ETSC 9 – The Results Tonight!

ETSC – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the highly anticipated the Eurovision Times Song Contest! Each one of you can represent an European country and get to send a song and then vote in a fake Eurovision! 41 of you entered for the July 2018 edition and the voting went on for ten days! The results are coming tonight!

Each summer, a good number of regular readers stay around for different reasons (they don’t get breaks from work or don’t go on holidays…) but there aren’t much news to keep us going. So the last few years we introduced all sorts of games. The Eurovision Times Awards (Fridas) and the Douze Points Trivia Quiz kept us going in 2013 and Fridas have made come-backs the past five years. Four years ago, a lot of you asked for a fake Eurovision where each one of us would send songs and get to vote. And that was it: the Eurovision Times Song Contest, from then on known as ETSC.

We’ve therefore had 8 editions of ETSC, two in 2014: July 2014 and August 2014, both won by France; the third edition was held in July 2015 and won by the United-Kingdom; the fourth edition was held in Augusut 2015 and was won by Austria; the fifth edition was held in July 2016 and was won by Israel; the sixth edition was held in August 2016 and won by Denmark; the 7th edition was held in July 2017 and was won again by France. The last edition to date was ETSC 8, held in August 2017, and it was the first one that went “blind”, meaning people did not know who sent what. It crowned Greece’s Dimitra Selemidou feat. Phoevos Delivoriás with “O monos ke i moni. For more information, you can discover our new page dedicated to the contest, with its history, all songs participating and the rankings here. You can also find it by clicking on the “Specials” section of the site, in the top menu in the red box, just under the site’s name.

After a first round open for people to sign up with a country and send a song, we got 42 people in. In the meantime, to keep us busy, I made a random draw. I also made personal postcards for each entry which will be revealed along with the songs. Everyone can request to see their own postcards for now.

You can click on the picture below to listen to the songs again:

It was two weeks ago that we discovered each song individually in a dramatic night reveal-show. And after that, each of the 41 players cast a vote. All votes are now in and we have a winner (also a full ranking, obviously). So gather around, for “ETSC 9 – July 2018″ is about to come to an end!

This ninth event is officially hosted in Thessaloniki, Greece. The hosts will be Katia Zygouli (model-actress), Nikos Kouris (actor), and Avgoustos Kortó (writer)! The venue is the Music Hall, nicknamed by locals as “Megaron”:

And so this is what bookies have for tonight:

1 Ireland (?) 1
2 Denmark Denmark (?) 2
3  France (?) 3
4 Belgium (?) 4
5 Greece (?) 5
6 Switzerland Switzerland (?) 6
7 lebanon Lebanon (?) 7
8 Russia Russia (?) 8
9 Norway (?) 9
10 Iceland.jpg Iceland (?) 10

​Now, all you need to do is get ready and prepared. The votes will be revealed one by one, following the random draw in which the songs were presented (so from Russia to Romania). One vote at a time, with a few minutes in between to give enough time for people to react, predict, comment, discuss. Also, if the person is around, he can, if he wishes to, explain a bit further his votes, what he thought of the songs. The votes are all on a scoreboard, to not reveal too much for people who can’t make it tonight, and you’ll see links for them in this page (so you’ll need to refresh often).

Vote 1 Russia
Vote 2 Norway
Vote 3 Czech Republic
Vote 4 Slovenia
Vote 5 Ireland
Vote 6 Ukraine
Vote 7 Estonia
Vote 8 Austria
Vote 9 France
Vote 10 Poland
Vote 11 Spain
Vote 12 Moldova
Vote 13 Libya
Vote 14 Lebanon
Vote 15 Lithuania
Vote 16 Denmark
Vote 17 Portugal
Vote 18 Israel
Vote 19 Cyprus
Vote 20 Iceland
Vote 21 Belarus
Vote 22 Turkey
Vote 23 Belgium
Vote 24 Italy
Vote 25 Azerbaijan
Vote 26 Finland
Vote 27 F.Y.R. Macedonia
Vote 28 Malta
Vote 29 Latvia
Vote 30 Sweden
Vote 31 Armenia
Vote 32 Australia
Vote 33 Bulgaria
Vote 34 Switzerland
Vote 35 Slovakia
Vote 36 Greece
Vote 37 Albania
Vote 38 Netherlands
Vote 39 United-Kingdom
Vote 40 Tunisia
Vote 41 Germany
Vote 42 Romania

1,424 thoughts on “ETSC 9 – The Results Tonight!

  1. Well after being in the top 5 for a little while I actually thought we might get a god result, but nevermind, Emma you did so well! Well done Malta and well done too Switzerland! :)

  2. Congrats to Ovi and Switzerland for the win and Razvan and Morgan for the top-3.It was a thrilling night.
    Many thanks to Morgan for the wonderful hosting.
    Let’s go blind now:

  3. Well done Ovi! In the only 2 new countries in the top10 but both did really well at least.

    Best result for Russia and Bulgaria. Poland, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus and somehow Romania were close from improving it.

  4. So Ovi becomes the first person EVER to win FdlC, VFoS and now ETSC!!! And with a great song!!! Well done to you and well done to Razvan and Morgan for putting up such a fight :)

    So the prediction got 7/10 right but the projected winner was not even in the top10. Neither is Russia ( :( ) and Iceland. And Israel managed to crawl back in the top10 in the last minute and Finland/Poland also defied predictions!

    A huge thanks to all the voters for our wonderful first top5 placing! Dagny and the rest of the delegation are about to burst into the streets Wearing Nothing!

    • Ovi becomes the first person EVER to win FdlC, VFoS and now ETSC…

      More than impressive!!!

  5. So, top 15 it is! Not bad at all, although I believe the Spanish song deserved an even higher placing!
    Thank you everyone who voted for spain! (too tired atm to thank everyone individually :P )

  6. Well I guess I was one of the few voting for the entire top 5 lol, the hint prophecy came true :( I am still repping for being one of the ETSC mainstream voters lulz.
    Filling out my top 10 sheet atm 8th place check, now on to 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th and I just noticed, when I wrote this that I only have gotten even numbers in the top 10 haha

    Thanks for all who voted for Belgium which I think was a risk in submitting as it doesn’t really feel typically me tbh! Congratz Switzerland! My 1st place! <3 God so exciting!

  7. And 3 HoDs for the first time in ETSCs top10, Jerry, Patrick and Dominik the newcomer!

  8. I will post all kind of stats next. But know that Switzerland lead throughout the entire voting after the 8th voter: it’s always the case for me as I receive votes in another order and since it’s often the same people early and the same people late, I tend to know very early who will win, but the last day had 10 voters left and since Denmark and France wouldn’t leave as it often happens, I ended up making three beautiful logos!

    ETSC 1 (28 participants)
    Winner – 155pts (voted by 22 people, 5x12pts)
    Second – 124pts (voted by 17 people, 4x12pts)
    Third – 107pts (voted by 14 people, 1x12pts)

    ETSC 2 (37 participants)
    Winner – 156pts (voted by 24 people, 4x12pts)
    Second – 103pts (voted by 16 people, 2x12pts)
    Third – 100pts (voted by 16 people, 2x12pts)

    ETSC 3 (42 participants)
    Winner – 146pts (voted by 21 people, 4x12pts)
    Second – 125pts (voted by 21 people, 1x12pts)
    Third – 106pts (voted by 18 people, 2x12pts)

    ETSC 4 (45 participants)
    Winner – 151pts (voted by 17 people, 6x12pts)
    Second – 117pts ( voted by 21 people, 1x12pts)
    Third – 110pts (voted by 19 people, 3x12pts)

    ETSC 5 (45 participants)
    Winner – 179pts (voted by 26 people, 3x12pts)
    Second – 130pts (voted by 19 people, 2x12pts)
    Third – 115pts (voted by 17 people, 2x12pts)

    ETSC 6 (45 participants)
    Winner – 171pts (voted by 23 people, 5x12pts)
    Second – 170pts (voted by 24 people, 5x12pts)
    Third – 131pts (voted by 22 people, 3x12pts)

    ETSC 7 (42 participants)
    Winner – 154pts (voted by 23 people, 4x12pts)
    Second – 148pts (voted by 22 people, 3x12pts)
    Third – 115pts (voted by 20 people, 2x12pts)

    ETSC 8 (42 participants)
    Winner – 152pts (voted by 19 people, 4x12pts)
    Second – 140pts (voted by 21 people, 3x12pts)
    Third – 121pts (voted by 19 people, 1x12pts)

    ETSC 9 (41 participants)
    Winner – 166pts (voted by 25 people, 4x12pts)
    Second – 164pts (voted by 23 people, 5x12pts)
    Third – 161pts (voted by 24 people, 5x12pts)

  9. A very Eurovision 2003 result at the top! Congrats to Switzerland! I enjoyed the entry as well and I believe I had it 5th! Congrats to everyone else in the Top 3 and to all who participated! I enjoyed my first ETSC very much.

    And thanks to all those that voted for Albania and those who enjoyed it!

    Finally, thanks to Morgan for your amazing work hosting! Can’t wait till ETSC 10!

  10. Congartulations to Ovi and Switzerland. :) So far, I have only had time to listen to the songs once but I really enjoyed the Swiss song. Congratulations to Denmark and France too. Even though I had no points for Denmark I liked both songs.
    Naturally, there are some songs in the top 10 I don’t get at all but well … celebrate diversity. Perhaps I will change my mind once I listen to the songs again.

    Finally, two lady HoDs gave top scores to Slovenia. I loved the attitude of Senidah … perhaps that is the feminist in me. LOL

    When I won FdlC for Switzerland, I hosted in beautiful Fribourg. Let’s see where Ovi will take the ETSC caraven.

  11. So, after Greece winning last time from predictions’ #7, now Switzerland from #6! ;)

  12. Macedonia certainly did not deserve to come last. And Lybia was criminally underrated too imo. On the other hand, I have 1 top 10 song in 40th place. :)

  13. Some fun facts: if Martin had voted, Denmark would have won, if Toggie had voted, France would have won (based on the points they showed us)

    In my absolute first voting set, I had Denmark 1 and Switzerland 5 which would have meant Dk winning by 1pt over tied Switzerland and France!

  14. Congrats, Ovi ! REALLY WELL deserved winner !!!!
    I had both DNK and FRA in my top 20 but not inside points’ area as Switzerland, so if anyone made the difference in favor of Crimer, that’s me :P
    I also voted for 4 other songs in top 10 (LBN, FIN, BEL, GRC)
    GREAT edition, marvellous hosting! Can’t wait for blind!

  15. Congratulations Switzerland and Ovi on your ‘triple crown’
    Truly fantastic!
    Very exciting voting. Denmark and France were so close.
    Excellent job Morgan with everything, great hosting once again.
    Well done Oxi on your hosting too.
    Onwards to Blind Edition 2 – ETSC 10.

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