aurel Thellimi
    Bojken Lako
    Bruno Pollogati
    Dilan Reka
    Eliza Hoxha
    Elona Islamaj
    Elton Deda
    Eranda Libohova
    Gjergj Leka
    Alar Band
    Jonida Maliqi
    Klint Collaku
    Klodiana Vata
    Kujtim Prodani
    Lidia Lufi
    Lorela Sejdini
    Marko Strazimiri & Imbro
    Orgesa Zaimi
    Soni Malaj
    Vikena Kamenica

  17. Grab you cup of coffee,tea or wine,Vidbir is coming back for 2019 and so does sexy Serhiy.Dates: 9&16 February the semis and February 23 the final.

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