Switzerland: New National Selection Process

Switzerland – Switzerland’s broadcaster has announced that it will not be using Die Entscheidungsshow to choose its representative for Israel due to cost cutting. Instead, an audience panel and an international jury will be used to select the entry internally. 

Switzerland has not reached the Grand Final since 2014, when Sebalter made it. They are looking for a ‘striking, modern’ song’.  They say they will select using a ‘multi-stage, multi-level process’.

The rules give a suggestion for thematic content…

“Arousing the feelings of the viewers and jury members by addressing specific topics is part of the Eurovision Song Contest. We therefore encourage composers and authors to submit songs that address topical issues or which evoke an emotional reaction or recognition effect among ESC viewers. Examples: In her song “‘Toy’, Netta from Israel took up the “me-too” debate. Michael Schulte addressed the death of his father in his song ‘You Never Let Me Walk Alone’.”

The audience panel will be made up of 100 people. Anyone can apply to be on it. The international jury will consist of 20 people and both the panel and the jury will each have 50% say in the final selection. The Swiss broadcasters, SRF, RSI, RTS and RTR will also have the ability to add 3 wildcard entries each.

The submission period will be open between 1st September 2018 and 1st October 2018. To enter online, see HERE.

3 comments on “Switzerland: New National Selection Process

  1. Good luck!
    As I said before, simply ask Fraissinet, Aliose or Carroussel and you will sail into the final.
    Hopp Schwiiz!

  2. Probably the right choice, although sad to hear it is due to cost cutting.

    Looking back, out of all the songs that stayed in the semis in May, Switzerland was truly the robbed one in my opinion. With all the other non-qualifiers, there was at least one weakness that caused its’ non-qualification. Switzerland looked amazing live in Lisbon imo.

  3. a change is of course welcomed after so many low quality NF that totally showed the lack of interest in the country (I have a Swiss friend, he’s even worse when it comes to Eurovision than my french friends! apparently it’s hated there)

    but considering one of the richest countries in the world and Europe think it’s too expensive to do esc is pure sad… Switzerland joins Uk or Ireland as non even trying that’ll bring them to more bottom places unless there’s a miracle/pearl that shows up there

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