Malta : XFactor Malta Starts Tonight

Malta – Tonight sees the start of the Maltese selection for Eurovision as XFactor Malta begins. The Maltese representative for Tel Aviv will be chosen via this method this year. The first programme sees auditions in front of the judges, and airs at 20.50 (CET). The judges are:

  • Howard Keith Debono – Music industry professional and manager of Ira Losco.
  • Ray Mercieca – Well known Maltese artist
  • Alexandra Alden – Well known Maltese artist
  • Ira Losco – Represented Malta at Eurovision in 2002 and 2016.

You will be able to watch the show online here.

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  1. I don’t like the idea and will miss MESC. :(

  2. Hoping for the best, but bracing myself for the worst. I do not like the idea either. Good luck!

  3. Off topic: traditional politicians have failed to deliver (and by that I mean telling the truth and explaining to their respective constituencies the situation(s) developing around them). Brazil is next on the list. Waiting to see how far Bolsonaro will manage to go. The Romanian referendum (another silly ploy) is also quite curious.

    • And because only few people are telling the truth or listening to the truth solutions (*cough*) that won’t solve a single problem are very popular now. Plus, It is always so pratical to point the finger to OTHERS and to shout ‘They are to blame for all that is wrong’. :(

      • Quite. Stupidity rules supreme. It’s sad to say this.

        • The funny thing is that these days I seem to have much more in common with reasonable conservatives than with lefties drifting into socialist La La Land.
          You can see the same in the UK f. e. where the campaign for a People’s Vote was launched by MPs representing the Conservative Party, Labour, the LibDems and the Green Party.

  4. Remember her? :) I don’t like this show, but Dora is very talented:

  5. So the winner will go to Eurovision and once they found her or him then they’ll write a song for them, is that right?

  6. I think Malta needed a new concept and x factor seems like a credible way to go about it.

    These are very dark days for the world as a whole unfortunately : Bolsonaro in Brazil, the homophobic romanian referendum and the extremist Kavanaugh on the US supreme court paint a very dark image of regression. I hope there are some better times ahead.

    • and they sort of had a test with Ira in 2016 picking her but getting a whole new song for her afterwards! it’s what worked best for them lately, so it only makes sense for them to try again but with a newcomer this time!

    • Well at least one of those failed to realize as the romanian referendum will be declared invalid :-) Not even 20 % turned up at the polls :-) – and they needed 30 %

      • In France they said 20.47% turn out, and 7% only yesterday (remember, they made it two days to make sure they’d pass the bill, when a referendum used to be only one day)

        • Apparently, the definition of marriage is not high on the priority list of Romanians, which is a good thing imo. :)
          I wish that we could leave ideologies behind again and focus on feasible solutions for real problems. Alas, the media won’t be much help. Here in Germany, it is all about the rise of the AfD although the Green Party has gained most support over the past year and is now expected to come 2nd in the Bavarian elections next Sunday, gaining twice as much support as the AfD. Well, it is not easy to come up with a lurid headline if you are dealing with an environmental social democrats party …

        • Yeah it was slightly above 20 % at the final tally. They did try everything both political and religious elites and the foreign influences from radical US groups that paraded Kim Davis around as a sign of “christian persecution” (ROFL) to push for the referendum and they all failed gloriously.

          Now that doesnt mean romanians are all of a sudden LGBT friendly but at least they can see through the b*****it of their government trying to divert attention from its corruptiom scandals.

  7. It’s so funny but i can’t laugh because it’s also so true:

    • After how Democrats regally fucked this up, just like elections 2016, I think it really would be time for democratic media (WP, CNN, NYT, NY) and entertainment industry to start to focus on Democrats and what’s the matter with them. Making fun of republicans and Trump is like stealing candy from kid and the joke really isn’t funny anymore. Feinstein, Pelosi and Avenatti in post game locker room, perhaps? Rage won’t help, the only thing that will help is political leadership and strategy. They had two years to get it right after disaster they served to US and world. Arrogance and detachment haven’t disappearred, now it’s just served with nasty raging partican icing. They haven’t learnt anything. I’m bracing myself for worst come November. I stopped laughing long ago.

      • I agree that Democrats have their own quite big share of responsibility in this case f.i for allowing back in 2013 for a supreme court justice to be able to be confirmed by a simple majority and not the 60-40 needed till then.Of course i believe the radicalization of the GOP is the driving force behind all this.The Democrats weren’t able to give answers and successfully respond to the fact Republicans increasingly become a rogue party.In the SNL scene though there’s also criticism for the Democrats.

        • Back in 2013 demographics were showing very rosy future for Democrats, New Yorker was speculating that time when republicans can’t win any elections is just around the corner. By now political and media elites of West and East Coast might like to listen a bit of masses of fly over states too, maybe even try to speak to them, not only dispising and laughing at them. Old white men and every day more and more old white women are targeted in leftie media. In that group there are lots of Democrats too. Don’t think they take it too well.

          • i wouldn’t let Trump voters off the hook that easily.I still believe that with all their problems and misguided decisions the Democrats are miles better than the radicalized Republicans.I found this Trevor Noah Between the Scenes video insightful:

            • I wouldn’t let Democrats off the hook so easily. If they can’t sell their agenda to swing voters or their own base who can? They might be easily miles better, but watching their radicalized self righteous new form, I’m not really sure is there any reasonable choices in US politics at the moment.

            • As for Trump voters they have every right to reject globalist agenda like Clinton voters have right to reject populist agenda. Rise of the populism is symptom of serious problems in Western societies. Those problems won’t go away by labelling voters stupid and ignorant biggots.

        • Kavanaugh remains a deeply unpopular person even if republicans are energized. In 2016 with a not-so-interested democratic base they were still able to pull a victory in popular vote and win back house and senate seats. The democratic base has a steady numerical advantage to begin with so it can beat energized republicans. And they can make it even worse for them by pointing out to the main reason for all this rush : The case heard in October (Gamble) that involves presidential powers to pardon and shield those his pardons from state court prosecution. People will start smelling the roses soon.

          • Oh yes.I read about that too.He needs the supreme court conservative majority.Kavanaugh will end up paying back Trump’s favor.
            As for the midterms i hope that at least one of the 2 bodies will swing to Democrats.

            • So that the behaviour they have exhibited (instrumentalising social justice “movements” for the sole purpose of blackmail and character assasination, assailing people in groups in broad daylight, calling “traitor” anyone who is not a straight white male and not willing to agree with them) should be rewarded?

              It is more plain than daylight that the democrats have been taken over by groups of the uncompromising radical left and are deploying tactics straight out of the maoist textbook. The election of Trump has thrown them off kilter and their response has been frightening to say the least. Unfortunately as it happens in every country, it is hard right vs. hard left now and America is the biggest exporter of this new political division . A big part of the blame lies on Obama who -although a moderate politician himself- did not challenge the economic dogma of “survival of the fittest” and at the same time cultivated those radical millenial novements, especially in academia, because they were thought to be politically expedient in getting the votes of various disadvantaged groups.

            • To call the Democrats hijacked but radical left groups is far-fetched to put it mildly and i’m not a fan of left in general as people here know.I’m surprised that people like you and others in here see no wrong in the radicalized fanatically partisan GOP party.Anyway,i hope the midterms will bring more balance and a Democratic take over will be able to do some damage control over Trump’s policies.

            • When I see a celebrity or a satirist making fun of people protesting with vagina hats or college students in priviliged colleges yelling at their dean “WHO THE F**K HIRED YOU?” because he decided not to ban “offensive” Halloween costumes, I will believe there is no danger of extremism taking over everyday life. Until then, it seems you can never be progressive enough. Raise even a tiny peep of protest or make a joke about the ridiculousness of it all and you are immediately called a bigot, become the target of furious social media trolls and banned from every platform. If that doesn’t worry you now, just wait and see.

            • I am certain about the house and hopeful about the senate. Democrats will need strong mandates to pass decisive judicial reforms in order to overhaul the hijacking by McConnell and his gang. The GOP works like a third world autoritarian corrupt party at this point. Its disgusting.

              P.S. I consider it funny to see the word “maoist” to talk about anything associated with the US. It reminds me of the die hard trumpsters that use the words “communist” and “socialist” as scary words, throwing them around without knowing what they mean.

              The problem with dems is no non-existant “hijacking by radical left groups” (again thats not even a thing in the US) but exactly the fact that they were too scared to pursue a bold progressive agenda. Obama has been way too moderate and that of course disenfranchised people. Democrats need a hard turn to the left and they have to be bold snd unashamed about it, without carrying the guilt the far right tries to bestow upon. Come boldly out in favour of universal healthcare, tout their civil rights agenda for people of colour, LGBT people, women, point at the contrasts.

              Despite the efforts of the progressive youth especially in academia the democrats remain stubbornly lukewarm and lukewarm does not win elections anymore. It takes guts and conviction to bole values.

            • Raging at GOP won’t take left anywhere and that’s what I’m criticising. Only thing that will save US is strong Democratic party, which I unfortunately can’t see at the moment.
              Please tell me how much raging about GOP I have to do here to have a permission from you to criticise American left, Democratic party and leftist media without these snide remarks? Their strategic mistakes off railed US two years ago and I’m sorry if I don’t buy their raging against Trump and GOP viable strategy for mid terms.

            • lol.I don’t hand out permissions here.Eveyone is free to post their views.With some i agree with others i don’t.When you’re on someone’s side or you believe they’re the better of the 2 because the Americal political system is a bipartisan one i prefer constructive criticism but that’s just me.Anyway,i hope the midterms will mark a shift to the right direction.

            • You actually wondered just like Guitar why I am not criticing GOP, but you didn’t say anything about critic being unconstructive. Making fun of Clintons and their arena tour and not criticing GOP triggered it. That kind of tells it all and also tells why I posted it in the first place. I hate hypocricy in it’s all forms, in the left and in the right. And there’s lots of that in the air with mid term nervous Democrats and their media.

  8. Hey guys, hope you are doing great! :)

    It’s been some busy days but guess I should update you on my stuff, as I’m working on my thesis and different writing contests so to hone my skills and get ready to keep writing. i feel I found my vocation in articles and comedy. In the end, words is where is at.

    Which leads to the next point, as Michos said that a Wiwibloggs post as written by a Pablo Nava. Yup, that’s me! In my pursue of writing, I wanted to keep ESC close, so I took the chance and they took me in! Learning a lot of both ESC and writing in general, so far so good! :)

    When the times are dark, sometimes ya just gotta laugh. :)
    P.S: If you want/can, check out VFOS, as the signup for the next contest is up and it is a blast, headlined by our own Anders~

    • That’s great. Keep up the good work :)

    • And I now see you have a new article out on my favourite boy Mikolas’ new single. I like your writing and find it refreshing that a lot of the characteristic wiwi buzzwords are absent :) Looking forward to what you will bring in the future!

      I was a writer in a professional capacity for 3 years and a translator for 4 years. It wasn’t my main occupation, so in the end I decided that pro bono journalistic work was not worth the effort I was putting into it. So from someone who has had a bit of experience on the subject, I hope you can make your dreams come true in your chosen field.

      • “Unfortunately as it happens in every country, it is hard right vs. hard left now”

        Not in every country. :) Germany isn’t there (yet). Atm, it seems to be CDU/CSU vs. Green Party for the next years. Both are moderate centre ground parties. The Greens have jettisoned all radical positions they once held (pacifism first and foremost) and the CSU seems to be eventually realising that copying the AfD’s language won’t lead them anywhere. They have changed their language again and are moving back towards the CDU.

        • There is the party of the Left in Germany but of course it hasn’t reached the same level of influence as the Corbynists in Britain for example, despite the fact ot performs well in elections. I think the same dynamics are at work in every advanced democracy, however it might be true that central european ones are more resistant to the hardcore left than other countries. That may be because they are historically more prone to right-wing authoritarianism or the fact that a lot of them have an experience of leftist totalitarianism imposed from the outside (as is the case with the germans as well).

          • Die Linkeis a legacy of the GDR and politically relevant only in the eastern states. It has always struggled to get into western state parliaments and has only been succesful in tiny Saarland because a very prominent former party leader calls Saarland his home. In fact, he was prime minister of Saarland when he was still sailing under the SPD flag.


            Germans are conservative to right-wing by definition. Sth extraordinary needs to happen for Germans to vote for a left majority. That’s how Brandt and Schröder became chancellor.

      • “Unfortunately as it happens in every country, it is hard right vs. hard left now”

        Not in Finland or Sweden though, it’s hard right vs. old guard. Our hard right, True Finns, split in two as the moderates were ousted, and they are expected to gain round 10 % share of vote in the next election. Of course, they wish to be king makers like their Swedish counterpart, but it’s most likely not happening. Our hard left is struggling, they have been struggling for years. Left wing of our Green Party has been more attractive to younger electorate.

    • A star is born.:)

    • Hi Pablo! That’s some great news. From a former writer to another I wish you all the best! I’ve read your articles so far and you’ve already got a signature writing style. Concise and witty. Good job! How long have you been writing?

    • Congratulations for your writing post and excellent career choice! I did new journalism two years after uni concentrating on emerging city culture and wrote columns for quite many years. Couldn’t have had better base for my career.

    • Wonderful! Go our Pablo! I shall have to have a mooch and see. Good luck :)

  9. RAI has officially confirmed for 2019

  10. Awful news coming from Brazil. :(

  11. TBH, I have no idea if these talent shows roads to ESC are better or worse than eg internal selections, I think it’s just a lazy way for broadcasters to combine their own declining talent shows with some “golden nugget” at the end of the road which is ESC, here in Spain it will be the same format from Operación Triunfo, like last year, and see how that went! some amateur 20 somethings given crappy songs…with political hat, indeed we are in scary times, I believe here in Spain we will weather that storm but when parties like “VOX” end up in the headlines and supported by national parties like PP and C’s it is still worrying..of course they use Catalan issue as number one fight that everyone in Catalonia who doesn’t believe in “La Patria” and defends Spanish flag is a traitor and should be either imprisoned or given the death penalty ?!!

  12. SNL might like to do a sketch of this sexual predator and his leading apologists. Democrats and Hillary have such a short memory.

    View this post on Instagram

    Hope to see you there! AnEveningWithTheClintons.com

    A post shared by Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) on

    • It’s people like those 2 that made many people lose confidence in our democratic institutions. They are the very embodiment of a greedy elite that has destabilized and keeps destabilizing western societies. I can’t stand those people either: wealthy politicians and obscenely rich football players, singers, actors etc. If you feel entitled to be as wealthy as those people, you necessarily cross a line on the other side of which there is no way to keep your decency and integrity.

      On the other hand, I do not understand why experts are thrown into the elite bucket too. Professors teaching law, economics or engineering at university are proviliged but they could earn much more if they worked for international companies f. e.

      • ” “Professors teaching law, economics or engineering at university are proviliged but they could earn much more if they worked for international companies f. e.” – They say those who fail to practice their competancies start to teach and become profs :P :D

        • I guess that this line of argument is very popular among right-wing voters: Everyone who isn’t like me can’t ever do anthing I approve of. :(

      • I almost threw up after I saw that post, even more so when I read CNN’s praising for the couple and the tour. I totally agree with you. I wish she just shut up and think very carefully what when wrong in 2016 and how impossible became possible.

        • But that meens having a good look in the mirror and facing your epic failure and all the horrible developments your deeds have effected. That is hard to do, in particular if you have neither the years nor the power to make up for it.

          Every society has 10 to 20 % racists, nationalists and xenophobes, and luckily they can’t do much harm by themselves. However, things become dangerous when normal people are fed up, do not feel represented anymore and feel so disenfranchized that this minority becomes an attractive alternative for them.
          Why should people care for democracy and its institutions if they have the feeling that democracy and its institutions do not care for them?

          • She can always bask in the fact that Democratic Party or democratic media haven’t done it either. They are still in the state of initial shock and can’t do anything else than rage, make silly jokes and enjoy collective amnesia. Democrats haven’t learnt anything in two years time. It could be that they are even more out of touch with places like rust belt than they were two years ago. And they are still dancing with Hollywood elite, one of the big key mistakes of Clinton’s campaign. I’m very glad if they win mid terms, but if they loose, I won’t cry. The wound is yet again self inflicted.
            There are basically two kind of people in globalised western world. Those who feel home everywhere and those who can feel home only somewhere, winners and losers of new world order. The latter ones were left behind and they weren’t listen to. They have every right to be a angry and turn to those who make them feel decent and listened to.

            • While I do understand why some people are very angry and frustrated, I do not think that being emotional can solve any problems. In fact, this right wing populism will eventually lead to conflict and as a result, everyone will be worse off. On the other hand, if you feel that you have nothing to lose, why should you care? Perhaps you will even enjoy seeing others suffer. That is the reason why I have wondered for a very long time: Why do people not understand? Now I know: They don’t even try to understand because they don’t care.

              As for the Democratic Party, I think that we need to differentiate between the big boys and the grassroots. Apparently they have many candidates who are in touch with people’s everyday life for the mid-terms.

        • Btw, just before the presidential elections ZDF aired a documentary in which they travelled to several very different places in the USA. A young lady at the Burning Man Festival summed up the situtaion perfectly: Hillary Clinton is a hateful scumbag and Donald Trump is a physical threat.

          Alas, the majority vote system, which was an anchor of stability in the past, seems to enforce polarization these days.

    • Ok I promised I wont but I am tempted : Do you have anything negative to say about the far right and its deeds ? About the republican practices and agenda ? This “oh but Clinton” rhetoric is only popular by now with the dwindling trump base and feels more like a novelty at this point or a point of deflection from what is actually going on.

      Liberal people accused of sexual harassment are paying dear prices for what they did. From Cosby to Weinstein to Clinton who was impeached to Spacey. The utter moral bankruptcy of conservatives is shown here : their sexual harassers are awarded with some of the most influential positions of the land : president and supreme court justice among others. They boldly stand by each other and even mock their victims publicly.

      There is zero equivalency between liberals snd conservatives right now. There is a huge difference in accountability from their very bases.

      • And btw this woman that apparently represents everything wrong with democrats and the US (and I am not even an ardent supporter of hers, she is way too moderate – Bernie would have won the election easily and would be a better overall choice in terms of policies) won the presidential election by a 3 mil vote margin. That is telling : the dems at their lowest arguably won by a 3 mil vote margin.

      • Hillary Clinton’s flawed out of touch campaign is the biggest reason why we have Trump. Before he became president I spent round three months a year in Los Angeles for quite many years. I haven’t been there for two years now. So you figure out how I feel about Trump.

        • I wish every flawed out of touch campaign could win a popular vote by 3 mil votes personally. Im every other country that holds a presidential election she would have won the office. But the US clings to this archaic idea of the electoral college and even with a winner takes it all rule. Its insane – I was reading this article about how the current supreme court represents by majority a minority of citizens essentially. Republicans have won the majority vote in a presidential election since 1988 once in 2004 and are yet represented by a majority at SCOTUS currently. This is insane.

  13. Iveta Mukuchyan released a new video… Tbh I understood nothing from it (both thematicly and musicaly) but enjoyed it… Maybe just because it is Iveta….

  14. Btw did anyone post the video of “Behave” ?

  15. Just heard “You Let Me Walk Alone” in a very popular local cafe :-) This song js ageing well post esc for sure :-)

    • He also has a new song:

      • The Grand Master of sentimentality. Sorry, not for me. I prefer brains.

        • Well you could say that NDR actually used their brains quite a bit in coming up – somewhat luckily – with a sentimental/apparantly to many touching song and performance. I’ve to say the song has grown on me, much to my surprise, upon hearing it more often after hating it and everything else in our pre-selection. Knowing Germany I fear they’ll try to replicate the formula next year; I think there’s various guy with guitar acts among the pre-pre-selection acts.

          • I agree with your analysis. However, I have to admit that I haven’t listened to DEU18 since June.

            • That’s OK I listened to it only because of radio, otherwise I wouldn’t have heard it either (the Gderman pre-selection was really a musical nightmare for me) – at first I never realized it was “our” ESC song because it seems a mix of text from various US/UK songs. Of course nowadays yo could argue almost everything is a rehash I guess.

            • Post-post-post-post modernism …

            • That reminds me of one of my profs in grad school saying sth. was “like post-modernism, which was like” surrealism? Abstractionism? At that moment I decided not to get my doctorate. A bad choice since in Germany, a doctorate, even if in “Hobbit studies”, would still mean I could sleepwalk through a 150K a year job

            • I have never understood those labels used in cultural history because they never do a single work of art justice. :)

              In fact, I wrote my MA thesis on Ishamel Reed’s (fantastic) novels, arguing that calling them post-modern was a eurocentric and colonizing approach thwarting what his Hoodoo aesthetics try to achieve.

            • When I was doing my studies, I wasnt sure I wanted to get a PhD but in France you don’t get anywhere in the uni world without, so I went through it…

        • Not a song i really like either.

      • a tad better musically than the awful esc entry but the lyrics, the vid… gosh… :/ There’s a reason Germany is my 39th of esc 2018 :/

    • It’s still being played quite a bit at stations in northern Germany where he’s seen as a local boy. I actually heard Fuego for the first time on the radio at my gym the other day and must say it’s actually not too bad without the tacky performance; I think going full bad drag was probably a miscalculation there on the part of the CYP delegation.

  16. I decided to walk back home from downtown after my classes earlier today.
    Five minutes from my flat I saw two young guys in their mid 20’s walking on the sidewalk holding each others hand, looking each other in the eye.
    It put a smile on my face and made the rest of my day. It is actually the second time in less than a year that I witness a similar beautiful scene that I wouldn’t have thought of in the recent past. Is it a sign that there is hope or was it just a random thing?

    I really needed to share this :)

    • In these difficult times we need to focus onto the good stuff more than ever. :)

    • That sounds excellent! I’ve only been to Athens on your country where the sight is not that rare at le<st wehn I was at last there, may I ask what part of the country you are in? I find it sort of interesting, being part in the countryside where I was born, that often the older people a

      • OK, it sends but I can’t edit… I was going to say hdere (Germany) older (70plus) people often seem more tolerant than younger ones; I stopped getting the “haven’t you met a nice girl to marry” questions from the grandparent generation before younger ones who often seem to be obssessed w their man, woman, 2 kids ideal.

        • I think that I have been lucky myself regarding the… “when are you going to find a nice girl to marry” part! I was never asked that particular question! :P :D

      • I am in Central Macedonia, in Thessaloniki.

        • Thanks for sharing that… I think I was asked – i protestant, usually more liberal, northern Germany, until about mid-2000s. I dont think people were malicious it was just beyond their sphere of comprehension (oddly more amonh people in parents’ than in grandparents’ generation – maybe the older ones read more?). Of course here in the “tolerant big cities” also people still are generally mostly accepting of being gay as long as you go on and on about “my partner and I and our baby the dog… we move to the suburbs” so generally I don’t feel Germany is, as often claimed, a beacon of gay rights.

          • “I dont think people were malicious it was just beyond their sphere of comprehension…”

            I totally agree on that.

        • PS “Central Macedonia”, don’t start World War 3, worst-ever Eurovision country mght start it in protest!

          • :)
            Well, I liked them in 2012 and 2017 (studio version).

            • It’s really my horror country… I don’t remember liking a single one of their entries, which often seem to lack in originality or coherent concept. Maybe I’ll understand once I meet a nice girl…

            • :)

            • Yeah, FYROM/North Macedonia is also a horror country of mine (but maybe not the biggest horror one, dunno about Belarus…) but I do have 2002 and 2007, both Karolina’s, songs in my top 10 of their awful years lol

            • To me Belarus at least is often if not good, then hilarious. It’s often like they throw somewhat dated US and Ukrainian songs/shows together and what comes out can be unintentionally funny.

          • I really like MAK98 and MAK08. :)

          • Your comment coincides with them confirming their 2019 esc participation.

    • Sounds beautiful :-) Thanks for sharing :-)

    • sadly it totally confirms what I think of the Spanish music industry (and it’s similar to many countries’, like when “gitano” was a big hit here in France, brrr)

      • lol.Not liking the whole act(song and performance)makes you focus on the negative but i’ll focus on the fact a non Spanish esc song went platinum there and is #1 in the official radio charts 5 months after the contest.

    • It happens thanks to her appearance on Your Face Sounds Familiar coaching a girl from Operación Triunfo (the one with the most successful first single so far…) in her impersonation of Fuego.

    • Germany and Cyprus doing well. Nice ! And the contest is still left with an embarassing winner……

  17. This is totally off-topic but I need to share this recipe I have just stumbled across online.

    How to make Brexiteer Soup.
    You will need the following simple ingredients:

    1) Regain sovereignty
    2) Take back control of the borders
    3) Will of the people
    4) Unelected bureaucrats in Brussels
    5) Remoaners and traitors

    Stir up all ingredients and then bring to the boil with a good dose of anger. When ready to serve, pour the mixture over any facts presented to you.

    If you want to check the YT clip that brought this recipe to life, you can check the Jason Hunter/Jonathan Isaby discussion on the fantastic I Am Incorrigible channel. It is hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time …

  18. I am really beginning to lose all hope. Yesterday we got the extremely scary report on climate change, and today my silly conservative paper comes up with the headline: Migration is the biggest challenge of the century. I never read that paper but was allowed to read this article in the kiosk. They don’t even mention climate change as one of the reasons of migration. :(

    Btw, we have 27 degrees today. In Germany. In mid-October. As much as I like warm weather … :(

    • Overpopulation is the main reason behind migration, not climate change. To take one example Syria’s population is three times today what it was in 1970. Africa’s is 4 times larger. In the same time period, the population of Greece for example has grown by only 16%, Germany’s by just 6%. No matter what happens with the climate (and a warming climate may mean even more feeding capacity, especially if new lands open for cultivation in the tundras of Canada and Siberia) this sudden pressure on resources and so many new mouths to feed will be causing conflict and population movements in the continents involved.

      • It is not either or. There are many reasons. And us Westerners exploiting and polluting the world après nous le déluge style is one of them. I am sick and tired of those one-sided either/or debates. Sorry. Growing crops in the Tundra while half of Bangladesh is under water and India becomes a desert will certainly help. LOL

        • China is the world’s largest industrial economy right now, not the West ;) There is no monopoly on who exploits the environment and who pollutes.

          • Yes, but countries like DEU, FRA, UKD and USA have been polluting since the industrial revolution. That needs to be taken into account imo.

            I think that many people refuse to face the environmental issue because it means that we need to profoundly change the way we are living our lives. That isn’t good news for anyone, and every politician being honest about what needs to be done would be out of the office after the next elections.

            I have already made some changes to my life: As much as I love driving, I use a car only once or twice every month. When I need to travel on business in Germany, I take the train. And believe me, being a customer of Deutsche Bahn is a huge sacrifice. I only eat meat once or twice every week. And I have started to grow vegetables on the 1st floor balcony which I never use. Today I will have home-grown cauliflower and potatoes. :)

            Peoplein industrialized nations take things for granted that are exceptions both historically and globally: we live in peace, we get medical treatment if we need it, everyone attends school, when we open the tap, we get clean water. I don’t suggest that we go back to living basic self-sufficient lives but if we all change our ways a little and don’t go 100 % every single day, we might change things for the better. I don’t want to see the coral reefs, the glaciers, Micronesian nations and cultures, the Maledives, the Wadden Sea etc. gone.

    • That headline is as old as blonde jokes. Whether it’s Die Welt or FAZ. They all reuse it and change a little here a little there. And not mentioning climate change as one of the reasons for migration is basically an insult to everyone affected.

      It’s still warm here, too. People are walking the streets in shorts. Soon we’ll be having Christmas as warm as in Australia :)

      • I don’t remember whether it was last year or the year before that we had Xmas coffee in the garden …

        • LOL. Every winter I need to make a trip to the Eifel just to make sure there’s still snow here.

          • Same here. The Black Forest or the Swabian Jura.

            • Speaking of forests. Last weekend I was collecting some chestnuts near the Hambach Forest and RWE released some flyers for hikers and families pretending they would care for nature. What a bunch of hypocrites…

            • ROFL
              Most streets in LuBu are lined by chestnut trees. These days you have to mind every step you make. :)

            • I only am after the edible ones :) In the backyard of our shop there’s a squirrel who’s very eager to nibble on them.

            • I have a squirrel in my garden who keeps burying all sorts of nuts. If it forgets where it put them (which is very likely …), I’ll have a lot of small trees growing in my garden next spring.
              But all in all, squirrels are so cute that I forgive them for being … well, forgetful (to put it mildly).

              Btw, Ingo Zamperoni has just done a Theresa May on Tagesthemen. He couldn’t stop coughing … I hope that he won’t dance tomorrow. :)

            • :D In this regard to me Ingo Zamperoni is like squirrels to you. He’s so cute he could do anything and get away with it. And I bet he’s got better moves than Mrs May’s.

            • I agree, Ingo is the best reason to watch Tagesthemen. :) So let’s do that he will do the Maybot tomorrow night.

            • I keep my fingers crossed :) Gute Nacht, Toggie!

            • Gute Nacht, Dominik. :)

  19. Τhis has been viral here this morning. A live frog was found frolicking inside a bag of packed salad from a major super market chain. They say they are investigating the matter. I wouldn’t want to be in the position of the PR guy who tries to do damage control right now :-P

  20. One of the most sublime moments of Francophonie Summit in Yerevan. The chore of childrens in front of many African autocratic rullers and that retrostyled lights when older chore joins them….

  21. Now that I’m through listening to ETSC 4 and 5 I want to share my Top 10 with you:

    ETSC 4

    01 ITALY (Ti prego, Malika! Come back to Sanremo!)
    02 RUSSIA (What a cute song, instantly put a smile on my face)
    03 LITHUANIA (Great opener and the 3rd Lithuanian entry in a row that I like)
    04 BELGIUM (Always been a huge fan of Hooverphonic, this song follows a simple
    structure, but I have to admit it’s undeniably well done)
    05 TURKEY (A dreamy melody paired with strong male vocals always gets me)
    06 IRELAND (Catchy chorus and the magician themed video is great)
    07 CZECH REPUBLIC (The video makes me wanna go for a walk in the forest)
    08 ALBANIA (I don’t need to know the words to understand the suffering of Kosovar
    women during war time that is transported through Eliza’s voice and the video.
    08 SWITZERLAND (Can’t stop listening to this song, I like their ”Vodka Red Girls”
    10 FINLAND (Finland and guitar music goes so well together)

    Just missing out: Greece and Norway

    ETSC 5

    01 BELARUS (Touching lyrics that gave me goosebumps, too sad it’s so short)
    02 THE NETHERLANDS (Next week Kovacs will be playing a concert in Cologne – guess who’ll be there, too)
    03 AZERBAIJAN (Dihaj never fails to amaze me – wish her ESC entry had been in her native language as well)
    04 BULGARIA (This one only came 41st? #justiceforostava!)
    05 TUNISIA (The music itself is haunting and the lyrics written in the wake of Tunisian
    dictatorship are the true words of a poet – brutally realistic yet very beautiful)
    06 ICELAND (Very Icelandic – the singer’s voice, the video, the chilly beats, I like)
    07 UKRAINE (Such a good intro, I love the creativity of Onuka. Their songs never
    sound the same)
    08 CZECH REPUBLIC (Social criticism wrapped in energetic beats. Děkuju!
    09 PORTUGAL (channeling 80s Neneh Cherry, but the song has its own cuckoo
    10 F.Y.R. MACEDONIA (Tanja Tzarovska, the eternal wanderer)

    Just missing out: Latvia and Cyprus

    I’m flashed. So far ETSC 5 is my favourite edition. Lots of different genres/ unusual and
    expiremental sounds – in general a strong line-up. Thank you for the music!

    • Have you checked th official clip of ‘Ensen dhaif’? It hadn’t been released when ETSC05 took place. I think that it is fantastic. :)

      • Now I have. Thank you! A true masterpiece :)

        • Emel is among the most interesting contemporary artists imo. Difficult times beget great art …
          Do you know that she sang at the Nobel Prize ceremony when the Quartet du dialogue national was decorated?

          • I never heard of her before. Just read an article on her from The Guardian. I like her boldness. She gives me the impression of a woman who doesn’t take bulls**t from anyone which reminds me of my best friend.

            • She is a great woman and artist. :)

              Btw, here is a live performance I love, I came close second in FdlC with this one:

            • The instrumental part is fantastic. Her live performance outshines the studio version. I’m glad you discovered her music and shared it with us. :) FdlC is ETSC’s sister’s contest on hiatus, if I’m not mistaken?

            • Yes, FdlC was around before VFoS. :)

              What I love about this performance is that it is not entirely pleasant to listen too. You can feel the chaos, the pain and the desperation … and then when she goes acapella, she cannot come up with anything but ‘aah-aah aah-aah’. As she says in the introduction: She can’t find appropriate words anymore.

            • She’s quoted as saying: ”Music is so immediate, it shouldn’t need translation.” And I agree with her. The emotions are so raw that I feel what the song’s about without knowing the words.

            • We can all relate to emotions without understanding the details.

            • So true. Well then. Gotta get up early for work. Gute Nacht :)

            • Gut’s Nächtle. :)

            • Sounds cute in Swabian :)

  22. The guy who gave Bulgaria its eurovision glory is no longer the head of its esc team:

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