Eurovisions of the Past: A Retrospective of Eurovision 2011

Editorial – In this series, we will be looking back on the past ten years of the Eurovision Song Contest, this time looking at a year which saw the return of the 2010 champion and the return of one of Eurovision’s most popular countries. Oh and it was the Eurovision invasion of those crazy twins from Dublin.


Düsseldorf, Germany (NDR)


Esprit Arena, Düsseldorf, Germany




San Marino





Last Place:



Feel Your Heart Beat!



Eurovision 2011 was an exciting year with big names and the return of one of Eurovision’s most popular countries when Italy returned to the contest after dropping out in 1997. Italy were welcomed back as part of the selective countries who get automatic qualification into the final. Lena, the 2010 contest winner returned to represent host country Germany for the second time. Dino Marlin, Bosnia & Herzegovina 1999 representitive also returned to represent his country. Moldova also sent a veteran in 2005 entrant Zdob şi Zdub who also made a return. Another big return came in the form of 1998 winner Dana International.
The United Kingdom came with a successful boyband in Blue who came very close to getting the UK back to the Top 10 making it to 11th Place and Ireland brought X-Factor UK contestants Jedward to the contest who would bring Ireland back in to the Top 10 for the first time since 2006.


Semi Finals

A draw took place that determined which semi-final the artists would compete in. Only the public and jury of the competing countries were allowed to vote for each semi final each having a 50 / 50 share of the vite. The big five were split up into two groups, each voting for just one semi final.

Semi Final One

Spain and the United Kingdom were allowed to vote in the first semi final as well as the competing semi finalists that are listed below. The Top 10 qualified to the Grand Final… (Qualifiers in Purple):

01 Poland Magdalena Tul “Jestem”
02 Norway Stella Mwangi “Haba Haba”
03 Albania Aurela Gaçe “Feel the Passion”
04 Armenia Emmy “Boom Boom”
05 Turkey Yüksek Sadakat “Live It Up”
06 Serbia Nina “Čaroban”
07 Russia Alexey Vorobyov “Get You”
08 Switzerland Anna Rossinelli “In Love for a While”
09 Georgia Eldrine “One More Day”
10 Finland Paradise Oskar “Da Da Dam” 
11 Malta Glen Vella “One Life”
12 San Marino Senit “Stand By”
13 Croatia Daria “Celebrate” 
14 Iceland Sjonni’s Friends “Coming Home”
15 Hungary Kati Wolf “What About My Dreams?” 
16 Portugal Homens da Luta “A luta é alegria”
17 Lithuania Evelina Sašenko “C’est ma vie”
18 Azerbaijan Ell & Nikki “Running Scared”
19 Greece Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike “Watch My Dance”

Armenia failed to qualify for the first time since their debut in 2006. Turkey also failed to qualify for the first time since Semi Final’s were introduced. Another shock non-qualifyer came from Norway’s Stella Mwangi who was a fan favorite.

Semi Final Two

Germany, France and Italy were allowed to vote in the first semi final as well as the competing semi finalists that are listed below. The Top 10 qualified to the Grand Final… (Qualifiers in Purple):

01 Bosnia and Herzegovina Dino Merlin “Love in Rewind” 
02 Austria Nadine Beiler “The Secret Is Love” 
03 Netherlands 3JS “Never Alone”
04 Belgium Witloof Bay “With Love Baby”
05 Slovakia TWiiNS “I’m Still Alive”
06 Ukraine Mika Newton “Angel” 
07 Moldova Zdob şi Zdub “So Lucky”
08 Sweden Eric Saade “Popular”
09 Cyprus Christos Mylordos “San Aggelos S’agapisa”
10 Bulgaria Poli Genova “Na inat”
11 Macedonia Vlatko Ilievski “Rusinka”
12 Israel Dana International “Ding Dong”
13 Slovenia Maja Keuc “No One” 
14 Romania Hotel FM “Change” 
15 Estonia Getter Jaani “Rockefeller Street” 
16 Belarus Anastasia Vinnikova “I Love Belarus”
17 Latvia Musiqq “Angel in Disguise”
18 Denmark A Friend in London “New Tomorrow”
19 Ireland Jedward “Lipstick”

The Grand Final

The Grand Final had a total of 25 finalists. The contest was won by Ell & Nikki who represented Azerbaijan with “Running Scared” and this was Azerbaijan’s first win and it was a win that Azerbaijan tried to get again for years to come. Italy came 2nd place with Sweden coming in at 3rd Place.

The Big Five

Italy performed the best out of the big five coming 2nd with Germany also finishing top 10 in 10th place. The United Kingdom came very close finishing 11th place. France and Spain did not fare so well finishing 15th and 23rd respectively.

France Amaury Vassili “Sognu” 
Germany Lena “Taken by a Stranger
Spain Lucía Pérez “Que me quiten lo bailao”
United Kingdom Blue “I Can”

The Top 10

01 Azerbaijan Ell & Nikki “Running Scared”
02 Italy Raphael Gualazzi “Madness of Love”
03 Sweden Eric Saade “Popular”
04 Ukraine Mika Newton “Angel” 
05 Denmark A Friend in London “New Tomorrow” 
06 Bosnia & Herzegovina Dino Merlin “Love in Rewind” 
07 Greece Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike “Watch My Dance” 
08 Ireland Jedward “Lipstick” 
09 Georgia Eldrine “One More Day” 
10 Germany Lena “Taken by a Stranger”


Marcel Bezençon Awards

Artists Award: Ireland “Lipstick” performed by Jedward
Composer Award: France “Sognu” performed by Amaury Vassili
Press Award: Iceland “Da Da Dam” performed by Paradise Oscar


The Barbara Dex

The annual contest where fans can vote for the worst dressed of the year. This year the award went to Eldrine who represented Georgia with “One More Day”


Something a little different for the 2011 edition of this retrospective Series. Earlier this year on July 6th we lost Vlatko Ilievski who represented FYR Macedonia. He passed away at the young age of 33 so this one is dedicated to him. Here is the video of him performing his 2011 song “Rusinka”

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171 comments on “Eurovisions of the Past: A Retrospective of Eurovision 2011

  1. Germany and Italy!!!

    And Greece is great as well if one just ignore Stereo Mike.

    Also like France and Moldova a lot.

    Ukraine and winner Azerbaijan the most overrated. “Running scared” most certainly qualifies as one of the most anonymous winners ever in my book. There’s a reason why I always forget this one.

    I’d also like to add that I prefer “Live it up” to “We could be the same”. :$

  2. 2011 should also be remembered as the most open voting ever. 20 out of the 25 finalists got at least one ‘douze’.

  3. Ugh this has been a horrible week. Last Sunday a friend of mine near Cologne died, cancer, my age. Yesterday I woke up with a flash from adream/vision of a friend of mine from DC having died. We’d lost touch some years ago but it was exactly the same sequence/feeling I’d had when several other friends had died before so at the very least it’s left me concerned.
    Then it just about 24 hours news that two famous people who accompüanied me much of my life had died; first TV host Dieter Thomas Heck who was a true champion of German Schlager (good, bad and very bad, nonetheless a lover of music) and a staple of Saturday evenings growing up; then Sen. John McCai, the last decent American conservative and a genuine hero. Not a good week in a year when you generally have the feeling that there is a great disturbance in the force.

    • McCain obviously, I can’t believe I spelled his name wrong sorry. RIP and Godspeed to all.

    • Mein aufrichtiges Beileid. I have also lost a friend to cancer several years ago and seeing a person succumbing to this disease makes you feel helpless.
      Dieter Thomas Heck was a natural entertainer. There’s a lack of characters like him on German TV. He gave his heart and soul to his profession. Alan Rickman and Prince leaving us for good two years ago left me in a similar shock, because their passion and talent made them so omnipresent that the thought of them being mortal never occurred to me.

      • Thanks guys appreciate it – and sorry about your losses, too; I know the feeling of loss never goes away because (hopefully) thoe folks always stay with us. @Dominik – yes, Alan Rickman and Prince were – on the “famous talented people” level – were hard for me as well; in recent years so were David Bowie and George Michael (where his death was made worse by many people in media and real life saying he OD’d when it turned out drugs were not involved.

    • I am very sorry for your losses. :( I lost a close friend (and perhaps the love of my life) to cancer at the age of 27. (I was 24 years old then …) Luckily I had the support of friends and family.
      I had totally forgotten about Dieter Thomas Heck which is strange because Hitparade was a very important show in my youth. I never stooped to sending in a postcard though. ;) McCain is a great loss too. A fighter against Mr. Trump’s dirty populism and the last US conservative standing. He is not standing anymore. :(

      • The postcards were for OLD people! It’s funny as you undoubtedly recall when Saturday night show Wetten dass.. was cancelled, there was a discussion that it was the last “campfire” show the whole family watched together after everyone took the then-traditional Saturday night. But actually Hitparade and the more internationally oriented Disco which really brought in the big stars were the shows everyone watched together after the bath. I remember my grandma always seemed to make oxtail soup, which we ate along with way too much white bread made by her brother the baker!

    • Condolences sent your way.

      • 2011 such a lame predictable contest and we had to endure Baku 2012 nonsense, hey sweetie, how do you feel re pope’s visit there? were his comments enough? Ireland is the new orange I feel! :-) finally

        • Hi Paul. Well his visit went down well with those who travelled to see him and there
          was extensive coverage here on TV as expected but the numbers were well down. His comments today were a step in the right direction but the need for the church to accept their actions here as criminal and to be prepared to face justice is what needs to be done moving forward. There are many, many decades of abuse in various forms that this country is hurting from at the hands of the church and the healing process is still early so there is as I say, some way to go.

          • thanks Martin, indeed there was a lot of coverage, especialy comparing with past pope visit in 1979, and I remember visiting there in 1979 and told to shut my mouth via my family re the catholic church

            • Yes, I went to see the Pope in 1979 in Drogheda. It was immense. Thankfully Ireland has broken the shackles held by the church and is a country progressing for a better future. Of course the country has its fair share of problems to get through as with anywhere but we have come a long way in a short period of time, I am hopeful for that positive future for Ireland but only time will tell.

  4. Thanks gents! Now news that the ultimate NY playwright Neil Simon died as well so that’s friends plus icons of (German) TV and music, political decency and heroism plus theatre left us in a mere week. So I’ll try to crash for the night shortly before a news alert that Ted Danson and/or Diana Ross died (hard to believe Aretha left us a little over a week ago). I know it’s “normal” considering my age (togravus’s much younger brother) and the related age of icons but it’s a bit much in one week.

    • And now a shooting at Jacksonville. :/

      • indeed, from a journalistic point of view check out 30th anniversary of Silke Bischoff murder in Germany, when you watch the videos is indeed the nadir of journalism and German police too I guess, maybe our dear Toggie can fill us in more

        • I wasn’t born yet in 1988, but as a former journalism student I know enough to fill you in:
          Two men, Rösner and Degowski, had tried to rob a bank in Gladbeck, about 50km north of Düsseldorf. They escaped with money, a car and two hostages. They picked up Rösner’s girlfriend and drove up north to Bremen where they took more hostages after hijacking a bus. Again they fled via Autobahn and stopped at a service station. Rösner’s girlfriend was arrested and a hostage was killed after the police was unable to exchange her to the criminals.
          They headed to the Dutch border, the police still chasing them. One officer got killed after his car hit a truck.
          Following another gunfight Rösner and Degowski demanded a new car. The police gave them a BMW that had been prepared with tracking device and a tool that allowed the car to stop the engine via remote control. The criminals took two hostages from the bus with them and drove to Cologne. As you pointed out, Paul, it was the nadir of German post-war journalism. When they arrived in Cologne many journalists were following the culprits, demanding exclusive interviews. One had the nerve to join them in their getaway car and guide them to the Autobahn. He faced no consequences.
          One of these depraved individuals is the host of a prime time political talk show on ARD.
          On the Autobahn the BMW got rammed by a police car. It led to a final gunfight with the hostages still being inside the car. The hostages were two teenage girls. One managed to jump out of the car, while the other got shot by Rösner. The survivor still suffers from depression.
          It was the Gladbeck hostage drama that started a debate on media ethics. The German Press Council added another code of behaviour to their press code. The guideline says that no reporter should be made the tool of criminals. Further there are no interventions allowed between the police and the perpetrators. No interviews should ever be held during the crime.

          • “One of these depraved individuals is the host of a prime time political talk show on ARD.”

            Who is that?

            • It’s Frank Plasberg.

            • Thanks. I thought so. I find Mr. Plasberg utterly insufferable. he has no ethical frame of reference.
              Btw, I just watched Anne Will while doing some paperwork. Mr. Bouffier made me really upset.

            • Yeah, Bouffier can get in line with Plasberg. They both lack manners and a moral compass.

            • You could even tel lthat Anne Will felt uncomfortable because she was constantly moving in her chair while Mr. Bouffier went on with his dangerous nonsense. (Or she needed to go to the loo … LOL) He was also very condescending towards the lady hairdresser employing refugees in Winnenden. Since Winnenden is just around the corner from where I live, I think about supporting her by getting my next haircut there. However, that won’t be easy for me because I adore the Turkish hairdresser who has cut my hair for more than 10 years now.

            • Now that I’ve watched Anne Will in the Mediathek I see your point. Mr. Bouffier is the archetype of a narrow minded politician. He’s dodging Will’s questions and making hollow promises. She made a smart conclusion by the end: ”You have nothing else to offer”. Big mouth, zero solutions.
              Big props to the coiffeur for her engagement and faith in Toni! Gotta head off to work. Later!

            • I am back from an insanely tedious meeting which I had to prepare last night while watching Anne Will. The lady from Winnenden perfectly represents what I love about the Swabian Mittelstand: pragmatic and not ideological. :)

            • I mean she has to be pragmatic in a situation like hers. She needs to hire anyone who’s motivated enough or else she can close her salon anytime soon.
              It makes me sick when I read that the state’s budget reached a surplus of 48 billion euros, but hard-working people are still poorly paid. Education and care system could need some money too. NRW doesn’t even compare with BaWü. Schools are being closed, teachers and computers are lacking. It’s no surprise we finished at the bottom of the latest study on quality of education.

            • Well, all the money goes to the top. It is called capitalism. :(
              Living in BaWü I sometimes think that I live in a different world from many other parts in Germany. Public baths and libraries aren’t being closed here. On the other hand, our schools are going downhill. Education has always been my major area of disagreement with the Green Party. Since you live in NRW, I am confident that you know what I am talking about.

            • The level of education went downhill everywhere. I’ve been a proud Green Party supporter, but their wishy-washy politics are one of the reasons why they have lost my vote.

            • I feel rather homeless atm too.

            • Agree the Greens have uznfortunately become the new FDP, willing to say and do anything to get those ministerial limousines. Another problem they have is that they seem to have abandoned the policies they initiually set to avoid becoming a party of political bureaucrats. Instead they now seem to be the worst in endlessly rotating the same cast of grumpy, unsmiling know-it-alls between various cushy positions. Glad I won’t have to vote for a while (well, the Euro parliament tho I might skip that) since I really wouldn’t know who for; SPD has also become just tragic.

            • SPD has totally lost its backbone. It breaks my heart if I look back onto the once proud party’s history. I still vote Green by default because they have successfully fought the CDU corruption here in BaWü.
              My father is an architect f. e. When he had finished university, he had to join the CDU because he would not have got a single public job back in the 70s if he hadn’t. He left the party as soon ashe did not need public jobs anymore. :)

          • well I was 21 years old at the time and remember it very well studying journalism, for those who are lost here is German media standing around a car with hostages with a gun, doing nothing apart from asking the gun man to point the gun at the hostage’s head, eventually the poor hostage (SIlke Bischoff) was shot and died this after they had already killed a poor 15 year old boy on a bus, , a sad day for journalism :-(

          • thanks so much for reminding us of such a tragic event from a journalistic point of view
            it was and still is a tragedy and I would ask any potential journalists here to watch those videos that are available about it which thankfully led to very strict european laws re the media , after 30 years RIP

            • I’ve read an article about Gladbeck when I was 13/14 years old and the picture of Degowski holding a gun on Silke’s head is burned into my mind. The victims will never be forgotten, but sadly the media’s focus was laid on the criminals. Rest in peace.

  5. Votes sent.
    It’s been a most enjoyable edition. A great mix of songs.
    Hints: 6 Male. 4 Female, Four in English, Six non English, Three countries return from my last vote proper at ETSC 8 with one just missing out in reserve.
    Good luck everyone!

  6. I enjoyed 2011
    The winner was okay, doesn’t bother me, it was more a surprise and I quite like listening to it now and again. I loved Italy and Bosnia Herzegovina and thought Ireland did a fine job with Jedward, that backdrop still looks great. France was a disappointment live but I love the studio. Germany was better than her winning entry imo and Lena and the twins having such larks was great to see. Even Georgia and Denmark won me over.

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