Eurovision 2019: It’s Tel Aviv!

Eurovision 2019 – It was announced today by the EBU and Jon Ola Sand, the executive supervisor of the contest, that the 2019 edition will be held in Tel Aviv, on May 14th, 16th and 18th!

This is the official announcement:

What do you think of this choice?

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341 comments on “Eurovision 2019: It’s Tel Aviv!

  1. Foureira’s new international single will be another collaboration with greek-swedish composer Alex P. who was also behind Fuego. “Tomame” is a reggaeton track in english and spanish that will be released internationally by Sony.

    Regarding her plans on the greek market, Eleni revealed she does not plan any regular appearances this season as she is focused on a new talent show where she will be mentoring an aspiring boy band.

  2. No Abba for Christmas! BBC documentary and two brand new songs from the legendary swedes are now pushed back to 2019:


  3. The BBC is the 31st broadcaster confirming for Tel Aviv next year. The format for choosing the song will again be the national final “Eurovision: You Decide”.

  4. Today marks the 47th anniversary of the death of Yorgos Seferis (Nobel prize for literature 1963).
    I came across this one earlier today: it is Yves Montand reading one of Seferis’ most known poems. I think it’s “Epifania” (Epiphany), but since I don’t speak French I may be wrong. Could anyone confirm? Michos, Morgan, Togravus, anyone? :)

  5. New single by Sevak “Emptiness”. It seems this lyrics describe his post-ESC feelings 😀

  6. Songvakeppnin final on March 2.Semis on 9 and 16 February: http://infegreece.gr/iceland-stis-2-martiou-o-telikos-tou-songvakeppnin-2019/

  7. Back from Montpellier, I am checking up with the latest news. Good to see that more countries confirmed participation next year. :)
    Beyond ESC … Salzburg … ouch.

    • Have you watched Theresa May’s statement at 10 Downing Str?She’s losing her temper.

      • You might like to visit VFOS 😃

      • I haven’t watched it yet but I watched her press conference in Salzburg.
        It is so sad to see imo. The UK still hasn’t a clue how the EU works after more than 40 years. :(

      • I think that the misunderstanding is easy to detect if you have a closer lookat the phrasing used by both sides. For example, in the UK there is a lot of talk about being pragmatic. To an organization like the EU, which is built upon binding rules and agreements, such a wording translates as ‘bending the rules’.There are many more examples … and I do not take sides here. I simply want to understand what is going on.

      • She basically said that she expects 27 other countries do do what the British voted for in the referendum 2 years ago. LOL

        • Exactly.The EU must respect the result of the UK referendum which means following her-derailed-train of thought that Europe should allow them to cherry pick what they like and accomodate them.That,of course would be a huge blow to the very foundations of the EU project.

          • I agree. The EU must protect the foundation of this fantastic (but far from perfect) project first and foremost.
            And btw the EU has respected the result of the referendum from day 1. They offered the UK 2 options (Canada or Norway) which fit into the legal framework of the EU.
            The UK behaves like someone moving out of a house but insisting that they are still allowed to use the pool, the sauna etc. On the other hand, they refuse to bring down the garbage anymore or pay for the chimney sweeper. It is a totally deluded position imo. Brexit isn’t a negotiation. It is all about the EU offering alternatives and the UK having to choose. Btw, not even the Salzburg summitt was major news here in Germany. There are much more importnat issues to address.

        • Poor thing. Just hold another referendum and see what happens. Referenda are a dangerous instrument and should rarely be used. As to the UK, they should put themselves in their place and leave – just leave and be done with it.

          • If it wasn’t for my friends in the UK, who have always opposed Brexit, I would agree. Anyway, a hard Brexit seems inevitable at this point.
            And I agree on referenda. Most people are insufficiently informed, in particular in the very complex globalized world we live in.
            The funny thing is that the discourse in the UK still upholds the illusuion that Brexit is the most important issue in many European countries atm when in fact, more and more people simply want to see the back of the UK. And that includes the German car industry …

          • And I think that the fact that nobody in the UK cabinet seems to be capable of pronouncing EU leaders’ names even remotely correctly perfectly illustrates the condescending and deluded attitude those in power in the UK show towards Europe. :(

        • Part of the problem is that nobody knows what kind of Brexit they voted for in the referendum. Perfect example of why you can’t reduce complex issues to yes-or-no question in referenda – it just leads to big money and state actors manipulating what the vote means. The talking point for Brexiteers keeps being “sovereignty,” a term most people couldn’t define if they tried (even in places where the education system is less dismal than in the UK).

          • Plus, the idea of a mid-sized country like the UK wanting to be sovereign in the 21st century is quite quaint. If they leave without a deal, the big guys (USA, Russia, China … and more to come in the next decades) and global comapnies will soon teach them how much sovereignty they have.

            • My understanding from Tory politicians` ramblings is that “the colonies” will eagerly re-join the UK to help it. Brexit voters will cheer enthusiastically as the despised Polish plumbers and Latvian carpenters are replaced by dark-skinned people.

            • And of course all the former colonies look up to the UK because of all the injustices and atrocities done to them back in the old days. My Indian friends tell me that India will only strike a deal if they come up on top as a result.

            • Fake news, obviously, Jeremy Corbyn posing as Injuns! But yeah, the visa issue is obviously central, which as mentioned previosuly could in theory lead to those terrified of Polish plumbers finding turban-wearing Sikhs in their neighborhoods (which they would then assume to be Osama bin Laden).

            • I don’t know whether to cry or go ROFL whenever I think of what is happening in the UK atm.
              I never thought that I would allow a Tory MP into my pantheon of politicians … but eventually I did (you probably know this clip …):

              She also very clearly addressed the racist dimension of Brexit in another Commons speech this summer. <3

            • LOL indeed I know the clip – one intriguing (if one can say that) aspect about Brexit is that the issue really divides the parties; just like there are pro-Europe Tories, the Labour Party basically refuses to take a clear stand. The only thing that keeps this abominable regime in power is fear of a Jermey Corbyn government.
              Also of course what the UK lacks is a highly effective “Heimat” ministry like the one that keeps Germany happy and united.

            • Wer hat Angst vorm Roten Mann …

            • Speaking Labour one has to state that Kate Hoey is probably the most silly person holding a seat in a Eurpean parliament atm (not the most evil one though, just stupid beyond comprehension …). Nadine Dorries is close second. One wonders where the English find some of their MPs. In mental institutions?

            • That prince might be the Reaper too …

  8. Since there won’t be any new Abba songs this year, you will have to make do with this great cover of “One Of Us” by Cher:

    • I can dig it. Don’t care for Abba. Never did.

      • I’m no1 Mylène Farmer fan as you may know, new album is out next week, and my French friend Florence invited me to go to Perpignan for a special launch next week (it is just across the border from here) I’d love to go.. :-)

      • You never cared for ABBA? I always liked you so clearly someone hijacked your profile and this is fake news. Otherwise, burn the witch!

        • Maybe it’s a generation thing? I was born too late to be into Abba?

          • No can’t be – my extensive research has shown that they liking-ABBA-gene is always linked to the gay gene (should it definitely exist).

            • mh, I’m not a big fan of the gay scene in general, besides Judy and Liza :p

            • I think that most people need to reach a certain age to really appreciate the lyrics of ‘The Day Before You Came’. It is all about everything has gone well in my life but it is still dull somehow … I need a prince riding a white horse to save me from my perfect life … A masterpiece imo. :)
              Is there a thing like relaxed melancholy or nostalgia?

            • @togravus (since I am still unable to figure out where this comment will be placed) – that is an interesting interpretation of The day before you came. I always figured the “you” to be death (due to suicide) similar to the chess player symbolizing the plague in Bergman’s Seventh seal.
              Really, I love Eurovision though I seem to use movie references half the time!

          • It’s the same with me. I mean, Abba had great songs – no doubt. There are just other artists from that era (Roxy Music f.e.) that I care more about. Still ”Muriel’s Wedding” is one of my favourite movies. May the Abba legacy live on!

            • One of the many things that amazes me about ABBA is actually their musical versatility and the fact that they’re often seen as happy music when quite a few of their lyrics are quite sad and The Visitors veers into modern opera, previewing Chess. I just don’t think there are many artists like that – Madonna maybe, though she didn’t create the songs. I love Jealous guy by Roxy Music but much of their other stuff just diodn’t stick with me since it sounds quite similar to me.

            • ”The Day Before You Came” is my dad’s favourite Abba song, simply for the fact that it’s not that usual clappy happy sound that they had in the mid 70’s.
              My favourite by Roxy Music is ”Dance Away”. Most of their songs are poppish art rock, but they loved to go different ways. Glam rock, reggae, synthie pop, you name it… I also adore Bryan Ferry’s solo work. He could sing his grocery list to me and I would listen to it :)

            • Aaah my buddy and I were listening to about 15 different versions of The day before you came yesterday; some great, some atrocious. It’s really a masterpiece andI much prefer it to the common critical fave The winner takes it all. Happy New Year, while for me not as cherished musically, is the thematic bridge between the two.

            • I love “Muriel’s Wedding’ too. :)

            • :) Toni Collette is amazing in this one. So is the actress playing her mother.

            • I adore the actress playing the mother. She deserved an Oscar imho.

            • Couldn’t agree with you more. So underappreciated. That look on her face when Muriel passed her by after the ceremony is so heartbreaking. Same goes for her final scene. I can’t help myself. Always been crying with her.

            • It’s MARIEL’s wedding, guys!
              I love Toni Colette – she’s also stunning as the down-trodden working-class single mum who just desperately wants to help her kid in “The sixth sense”.

          • Aaah ok with Judy and Liza you get your gay card back. I have to say that Liza’s performance in Cabaret is one of the sexiest characters ever put on – “regular” film. Only other woman I’d put in that category would be Rita Hayworth in Gilda. Oddly both, especially the latter, are about an MMF 3-way relationship.

            • He’s not that bad, he’s into Cher as well.
              I love Liza, here’s one more sexy Liza / Fosse moment. Fuck that Halston dress! Liza with Z is one of the biggest moments of live tv shows. I absolutely love it. I saw her live in London 2011. Her charisma lit up Royal Albert Hall, no pyros needed, not even her 70’s voice. Our seats were on 5th row so I totally lapped it up. I even went to hang around on the stage door with other adoring fans. Of course she didn’t show up, but it was wonderful way to chill out with big fans after concert. Everyone was literally beaming.

              @ Donnie, check out your legbribe!

            • Are we talking about me? I do like Cher :p

            • Yes you, and now I see that it’s not just Cabaret, you are into Death in Venice as well. Don’t think you are allowed to say “I’m not into gay culture”. Snubbing ABBA won’t do the trick 😃

            • I never said I wasn’t into gay culture, just not into Abba :p

              as for “Death in Venice”, look closely at this picture of me and Selena:


              It’s a 1970 original poster bought on Ebay ;o

            • Ah, what a cute couple! Contemporary Gustav von Aschenbachs might get very interested 😃
              And I over read ”I’m not a big fan of the gay scene in general, besides Judy and Liza :p”

            • I only meant musically sorry! Like, Kylie, Madonna, Barbra, Bette, Céline… These I don’t dig ;)

            • Fair enough, that list is quite extensive! 😃

            • Chess has one of the best scores of 80’s musicals, shame about the book really. It’s one of the best works of Benny and Björn. Tim Rice doesn’t get same score. Chess på svenska is a bit better but still shoddy. Seen both, the original London production in my teens and as adult the version in Swedish. New Broadway version will premiere soon. Maybe they’ll get it finally right!

            • “Cabaret” is one of my favorite films of all time (probably second to “Death in Venice”)

            • I love Chess… I actually hate how a lot of shows are called musicals when one should refer to them as operas. It smacks of snobbery to me to say Chess, Les misérables and others are musicals =low brow while something like Elisir d’amore or Zauberflöte gets the opera/high art label.

            • @Sekhmet – agree Cabaret is one of the all-time greats – one of the few plays I actually enjoy more as a film than on stage. That’s partly due to tweaks to the script but above all to Liza and “Mein Herr”!

            • and the “Tomorrow belongs to me” sequence :o

              also Michael York was a huge crush, I loved “Logan’s Run” because of him (plus the film aged well)

            • The Tomorrow belongs to me sequence is stunning – it makes the point about encroaching Nazism much more subtly than the play, which hits you over the head with it … I also love how the monotonous clapping to this very day is the default clap-along of German TV audiences!
              York always was too androgyneous for me personally (tho I love both this and Logan’s run) – I remember having a crush not just on Liza but also on Helmut Griem/Max and whichever Wepper brother played the baron with their Clark Gable ‘staches.

            • there’s no such thing as too androgyneous for me :p

            • Oh good so we won’t have to fight over the Olympiakos water polo team ;-).

            • Lucky you, you won’t share the devestation of those of us who have as of yet been unable to figure out how to get the Olympiakos boys’ speedos.
              First consciously gay movie crush was Richard Gere for me… with the inevitable Cary Grant and Gregory Peck subs+consciously before…. I know, I’m such a cliché.

            • Hm. As a twink lover, I’d say my first real crush was Tintin in my comic books! then in movies, Malik Zidi for sure :o

            • OK I had to look up Malik Zidi; to my disappointment I can’t see much of his Arab ancestry but at least he does have proof of facial hair… in French films, for me it’s Alain Delon – especially Plein soleil, which has the substantial added attraction of Maurice Ronet (and fabulous locations).

            • “Plein Soleil” is so cult, gorgeous, Marie Laforêt was handsome, and Alain… I do prefer Alain in “Rocco and his brothers” by Visconti, who knew better than anyone how to film the male body and face!

              I do prefer Malik with a shaved face! When he was young, I LOVED Benoît Magimel but now he’s too old for me :p

            • Yes the girl in Plein soleil was excellent as well, sexy without it being to much; playful at times, hurt at others especialy compared to generally overrated Gwyneth in Talented Mr Ripley. On re-watching PS recently I realized for the first time that Jude Law was really channelling Maurice Ronin; both really epitomized “golden boy”; while the character was quite a nasty piece of work you couldn’t help but be enchanted. Unfortunately, for both it seems to have been the high point of their career. And yes on Visconti’s way of shooting guys; I wonder if he used the same cinematographer a lot.

            • I thought Jude Law was the best part of the new Patricia Highsmith’s adaptation! He really did wonder

    • A match made in gay heaven and yet another clever way keep ABBA heritage alive. Love it.

    • ‘Visitors’ is the only ABBA album I bought and still love it today.

    • Cher actually said One of us is her favorite song on the – album? CD? what do you call it now. As Hjallis said, this is the perfect gay combo!

  9. well Spain 2019 alert! my sources inside TVE tell me we’ll have same again for 2019 via Operación Triunfo 2 , I think they just revealed the 20 somethings “singers” this week, so no dear Diana again for another year :-( There was a funny report about corruption in Spain on the excellent Spanish channel La sexta the other day and they included Eurovision in it, how both Spanish jurors in 1972 contest (you may remember with flipping a score from 1 to 5 at Edinburgh castle) gave favourites Luxembourg and UK 1 point each LOL! clearly directions from Franco jeje! anyway hope everyone is ok after the holidays!

    • It seems like at least 3/4 of the male contestants were recruited at Casanova sauna. If they introduce a swimsuit competition I’ll happily watch OT (with the sound off)!

  10. If you’re wondering, I trashed a few comments here and if you’re mad about it you can come to me. Just keep your nuances in your pants :p

  11. Countries are confirming their participation. :)

    RTP have said that the 14 composers invited to write songs for FdC19 will bring new music genres to the table closer to what is heard in ESC (whatever that means! LOL). The final will take place in early March (outside Lisbon) whereas the semis will be held in Lisbon’s RTP studios. These 14 teams will be made known in November/December.

  12. It is a sad day. There is a 25 meter high and 15 meter wide yew tree opposite the house I live in. It was planted 60 years ago and has been there all my life. It was there when I grew up and played with my friends in the street, it was there whenever I visited my parents while living elsewehere for 20 years, and I have admired it every morning (getting the daily paper, preparing breakfast) since I moved back to the street I grew up in 11 years ago. Today I learned that it will be cut down next month because its massive roots have begun damaging the foundations of the house across the street. Perhaps I will take a picture and use it here for some time. :(

    Lyrics in English (1968):


    • There is a Golgen Girls episode like this where they get to save the tree. Alas id it’s damaging a house it has to go. We havent quite found the way to keep nature inside our cities besides the central park-like squares of green which are a bit like keeping it all in one place to build around

      • LuBu is among the greenest cities in Europe but with the population growth we are having there has been talk about using some parks for new residential areas which would be awful imo because it would drive sumeer temperatures further up and affect the quality of air. :(

        The old cypress tree in my garden might face the same destiny. Its roots are already affecting my garden terrace, lifting the floor tiles. For the past couple of years, I have had a gardener cutting the roots, which means that parts of the terrace need to be rebuilt from scratch every spring. That’s 2.000 € every year, which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable because if I donated the money instead, I could help 2 children living in dismal regions of the world get a proper school education. I will decide this winter. :(

    • I feel you. Earlier this year a tree in the park of my hometown Düren was cut. I used to play hide & seek as a kid there and now it’s gone for a hotel…
      What really bugs me are the cutting operations at the Hambach Forest. It was already shrinked to a minimum and RWE could have leave it be. After all coal is not the future.
      Also thanks for posting Alexandra, one of Germany’s greatest voices in the 60s.

      • Don’t get me started on the Hambach Forest … :(

      • I just drove past Düren today – we were going to drive from CGN to Liège/Luik but since it was raining like crazy we decided to make it a shorter trip and went to Eupen which, in addition to its historic significance,was quite charming and had a fab brasserie with a usually-not-at-all-my-type Harry Potteresque waiter.

        • I just returned home from Neuss the other day by train. I hate it. The train’s rarely on time…I wish I still had my old Nissan.
          Belgium has a bunch of lovely towns. My boyfriend and I have been to Dinant couple of months ago. And I gotta admit I like Belgian beer more than German or Polish :)
          Harry Potter-esque waiter? I stopped counting the times I’ve been called Harry Potter-esque. Only the scar’s missing to make the look complete ;)

          • The train system has become a nightmare, partly because they cut staff (but not the trees along the tracks) down to the bare bones. I had a job a few years ago where I commuted from CGN to (northern) DUS for about a year and ended up quitting it because between delays and missed connections it frequently turned into 12-hour days, part of it filled with discussions about the time those of us from CGN taking the train ended up arriving (we also stayed later but boss didn’t notice of that because she’d be out by 5, at the hairdresser, manicurist, etc.).

          • PS wasn’t just the waiter’s look actually but his slightly awkward and always pleasant manner that reminded me of HP. Very charming!

            • It is. After years of commuting I’ve come to the point that I can’t be bothered anymore. Simply got used to the delays. I take the extra time for reading books.

              If we’re excluding book-5-Harry then yeah I think awkward and pleasant manner fits HP pretty well.

          • Belgian beer is the only beer I like. :)

            My parents owned a house on the Belgian seaside (De Haan) until 10 years ago. I went there every year and visited all Belgian cities and towns on my trips there. If we speak urban landscapes, Belgium is probably my favourite country in Europe. Alas, weather is a totally different matter …

            • I’m not a beer drinker at all so always – yesterday again – delighted that unlike in NL it’s easy to get good wine in B. I also find Belgian – especially Flamish – guys among the most laid-back in Europe so that’s another huge plus.

            • Belgian humour is fantastic too. :)

            • I love the Ardennes and the Belgian coastal region (Oostende and Bruges) . However I’m not too keen on Brussels and a friend told me how ugly Charleroi is (I need to convince myself). The weather had always been nice to us in Belgium :) Just sheer luck, I know, how inconsistent it can be.

            • Bruges is very beautiful but a tad too touristy for my taste. My favourite towns are Antwerpen, Mechelen, Gent and Leuven. And I have a soft spot for Lier because Joan of Castille married Prince Philipp there. Spanish history is among my most obsessive hobbies. I really like parts of Brussles but dislike others. Charleroi is ugly indeed but the fantastic Boat Lifts on the Canal du Centre (a UNESCO WH site) are only a stone’s throw away near La Louvière. :)
              I like the small unassuming towns in the Wallonie too: Dinant, Arlon, Bastogne, Durbuy etc.
              De Haan is very close to Oostende. I still remember that they had a cosy gay club there back in the 90s. :)

            • Ever since the Colin Farrell movie it got worse. Still ”In Bruges” is a great film.
              I haven’t been to any of these you mentioned above, but I think it’ll be worth a trip. I need some Leffe anyway :)
              There still is one in Oostende, very sociable and they play good music.

            • I love “In Bruges” too. :)

            • +1 for Ghent – in a way it has the charme of Bruges without all the tourists and feels like a real city, not a museum. BXL is mostly a mess with the few nice parets crowded with tourists. I like Liège, which has really been upgraded over the last decade or so. If you’re into Arab guys I definitely recommand Antwerp ;-).

            • I am into Maghreb guys but still put Rubens’ art first on my Antwerp list. :)

            • Not a Rubens fan though I’ll grant enjoying his art is undoubtedly less complicated than Maghreb guys ;-).

            • LOL
              I am mostly interested in art as the expression of a specific cultural, social, regional and political constellation in history, and therefore my own predilections don’t really affect my interest in works of art or artists. I find everything interesting because, as already Frisch’s Don Juan knew: “Zwei Striche im Sand, gelesen mit Geist …” <3 ;)

              If we talk personal taste, I'd probably go for El Greco. 'El entierro del Conde de Orgaz' is my favourite work of art.

  13. 2nd song in row by my former ETSC entrant Artem Valter that will represent Armenia in JESC. It’s time for Artem to focus on ESC

  14. @4porcelli
    “Jealous guy” is not a Roxy Music song. :)

  15. Liza, tick, Judy, tick, Rita Hayworth, tick, ABBA, tick, The Day Before You Came, tick, Cabaret, tick, Muriel’s wedding, tick, Toni Colette, tick…..Gosh, I really am sooo gay! :D

  16. For Morgan,Dominik,Michos and anyone loving Mabel Matiz❤️

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