Bulgaria Withdraws from Eurovision 2019?

Bulgaria – Sad news this morning as it appears that Bulgaria will not take part in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Deyan Yordanov, project co-ordinator from the Bulgarian delegation, originally posted that it was his last day setting off rumours. This was followed by BNT’s Twitter appearing to confirm the withdrawal.

National broadcaster, BNT, said that more information and detailed explanations about the current situation regarding the Bulgarian participation at ESC and the future of the project will be released soon. Until that we won’t comment on any informations from other sources than BNT. Thank you for the understanding.


JJ, one of the vocalist’s with last year’s Bulgarian entry, Equinox, tweeted his disappointment and also suggested that it would appear that it is for financial reasons.

Eurovision Times wish all the team well in future endeavours and hopes to see Bulgaria back soon. The delegation was very popular with lots of the Eurovision fansites and will be missed.

68 comments on “Bulgaria Withdraws from Eurovision 2019?

  1. Gutted. One of my favourite delegations.

  2. After all the work they put for winning the contest,this came as a shock!

  3. Too much focusing on finding the winning recipe and overhyping that led to a crash this year. I hope they go back to basics and reconsider for 2019.

    It doesn’t appear to be a good year for the Balkans next year. ERT has also been hit by a tsunami of resignations amid allegations of mismanagement. And they still haven’t officially confirmed anything yet.

  4. Such a sad news. I enjoyed both Poli and Kristian big time. They did fuck it up this year regally, overcooking it, but I thought they would have taken it as a lesson learnt. They hage been taken ESC seriously and I can’t blame them for wanting to win. More broadcasters should have similar mission.

  5. Bulgaria, the drama queen of ESC. I hope that they’ll return soon.

  6. Let’s hope that they will appoint someone else and they will take part in Tel Aviv.

  7. I will remain sceptical. Who can blame me? After all, BNT is the master of over the top PR and marketing through last years…

  8. I hope they will not withdraw and I suspect they won’t; therefore, good luck!

  9. I would be really surprised if they’re actually out.I think it’s just their usual tactics of getting all the attention they can get from the fan community.

  10. Besides Belgium and France, Bulgaria has been one of the countries that really stepped up their game in recent years. I might not enjoyed every entry since their rise, but I have respect for the level of professionalism they brought to the contest. The decision is yet to be made. Soon we’ll be wiser. Good luck, Bulgaria.

  11. I’m on the side of them not being out but making a bit of drama to act out their current financiary crisis… I’ll wait for anything official but in the meantime I can say I enjoyed Bulgaria lately, while not a big fan of “If Love Is a Crime” or Poli’s performance, the whole act felt miles above almost anything they had sent prior to that. There was professionalism. They cared for it. Big fan of both Krisian and “Beautiful Mess”. Were they meant for one another like Salvador and his sister’s song or DiHaj and her “Skeletons”? Probably not, but they’re my solid 3rd of that year and a deserved first podium for them in esc. I liked “Bones” enough for my Top 10 but it definitely felt too cold to connect and it deserved a bit of a flop (14th isn’t a huge flop, ask Spain what it means to flop in esc lately) but I had the feeling this is what they needed to learn to actually win it. To understand trying too much can hurt your chances, that building something out of thin air wouldn’t work. We’ll see if they did learn. And a year hiatus isn’t a bad thing, look at Ukraine and Portugal…!

  12. According to The Courier Mail of Australia the country will select its next esc song through a national final called “Australia decides” that will take place in Golden Coast on February 9.It’s said that they’ll first pick the songs and then they’ll match them with the singers.

    • Looking forward to the 1st Australian NF. :)

    • Tropical storm Leslie is visiting my country atm. Wind and rain are omnipresent. I am so looking forward for the first Australian NF. I won’t be able to follow it live, most probably, but I’ll try. :)

      • Stay safe!

        We are still waiting for rain. We have had rain only twice since April … and there is no rain in sight for the next 7 days.

        Oh my, the Nationalmannschaft is a mess. :(

        • I will. It does not sound like a very severe storm atm. :) I will be paying attention to Bavaria’s election tomorrow.

          • Same here. The results might cause some upsets in Berlin too. The CSU, which has prevented our cabinet from working properly by constantly attacking Ms. Merkel’s migration policy, will become even more nervous if the results are anywhere near what the polls suggest the outcome to be.

            Btw, have you heard that 250,000 people joined a march for an open and diverse society and a humane approach to migration in Berlin today? The organizers of the march expected only 40,000 people. :)

            But still the racists and loggerheads in marches of a few thousand people in Dresden, Chemnitz etc. keep shouting ‘Wir sind das Volk.’ Ridiculous …

          • I can’t wait for that election to be over… there always seems to be one around the corner but because the right-wing CSU sister party to Merkel’s CDU is in dire straits here it’s just totally paralyzed the government; increased the obsession with immigration and made the news unwatchable. Please let it end!

        • The Green Party is expected to do very well.

          • Let’s hope so. :)
            Here in BaWü the Green Party stands at 30 % atm, way ahead of the CDU. The myth that the economy goes gownhill if Greens are in charge can be buried. :)

          • First of all hope you made it through the storm OK… on the Greens doing well, it could be sort of a phyrric victory as a Greens-CSU coalition might be up the only viable governing coalition. The Greens seem sadly eager for this, which would mean they would lose all credibility as the CSU is way too far to the right for many of their core voters, especially in the north where the CSU is anathema.

            • I can’t see CSU going for a coalition with the Greens because they would have to compromise on immigration. They would fear to lose more voters to AfD in such a scenario.

            • If they can go with the Freie Wähler I think they’d go for that since they also seem right-wing and “Bavarian nationalist”. Greens and SocDem to my mind need to stop drawing red lines on obscure immigration issues (not on the big ones obviously but they harp on about minor aspects that scare more people off than they attract) and focus on bread and butter issues, which right now only the Left Party is doing (and they go so overboard that teh relevant topics they want to address seem fringe).

            • The storm entered the country in Figueira da Foz, to the north of Lisbon. Trees fell, cars and windows were damaged and some people got injured in that region.

              The CSU and the Free Voters (if that is their correct name) will form a coalition, I suppose.

      • I hope Leslie will be kind to you.As for the Australian NF you’re probably right unless they host it early in the afternoon.

  13. It’s extremely disappointing but expected. Bulgaria has been a country that has been seriously engaged and invested in the contest and contributed entries that helped the contest in terms of musical credibility. Given the recent trends why try ? And is it worth it ? If it’s true, It’s just the first step in the materialisation of the degrading phase the contest is entering. Belgium is another country that seems to have no place in each with its current philosophy towards it (more contemporary, credible music). And if Sweden was not so intertwined with the event I would see no reason for them to participate in each in its current form either.

    Thank you for the music especially those 2 last years Bulgaria.

    • P.S. This financial reason thing seems silly. They could afford big extremely ambitious teams since they came back. I cannot believe they all of a sudden cannot even afford to participate. But I understand why this is the way it is served.

    • Belgium just needs to keep with the pages of Loic’s book. Given that Sennek was the first dwelling on them for the Dutch, I’m bummed, but not overtly surprised about the flop; if the staging took cues from the video, Belgium would have had it much differently. I expect the French to come back swinging, if 2015 and 17 are signals. Even the big countries got slipups.

      • There were minimal chances Loic would return anyway but I don’t see how he fits in a contest won by the people and songs it has been won by the last couple of years. Anyway I don’t see the point for Belgium to keep trying. It’s obvious imo that the audience for such songs and acts in each is diminishing. Maybe in a decade or so when things may have recovered in terms of musical level and credibility it would be worth trying – for now it would be a waste. If Belgium insists on participating stick to Patrick Ouchene acts – they would face a better luck in the current state of the contest.

    • I wouldn’t be so pessimistic; if anything Eurovision has always been able ditch a trend and go for something new, even in recent years. The ethnopop diva era of 2003-5 gave way (with Lordi in the interim) to what seemed like a dominance of the Eastern European states, which was followed by Nordic dominance (even Satellite had a Danish writer or composer I seem to remember). The last 3 winners were a bit in the performance art (in all cases with intense and clever PR) – so chances are pretty good qwe’ll end up with something more mainstream if not next year, then the one after.

      • Oh my take on the contest is extremely pessimistic right now. And tbh I sporadically come around just out of habit now – I am really losing interest to the contest after the results of the last 2 years and I don’t think I will be following nfs etc from now on. The contest had a good decade but I don’t think this will continue. It’s reputation is in shambles again and that will influence the participating acts as the last 2 winners have been validating all the stereotypes the contest has been associated with (dated acts and novelty acts – usually combined). This seems to be the nature of the contest, going by the decade it undergoes changes. Hopefully it will recover sooner than a decade now but it will take a contest of the quality of 2009 and 2015 combined and improved even which seems improbable and a winner of the success and credibility of “Euphoria” to say the least. So see you in 2029 I guess :)

        • again, depends where you stand: the contest has never been that popular in France than right now (and since around Amir)

          • Well I have not heard a positive thing or seen positive coverage of the contest outside the esc fandom media especially after the 2018 contest – there was some after 2017 but again the trends were negative. And even if France is doing well right now let’s see how the new HoD will fare and also how long will this hype last ? After Amir the results have not been exactly great despite the quality of the entries.

            • France was Top 10 in televote in 2017 though, and got 12th and 13th and left handside of the scorebaord… Remember the naughties for France? or even quality acts like Amandine were pushed aside and ignored!

            • Well I wouldn’t be happy personally with just barely left hand side of scoreboard with that quality of entries and that hype behind them tbh, especially this year. It was juries top 10 let’s not forget that.

              I do not forget Amandine or Lisa Angel but tbh if anything such results imo showed how much running order matters. I doubt Alma would be televoting top 10 if she did not come up that late tbh – imo it has been a crucial factor. Look at the results this year as well between semis and final for example.

        • I think the cycle is much shorter than you fear (like with most things these days). One of the reasons I’m optimistic is that some of the countries that often bring great more mainstream entries don’t seem to have made much of an effort the last couple of years and will hopefully want to go for a top placing again, e.g. the Nordics & Australia which mostly phoned it in with established formulas; Belgium (which had great songs but German-level presentations trhe last 2 years) and the Netherlands, which I think want to win but have gotten also a bit predictable with country style. Also hopeful for France, which had 2 great songs in the last 3 years and now a national selection (tho this year’s choice was dire to me). Hungary has also generally been good witha broad selection of music and wants to win though I’d hate for the host country being a source of endless political controversy for the 3rd time in 4 years. So lots of potential that, in the words of Melania, Eurovision can “Be best” again soon!

          • Well Sweden, Belgium and Bulgaria were imo prime examples of effort the last 2 years and that did not meet the needed expectations. I would expect one of the great credible entries they provided to win tbh. You don’t come in a contest to come 2nd – it’s the winner that becomes the ambassador of the brand and the message this year’s winner sents I don’t think encourages efforts such as those done by those countries I mentioned. Also both France and The Netherlands have been powering through the last years with great entries and other than the dutch second place in 2014 and maybe Amir’s top 10 (and he was expected to win before that) it does not materialize into what someone would expect. Yes Q is great for The Netherlands but it’s not enough anymore imo. France coming just left hand side of scoreboard with good quality entries is also not enough. And at some point you run out fuel and become discouraged to continue especially when the contest moves towards rewarding entries like ISR 18. Why try ? Send A De Toppers, send a Les Fatales Picards, slam a “message” on to cover the novelty behind and you are likely to be rewarded nowdays in esc. Why not look for the easy way out and get into the effort of recruiting a credible artist and song ? I would certainly give up if I was a broadcaster in those countries.

            Benjamin has single handily humiliated the esc televoting by releasing what is an A-list pop album far beyond what people would expect from an esc artist – why would such an artist attempt eurovision again ? To be ignored by the televoting crowd in favour of someone who is unlikely to be remembered the very next day ? Not worth it. ESC Is having an existential crisis that is more serious for the contest than people try to make it to be I am afraid. If Bulgaria’s withdrawal materializes this will become really obvious but even if not I do believe there will be a big difference (to the negative) from the years before. How I miss 2015 *sigh*

            P.S. I also agree Hungary winning would be really problematic for the contest – I increasingly think it seems itself more and more foreign to esc and its spirit following Russia’s steps.

  14. So far everything seems… off.

    The sudden tone of change in BNT’s twitter and the shutdown of all other voices just strikes me as odd. I heard that they will give the official out on Monday, but even then it all seems fishy. Joanna’s allegedly mad and fighting to keep Bulgaria in and with BNT’s “only take out word for it”, there is always a hunch that it will be a ruse.

    If ti is true, I don’t get wy. Bulgaria has given us awesome music over the years, and I include the “dark” years. They got momentum, they should try to keep it.

  15. Also, belated thanks a ton for the well wishes in the writing endeavor, you all helped on it believe it or not. :)

  16. Really hope Bulgaria isn’t out. “Beautiful Mess” is a classic and would have won in 2018 if it competed then. “Bones” was really good too, it just didn’t click on stage (they should have only gone with like 2 or 3 singers, not 5). And “If Love Was a Crime” was a solid outing with great staging.

    • They also needed not to put Zhana front and centre and choose more relatable artists. The whole thing seemed more like a vehicle to get her to ESC rather than an effort brimming with professionalism.

  17. The official statement:

  18. Oh I’m heartbroken, I’ve loved Bulgaria ever since the hot mess that was Elitsa and Stoyan stormed the stage in 2007. Loved all their entries apart from 2017 but even then I preferred it to that year’s eventual winner.

    Highlights were 2007, 2009, 2013 and 2016 (my favourite from them ever).

    They were on such a strong streak as well, Top 4 in 2016, Top 2 in 2017 and a very decent 14th in 2018.

    Ukraine withdrew 2015, won 2016
    Portugal withdrew 2016 won 2017
    Israel in 2017 announced withdrawal and won 2018
    Bulgaria withdrew 2019 and in 2020 they…

  19. EBU’S statement on Bulgaria’s withdrawal:
    We regret that Bulgarian National Television (BNT) has taken the decision not to enter the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. BNT has been an enthusiastic participant and enjoyed great success in the contest in recent years. We look forward to welcoming them back in the future.

  20. Imagine if they had won in 2017 and thus hosted in 2018, have we ever had a situation before where last years host doesn’t even compete in the contest the following year?

    Could they have even hosted 2018?

  21. Money ran out. On the bright side, the people that were associated with this made some euros due to Bulgaria’s profligate spending.

    Don’t know why you risk bankrupting your station to win this contest.

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