Eurovisions of the Past: A Retrospective of Eurovision 2007

Editorial – In this series, we will be looking back on the past ten years of the Eurovision Song Contest and in this first article we will be looking at the year 2007. This was the 52nd edition of the show and would be the last time a single semi final would be used to determine a Grand Final…

True Fantasy


Helsinki, Finland (YLE)


Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland


Czech Republic







Last Place:


Image result for eurovision 2007 logo

Eurovision 2007 saw 42 participating countries permform to suceed 2006 winners Lordi who brought Eurovision to Helsniki with their song “Hard Rock Hallelujah”.  It was the first show to be aired in High Definition and nine million votes were cast in the Grand Final that saw Serbia take the Trophy at their debut*

*This was Serbia’s debut as a state indepentant from Montenegro.

Semi Final

The Top 10 from the previous year saw automatic qualification to the Grand Final along with the Big Four. The final 10 would need to qualify from the semi final. 2007 would be the last year this system. The 2006 semi finalists were (Qualifiers in pink):

01 Bulgaria Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov “Water”
02 Israel Teapacks “Push the Button”
03 Cyprus Evridiki “Comme ci, comme ça”
04 Belarus Koldun “Work Your Magic”
05 Iceland Eiríkur Hauksson “Valentine Lost”
06 Georgia Sopho “Visionary Dream”
07 Montenegro Stevan Faddy “‘Ajde, kroči”
08 Switzerland DJ BoBo “Vampires Are Alive”
09 Moldova Natalia Barbu “Fight”
10 Netherlands Edsilia Rombley “On Top of the World”
11 Albania Frederik Ndoci “Hear My Plea”
12 Denmark DQ “Drama Queen”
13 Croatia Dragonfly feat. Dado Topić “Vjerujem u ljubav”
14 Poland The Jet Set “Time to Party”
15 Serbia Marija Šerifović “Molitva”
16 Czech Republic Kabát “Malá dáma”
17 Portugal Sabrina “Dança comigo”
18 Macedonia Karolina “Mojot svet”
19 Norway Guri Schanke “Ven a bailar conmigo”
20 Malta Olivia Lewis “Vertigo”
21 Andorra Anonymous “Salvem el món”
22 Hungary Magdi Rúzsa “Unsubstantial Blues”
23 Estonia Gerli Padar “Partners in Crime”
24 Belgium The KMG’s “Love Power”
25 Slovenia Alenka Gotar “Cvet z juga”
26 Turkey Kenan Doğulu “Shake It Up Şekerim”
27 Austria Eric Papilaya “Get a Life – Get Alive”
28 Latvia “Questa notte”

Grand Final

The Grand Final consisted of 24 artists. These were the 10 qualifiers from the Semi Final, the Big Four and the Top 10 from the previous year.

The Big Four: United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain
The 2006 Top 10: Finland, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine, Armenia, Greece and Ireland.

The Full Running Order of the Grand Final are below…

01 Bosnia and Herzegovina Marija Šestić “Rijeka bez imena”
02 Spain D’NASH “I Love You Mi Vida”
03 Belarus Dmitry Koldun “Work Your Magic”
04 Ireland Dervish “They Can’t Stop the Spring”
05 Finland Hanna Pakarinen “Leave Me Alone”
06 Macedonia Karolina “Mojot svet”
07 Slovenia Alenka Gotar “Cvet z juga”
08 Hungary Magdi Rúzsa “Unsubstantial Blues”
09 Lithuania 4Fun “Love or Leave”
10 Greece Sarbel “Yassou Maria”
11 Georgia Sopho “Visionary Dream”
12 Sweden The Ark “The Worrying Kind”
13 France Les Fatals Picards “L’amour à la française”
14 Latvia “Questa notte”
15 Russia Serebro “Song #1”
16 Germany Roger Cicero “Frauen regier’n die Welt”
17 Serbia Marija Šerifović “Molitva”
18 Ukraine Verka Serduchka “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”
19 United Kingdom Scooch “Flying the Flag (For You)”
20 Romania Todomondo “Liubi, Liubi, I Love You”
21 Bulgaria Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov “Water”
22 Turkey Kenan Doğulu “Shake It Up Şekerim”
23 Armenia Hayko “Anytime You Need”
24 Moldova Natalia Barbu “Fight”

The Top 10

10 Moldova Natalia Barbu “Fight”
09 Hungary Magdi Rúzsa “Unsubstantial Blues”
08 Armenia Hayko “Anytime You Need”
07 Greece Sarbel “Yassou Maria”
06 Belarus Dmitry Koldun “Work Your Magic”
05 Bulgaria Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov “Water”
04 Turkey Kenan Doğulu “Shake It Up Şekerim”
03 Russia Serebro “Song #1”
02 Ukraine Verka Serduchka “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”
01 Serbia Marija Šerifović “Molitva”

Marcel Bezençon Awards

Artists Award: Serbia “Molitva” performed by Marija Šerifović
Composer Award: Hungary “Unsubstantial Blues” performed by Magdi Rúzsa
Press Award: Ukraine “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” Performed by Verka Serduchka


The Barbara Dex

The annual contest where fans can vote for the worst dressed of the year. This year the award went to second place contest winner Verka Serduchka who would become one of the contests most iconic participants.


The Poll

During that years Eurovision “Bubble”, everyone has their favourite song but years later, you look back and realise how good other sings in the contest were. Winning songs aren’t seen to be good songs ten years later so I, true to fashion, will include a poll for you to vote for what song you thought was the best that year. Click here to go to a poll that will take you to Google Drive.

230 thoughts on “Eurovisions of the Past: A Retrospective of Eurovision 2007

  1. Just watched the semi-final… Not a very good experience, unfortunately…

    I don’t think I would take any of these songs to a desert island. 😊

    If I had to choose the 10 songs that should go to the final, they would be:
    1- Czech Republic
    2- Israel
    3- Croatia
    4- Albania
    5- Latvia
    6- Georgia
    7- Serbia
    8- Iceland
    9- Cyprus
    10- Hungary

    Btw, have you noticed the resemblances of Switzerland 2007 – Romania 2018 and of Slovenia 2007 – Greece 2018 (in terms of staging)?

    I hope that among the other 14 songs I’ll find something special.

  2. Good idea, Jade!

    2007 is about my favourite German entry:

    I still remember vividly Roger’s live performance – pure class and talent.

  3. Speaking of ESC 2007, I always thought there was too much talk about regions back then. It is true that no western and northern European countries qualified from the semi final, but none of them really deserved so anyway, except perhaps Iceland. Eurovision is not about having a 50/50 distribution between regions, but about having the most significant entries, and in 2007 the western countries in the semi disappointed (there were some good ones among the directly qualified which I personally think should have done better).

    That being said, I am glad they introduced two semi finals afterwards, but that is mainly because 28 songs in one show is way too much, and with only ten songs qualifying, it is much more difficult to make it through.

  4. Hello guys,

    it’s been a while, but I’m glad to be back for such a nice occasion, to be able to reflect on past contests.
    Great idea!

    At the time I didn’t think that 2007 was particularly strong year, but actually with an average of 6.16, it is the 3rd best contest of the decade on my list.
    Only 2002 and 2005 were stronger, imo.

    My favourite was Germany (9/10), with an excellent song, and a great, true artist, late Roger Cicero.
    Germany, in my opinion had an excellent decade, they only dissapointed in 2008.

    Winner Serbia placed second in my list (9/10) which is still the only time I ever placed them in top 10 (although on many occasions they narrowly missed my top 10).

    My least favourite of 2007 was Slovenia (3/10).
    It is, for me, one of the worst performances of all times, so fake and artificial, without any artistic value.
    The song itself has a nice enough tune, this is why I gave it 3/10, in stead of 0/10.

    My guilty pleasure of the year was UK, 16th place with 7/10.
    I don’t really like it that much, I just don’t hate it as most of people do. :-)

    You will also find Spain and Denmark in my top 10, but that is not my guilty pleasure :-)
    I really do think that both songs have quality :-) (especially Spain).

    I gave 6/10 to Armenia (and placed it on 22. place).
    At the time I didn’t know that Armenia would later become my single least favourite ESC nation of all times (with an average of 3,8), and that thie would be their highest placement on my list for many years (surpassed only this year, when I had “Qami” in my 11. place with 7/10).

    Back in 2007 I was living in Croatia, and was very dissapointed with the outcome of the national final Dora.
    However, over the years CRO 2007 grew a lot on me, and it is now on the 7. place of my 2007 list (8/10), and it also became my 5th best Croatian entry of all times.

    Here is my TOP 10:

    01. GERMANY — 9/10 — (Frauen regier’n die Welt – Roger Cicero)
    02. SERBIA — 9/10 — (Molitva – Marija Šerifović)
    03. BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA — 8/10 — (Rijeka bez imena – Marija Šestić)
    04. SPAIN — 8/10 — (I love you, mi vida – D’NASH)
    05. BELARUS — 8/10 — (Work your magic – Koldun)
    06. CROATIA — 8/10 — (Vjerujem u ljubav – Dragonfly feat. Dado Topić)
    07. DENMARK — 8/10 — (Drama queen – DQ)
    08. MOLDOVA — 8/10 — (Fight – Natalia Barbu)
    09. ICELAND — 8/10 — (Valentine lost – Eiríkur Hauksson)
    10. HUNGARY — 8/10 — (Unsubstantial blues – Magdi Rúzsa)

      • Hi Tooggie,

        I don’t think that we would ever agree on both DEU 05, and HRV 05. :-)

        “Run and hide” was never in my top 10, but I do think it is a decent entry. Over the years in went down on my list a bit.

        I forgot to add 2002 and 2003 as very dissapointing, too.
        I liked all other German entries from 2001 to 2010, especially 2007, 2006 and (yes!) 2001.

    • Cher sounds fabulous but I was a bit concerned by how she moves in the film – seemed to be with more difficulties than my 83year-old father – bad arthritis maybe? Her wit and charme sharp as ever, mercifully!

      • She plays Meryl Streep’s mom.Could it be because of that and not an actual difficulty to move?At least,i hope so.

        • I don’t think so unfortunately – it wouldn’t really fit the character and it really seemed like the kindof laboured movements older people often have. You see that quite a bit actually; actors/actresses whose face still looks younger than they are (and whoever does Cher’s work does an amazing job) but their range of movement shows their age. Anyway, Cher rocks! Glad she keeps coming back; when I had the chance to see her live in 2000, it was supposed to be the final tour!

  5. Wildfires burning the most beautiful Athens suburds seems that have already claimed 2 lives.A difficult night. :(

  6. Second time in a few hrs that wordpress won’t post my comment, which, btw, was…
    “Spain has voted”.

    • Hola cariño, First I heard about the fires in Greece and it is terrible as always , it is so indicative of such fires around the Mediterranean/Iberian Peninsula at this time of year, once I did a report on it and it seems 80% of them are deliberate! at least here but am guessing same for other parts, who would do such a thing?
      2nd re : Spain has voted, you mean PP has voted for new leader or we get rid of Franco’s remains for once? promise you a complete mail real soon :-)

      • There no words, actually… Gracias, Paul!

        No, I meant that I have voted since I represent Spain in this ETSC edition :)

  7. I wasn’t at all aware of what was happening in Greece, until I read it here yesterday evening.
    Apparently, there are also some children among victims.
    My condolences to all the people who were affected by this tragedy.

    • I’ve been terribly busy and have been missing the news, but I’ve just heard the latest reports. That’s exactly what happened in my country a year ago. It’s so sad. :( Stay strong, Greece and Sweden.

      P.S. – The weather is crazy. We’re experiencing the coolest July in decades.

  8. I remember 2007 as the year when the Swedish press altogether declared Eurovision to be dead*. The disappointment that The Ark, one of the few bands here that were hailed by both critics and ordinary people finished 18th, behind a dozen of Eastern European countries, was enough to make statements like “We will never win Eurovision no matter what we send” (having forgotten we finished 5th just the year before with Carola – just obvious that Europe preferred good ol’ pop schlager rather than glam rock from us). One paper even created a Eurovision obituary, which I remember I thought to be quite funny.

    I think 2007 is that typical year of the mid-noughties where we have a lot of interesting, creative and enchanting entries, as well as some really terrible. Which is kind of like the opposite to how it is now, with both the awesome and awful stuff being rather absent. Serbia was and is still my favourite and if I would try to make a Top 10, it would probably be:

    1. Serbia
    2. Georgia
    3. Bulgaria
    4. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    5. Armenia
    6. Germany
    7. Moldova
    8. Sweden
    9. Slovenia
    10. Hungary

    * That, and Christer Björkman’s monstrous fear that Ukraine would win. He thought that it would be the nail in the coffin to make credible artists interested in Melodifestivalen in the future. Yeah, five years later he made sure personally that both Sean Banan and Björn Ranelid got a place there. Well played, Christer! ;)

    • The Ark was really big in Finland back then too. I felt a bit of a let down with Worrying Kind, it was good alright but I was expecting exceptional from Ola and his gang when entering MF. It’s a far cry from their best moments. Still, it should have been mid top 10 by any counts.
      YLE got part of the SVT’s blame game. The ”hypno wheel” didn’t start on time and it ruined The Ark’s chances. A sabotage, perhaps?
      Anyways, they took Nordics quite impressively just like they should.

      • Yup, the Finns ruined everything with the hypno-disc. :p

        A lot of the debate around “The worrying kind” was whether it was a plagiarism of “Love grows where my Rosemary goes”. I personally find it to be one of The Ark’s better song. The boogie woogie part is so groovy. :D

        • I saw them first time in Helsinki 2000 when they were warming up for Kent. They were sensationally good. I had never heard of them before but they captured me the moment they started. What a show! Glam was so unfashionable back then so it came across very fresh and even brave to some extent. To think about it glam has been very unfashionable since 1973 😃

      • I agree I adore Ola’s work and it was my favorite pre contest, especially since the amazing MF performance but overall package made me prefer Georgia in the esc final!

  9. Record number of participants for JESC 2018 – 19, with Kazakhstan and Wales debuting. Signs of things to come to esc when it comes to Kazakhstan ?

    P.S. My biggest condolences and thoughts to Greece and the tragedy going on there.

  10. It seems the only YT available video of the final is the one from the BBC with comments from Terry Wogan, I fing his comments soooooooooooo annoying…

    • There were a couple of flat notes now and then, but overall she managed to keep on track. As opposite to f.e. Israel and Macedonia/Fyrom 2000, UK 2003, Malta 2006 and Latvia 2018.

    • I’m shocked with some of the comments… (not even Donnie would dare 😀)

      On a public TV? In 2007??? And he was not immediately dismissed?

          • He made that comment because that’s exactly what Carolina emphasized (wrong choice if you ask me) wearing that dress. I don’t think it was suitable.

            • Even if we can find the dress not suitable (I see no problem with the dress), it’s the comment that it’s not suitable at all. We won’t agree here :)

            • It was a wrong emphasis (in my case distraction) on her legs, that’s what Terry hinted in his comment.

        • Terry’s very witty alright, but I think you have to hold British passport and have quite a lot Rule Britannia in your heart to fully appreciate his art. It’s all about very snotty British superiority.

            • Of course they are that too. After three hours it just turns into celebration of British attitude towards Europe. That’s why he was so popular in UK. He’s also the main architect of the British current position in ESC. World changed and ESC changed. He didn’t, BBC didn’t in their approach.
              How difficult it is to understand that ex-Soviets actually have culture and taste of their own and that Russia is the super power there, not Britain?
              There was no mean jokes about Scooch 2007 and that kind of says it all. Flag voting sanked it? Really?

            • He couldn’t mock the UK entry because it was pan-European. LOL. Either way he would have been criticized ;) Don’t recall that comment about flag voting sinking Scootch to the bottom.

  11. As much as I like Wogan’s commentary from his earlier years up until the late 90s, he’s part of the reason why the UK doesn’t care much for Eurovision anymore. Seriously, what’d you expect from sending in something dreadful like Scooch?

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