Eurovision 2019: It’s Tel Aviv!

Eurovision 2019 – It was announced today by the EBU and Jon Ola Sand, the executive supervisor of the contest, that the 2019 edition will be held in Tel Aviv, on May 14th, 16th and 18th!

This is the official announcement:

What do you think of this choice?

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565 comments on “Eurovision 2019: It’s Tel Aviv!

  1. Yesterday’s political chat was about Brexit I saw; don’t know if anyone is watching the Kavanaugh hearing today but he is truly a repulsive creature, another spoiled rich boy with a gigantic sense of entitlement, fitting right in with tRump, Roy Moore and the other players in today’s American horror story.

    • I am following it. I am sort of speechless. :(

    • I can do Brexit but I am not strong enough to do Trump related stuff anymore. I would need a sick bucket. :(

    • All he does is squirming and giving lame excuses. I’m wondering what’s going on in Kavanaugh’s wife’s head. The more they are questioning him the more I can see distrust rising in her eyes.

      • Totally – he and all of the REPtiles just try to obfuscate and argue about technicalities and give the usual tiresome schpiel of “my family was hurt; I played football, I like baseball, I’m a family man”. Oh yeah, and in this case “I like beer” when earlier he had testified he didn’t drink (because he was so buys at football practice).
        His wife has the same vacant look that all these wives of conservative politicians have, starting with Melania – they’ll sit there and nod as long as they get their daily dose of valium and a credit card. Totally disgraceful.

        • Ι can’t follow the nuts and bolts of the depressing circus that is american politics so I only know the outlines of this case. But since you brought this here for some weird reason, I am wondering.

          No matter how vehemently you disagree with someone doesn’t it bother you in the slightest that anyone may be destroyed by someone coming out of the woodworks to claim they have been assaulted 20 or 30 years ago?

          For a long time I believed that conservatives in the US were the most regressive part of western politics. Now I am thinking that liberals are not much better.

          • I agree there are at times accusations that are frivolous; erasing Kevin Spacey from Hollywood history to me is one example of that and it’s deplorable. I do find it credible that people do not come out right away and it often takes decades – both from the stories of some (female) friends and of course in the numerous tales of abuse from that criminal organization, the catholic church.
            In case of Kavanaugh his guilt seems quite clear to me because he and the trump gang refuse to let the FBI conduct a proper investigation and avoid the issue and they refuse to interview the only alleged eyewitness, K’s buddy Mark Judge. If there were any chance investigation or testimony would exonorate K, why not do these things. Also some clear lies – saying other witnesses say this didn’t happen when they merely said they were not aware sth. happened and most clearly discomfort at questions about his drinking, about which he already lied on national TV and in an earöier hearing, claiming he didnt drink at all. That aside, I think someone who shouts angrily and interrupts people during what’s essentially a job interview would be asked to leave immediately rather than being considered for the job.

            • Since this guy loves putting on the robe in order to disenfranchise certain people, I don’t mind him getting a public bashing.

            • Indeed there appears to be a clear line between his “spare time” behaviour and many of his rulings – just like with tRump who he sycophantically praised yesterday. That alone should be disqualifying as he deliberately politicized the – already broken- process. See also his deranged remark that the acusations were a conspiracy by the Clintons and “the left”.

            • So basically since he is a Trump puppet the end justifies the means. An investigation about what? Isn’t there a statute of limitations on these things? Even if you have committed a crime, you can not be prosecuted forever. And this is not merely about Spacey or that judge. Woody Allen can’t film another movie because of allegations by his ex-girlfriend that were dismissed as fabrications by the prosecutors 20 years ago. Are you ok with every future male judicial nominee being destroyed by their opponents with such an accusation? You know that if you throw money in the air, a lot of people will be willing to cime forward and claim whatever. Especially in America where litigation is such a profitable and booming business. I am not even going to mention the articles I read in CNN and other outlets about teenage guys being “toxic” and how they all need to be “re-educated”. Meanwhile none of then denounces the climate of licentiousness around alcohol and sex that reigns in US campuses. So people want sexual liberty but at the same time they want their private lives to be policed at every moment to keep them “safe”. How is that going to work?

              I am sorry but this reminds me of the spanish Inquisition. You are accused and therefore you are simply presumed guilty.

            • @Michos – you are inadvertently following into the rhetorical trap the Republican senators have set by asking about a statute of limitations; that is one of their attempts to distract from the issue – the hearing was not a trial, it was de facto a job interview and especially for this type of position character matters. If there’s nothing to hide, why not have the FBI investigate by at least talking to Mark Judge? Republicans were fine spending decades and tens of millions investigating the Clintons.
              I agree that large parts of the US have problems with sexuality. As a gay guy I found Americans the most fun and easy-going besides Dutch and Belgian guys but keep being amazed how e.g. someone’s tits or ass on Game of thrones seem to provoke a nation-wide panic or are a source of genuine thrills for other people. But the Kavanaugh accusations are not about “is sex bad” – they’re about character and the fact that he keeps obfuscating and lying about what appears to be a drinking problem (definitely in the past; not sure about now but his face and temper certainly indicate he might still have an issue). Dr. Ford for that matter certainly seemed credible to me and many others and not like a hired gun.

            • And PS I do actually largely think that the fact someone is a trump puppet almost always means the end justify the means. Largely he surrounds himself with gangsters, completely amoral trash and incompetents like himself.

            • The idea that an investigation may establish what happened 20 years ago does not seem plausible to me. Especially since the whole objection to his person is political and has nothing to do with “character”. I am sure they would have supported any shady character if he supported their views (remember Oprah and Hillary cavorting with Weinstein?)

              Just remember that these tactics can and will be used against a nominee you like in the future. In fact, they have been used in the past by the republicans against Clinton.

            • Obviously there are political aspects; Republicans have perfected the art of obstructionism personal destruction for decades; if Democrats fight back its about time – and here with good cause. Kavanaugh seems to have a pattern of unacceptable bebavioursand multiple accusations of mistreatment of women and heavy/blackout drinking, including past ones from
              Himself. Saying this is equal to Oprah “cavorting with Weinstein” is regurgitating a trump talking point. I realize that in Greece politicians are often held to a different standard but really that statement was a low blow (like mine just now I
              Hope an intentional exaggeration).

            • Hillary cavorting with someone shady it is not in any way equal, but the allegations about what Weinstein did and what people around him knew and did not do about it are pretty similar. Whether Trump has used that or not I don’t know or care.

              In Greece (as in Germany) we have not had allegations about this sort of transgressions being dragged from the past in order to derail a politician today. I am pretty thankful for that, even though otherwise the level and quality of our political debate in general is pretty damn lamentable.

            • Michos – the term “cavorting” is loaded and you know it, and it’s co,pletely absurd to think that Hillary Clinton – or any other politician having Weinstein etc. over for a fundraiser – woudl have knowledge of his sexual activities – she’s hardly tuned in to the Hollywood scene. For that matter it’s far worse for politicians on both sides of the aisle to “cavort” with arms dealers, cigarette companies, the Saudis, etc.
              And while the US courts have become terribly politicized, Kavanaugh should by definition not be a politician but above politics. The fact that he behaves like a partisan hack with crocodile tears, yelling at Democratic senators and praising the orange monstrosity means that he behaved like a (vile) politician with all associated tricks and therefore should expect to be treated like one.

          • Unfortunately, I have to agree with you.

          • Are you even aware of the stigma that follows female victims of sexual assault ? Ford disclosed yesterday that she had talked about the assault to her husband and their marriage counselor in 2012 something that has been confirmed. She contacted her representative before Kavanaugh was actually picked by Trump to share her story. She passed a polygraph. She asks for an FBI investigation. She has asked for the second perpetrator to be brought before the committee. Kavanaugh has refused all last 3.
            Yesterday he appeared hysterical, blatantly partisan, unhinged and full of conspiracy theories demonizing more than half of the US population. He basicslly confirmed his violent temper – I can only imagine what he becomes when he is drunk. Accusations aside (and those are VERY serious) this disgraceful man cannot be allowed on one of the most influential benches globally if you ask me based on his temper and the sheding of even a pretense of judicial impartiality.

            My heart goes out to women, minority voters and LGBT people among others if this person is confirmed. I doubt US residents will have hard fought rights such as marriage equality for long.

            • Presuming people are guilty in order to make up for assault victims not being believed is simply the opposite kind of injustice imo.

              Your last paragraph says it all. You simply think he is going to be bad politically therefore ends justify the means. For the record, I believe republican nominees are objectionable mainly for their positions on the power of corporations, the death penalty, campaign finance and gun control. Why do people on the other side insist making identity politics the be all and end all simply astounds me. I also can’t believe any democracy can run on identitarianism for very long; in the end it is going to run aground. Also for the record, I believe marriage will be impossible to overturn legally now, even though abortion may be another matter.

            • So it is ok for Cosby or Weinstein or Spacey to face the legal consequences of their actions but not conservatives ?

              Its the victim that asks for a thorough investigation here though. If Kavanaugh is innocent he should not just support it but he should be the one asking for it. He should be asking to pass a polygraph. He should be asking for the other man mentioned in Ford’s testimony to come before the commitee and testify. He does none of that. This clearly shows guilty behaviour. The issue here is bigger and why the confirmation of an unqualified candidate under heavy suspicion of commiting sexual assault is rushed through. The supreme court will hear a major case on presidential immunity in Octobee when its term starts and they (mainly Trump) need his vote asap.

              Other than that why the rush ? The FBI can have its investigation and then if he is cleared he can be confirmed. Except that may as well happen after midterms and democrats may have regained control of the Senate.

              Marriage equality is perfectly able to be overturned within a year – it is legally possible. The phrase “Identity politics” is widely used by the far right in the US to cover up for their extremist stance on minority rights. If they did not invest in what they call “identity politics” they would not legislatively persecute LGBT people for example for decades (and they still do through “religious freedom” – licence to discriminate – laws) or invest so much legislative time passing abortion restrictions. Identity politics is the bread and butter of right wing politics. Always needing a class of people to demonize to keep the white cisgender heterosexual christian male enraged and afraid. It used to be people of colour, then gay people, then muslims, now trans people and their bathroom wars etc. There is nothing identitatian in fighting to preserve your constitutional rights from a supreme court majority that does not believe the constitution applies to classes of people conservsatives disapprove of.

            • Also I want to point out thay human rights are not politics and should not be seen from that perpsective – again this is a right wing narrative that whether I as a citizen have the same rights as you is a “political question”.

            • Well you seem very convinced on these matters so there is no point in arguing :) For the record I never said that human rights are political matters but neither should they be used as appendages to political narratives (either by the right to keep its hold on the majority or by the left to form fractious electoral coalitions). Simply put, nobody should take my vote for granted because very late in the game they saw the light and suddenly decided to support my rights.

            • Its about the facts we have on the table – the facts of the allegations against Kavanaugh are ideologically neutral to the degree that an investigation is the recommended way (from the American Bar Association as well that endorsed him at first as well) and that the accuser has taken more steps to make her case credible by asking for elaborate procedures that can expose her if she is lying.

              I doubt the right will ever stop pursuing those fear based politics targeting classes of people so what you call fractured electoral alliances will continue as long as in two-party politics especially people see a matter of a survival based on who they are.
              My vote will always be clear : you support the notion that human rights are inalianable ? That scientific facts should be the guidance of a secular society ? That state and church must be seperate ? Then you are much more likely to get my vote.

            • Perhaps the solution to all this is to set terms for Sypreme Court justices instead of confirming them for life? It will take some of the virulence out of the process for sure. Americans should start thinking about how to change their constitutional mess instead of treating the Constitution as something sacroscant.

            • Well that is an idea that could garner bipartisan support but at the current political climate it seems unlikely.
              At least for now (and only because they were afraid they would lose the vote) republicans took a step back and agreed to a (short nevertheless) FBI investigation.

            • Indeed – the question that Michos (and the REPtilian cabal) is not asking is who stands to gain from lying? Clearly Kavanaugh who as you said behaved in an entitled and unhinged manner and should have been called to order – Dr. Ford has on the other hand has nothing to gain from coming forward; she is in hiding with her family because of death threats and decades later still seemed very traumatized by the ordeal. Unless of course people think she’s the world’s best actress as part of a Clinto-Weinstein-Kaepernick conspiracy.
              And yes the US right will always kjeep demonizing “the other”. It’s all they have left; they demonstrably have no ability or interest to govern and have to distract their moronic base whose jobs they’re destroying by whining about “dangerous gays”, “uppity” minorities and women who “don’t know their place.” Disgusting.

            • The US right has figured out a major flaw of human nature and exploits it : It is much easier to rally people AGAINST someone or something rather than FOR an idea, a philosophy. Fear of the “other” is the best rallying cry to elections especially for not so well educated rural populations that live in accross the board homogeneous environments and thus are easier recipients of such politics.

            • Being against things/types of people is certainly the reason d’etre of the US right and probably of most conservatives. I’m not aware of any ideas they’ve had since trickle-down economics (which obviously is not a good idea and just an excuse to enrich their cronies further).

        • Maybe she was just waiting for Xanax o’clock to come around

  2. I had a funny encounter today. I was waiting in the downtown sun for a friend, when a young man, who was looking at his smartphone, asked me whether I knew where the wine tavern Klingel was. I was waiting for my friend in front of the wine tavern Klingel. :)

    • Is Klingel a typical meeting place for guys there? Like in Cologne you’d often meet on Rudolfplatz (though beware of anyone who suggests meeting “in front of McDs on Rudolfplatz”).

      • I have never been to Klingel … and I haven’t been to a gay guys place since 31st December 1999. So I wouldn’t know. :)

        We went to Blauer Engel, which is the hangout of students of the Academies of Film and Performing Arts in LuBu.

        I wouldn’t dare be in front of McDs on Rudolfplatz. ;)

        • Actually the McDs is less deplorable than the adjacent KFC, which, while (I used to live in the US South) having co,paratively better food, for some reason has an even, well, grubbier, clientele. Cologne’s best gelateria is across the square tho and you walk past one of the historic city gates to get there so not all is bad ;-).

          • Sounds quite diverse. When I was in Cologne on business for a day last year, I visited one of the Romanesque Basilicas after the meeting. :)

            • It does have a lot of history and you sometimes stumble over it in completely unexpected places. It’s an odd mix because you have that mixed with the whole “come here to get wasted” culture plus all the hipster crap. It is I believe the only German city where the local dialect qualifies as a recognized distinct language.

            • Yes, Cologne is quite special in Germany.
              The Bavarians would probably not approve of your language argument. ;)

            • I think Bavarian is also a distinct language? It certainly sounds like one lol – but covers a wider area rather than justa city (and maybe some of the suburbs) – it’s apparantly quite distinct from other dialects in the region, not just in wording but in structure – sth. about the use of articles I seem to recall. It’s also evolving in interesting ways with some of the wordings and rhythm of particularly Turkish immigrants being integrated.

            • We don’t have the genitive in Swabian.

            • The genetive seems to be dying among certain population groups anyway – “dem sein”, “der ihre” etc. is no longer just used by the RTL 24/7 crowd…

            • :(

          • ”It is I believe the only German city where the local dialect qualifies as a recognized distinct language.”

            Linguistically Kölsch could pass as a language as it has its own vocabulary, grammar and sound inventory. As I said once before pretty much all German dialects sound like foreign languages to me.

            • I never got used to Bavarian, which, as a northerner, is quite common and think should be subtitled on TV. I’ve to confess I often zone out when people speak Kölsch (cause they mostly talk about how great/open-minded/etc. the city is).

            • At work only the 50+ generation speaks Kölsch while the younger ones like me are sticking with standard German. It works just fine as they don’t brag about Cologne’s attributes. It’s just part of their identity.
              Talking ’bout subtitles: Not long ago one of my Polish nieces came as an exchange student to Frankfurt. Despite speaking perfectly German she was lost in translation because the family she lived with was talking Hessisch.

  3. Hjallis will appreciate this: Greek turbofolk queen Paola is now reportedly an item with her 25-year-old colleague Panayiotis Tsafaras. Cougar likes them young…

  4. Benjamin’s debut album “Identification” is finally out today !

  5. @ Michos

    “I am sorry but this reminds me of the spanish Inquisition. You are accused and therefore you are simply presumed guilty.”

    I am no fan of the Spanish Inquisition but the few statistics we have indicate otherwise. In Valencia around 2130 conversos were put on trial between 1484 and 1530 but only half of them were found guilty. In Aragon around 920 men were accused of sodomy (1570-1630) but again only half of them were found guilty and executed or sent to the galleys. The worrying thing is that most affluent men tried for sodomy were aquitted while those living on the fringes of society (former soldiers, beggars, day labourers, gitanos) were found guilty. The rich ones probably agreed to fill the royal purse in order to be acquitted.

    I know those facts because I wrote a cultural history of Andalusia last year. There are no facts or figures known regarding the Inquisition in Andalusia/Castille. Therefore I had to research what is known about the Inquisition in other regions of Spain.

    • I have read these numbers. But the Inqusition was about terrorism. You could secretly denounce any neighbour you didn’t like and they were presumed guilty and tortured until they confessed. Then they were paraded around town without knowing whether they would end up in the fire or not; they would tell them at the last minute. The fact that most of them were spared (even though of course thousands did die) does not change the terror and complete mind and societal control that this achieved…

      • Of course the Spanish Inquisition was horrible and unjust. I only contradicted your point that everyone was doomed the minute they were denounced.

        It is very interesting that, with the exception of Aragon, neither Spain nor Portugal had the Papal Inquisition which terrorized Catholic Europe elsewhere. And then, when the terror was almost over anywhere else, the Catholic Kings came up with the Spanish Inquisition as a tool designed not to defend the true faith (*cough*) but to define what is Spanish. Portugal introduced the Inquisition only in 1530 when the country came under the influence of the awful Trastámara-Hapsburgs. It is also very interesting that the height of mysticism conicides with the Inquisition’s terror on both occasions too. Just like the inquisition Spanish mysticism (Theresa of Ávila, John of the Cross) etc. is 200-300 years late compared with Central European mysticism. I believe that mystic individualism was a counter movement to the beaurocratic approach to faith that defined the inquisition in both cases. Some of my favourite quotes are from Theresa:

        Y sin amor todo es nada.
        Dios, protégeme de los santos tristes.

        … and Sólo Dios basta. With such an approach you need neither the church nor the prist or the inquisitor.

        • I didn’t say they were doomed. I said they were presumed guilty :)

          • A good point raused here is the role class/economics played. I’m more familiar w the persecution of “witches” in N Europe and same pattern – the wealthier the accused the more likely they were to get off. Also often peoplle were accused by someone with whom
            There was a dispute over land or who was otherwise some sort of rival. So organised religion like so many times just another excuse/tool/participant in grabbing power and wealth.

            • That was what was evil about it. Giving anyone who held a grudge the possibility to destroy you…

            • You’re harking back to our previous discussion I’m sure – of course I would argue that just like in many cases of the witch craze or the inquisition, or OJ Simpson,those who are wealthy and connected are far more likely to escape accusations than those less fortunate.

  6. So, apparently the worst is yet to come from medicane Zorbas. The big day is tomorrow. Areas expected to be affected mostly: Southern parts of the Peloponnese, western parts of Crete, the islands of Kythera and Antikythera and the Cyclades.

    But, tbh, I don’t think things will be as bad as the media here say.

    • Today it has been raining all day but nothing torrential. The wind seems to have died down as well.

      I think they are already taking back the worst of their forecasts…but we shall see how it will be tomorrow.

      • Tbh, meteorologists have generally kept a low profile regarding this. It’s the media who, as always, cannot be sober in cases like this and spread panic. F.i. I accidentally watched a few minutes of the evening news on Star Channel yesterday and I almost threw up.

  7. And now Cristiano Ronaldo is being accused of anally raping a woman back in 2009.

  8. I really think people should read nowadays more quality media like The Economist, FT and The Times and not base their world view only on leftie news outlets. After that valid questions about justice is not buying republican story line. You might even start to wonder how narrow minded your own world view is on the other side of the spetrum. They are just questions. Not every one right of “progressive” left and who don’t by the raging “progressive” leftie agenda are bigots, racists or fascists. Or republicans.

  9. Has letter case become smaller since yesterday here in ET or is it just me?
    I can barely read the text :(

  10. Too many questions on a Saturday morning… :P :D

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