Is Kosovo Closer to Entering Eurovision 2019?

Eurovision 2019 – Last week saw the EBU president, Jean-Paul-Philippot meet with RTK’s general director, Mentor Shala, ahead of this week’s EBU general assembly.  The TV station RTK has been independently licensed to broadcast EBU programming since the UN administration was established in Kosovo. The meeting discussed the possibility of RTK becoming a full member of the EBU.

The EBU has now confirmed that it has approved a motion which will see the full membership application of RTK voted upon in December 2018.

Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia have previously objected to Kosovo’s inclusion, but if Kosovo is granted full EBU membership it would give the country the right to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Kosovo has previously been rejected by the EBU as it is not a member of the ITU (International Television Union), one of the key requirements to become an active EBU member, and one of the hurdles it will overcome.  The country is not a member of the United Nations or the Council of Europe either, which are other ways to access membership.

Kosovo has been broadcasting the contest since 1961 and has wanted too participate since 2009. It participated in the Eurovision Young Dancers 2011 under EBU observer status.

According to the Kosovan newspaper Koha Ditore, a possible entry could be selected via a national final called Akordet e Kosovës, a former pop show that had been taken off the air some years ago.

7 comments on “Is Kosovo Closer to Entering Eurovision 2019?

  1. I’d like to see them in.

  2. me too, just like Ireland could come together in the end, ex yugoslavia could do the same :-)

  3. I personally think the contest should stick to UN members. It is not a perfect solution, but it is the most neutral one.

  4. Serbia will withdraw then 100%!

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